Binary Options Payouts Types

Binary Options PayoutsIf you have started trading in binary options then your aim will undoubtedly be to generate a profit. After all, it is unlikely that you will have started this type of investment simply for the fun of it. The good news is that, with a little patience, you can generate regular payouts from your binary options trading.

A payout results from a successful trade, for example; if you place $1,000 on a trade and have been given a rate of return of eighty percent, then you will receive a profit of $800. This is assuming the price of the asset does as you have predicted. The total amount of your binary options payout on one trade would be $1,800; your initial funds and your profit.

It is important to note that not all trades have the same payout rate; also known as the rate of return. The average return on a trade is between seventy and ninety percent; if you are consistently being offered less it is time to review your broker. You should also check whether your broker offers a return if your trade is unsuccessful. Brokers which offer this tend to offer lower rates of return but you are spreading the risk better; this is generally a good idea and especially so if you are new to the binary options scene. You will often only receive ten or fifteen percent back but it is worth considering as it reduces the overall risk.


If you are just starting in binary options then you are likely to be trading based on the direction the price will move in. However, there are a range of other strategies which can be employed to generate a binary options payout. These include specifying a price that your asset will or will not touch, or even boundaries which your asset will stay within. The different strategies carry different levels of risk and the percentage rate of return you will be offered on each trade will fluctuate depending upon the amount of risk you are exposed to. However, you will always know the risk factor and the potential payout before you start trading; this is one of the best things about binary options trading.

Trading to get a Payout

Most of the advertizing surrounding binary options suggest that you can make large sums of money very easily. All you need to do is place a $1,000 on one trade and get a payout of $1,800. Several of these types of trade every day will soon have the money pouring in!

However, the reality is that many trades will go against you; if you trade with large sums of money then you are likely to lose your capital very quickly. The best way to trade and generate a good rate of return is to build your funds, knowledge and experience by placing small trades and gradually building your reserves.

A good example is to take two traders, both with a $2,000 float. Both traders obviously wish to increase their capital. If the first trader places many trades of $100 each then he can place twenty trades and have twenty chances of generating a profit. Trader two on the other hand places $1,000 on each trade and can only trade twice.

It is difficult to say which trader will do better; trader two could easily wipe out his funds in two trades, or he could get the predictions right and gain $1,600 in no time. The first trader could equal the same result but it would take longer to achieve; this approach is safer as you do not risk large amounts of your capital until you can really afford to. The real lesson is that both approaches can work and both can fail; patience and understanding the market are paramount to successful trading.

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