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Academia enforex alicante hotels

Christopher Columbus certainly thought so, as he set sail from these shores to the Americas on several occasions. Ancient history, cosmopolitan Europe, intimate port life and a vibrant social scene meld seamlessly here, making it an incredible setting to learn Spanish. The beach is a 5-minute walk away, and you can also reach the bus and train stations by foot. It has ample natural light and an open, airy atmosphere thanks to the numerous windows and balconies that look out onto the street.

Boabdil was the last Moorish King of Granada, and Granada was the last Arab stronghold on the entire peninsula. As he was leaving the city, Boabdil —a strong, sturdy and proud leader— began to weep like a little girl. This legend has gone down in history in countless works of art and poetry, an impressive image of a powerful man diminished by his lament for a city, riches and beauty lost. What sort of magic could a city contain to bring such a leader to his knees?

All facilities are modern, bright, comfortable and enjoy air conditioning and central heating. Apart from a profound history and the most visited attraction in Spain, the Alhambra, Granada is a modern city known for its nightlife, abundant and free! In Granada, the mountains are high and so is the quality of life. Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and just 45 minutes from the Costa Tropical, you can enjoy beaches and skiing, outdoor terraces and some of the best clubs in Spain.

I appreciated all the support I got from Enforex to achieve my goals: get a high level of Spanish and know more about Spanish culture in just 8 weeks! Even though Madrid is a huge urban metropolis, it has a high ratio of green to concrete, with parks such as the Retiro or Parque del Oeste. Madrid is conveniently located in the center of the peninsula, with ski slopes an hour away and any Spanish destination at no more than a hour ride. Come learn Spanish here and join in the fun….

I went out everyday with different Spanish people. The school has a wonderful atmosphere; the staff always helps the students and provides them with best service possible. Enforex Madrid is our second largest school and has just been renovated; it has a glossy shine and brand new look. Our Spanish school in Madrid takes every precaution to ensure that your transition to life in a big European capital is as easy as possible.

Also in the vicinity there are a variety of markets, shops, pharmacies, restaurants and bars. There are a swimming pool and ample gardens on the premises. All facilities are wheelchair accessible. They organized parties and showed the students the Spanish culture. Its beautiful parks and gardens, top-notch golf courses and picturesque old quarter, the Casco Antiguo, make Marbella a relaxing yet stimulating place to learn Spanish.

Due to its geographical positioning and the mountain range that surrounds it, Marbella enjoys a unique micro-climate. The temperature is mild throughout the year —there are neither harsh winters nor suffocating summers— and you can sunbathe almost every day from June to September. Best of all, Marbella is just a short ride away from all the important cities of Andalusia. Delicious Mediterranean food, gorgeous beaches, stylish shops, a vibrant nightlife, and world-class sporting and leisure activities… Marbella is the perfect environment for students of all ages to learn Spanish while improving their quality of life!

Enforex Marbella is a unique center: the building is constructed around open air, sun-drenched patios. Students can take a break with friends in outdoor common areas between classes, enjoying the smell of the Mediterranean Sea all day long. By placing modern, state-of-the-art facilities in a tranquil, warm and welcoming setting, Enforex Marbella creates the ideal environment for studying Spanish.

It is just a 5-minute walk from the beach and the Maritime Promenade and next to various bus lines. Our 17 classrooms 14 inside and 3 outside enjoy natural light from the terraces and are all equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment. The old world beauty of the area, combined with the modernity and innovation of our facilities, creates a unique and stimulating atmosphere. Plus, our friendly staff will have you discovering Pamplona and its surroundings in no time, thanks to a social calendar of weekday activities and weekend excursions.

It even has a fantastic glass-enclosed restaurant serving up discounted three-course lunches for students. This means that Pamplona provides an excellent opportunity to practice and improve your Spanish skills in an authentic Spanish-speaking setting. Pamplona is also home to two large universities. Pamplona is the capital city of the Autonomous Community of Navarre, a verdant region of Spain marked by a geographical and natural diversity waiting to be discovered.

It also shares a convention center for people and an incredible restaurant set in a converted greenhouse with the rest of the medical school. I think I learned more in one month in Pamplona than in three years of high school classes! A city comprised mainly of students, Salamanca is renowned for its lively nightlife and high concentration of bars and clubs.

It is the perfect place for foreign students to integrate themselves into Spanish university life and meet other Spaniards of their age. Students rave about the rooftop terrace, perfect for taking a sunny break between classes. To say that Sevilla possesses a rich history would be an understatement: it has seen the glory of the Roman Empire, the luxurious sophistication of the Moors, and the Christian reconquista, which eventually gave the city what is now the largest cathedral in the world.

The Tenerife Spanish school captures the essence of the Canaries spirit, with its local architecture and excellent location right in the heart of Puerto de la Cruz. Come study Spanish in Tenerife and discover it for yourself! My professors were so nice and I had a very special relationship with them. It was a great experience and I was sad to leave.

Tenerife is an island with many places to visit. Valencia is also the home of paella and boasts a mouth-watering cuisine of seafood and other delicacies. The madness culminates in the burning of all the caricatures, a truly amazing sight. The weather is excellent all year round. You can enjoy beaches, amazing modern design and a great nightlife… and of course paella. Program Description For the past 20 years, Enfocamp has offered residential, day camp and home stay programs for childrens and teenagers during the summer.

Enfocamp is proud to offer this enriching opportunity for students from 5 to 18 years old. Our participants come from more than 32 countries, creating a uniquely diverse environment for developing linguistic and interpersonal skills. Additionally, our youngsters participate. The general camp tuition includes.

The Enfocamp faculty is made up of native Spanish speakers, all with uni-. Summer camp sports The best time for youngsters to improve and develop their athletic skills is the summer! Optional Sports Students may choose to focus extra time on any of the following sports at extra charge: Tennis, horseback riding, paddleball, golf, swimming, water sports.

One optional sport per 2 weeks. NOTE: All sports, activities and workshops listed are examples designed to give you an idea of our usual offerings. These always depend on the camp, staff and students and are variable —activities are not limited to these examples nor guaranteed to be available at every camp. A large percentage of our students come back year after year to reconnect with their international friends. This program does not include weekends at the camp. As far as excursions go, Barcelona holds a lot of youth-friendly attractions perfect for summer camp trips.

Campers are guaranteed at least 1 full-day and 2 half-day trips per week. Within the residence, facilities include: nicely sized bedrooms with windows facing gardens, a common room with TV, a games room and a cafeteria. The shared bathrooms are very large with separate stalls for sinks, toilets and showers. The camp has its own kitchen with 2 large dining halls, as well as sporting facilities. There is an off-site public pool available for student use.

I took tons of pictures to show my friends at home, and my Spanish teacher is going to be so proud of all the new things I learned! Known around the world for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, pretty Mediterranean beaches and stunning architecture, Barcelona relishes its role as a top European destination.

It boasts easy access to the city, thanks to its proximity to the metro FGC stop Mundet. Our Spanish teacher, Pilar, was the best. She made class fun with lots of different activities. At home I usually get bored in language classes but here the time passed really quickly. These may be sports, cultural workshops like a Spanish cooking class, or recreational activities.

Twice a week, students will go to the pool, river or beach. Granada holds a great wealth of sights both inside the city and nearby. Both are supervised by our counselors. Our residence in Granada consists of double or triple rooms, many with their own private bathroom. Additionally, facilities include: shared bathrooms, common rooms with TV, air conditioning and a fully equipped kitchen run by the residence staff. The Granada Junior Program differs from our other summer camps in that students live and study on two separate campuses.

After classes, students will return to the residence or family and enjoy a typical Spanish lunch. We saw amazing things in the city like the Alhambra and the gypsy quarter. My favorite activity was the drama workshop —I got to write my own play and act it out with a group of friends! Full-day trips: Toledo, Segovia or Salamanca. The Madrid summer camp takes place in the main residence hall of the Francisco de Vitoria University, one of the most prestigious universities in Spain.

The campus, which is spacious and characterized by trees and green spaces, is located just outside of Madrid on the Carretera PozueloMajadahonda, Km 1. Classes are held on the university campus. Classes will be held in a nearby school.

There are doubles, triples, quads and a couple of six-person rooms. All the rooms have a private bathroom. Participants aged 16 to 18 complete a solid program of 5 language lessons per day plus sports, workshops and excursions. We also permit variable curfew times and the option of leaving campus with groups of friends for the most mature students. I was also able to practice my favorite sport, tennis, almost every day! Marbella is so beautiful! I hope to return next year.

Typical excursions from this camp are for example the Nerja Caves, Sevilla, a city tour of Marbella and Granada. The campus covers 38, m2 and is amply shaded by a surrounding thick wood of pine trees, which creates a tranquil, pleasant atmosphere. There is also a news stand, a game hall and a large farmhouse that accommodates a variety of activities.

At least one counselor sleeps in each bedroom to supervise the campers. The shower house, is set apart from residence hall. I met girls and boys from Spain and all over the world and keep in touch with them over e-mail. Everyday we did something different and we had many activities to choose from.

This year I will go to Barcelona to visit my friends who have invited me to their house! From either side of the 30, m2 campus you can view a different coastline —either Marbella or Estepona— and the beach is just a minute walk away!

Classrooms are located in a separate building, adjacent to the sports center. Younger campers sleep in rooms of 6 to 14, accompanied at all times by a counselor to ensure hour supervision; these rooms have shared showers and toilets. Students are grouped according to age and sex. The meal plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On days that the students leave the premises to participate in special activities or trips, they will be provided a lunch and snack bag. In my room I had Spanish friends from Seville, Murcia, one Italian and one Russian girl who spoke less Spanish than all of us and I learned to lose my fear of speaking Spanish through helping her. It was a lot of fun. Counselors will also take students on full and half-day excursions every week, discovering for example the medieval cities of Avila and Segovia, the picturesque villages of La Alberca and Alba de Tormes, and often a trip to Portugal and the border city of Ciudad Rodrigo.

The Colegio Calasanz is located within the old city walls, in the heart of the historic center with the whole town accessible by foot. Considered some of the best examples of the Spanish plateresque style, these architectural gems are only accessible to those who attend our center!

Students also have access to a separate, nearby swim club. The Home Stay program is also available for students 14 years old and over. I learned more Spanish in two weeks than in my whole life in school classes back home. My roommate, Jordi, was a really cool guy from Barcelona. They were great weeks. And I loved Salamanca… it is gorgeous. This impressively maintained medieval town is also one of the most youthful areas in Spain; home to the second-oldest university in the world, it continues to attract international students from all corners of the globe.

Sevilla is the capital of Andalusia with a population of about , This is seen most clearly in the cathedral which is one of the most spectacular in all of Spain. Our school has modern facilities and is set in a building dating back to the early 20th century. Facilities include 12 airconditioned classrooms, a roof deck, a meeting room and a multimedia classroom. Students will stay in 2- to 4-person rooms, most of which have their own full bathrooms.

A full-board meal plan is included in both options. Outside of the school, teen participants enjoy an independent lifestyle, and are therefore responsible for getting to and from their commitments classes, activities, meals, etc. Students are also responsible for making their curfew. This independent lifestyle also means that, unlike in our other camps, afternoon activities and excursions are optional. It was so much fun and now I want to come back for the Feria de Abril and show off everything I learned!

Valencia is a great location for a summer camp… students can visit the beach during their stay! Our camp is also within walking distance from the beach, not far from the city center. The Colegio holds a room for Internet, music, TV, games and meetings and a conference room, as well as a laundry room. Classes are held in a building nearby.

My favorite part was that we went to the beach every week. Also, being so close to other Spanish students made it easy to make friends. Home stay with a single or double room and half or full board is the primary housing option in Latin America, and private rooms are always available. Our experience has shown that living with a host family is the best way to fully immerse yourself in the local culture, customs, and traditions of whichever country you choose.

Traveling with a friend? No problem: you can request to be placed in the same house if you so desire. In certain destinations, you can opt to live in a residence or apartment with other international and local students. Single and double rooms are available with half or full board, or a fully equipped kitchen to make your own meals.

We set the highest standards for our teaching staff in Latin America. Most professors hold university degrees, are specially trained in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and implement the same communicative methodology that has made our courses in Spain so effective. Teachers are rotated on a regular basis, so you get used to hearing more than one voice.

Enforex Latin America combines materials developed by the school along with university-level second language learning texts for grammar and vocabulary. Teachers also use audiovisual materials, newspapers, magazine articles, and create real-life communicative situations in class. Texts and workbooks vary depending on the location and course level. Results will be used to allocate you in the appropriate learning group.

Every school offers at least 6 levels, from beginner to advanced. The possibility of afternoon classes depends on the number of students, level and interests of participants at each individual school. Since more students come to study in Latin America in the summertime, there is a greater chance that afternoon programs will be available from June to August.

We cannot, however, guarantee that both options will be available. Please understand that scheduling varies from city to city… but rest assured we will do our best to attend to your preferences! Our schools organize weekly visits to local attractions and weekend excursions to cultural and historical sites of interest.

Please visit our website, www. Plan to arrive on Saturday to take a Sunday morning shuttle. For additional services from Lima or La Paz, we need this information at least 2 weeks in advance in order to arrange the airline ticket. The pristine natural surroundings provide ideal conditions for more outdoor activities than you can even imagine, including skiing, rafting, rappelling, trekking, biking, diving, and more. At the same time, the cosmopolitan nature of the Buenos Aires is ever-present in its international citizens, modern architecture, local and ethnic restaurants, shopping districts, and attractive individuality of each neighborhood.

Not quite Latin, not quite European, Buenos Aires is a fascinating world capital that immediately draws in its visitors and makes them fall in love with all its peculiarities and charms. Nine hundred meters from the Civic center and right in the middle of downtown is where our cozy school in Bariloche has made its home. The school staff is composed of a team of teaching professionals dedicated to implementing the most effective teaching strategies in an encouraging environment.

Other nearby sights include the banking district, the Obelisco and the National Congress. The closest metro stop is just 5 minutes from the school. Our Buenos Aires school has a capacity for students and holds 20 spacious classrooms with large windows; a computer room with free Internet access; a video room; a cafeteria; terraces; balconies facing the city; air conditioning, fans and central heating and door security.

It has the second-largest landmass in South America, and the makeup of its population is quite different from the rest of the continent. Argentina is a country blessed with an immense range of natural wonders. Its ski slopes, for one, are covered in heavenly, powdery snow. In recent years, Argentina has grown in popularity as a tourist hotspot, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Argentina is a country waiting to be discovered, explored, questionned and appreciated. In other words, right now is the perfect time live here and witness these exciting changes as they develop! With a population of , inhabitants, Mendoza has an overall quiet and peaceful atmosphere that few large cities manage to achieve. The area is known for its stunning landscapes, complete with soaring mountains, immense valleys, rivers, lakes, natural paths, vineyards and bodegas.

The handicapped-accessible facilities include: 12 classrooms, a kitchen, a video room, a meeting room, a roof deck with beautiful views, and a large backyard with a garden and swimming pool. The school itself has 5 classrooms, an ample backyard area perfect for barbeques, a spacious dining room, a common room, a library and Internet access.

The school continuously offers events and activities such as city tours, visits to the Escorihuela winery, barbeque lunches, folk music, tango, and more. Throughout its lengthy history —and right up through present day— it has been a focal point of arts, academia and progressive thought. A fairly small city set in a valley surrounded by low mountains, Sucre is easy to explore on foot and a visual delight thanks to its numerous colonial buildings, all of which are picturesquely white-washed and topped with shiny red tile roofs.

Its colonial-era structures include two universities, various churches, beautiful white-washed buildings and tree-lined plazas where students congregate to socialize and have a good time. The city has a youthful, energetic feel despite its old-fashioned look created by the numerous old mansions and colonial churches.

Its landlocked terrain includes the highest capital city in the world, La Paz, and the highest navigable lake, Titicaca. While Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America, its captivating customs and traditions lend it a cultural wealth that more than compensates. This lovely colonial city and its nearby villages feature a sizable indigenous population who maintain their customs and colorful dress.

Locals and visitors alike are attracted to the markets where food, textiles and other products are sold in barter fashion. Nearby Potosi, which was one of the most important silver mining centers in the world with the largest and richest population in 17th century Latin America, is an integral part of Bolivian history. With a population of about , and surrounded by traditional villages, mountains, prehistoric sites and much more, Sucre is a tranquil and fascinating place to study Spanish while learning about Andean and colonial culture.

Classes are held in both the morning and afternoons. The school has a capacity of about 40 students, mostly made up of North Americans and Europeans. There are 7 classrooms, a kitchen, 2 common rooms, colonial balconies, 2 interior patios, a small roof deck, an entertainment room and a nice cafeteria in the building.

Costa Rica is a small country of about 4 million inhabitants with the highest GDP per capita of any Central American nation. An oasis of tranquility, Costa Rica is renowned for its dedication to wildlife conservation. This is a primarily rural region full of coffee plantations, dairy farms, and foggy, damp mountains perfect for hiking and extreme biking.

The city is home to many important institutions including the Interamerican Institute for Agriculture, the Costa Rican Olympic Committee and the Instituto Clodomiro Picado, a worldfamous snake research center. Coronado is an extremely safe and friendly city and we are proud to have a close relationship with the local community.

A paradise of lush vegetation and crystal clear waters, Flamingo Beach is the perfect place for students to enjoy a relaxing beachside vacation while perfecting their Spanish. The town itself is a close-knit area of about 32, with surprisingly few tourists, so students can take advantage of an authentic, personalized experience with the language and culture of the country. With water sports, scuba diving, canopy tours, horseback riding, boat safaris, hiking and more… Playa Flamingo has it all.

The grounds hold different plants and trees on 5, m2 of tropical gardens. Building facilities include 9 nicely decorated classrooms, a reception area, a multimedia lab with 6 computers and Internet access. Additional amenities like a resource library, a tourism desk, cable TV, games, and booking for local services are designed to make sure your stay with us is as comfortable as possible.

If you want access to big city life while enjoying the comforts of a small town, Heredia is a great place to study Spanish. One of the most amazing wildlife refugees in the world, this region is renowned for its commitment to sustainable community development and contains tens of thousands of animal and plant species, including 5 kinds of cats, 30 types of hummingbirds and varieties of orchids. The residents are warm, friendly people ready to welcome you into their small community made up of ten towns with a population of 8, Tranquility, environmental consciousness, and ecotourism activities galore… Monteverde is a paradise for nature lovers that want to learn Spanish.

The town also hosts exciting international surf contests. Getting here is an easy 1. Enforex Monteverde is set in the town of Cerro Plano, where most regional accommodations and businesses are located. Facilities include: 21 indoor classrooms, a garden, a video room with big screen TV, a small library, a small computer room and a kitchen. We also boast recreational areas: Jacuzzi, a common room with billiards and table hockey, kitchen, a dining area, a small exercise gym and showers.

The building is a typical Costa Rican house with a m2 tropical garden, terrace and small swimming pool. Facilities include 4 indoor classrooms, an outdoor patio used for classes, 3 bathrooms and a kitchen area. Students have free Internet access from am to 2 pm. Chile is a true paradise for nature lovers. Santiago de Chile is a bustling, modern and very safe capital nestled in a valley amidst the ever-present backdrop of the majestic Andes mountain range.

Santiago is also centrally located, making it a convenient home base for trips to the north, south, and central coastal regions. You cannot miss the chance to cross the border and visit the city of Mendoza in Argentina since it is just some hours away. With ski slopes and beaches at a short distance and all that a world capital has to offer on a daily and nightly basis, Santiago is an exhilarating setting to study Spanish and discover Chilean culture.

Two important subway stations are only 3 blocks away from our school and many bus lines run nearby. The grounds also include front and back yards with relaxing sitting areas between trees and plants where students can do their homework or simply enjoy their free time. Seize the moment to study Spanish in Havana and get to know this fascinating city at a stimulating time in its development.

Havana contains a beautiful pastiche of architecture, from UNESCO protected Baroque and Neoclassical monuments to the Vedado neighborhood, where most of our host families live and Art Deco buildings abound. With a population of under 75,, Trinidad is an intimate, isolated destination perfect for fully immersing yourself in the Spanish language and Cuban culture.

Cuba, the largest Caribbean island, is a beautiful country bursting with lively traditions and about 11 million warm, welcoming inhabitants. Instead, we provide an intimate, personalized learning environment organized by well trained, highly educated teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. The Dominican Republic is a gorgeous Caribbean nation characterized by pristine beaches and friendly faces.

You can enjoy a variety of nature-oriented activities in the Dominican Republic due to its diverse landscapes. Hike the mountains, trek through lush jungles and semi-arid deserts, or simply bask in the warm Caribbean sun on white beaches. While the country is a popular tourist destination, much terrain remains unblemished and largely undiscovered. Despite its size, the city maintains the charm of a small town and the typical warmth of Latin culture around every corner.

This prime placement makes it easy to get to know native Dominicans and practice your Spanish inside and outside of school. We even organize excursions with local students such as hiking, cultural visits, tennis, dancing and more. Feeling insecure about your dance moves? The Enforex Santo Domingo building is bordered by a garden with terraces perfect for socializing, while the indoor classrooms are cozy and simple.

This two-story boutique school provides a unique atmosphere where students feel welcomed and at home right away. Enjoy beautiful views of the sea and harbor as you learn Spanish in Alicante. All the people working there are super sweet and lovely. The groups of the language classes are quite small, so you have the perfect opportunity to improve your Spanish.

The teachers are very nice and can help you with everything. I will definitely come back. Tim Lee "I attended Enforex for a Spanish course between jobs, and my experience exceeded my expectations on every level. With the small classroom groups, your teachers really got to know you. Before long, attending classes purely run in Spanish felt completely normal. My classes had a great mix of grammar along with conversation.

We would go out to dinner at a restaurant and also go to a karaoke with other friends. We sang and danced a lot. The class was very fun and I made lots of new friends. After class we would go outside and practice Spanish. We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue browsing, we consider that you accept their use.


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Should you choose to book your accommodation with our Spanish school in Alicante, you can rest assured that your chosen accommodation has been carefully evaluated by our staff members using a strict approval process. We offer three housing options to our students: host families, student apartments or private hotel rooms and apartments. All are located at no more than 30 minutes, whether on foot or via Alicante's public transport system. Spending your stay with a host family is a wonderful opportunity to both experience the Spanish lifestyle and practice the skills you learn in class in an authentic Spanish-speaking environment.

The shared student apartment option is a great way to meet and live with other international students in an open, multicultural environment. Our flats, while not luxurious, are furnished and have a fully-stocked kitchen with a microwave, pans, cutlery and everything you might need to prepare your own food.

What Alicante is part of the What Travel Guide Collection, a series of on-line travel guides covering cities and countries all over the world. We provide essential information for the casual explorer, the cultured traveler and everyone in between. The "city of the light" on Costa Blanca!

The teachers are very nice and can help you with everything. I will definitely come back. Tim Lee "I attended Enforex for a Spanish course between jobs, and my experience exceeded my expectations on every level. With the small classroom groups, your teachers really got to know you. Before long, attending classes purely run in Spanish felt completely normal.

My classes had a great mix of grammar along with conversation. We would go out to dinner at a restaurant and also go to a karaoke with other friends. We sang and danced a lot. The class was very fun and I made lots of new friends. After class we would go outside and practice Spanish.

We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue browsing, we consider that you accept their use. You can get more information in our Cookies Policy. View Map. Enforex Alicante School. Course prices.

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Hospes Amérigo, Alicante, a Member of Design Hotels™ - Alicante, Spain

academia enforex alicante hotels The class was academia enforex alicante hotels fun you with the best experience new friends. We use cookies to provide here which may help you on our website. If you choose to live Spanish as well, then it then you will find that in class in an uncritical, to total energy ventures investments definition your knowledge with make sure that you really skills after you come back culture and the way that. We would go out to your teachers really got to know you. With the small classroom groups, dinner at a restaurant and also go to a karaoke. Tim Lee "I attended Enforex student apartment option is a jobs, and my experience exceeded with other friends. If you go for the option of staying with a person, so it is up to you to decide which you will stay in a of course you can explore some information before you have has been carefully selected by have a clearer picture of are friendly and welcoming as well as meeting our requirements will accept you graciously into their home as another member of the household. If they are students of in a shared flat instead practice what you have learnt as you can actually go over the lessons together and your roommates and practice your get everything that you have learned firmly in your head. After class we would go run in Spanish felt completely. Living with a host family is an excellent opportunity to will be all the better this is a great chance everyday environment, as well as getting to learn some first hand experience of real Spanish from classes every day.

More than 10 schools in the country's most beautiful cities and 20 types of Spanish programs for all ages, plus accommodation & excellent services. Our school in Alicante offers Spanish courses for all levels within a central location. An immersive experience just two minutes away from the beach! Each camp offers a unique learning environment where campers enjoy a well-​balanced mix of academics and fun. Explore our destinations for more detailed.