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Pearlside investments

We are continuing to partner up with the Hawaii Foodbank to collect canned goods for those in need in our communities. Thank you for Pearlside Church being the church! You may continue to bring donations to any of our in-person services. Monetary donations can be made online by clicking the link below.

As a church, we are called to invest into the next generation. To be a blessing to the schools in our community, we will be collecting donations to fill the needs of electronics for students. Through your immense generosity, we were able to give a total amount of Google Chromebooks to the following schools:.

Thank you for making a difference and investing in the next generation of world changers. Mahalo to everyone who signed up to be part of our September and October Blood Drives. Thank you, Pearlside family for your heart to sacrifice and help others during this time.

We are looking forward to hosting our next blood drive on Saturday, February 20, Donating is safe and simple. Pray that one another would be faithful in waiting on God and witnessing to others. Pray by name those you are specifically praying for. We also wanted to let you know that we are making small tweaks to our Small Group Discussion Guides in order to facilitate more processing of life as well as for more prayer.

Please click here for the full update. We will continue to reimburse Zoom "Pro Package" subscriptions for the month of September. How have you been utilizing the S. Before discussion, please view the video:. In this video, Pastor Steve Murrell briefly shares his journey to faith.

As a teenager, he was introduced to Jesus through a divine connection. Ron, a new youth pastor, pursued Steve and other students with the gospel at their high school. Over the course of a year, Steve eventually gave his heart to Christ. Immediately following this conversion, Ron started a discipleship small group with Steve and other students.

The goal of this group was to get these new believers to be established as disciples of Christ. Ron would also ask personal questions related to moral holiness. As small group leaders, our job is to push people to Jesus. The goal is to make disciples of Christ—helping others be dependent on God rather than on us small group leaders. This frees us from having to be the answer for people. We instead are motivating people to pursue Christ through prayer and His word for answers. What challenged you about what Pastor Steve shared in his discipleship journey?

Are you being the answer for people or are you pushing people to God and His word for answers? Ask personal questions about struggles and issues relating to sin. Make sure to hold them accountable to living in freedom and truth. Pray for God to stir in the heart of potential leaders in our group.

Pray for them by name. Pray that Pearlside Church would be a church of disciple-makers that make disciple-makers. Click here to read some pastoral insight to the current situation facing our state and nation. This was a mandate for EVERY Christ-follower, but we often view sharing the gospel as the responsibility of a select few. T Principle , a simple and easy way to begin a conversation with someone.

This can be done during a lunch break, before and after work, or during free time throughout the day:. As they respond, make sure to be attentive, focus, and listen. Their answers give us an insight into what is going on in their lives, and what needs or burdens they may have. Listen deeply, showing empathy and care. After they share fully and were heard, often they will ask us to share our story. This gives us the opportunity to share our testimonies with them. Share a moment that relates to what they shared, and make sure to include how God was faithful throughout your situation.

Following the S. Another key is to continue engaging this person with S. As we consistently and intentionally create safe environments for openness, a genuine friendship will be built, and we become a bridge to them and God each time we hear their story, tell our story of what God has done in our life, and take the time to pray for them. This is not based on experience, knowledge, or perfection, but simply out of the overflow of loving God and loving others.

Just as Jesus commanded and as Pastor Steve reminds us, if every church member engages those far from God with the S. As leaders, we set the example that our Small Group members follow. How can you apply the S. Identify the people in your life that do not have a relationship with Christ. How can you regularly engage them with the S.

How will you practically teach, encourage, and keep your Small Group members accountable to regularly engage those far from God with the S. Pray that every Pearlside Church member would regularly engage those far from God with the S. Pray that authentic friendships would form, the gospel would be shared, and our people would have the opportunity to personally lead unbelievers into a relationship with Christ.

Freedom Weekend A powerful class designed to allow God to speak His truth to us, draw closer to us, and transform us in a powerful way. The goal of this class is to help us arise out of our sin and its effects, into a new life of freedom and victory. Join us for our upcoming marriage retreat.

At this retreat you can expect two things. Throughout scripture, we see church leaders empowering other church members to oversee different areas of ministry. In Acts 6, the disciples were unable to preach the gospel because they were also tasked with the daily distribution of food to widows and orphans, which took up much time. Realizing that their number one role was to pray and preach the gospel, the disciples prayed for and empowered seven other church members to tend to the food distribution instead.

The church grew because members were activated and empowered to lead and impact others. Similarly, as small group leaders, if we want to see more people come to know Jesus through our groups, we must get more of our members involved. Empowering everyone to have ownership in different areas of small group will allow us all more time to share the gospel, serve the needs of others, and celebrate together those we are praying for come into relationship with Christ.

We will turn this responsibility over to them 4 and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith. What stands out to you from the main thought above? How has your mindset been when it comes to empowering others to have ownership in different areas of your small group?

How do you think that helps them grow in their walk with God and in reaching out to others? Which of the following could you begin empowering others in your small group to do weekly? Take time to list who in your group could take ownership of some or all of these areas:. Facilitating a cluster of the small group discussion if your group is more than five people that day. Meeting with those attending small group for the first time before small group starts to get to know them and make them feel welcomed.

Turning in small group counts and summaries to your Leadership Group Coach. Planning or hosting outreach events geared toward reaching new people and those small group members have been praying for. Pray that each Pearlside member in a small group would be activated in overseeing an area of their group, which would lead to continued growth in their personal discipleship and leadership. Pray that our small groups will experience a harvest of new believers that are passionate about growing in their relationship with God.

Seek Week — January This will be three consecutive days where we will fast and pray corporately. We are turning ALL our small groups into prayer groups that week, and you can join us at any of our prayer pockets for a powerful time of worship and intercession. For prayer targets, times and locations, go to pearlside.

Wednesday Prayer and Fasting in January As a church, we are going to add fuel to our faith with prayer and fasting every Wednesday in January to seek God corporately. We are taking one day a week for the month to put aside food to stir a greater hunger for God. We have a Wednesday Fireplace prayer pocket at pm at our Main Campus. Discipleship Track Our Discipleship Track is designed to lead people to a healthy relationship with God and others.

Over the course of four weeks, you will gain a deeper understanding of the gospel which will transform your life, equip you for ministry in the church, and for influence in the world. Saturday, January 18 am - pm. Every church has both a mission and a vision to accomplish. Mission tells us why we exist and keeps our focus on what is most important.

Vision gives us a glimpse of the future and helps us identify what it will look like, where it will happen and to a measure, who we will impact. At Pearlside Church, our mission and vision are:. We want to do this locally, nationally, and internationally. We each play an essential part in making this happen because our individual God-given vision will fit in the larger vision God has for His church.

We will never fulfill this call unless we are willing to get out of our comfort zones and participate in what God is doing. What do you see as your individual part in the overall mission and vision of Pearlside Church? Has God placed a cause, a city, or a country on your heart?

Pray for clarity of vision and that we would take steps to make a difference in the lives of others. Pray for a person that we are reaching to be a disciple and a person we are raising to be a leader. In order to make room for our first-time guests, families with infants and young children, and those with special needs, we want to encourage our leaders and members to park in the following area:.

This will create space for new people to have a pleasant experience with our church. With the holiday season coming up, many of our small group members will be busier than usual. We are encouraging everyone to plan ahead so that small group attendance is not neglected during this busy time.

Freedom Weekend is a powerful class designed to allow God to speak His truth to us, draw closer to us, and transform us in a powerful way. We have streamlined this class to one day happening November 23, from ampm at the Main Campus.

To sign-up, click the button below or our Pearlside App. Being consistent in service and small group weekly is essential for our faith — and the faith of our small group members — to grow. There are three key functions within small groups that are necessary to help us grow as disciples of Christ:. We also want the Word to be the focus in our conversations with one another, using it as a frame to point each other back to God. In-reach : Real change happens through relationships.

We want to create environments for honesty and transparency, learning from and encouraging one another as we grow to pursue Christ. Groups should also plan to strategically connect and invite those they are reaching to the group. This is an opportunity for our groups to think beyond ourselves and live on mission for God.

The mission to reach people needs to be kept in the minds of the group as it can easily be buried in the busyness of life. Which of the three functions does your small group need to improve on and why? What are some next steps you can take as the leader of the small group to grow in these areas? We are encouraging everyone to plan ahead so that small group attendance is not compromised during the holidays.

Take time at your next small group to discuss with your members what you will do during these holiday weeks - in particular, the week of Halloween for this month. Pray that Pearlside members would continue to grow in their relationship with God, with one another, and with those far from God. Small Group Best Practices To better ensure attendance and participation, we are encouraging all small group leaders to ask for an RSVP during the week leading into group and for leaders to follow up on the reason why members are not able to attend that week.

Along with ensuring attendance and participation, following up helps to cultivate accountability and care for our members. Please make sure to start and end group on time and to save catch up discussion and fellowship after the discipleship guide and prayer is finished. We will also be looking forward to the next 25 years with a fresh vision for the future.

We are calling all those who consider Pearlside to be their home church to be in both services and small groups to hear the heart of what God is doing in our church for years to come. Seek Week - October Join us for our annual time of corporate fasting and prayer. We will be praying for our friends and families, areas of influence, and future church plants. Main Campus prayer pockets will be pmpm in the Worship Hall. Throughout the Bible, we see two main weekly meetings that the church was built on to help believers grow in their faith: the weekend service for the word and worship AND the weekday small group for relationship and discipleship.

Similar to how a plane needs both wings to take flight, each disciple needs consistency in BOTH the weekend service and the weekday small group to gain altitude and grow in their faith. Here at Pearlside, we want to establish that small groups and disciple-making is an uncompromising core priority for us and that we are not a church with small groups, but we are a church OF small groups.

Here are nine essential reasons why small groups are a must at Pearlside:. Small groups are the way our church is pastored. Each small group leader is covered by a staff pastor and each small group becomes our most immediate spiritual lifeline. Small groups are where we process biblical truth for practical life application. What we don't process we tend not to live out. Small groups are where we learn from one another.

The synergy brings enlargement and broadens our understanding in a way like no other. Small groups are where we share love, care, and support while developing encouraging relationships. The Bible teaches that we always grow together, but we never grow alone.

Small groups are where we experience regular prayer support for increased spiritual breakthrough and stronger spiritual protection. Small groups are a safer, warmer setting to invite unchurched and formerly churched people to as an entry or re-entry point to faith. Small groups can be a place to serve and a family with whom you can serve the church and community with. Jesus did life in the context of a small group and scripture encourages us to do the same. The early church met in the home and temple: smaller AND larger settings.

See Acts for the specific impacts. Which of the reasons above stand out to you most and why? Which of the reasons above do you need to implement in how you lead your small group? How do you think that would help with the discipleship of your small group members?

What are some next steps you can take to bring more clarity and focus on how you and your small group sees the importance of the weekday meeting? Pray that Pearlside members would prioritize attending small group weekly. Pray that there would be a revival in our small groups of new believers and genuine discipleship of all small group members. Small Group Best Practices Please make sure to start and end group on time and to save catch up discussion and fellowship after the Discipleship Guide and prayer is finished.

Main Campus Parking Our heart is for people far from God and we want to be a church that is easy for guests to attend. One issue that we consistently face is the lack of parking in our Main Campus parking lot. Let's park far so that people far from God can come near. These times of reflection and repentance have led to realignment and reuniting for many couples who have attended.

Friday, October 4 pm - pm. Discipleship Track This class is designed to lead people to healthy relationships with God and others. It will give you a deeper understanding of the gospel which will transform your life, equip you for ministry in the church and for influence in the world. You can sense it in the gathering and see it on the people. The small group has gotten stuck. Don't worry, this happens to the best of leaders.

The great news is that there are simple solutions to address this problem. Here are some practical suggestions that will help get your group unstuck:. Reevaluate time and location. A common reason why people can't make group is because of a change in schedule. A meeting time that worked in one season might not work in another. If there is a trend of inconsistencies in attendance, it might be an opportunity to reevaluate the meeting day and time with members.

Another possibility is that members have gotten bored with the current meeting location. A simple change in scenery can bring new excitement to the group. Connect outside of group. One of the motivations for a small group is discipleship through relationship. We grow in God by being in relationship with one another. If people are only connecting once a week in group, it might be a sign of a lack in relational depth.

This provides an excellent opportunity to do something outside of group to spark a connection. Consider having a movie night, a BBQ, or something fun for group members as well as those they are reaching. Another reason a person stops attending group may be because of a personal struggle that they are facing. They could be discouraged or ashamed, which causes them to withdraw from the group.

This is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with them over lunch or coffee. A personal touch of care, support, and prayer could be just what they need. Confront difficult people. Often times, people stop attending group because of a difficult person within the group. This includes someone who dominates the discussion, is constantly negative, or even soliciting members for business. As leaders, we need to cultivate safe environments for connection.

If we notice this happening in our group, we need to confront this individual about their behavior lovingly. Vision leaks. Over time, people forget the heart and motivation behind small groups. As leaders, we need to remind about why we meet as a group—to be disciples and to make disciples. Everyone naturally drifts inward, and fresh vision could be what is needed to inject life into group members. Pray and pursue. As leaders, we need to always keep the mission alive by continuously praying for lost people at each meeting.

We also need to be making time to pursue them in our schedules consistently. This behavior is caught, not just taught. As leaders, we need to model and lead our members to live the actions that we want them to embody. Our heart is for people far from God, and we want to be a church that is easy for guests to attend. One issue that we consistently face is the lack of parking in our main campus parking lot. He will share his story to encourage and inspire young people towards the purposes of God.

Get a behind the scenes look of weekend production at Pearlside. This is an opportunity to discover and join the different creative teams that collaborate within our church. Openness and transparency with God and others is vitally necessary for spiritual growth. So how do we create safe environments for people to be open, honest, and transparent?

Active Listening is a practical way to create this safe environment in our discipleship and small group settings. Active Listening: A. This requires putting aside our own emotions to be present for the other person. Have an open and receptive posture.

People respond to our non-verbal cues far more than our words. The goal is to make the other person feel safe to share in a judgement free environment. Invite the person to share and ask open ended questions to invite them to share further. Asking questions demonstrates sincere interest in the person and makes them feel safe to share deeper. Asking questions and listening intently shows empathy and invites people to come out of hiding. Summarize what you heard them share: Example.

This will help the person to feel heard as well as expose any gaps in communication. The assumption is that the Holy Spirit has already or will speak to the person about what they should do. We are inviting them to listen to His voice. Often, they already know the answer.

Pray: Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what He wants to reveal to the person. Make room for the Holy Spirit to speak and confirm His word to them. Pair up. Discuss with one another a difficult challenge you faced this past week. As one person is sharing, the other actively faces the and attends to them for 30 seconds.

After the 30 seconds, the person listening continues to listen but shifts their body away from the person speaking. Then reverse roles. How did that affect the way you communicated with them? What can you do to create environments for transparency in group and discipleship meetings? Discipleship Track — This class is designed to lead people to healthy relationships with God and others. Every year, God exceeds our expectations and every student leaves changed and transformed for Christ.

Middle School July High School July In April, we discussed the 10 Marks of Effective Group Meetings when leading our Grace Groups, which are our primary means for discipleship. We also discussed the specific areas we as leaders could improve on in order to elevate the environment of fruitfulness and growth in the discipleship of our GG members. Below is a review of the 10 marks:. The leaders are prepared by reviewing and understanding the GG guide and preparing their responses to the questions.

There is a healthy relational atmosphere before the meeting starts and after it ends. New people are made to feel comfortable. The group meeting starts and ends at a designated time. The group size is managed to ensure everyone is comfortable and participates. The Grace Group Discussion Guide is used and the group leader keeps the group on topic. The main thought and passages are clearly understood by everyone. Everyone engages in the discussion.

The tripod sets the tone for transparency. Personal takeaways and applications are clear for each person. The group closes in prayer being sensitive to the new people in the group. Share updates on how that has been going and any positive impact that it has created in your Grace Group meetings and the discipleship of the members. What are some practical next steps you can take to immediately address them? Classes resume in July. Marriage Huddle — Like a new car, a marriage traveling together upon the road of life will eventually encounter bumps or potholes that may bring misalignment or friction into the marriage relationship.

Freedom Weekend — This powerful class is designed to allow God to speak His truth to us, draw closer to us, and transform us in a powerful way. He stressed that good coaches have real, meaningful relationships with the members of their team. He motivated coaches across the nation to do the same, saying that if you treat players right, good things will follow. I mean, how many guys do you coach that have two parents at home?

Saban then said that while he can and does give inspiring speeches to his team as a group in order to motivate them, it is individual conversations and relationship-building that has the most positive impact on-the-field and off of it. I would do that when I played, alright. You gotta have a relationship with them. Similarly, we need to build relationally with people in discipleship. Jesus invested three years of his life into the disciples, and they became the foundation for a global movement that is still making an impact today.

What practical step will you take to make this happen consistently? Small groups are the primary means for discipleship at Pearlside. The following 10 practices, when consistently applied in the context of small group, will create an environment that leads to fruitfulness and growth in discipleship. Which of these best practices do you most need to apply to your leadership and why? Pray that our members would make consistent time in the week to be a disciple and to make disciples.

We see in Acts 2 how the early church practically lived this out:. Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Simply because of their genuine and authentic love for God, one another, and the lost.

The early church made consistent time throughout the week to walk, connect, impart, and invest in discipleship. God honored their obedience and grew His church. Every Christ-follower is called to make disciples. As group leaders, we must remind ourselves and our group members that evangelism and discipleship is a weekday walk.

Often times, we rely solely on an invitation to a weekend service as the extent of our discipleship.


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Pearlside; Investments Pty Ltd Unclassified - East Bunbury, Western Australia, , Business Owners - Is Pearlside; Investments Pty Ltd in East Bunbury, WA. Connect with Pearlside Investments Pty Ltd at Picton Road, Bunbury, WA. Find business, government and residential phone numbers, addresses & more on the​. Self-employed. – Present13 years. Western Australia, Australia. Pearlside Investments W.A. incorporating Midland Monumental Works and.