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Real estate investment opportunity presentation tips

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Just download our designs, and upload them to Google Slides and they will work automatically. Amaze your audience with SlideTeam and Google Slides. When you download this product, the downloaded ZIP will contain this product in both standard and widescreen format. Some older products that we have may only be in standard format, but they can easily be converted to widescreen. The slide or theme will change to widescreen, and all graphics will adjust automatically.

You can similarly convert our content to any other desired screen aspect ratio. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Features of these PowerPoint presentation slides : Deck ideally built for a real estate agent, real estate investor, investment analyst, asset manager etc. Download this presentation. Check our Presentation Design Services. Start a Project With Us. What can we help you with?

PowerPoint Design. Graphic Design. Content Writing. Business Research. More than 15, hours of experience in the industry. Back Start a Project With Us. Enjoy This Product. Please recommend us to your friends - thanks! Do you want to remove this product from your favourites? Rate This Product. Sign in to your Account. Forgot Your Password? Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Sign Up. Already have an account? Log In. State your company name and get started. Slide 2 : This slide presents Table Of Contents.

Slide 3 : This slide presents Agenda. You can add the company agenda and use it. Slide 5 : This slide showcases Executive Summary. Slide 9 : This slide presents Real Estate Trends which also showcases four different categories which you can use. Slide 10 : This slide showcases Real Estate- Demand. You can add the stages and use it. Slide 11 : This slide presents Real Estate- Opportunities. Add the major investements.

State the Policy Support and use it. Slide 25 : This slide presents Real Estate- Rents. Text Box Hi! Forward, backward. Transcript: I chose this job because of man reasons. This job will eventually provide me a way of not having to worry financially.

This isn't the only reason though, I also chose this because it will teach me many other skills that I do not contain in my life. This job will help me with this, and teach me these skills. I love mathematics, and knowing that Investing will require mathematics, so I have chosen this job because of the amount of math that is involved. And I also love money, this is also why I have interest in this job.

The one thing I love about this career is that, I can make a lot of money while working in this field. After researching this career, I still plan on pursuing in this field and similar fields to it. Such as being a Real Estate Agent, or even managing property for other investors.

There are many responsibilities while investing in property. One is to make sure your properties are in good condition, and they are being rented out. New York: McGraw-Hill, Depending on what you price your first property's rent, that will be how much you make per month. This average income will change in the future years. The monthly income for top Real Estate Investors vary. This means that you can make that much money if you put your time into it.

While being a Real Estate Investor, you can control how much you make, or how much work you want to do. Earnings, Conditions, Employment The Real Estate Investor The market changes everyday, there will be no guarantee that it will stay the same by tomorrow. It could possibly double in value. You are your own employer. This job is something only YOU can decide on doing. It all depends on your skills and enthusiasm of learning Real Estate Investing. Most people don't start until they are in their twenties, but I have started this process at age thirteen.

It all depends on what you want to invest in, or even where investing will be convenient for you. The market is always changing, so there will always be a chance for you to find a place to invest. The reason many people become Real Estate Investors is to make extra money apart from their current job, or maybe to make a living off of investing. You can be sitting behind a desk, or even be in your own home working.

Such as looking for deals, providing tenants, fixing minor damages to the property, etc. The work schedule is set how you like it. You can work on your properties everyday, or every other day. The choice is yours. Depending on the experience, and the pieces of property you own. There will be different ways to dress. If you are a high roller in Real Estate Investment, then you will most likely be wearing suits; if you are not a high roller, you may be wearing your casual-everyday clothing.

Some travel will be required when investing, but it depends on where you invest. There are classes that will teach you about Real Estate Investment, and will tell you how to invest wisely. One recommended license is a Realtors License. This will help you find great deals out on the. However, many onsite managers spend a large part of their workday doing tasks away from the office, such as showing apartments, inspecting the grounds, or meeting with owners. Real estate investments take a great deal of time and a considerable amount of money.

Finding the right property that produces a decent return, or any at all, can be challenging for the inexperienced investor. The key areas successful real estate investors focus on depend on the investor's goal, whether they want steady rental income or a quick turnaround sale called a flip.

This would help our future. Those who consistently make money in real estate know the market. They know the location and the history. They know what new developments are planned. They know the transportation and the schools.

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Many residential investors get their start in commercial properties by expanding into larger multifamily properties. Residential tenants tend to have shorter lease terms than office and retail tenants, so tenant turnover is a factor that should be considered. In general, special purpose properties are designed for a specific use, so much so that it would be difficult to repurpose the property for another use. Car washes, self-storage facilities and schools are all examples of special purpose properties.

The leisure and tourism industries represent a large proportion of special purpose real estate as well. Common examples within the industry include hotels, airports and sports stadiums, and amusement parks. Mixed-use development properties are also prevalent in the commercial real estate sector, and continue to grow in demand. These properties represent a mix of different uses, such as residential, retail and even public sector.

A mixed-use building could have shopping and services on the first floor with apartment units on the upper floors, for example. Read our guide to mixed-use developments to find out why they have become so popular in recent years. Owner occupied commercial real estate OOCRE is when investors purchase commercial real estate with the intent of utilizing the building for their own purposes.

This strategy can be applied to any of the five commercial real estate types discussed above. Having the option to occupy the commercial real estate in which you invest is just one of the many benefits associated with commercial investing. Keep reading to find out some of the other benefits that may pique your interest. Investing in commercial real estate can be very rewarding, both personally and financially.

For many, the objective of investing in commercial real estate is for future wealth and security; others utilize it for tax benefits and investment portfolio diversification. Higher Income: The hallmark benefit of investing in commercial real estate is a higher potential income. Generally speaking, commercial properties have a better return on investment, an average of six to twelve percent, while single-family properties fetch between one and four percent.

Secondly, commercial real estate provides a lower vacancy risk, as properties tend to have more available units. In addition, commercial leases are generally longer than those you will find in residential real estate.

This means that, commercial real estate owners have to deal with far less tenant turnover. Cash Flow: Commercial real estate has one very distinct advantage: a relatively consistent stream of income due to longer lease periods. In addition, commercial properties often have more units than residential properties, which means you can achieve economies of scale and multiply your income streams much more quickly.

Less Competition: Another advantage associated with commercial real estate is relatively less competition. Because of the perceived difficulty of commercial investing, the commercial space tends to be less saturated with other investors. Longer Leases: Perhaps one of the biggest perks of commercial real estate is the attractive leasing contracts. Commercial buildings generally have longer lease agreements with tenants compared to residential properties, which, as previously stated, offers investors impressive returns and significant monthly cash flow.

In many cases, lease agreements for commercial properties are signed for multiple years. Business Relationships: The world of commercial real estate offers investors the unique opportunity to participate in business-to-business relationships. This can lead to more professional, neighborly interactions with your tenants when compared to residential real estate. In some cases, you may even be able to build relationships with the business owners renting in your building.

This can be great for expanding your network and getting involved in the community in which you are investing. Limited Operational Hours: One of the lesser known perks of operating commercial real estate is that for the most part you share working hours with your tenants.

Many commercial investors who choose to manage their own properties enjoy this benefit, as it helps allow for a sense of separation between property ownership and regular life. Commercial real estate investing offers investors an array of opportunities and advantages that other investment strategies do not. Once the benefits of commercial real estate investing are recognized, the next step is dive in.

Read the following to receive tips on how to get started in commercial real estate. In addition to learning the ins and outs of commercial investing, make sure you understand the commercial real estate market and how it can differ from the residential real estate market. The first step as a commercial investor is understanding that commercial real estate is valued differently from residential properties. Unlike residential real estate, the income from commercial real estate is typically related to usable square footage.

In addition, commercial property leases typically last longer than those of residential leases. These two factors help illustrate why a commercial real estate investor has a better potential to earn a higher income. Location is an important factor regardless of your investing niche, with commercial investing as no exception. However, commercial investors also need to pay close attention to their tenant type.

The location and intended tenant type are two factors that intersect closely when determining demand. For example, a space intended for corporate offices will likely have better performance in an urban center compared to a primarily residential neighborhood. Analyzing recent comparables can provide you with a better clue as to how your property of interest might perform.

The next step is to analyze comparables in the area and research future developments. Analyzing comps will help you determine the current market value of a property. A general rule of thumb when determining comps is to choose a property where the square footage does not go beyond 10 percent higher or lower than that of the property being evaluated. This will allow for the most accurate comparables possible. Read more on tips for pulling the most accurate comparable sales.

Commercial real estate investing involves a wide array of calculations, as well as an understanding of real estate finance. To be a player in commercial real estate, there are several formulas you should know. Net Operating Income: This is a calculation that equals all revenue and costs from a particular property. Operating costs typically consist of insurance, property management fees, utilities, repairs and janitorial fees, utilities and property tax. This is essentially the ratio of net operating income to property asset value.

Cash On Cash: Cash on cash is a metric that provides investors with a rate of return on their commercial real estate transactions. Cash on cash measures the return on out-of-pocket cash invested relative to the portion that was financed. The above formulas serve as an introduction to complement our complete guide to real estate calculators that every investor should know. Mitigating risk exposure is the best way to increase the likelihood of success.

Improper Valuations: Every single commercial property is unique, and investors need to be able to account for variances that may be found in each asset. Therefore, commercial real estate investors must be fully aware of what they are buying, and for how much. Financial Ignorance: Failing to understand the financial intricacies of commercial real estate investing can be devastating.

IF for nothing else, commercial deals are not the same as residential ones. Investors will need to learn the differences, not the least of which include the loan-to-value LTV or debt service coverage ratio DSCR. As a result, more investors need to take the appropriate time to learn as much about a property as they can before they buy it. Not Working With a Team: Far too many investors want to save money by doing everything themselves. However, working with a team is unequivocally better than working alone.

While you may appear to save money on the surface, chances are you are losing both money and time by working alone. That said, align your services with a competent team and trust them to do the job you hired them for. In this next section, we will discuss how to obtain different types of commercial investment loans. Being well-versed in the above formulas and calculations is critical when presenting your case to commercial lenders. There are a wide range of commercial investment loan types, and it is up to the investor to decide which financing option best fits their needs.

Each type of loan has unique eligibility requirements, such as a minimum credit score, experience level and down payment requirement. These loans also have varying terms including the loan term, interest rate, and loan-to-value LTV ratio. Be sure to visit our comprehensive guide to the different types of commercial real estate loans shown below:.

The idea of obtaining commercial real estate financing may seem intimidating at first, but investors who spend the time learning about the process and the different types of commercial real estate loans will find that they are completely attainable.

Below are the main steps involved in obtaining a commercial investment property loan:. Individual Vs Entity: Step one is to determine whether to finance a commercial property as an individual, or as an entity. Although the majority of commercial real estate is purchased by business entities such as corporations, developers and business partnerships, it can easily be completed as an individual investor.

Understandably, their rates are much higher than traditional banks nearly three times higher , but these lenders can award investors with almost immediate access to capital. Banks, on the other hand, may take a long as one to two months to provide funds. In the time it takes to receive money from a bank, most opportunities are already lost. Therefore, the speed of implementation granted from private and hard money lenders has made raising capital for real estate deals much easier than in years past.

If for nothing else, far too many investors are unaware that they can even use their k s and Individual retirement accounts IRAs to invest in real estate. Of course, the account must be held by a custodian that allows account holders to self direct their assets.

In the event their account can be self-directed, investors may use the funds in their retirement accounts to buy real estate. That said, any of the profits made must be returned to the account from which they originated.

However, the profits will be permitted to grow tax-deferred. Easily the most misunderstood strategy for raising capital for real estate investing, private placement memorandums are, nonetheless, a great source of funding.

As their name would leave many to believe, private placement memorandums are similar to private offerings. More specifically, however, a private placement awards real estate entrepreneurs the ability to raise capital by selling securities to other investors.

While not traditionally viewed as a source of funding, the practice of wholesaling has developed a reputation for awarding savvy investors with relatively quick funds. Perhaps even more importantly, utilizing the assignment of contract strategy may not even require any upfront funds. That said, wholesaling is an exit strategy, and is by no means guaranteed, but with proper knowledge of the industry, a promising subject property, and a dependable buyers list, wholesalers may be able to flip a few properties and invest the proceeds in a rehab.

While not a traditional source of funding, wholesaling will certainly help investors interested in raising capital for real estate deals. FHA loans are backed by the Federal Housing Administration and were created as a way to help low to middle-income Americans purchase houses.

Given their original purpose, you may be wondering: can FHA loans be used to invest in real estate? The answer is yes. Essentially this means using an FHA loan to buy a multifamily property, and living in one unit while renting the others. These loans can provide a unique opportunity for buyers willing to live on-site to begin generating rental income. As far as specifics go, FHA loans do require a credit score of at least , as well as a down payment of around 3.

A peer-to-peer loan is exactly what it sounds like: one investor loaning funds to another. This setup has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more investors try to reap the benefits of real estate investing. Peer-to-peer lending typically takes place in an online marketplace setting. With most forms of real estate capital, the loan amounts, interest rates, and requirements will vary from lender to lender and in this case platform to platform as well.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you learn more about the various platforms available. Always research data security, origination fees, and payback periods when considering your options. Research the details carefully to find the right platform and investor for your deal. Raising capital for real estate deals requires investors to know more than where to find sources; it also requires them to know how to secure the money once they know where to get it.

Consequently, once investors have learned where to find the money they need, they must then learn how to appeal to those who have the money the need. It should go without saying, but the more investors are comfortable investing in you as a person, the more likely you are to receive capital.

Experience goes a long way in establishing credibility, and therefore in raising capital for real estate investments. However, experience is not something every investor has the luxury of boasting. New investors, for that matter, have essentially no experience to offer at all. With that in mind, how can new investors compensate for a lack of experience? New investors are therefore advised to compensate for their lack of experience with preparation, knowledge, and acute attention to detail.

You would be surprised at how far a little due diligence and drive can take even the most inexperienced investors. In reality, venture capitalists and money lenders are looking to work with those that they feel comfortable giving their money to.

Prove to those you are looking to borrow from that you have done your homework. The best investors are well aware of the fact that real estate is a people business. Every single transaction requires the cooperation of at least two parties, if not more so. That said, if you want to learn how to raise capital for real estate ventures, you must work well with others, especially your team. Private money lenders will place an emphasis on the rapport you have with your team, and for good reason.

A competent team with the right leader is capable of just about anything. But what makes a competent team? What will money lenders look for in your team before they decide to give you the capital necessary to fund a deal? Learning how to raise capital for real estate ventures starts with your team composition. Before you even consider asking for money, see to it that your team exhibits the following qualities:. Passion: The best teams exhibit a passion that is contagious.

However, it is important to note that passion starts at the top and trickles down. To lead a passionate team, you, yourself, must be passionate about your future endeavors. Let people know how excited you are about the future of your company, and I guarantee people will be intrigued by the idea of working with you.

At the very least, they will know your heart is in the right place. Tenacity: Not all that dissimilar from passion, tenacity compliments passion and gives entrepreneurs the stamina to see their vision through to the end. Some say tenacity is all that separates a good investor from a great one.

While the verdict is still out on that, there is no doubt in my mind that an inherent team tenacity can go a long way in convincing others to work on your behalf. Flexibility: Entrepreneurs who are not flexible are inherently rigid. That said, rigid investors are more prone to suffering from complications because of their inability to adapt. Flexibility, for that matter, awards investors the opportunity to think on their feet and roll with the punches.

The most prominent entrepreneurs of our time have all demonstrated an ability to be flexible; nothing has the power to mitigate risk quite like the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Commitment: Few things are more important to an entrepreneur than his or her team, and few things are more important to a team than commitment.