Binary Options Platforms List

Binary Options TypesIt has become faster and easier to trade in binary options as technology has improved. You no longer need to concern yourself with the possibility of computer failure. In fact, most trading software now offers a reliable service that rarely, if ever, experiences an issue.

Whilst it is likely that this type of trading will become more sophisticated, right now it is essential to understand the different binary options types and to focus on choosing the best possible binary broker.

There are several factors which are important to consider:

Rate of Return

Different brokers offer different rates of return; these vary from seventy to ninety percent and it is important to choose one which is offering a reasonable rate of return. This does not mean you should take out an account with the one offering the highest rate of returns. Of course, a higher rate will equate to more profit but this may be at the expense of other perks such as additional education facilities or a wider array of assets. In fact, some brokers are prepared to offer a rate of return for unsuccessful trades. This is usually ten or fifteen percent and it will help to cushion your losses when dealing with an unsuccessful trade.

Some brokers offer a range of binary options types and the key to choosing the right one is to study the features, benefits and the range of assets they offer. The better the range the more freedom you will have to choose a trade which will work for you within the current market conditions.


The level of support which is offered by a prospective broker is incredibly important. You will almost certainly need to contact them at some point to gain assistance with a query or in resolving an issue. You should ensure you are dealing with a reputable broker and one which offers a stable, easy to use platform.

It is also important to consider what security the firm has in place. This is important as the broker will be dealing with and retaining your personal information. Of course, no matter how good their security is it is possible that they will be the victim of a cyber attack. This may be beyond your control but you can ensure you choose a broker with a good reputation.

It is essential to provide your correct information when opening an account as, if you do not, you may find yourself without the means to access your funds.

The Site

It is possible to split the trading sites of the various binary brokers into one of two binary options types:

The first type is white label; these are created by software firms and then sold to binary brokers to be used for trading on. The alternative is the proprietary platform which is designed by the individual broker and used only by themselves. This is a rarity as many brokers will not have the manpower to create and establish their own range of options; instead you will be reliant on the parameters created within the white label software which can be limited by the range of options provided. The most common binary options types of platform are:

The most popular site is Spot Option. The site is based completely on the internet and does not require you to download anything. It also offers an excellent interface for all mobile devices; helping you to stay in touch with your trading.

The second most popular site is Tradologic; this is also a web based platform and provides an excellent mobile app; including a version which will operate with Apple and Google. It has a good range of options for trading. One of the biggest differences with this software to that offered by Spot Option is the fact that it is not possible for a trader to customize an expiry time.

Tech Financials is the third most popular site and is also web based with a good range of options for those who like to use it on the move.

Of course there are many other white label options and a good selection of proprietary platforms including one by Regent Markets Ltd and AnyOption. There really is an option and a binary options type designed for you!

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