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Binary Options BrokersUsing the stock markets to create investment opportunities and generate an income is something that has been undertaken for many years. One of the more recent trends involves binary options and purchasing contracts based on the likely price movement of a specific stock. The massive amount of interest in this type of trading has created a rapid increase in the number of binary brokers offering service. Whilst competition is generally a healthy thing, this does make it much more difficult for the average trader to locate the right binary options brokers. To ensure you choose one which will offer you a good service you should consider the following:


Binary brokers are operating in a difficult business; they need a trader to have more losses than wins to ensure they generate a profit. However, as the systems of calculating trends and price movements become more complex it becomes easier for the trader to win. It is therefore essential to confirm that your chosen broker is registered and regulated. This will indicate that they are likely to be financially secure and will keep your funds safe; no matter how their business is operating. In general a regulated broker will be more trustworthy.


It can be surprising just how big the range of returns is. Brokers will offer a rate of return between seventy and ninety percent. It is not worth considering any broker who is offering less than seventy percent. However, you do not need to go to the best rate offering. This can be part of an aggressive drive to generate new customers. Many of the brokers which pay less offer other facilities, including rewarding the trader with ten or fifteen percent of their investment; even when a trade is unsuccessful. It is therefore essential to look at the complete package on offer.


The bigger the range of assets on offer by a specific broker the more likely it is that you will locate the right asset for your preferred investment style and risk preference. Most binary options brokers will offer some currency pairs; indices; stocks and even commodities. These are the brokers you should be looking to trade with as there will always be a trade option which will interest you.


It is essential to review the level of customer support offered. It is almost a certainty that you will need to use the support at some point and the ease in which you can contact them. Perhaps the most important factors are how many different methods of contact there are and the number of languages they speak. The more the better as this will show they care about their clients.


The best brokers will allow you to deposit funds through a wide variety of methods; these usually including Visa, MasterCard, wire transfers and a range of electronic options. You should ensure your chosen broker has this range of options. They should also offer a range of bonuses; these usually start with a sign-up or welcome bonus which will be a percentage of your initial deposit. The higher the deposit, the higher the bonus percentage. All binary options brokers have the details of their current bonus offers listed on their website. It is advisable to look at some of your preferred broker sites before committing to a single one.

The Site

The majority of binary options brokers use web based software. This is generally the best as it allows you to access your trading account from any computer or even a mobile device; it will allow you to monitor and even trade on the move via a mobile connection.

You should also choose a broker which offers the opportunity to practice before you start trading for real.

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