dcs migration results in system investment

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Dcs migration results in system investment alternative investment conference monaco

Dcs migration results in system investment

The project took 21 months from project approval to commissioning. According to Mr. Paramo, one of the keys to project success was exhaustive preparation prior to the cutover. This included having the supplier preassemble and test all modules in the factory before they arrived on site.

Thanks to extensive factory acceptance testing and end user training, the actual switchover took only seven days. By staying within the existing product architecture, the plant minimized business interruption during cutover. Based on DAK learnings from this migration project, to successfully justify a control system migration, Mr.

This includes finance, logistics, operations, and maintenance. By extending stakeholder involvement, every point of view can be considered to help break down cross-functional barriers and gain widespread support for the business case. He also emphasized that it is important to consider all elements of the computer system design to understand the full value potential of a control system migration and thus improve your business case for change.

For Dow Corning, a global leader in silicon-based technology and innovation, every control system migration project represents a potential opportunity to create value. Sharla DeFrain, a Dow Corning Project Manager, explained that the automation function at Dow Corning utilizes a four-step process to evaluate and improve the level of automation for all process control system migration projects.

To provide input to the lifecycle cost model, the company has developed a composite Automation Health Assessment Index AHI that clearly shows management the current integrity of legacy systems. The AHI score enables a normalized comparison of one system migration opportunity to another, thus prioritizing migration projects based on their respective potential to help close specific opportunity gaps. In addition to the AHI tool for assessing equipment health, Dow Corning has developed an Automation Value Index AVI tool to be able to rigorously assess the value that could be gained through an automation system migration.

This enables the company to quantify the benefits as operational savings or revenue generation for the new system. For both tools, the scores are determined by a trained assessment team using both internal and external industry best practices as guidelines. In combination with the Lifecycle Economic Model, the two indexes provide the individual businesses and the overall corporation with a rigorous method for reviewing investment options to use to be able to make informed decisions.

DeFrain presented results from several completed projects that verified how the methodology, tools, and implementation techniques have created value through legacy system migration. The company determined that the higher levels of automation provided by the new Siemens system improved overall equipment effectiveness OEE , which in turn helped increase product sales to improve business growth.

Trinseo, a new plastics and chemicals company, was created when Dow Chemical divested a significant number of its legacy production assets. With facilities in 27 countries, Trinseo has 19 production sites, 67 manufacturing units, and 32 plants; but only 2, employees. Under the terms of the divesture, Dow will provide support for the legacy systems through This will forces Trinseo to migrate to a new automation platform at a number of its plants located around the world in the coming years.

David Garrett, senior process automation leader for Trinseo, explained that due to the significant capital investment this would require, the new corporation set a high expectation for this program. One significant obstacle to developing an economic justification for migrating to a new system is that the legacy MOD 5 system already delivers a high level of automation, making it mandatory to preserve the existing functional capability.

However, simply replacing the existing functionality would deliver zero incremental value to the new owners. More value creation was necessary to proceed. To avoid potentially crippling business interruption, the company and ABB, its automation partner, needed a well-structured and standardized approach to reduce the cost of conversion, retain existing process capability, and take advantage of yet-to-be-defined uplift opportunities.

These principles required improvements to existing implementation practices, engineering tools, and functional capability. One example that Mr. Garrett cited was embracing ISA standards such as ISA 88 and ISA to create reusable, modular control strategies rather than having to create new solutions on every project. Other changes included improvements to the engineering configuration tools and associated work processes.

The goal for the transformed implementation practices and leveraged solutions was to drive the long-term cost of ownership to one-third of the historical costs. Garrett, after completing four of 32 planned migrations, it appears that the company is well on its way to achieving the business objectives for this corporate-wide program.

For any migration project — large or small — it is important to speak the language that the approvers understand. It is not enough to just reduce the number of failures of obsolete hardware components no longer available from the original supplier. The justification must provide both cost and expected benefits value relative to the next best investment option. Given that the investment for a control system migration will compete for limited funds that could be invested any number of other ways by the corporation, it is also important to be as rigorous and credible as possible when creating a business case.

In some cases, it may make sense for companies to engage with a third-party consultant or other organization to help build consistency and credibility into their economic analysis. Before investing time and effort in economic analysis, it is important to identify and get the key stakeholders and influencers involved. ARC recommends a multi-functional team approach to migration projects.

Yokogawa works with you to provide an optimal system configuration and integration service, taking your system migration requirements and interface standardization trends into full consideration. It is desirable for operators to get used to operating the new system before the system migration.

This not only makes it possible to virtually operate the system via an HMI, it also tests the control logic before the new system begins to operate. For instance, the logic for an abnormal situation can be tested easily using the virtual test function. Yokogawa has experience in more than third party system migration projects. Yokogawa can serve as the main contractor, providing a turnkey legacy system migration solution. A strong relationship based on mutual trust and respect is essential for dealing with any critical issues that are identified.

Critical cutover tasks are prepared, approved, and carried out together with the customer. For instance, a legacy system migration project including a central control room CCR renovation for a customer in the Middle East was accomplished in just 9 days. Originally 14 days had been scheduled for the shutdown. In addition to the 5 days that were saved through well-managed cutover work, 3 days were saved during the plant start-up phase.

Conversion Tool. Migration to a new automation system not only maximizes plant availability, it also reduces the likelihood of health, safety, and environmental incidents. And one of the most fundamental and often overlooked factors for maximizing revenue is the reliability and maintainability of an automation system.

Maximizing system availability is a key prerequisite for plant uptime. Reliability of the Production Control System All automation suppliers take system reliability - a key factor for plant availability - seriously. However, none matches Yokogawa's extreme commitment. At the heart of all our systems is a unique "Pair and Spare" controller architecture that relies on a redundant set of CPU modules.

Its integration with the production control system ensures a unified monitoring and operation environment for the operator. This certification to the latest standards attests to the high level of Yokogawa's technology and the quality of the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system.

Maintenance staff can now gain access to field device information anywhere and anytime. The results of field device diagnoses can be accurately reflected in both field maintenance and plant operation. In the event of a sudden control system breakdown, the quick delivery of interchangeable parts is essential to minimizing plant downtime. For such emergencies, Yokogawa provides a system card rental service as well as an expedited replacement service.

A system card can be rented until the defective card is either repaired or replaced with a new card. Remote System Maintenance Remote system maintenance is the fastest method for identifying a problem at a customer's site, minimizing system downtime. A Yokogawa service specialist accesses the system from a remote location to identify the source of the problem. The specialist can spot a defective part and advise the customer of its location. In addition, when necessary, a specialist can be dispatched to the customer's site and carry out the repair, either bringing a replacement part or using a part provided by the customer.

No cabinets need to be rewired in the field, dramatically reducing process downtime. We recognize that upgrading the controller and field hardware is only part of the risk management story. User applications and operator graphics constitutes a major part of work that can be very time-consuming.

Reports are generated to identify potential problem areas that need manual intervention or review. This allows for significant risk reduction for your upgrade project. Yokogawa has supplied these solutions to customers around the world. Furthermore, all control logic could be debugged in advance by using a standard software tool, the CENTUM virtual test function.

Therefore, downtime and test runs could be kept to a minimum. Migrating from an existing control system to the latest CENTUM CS system presents an opportunity to achieve operational excellence, introduce new information technology, pursue new automation strategies, and go in a new business direction.

Furthermore, all control logic could be debugged in advance using a standard software tool, the CENTUM virtual test function. In so doing, process downtime and test runs could be minimized. Migrating from an existing control system to the latest CENTUM CS system presented an opportunity to upgrade to the latest information technologies, implement new automation strategies, and introduce new business packages.

Honeywell and Yokogawa have both been producing Distributed Control System DCS platforms for decades, and both are very active in this area. These two competing systems emerged from a similar place, oil refining and petrochemical industries, so they started out with similar basic concepts and use cases in mind. Looking for more information on our people, technology and solutions? Request a Quote. Technical Support. Overview Details Resources.

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Each time a company does this, it will surely uncover some new opportunities because the exercise will include the observations and insights of a new mix of internal stakeholders, plus the observations and insights of a new mix of OT suppliers and the new technology capabilities they bring to the table. Eventually, however, availability of spare parts and support for legacy platforms must end. Although, ARC recommends that the process control system be well integrated from the plant floor all the way up to business systems, for the purpose of this discussion, the fundamental control system migration options available are outlined below.

If this is the conclusion of the OT Strategy phase, then a phased migration could be the direction selected. In a phased migration, only those components that need to be replaced are upgraded. There are cases, however, where the user may want to consider a single total replacement approach. When the circumstances are right, a single total replacement can be the fastest and possibly the least costly option because there is less downtime and less redundant labor compared to the aggregate cost of system evolution or migration in multiple phases.

Another potential benefit of single total replacement is that it ensures a single, current generation of system and the associated reduced total cost of ownership TCO. Changing DCS components while the production process is running Hot Swap can minimize the amount of time the process is not producing product.

It is however potentially a higher risk if not carefully planned and executed. Hot Swap involves significant preparation, planning, and testing. Tasks like database and graphics conversion should be as automated as possible, and the supplier should offer both tools and services that speed the task of conversion as much as possible. The conversion of legacy sequence code is a more problematic issue and needs to be addressed on an individual supplier basis.

For many production facilities the other option, Downtime migration also presents advantages and risk. If the entire control system hardware and software can be successfully migrated while the process is not operating, then there is no chance of an accidental shutdown of production. If the new system is not fully functioning, then there is typically no turning back and product delays may be the result. January 7, Industry Trends. And, what we do know and understand makes us feel comfortable, so we tend to keep doing the same thing repeatedly.

This is especially true when you must decide whether to upgrade or migrate your existing legacy distributed control system DCS. You find yourself asking, what is the worst thing that can happen if we keep the old system? It runs, right? But to be realistic you must also ask, how long can we continue to support the existing system?

What happens if it fails? Or, is it even compatible with the latest new technology on the market? In other words, you must weigh the facts carefully to see which path forward holds the most risk, and which one has the most potential to yield a favorable outcome — that is, which solution will positively impact the overall productivity, profitability and safety of your manufacturing processes. The potential for enormous risk is during the entire installation process, but particularly during the cutover from the old automation system to the new one.

At this stage, production can be affected either for good or bad. The cutover point is where the parts of the larger automation system designated to stay in place are moved to the new platform. These typically include field instrumentation, valves, motor controllers, and so on—with all the supporting networks and wiring.

So, how can we minimize this potential risk? Proper upfront planning is key and should be done well in advance of the cutover process. A well-planned upgrade or migration project should have a detailed roadmap developed prior to implementation. Without strong upfront planning, the project will be subject to significant changes later, and its outcome could potentially be less than favorable.

It is important to involve your process engineers and maintenance group in the front-end loading FEL planning efforts. During the FEL process, if you decide to work with an automation solutions provider or an automation system supplier, the cutover steps should be thoroughly outlined and scheduled. If everyone works together, the resulting cutover plan will minimize risk, lower your costs and maximize operational uptime.

The cutover usually signals the end of the project is in sight. By the time a new DCS is delivered to your facility, the following work should be done:. Besides the upfront planning and the actual installation process, there are many other elements you must consider in an upgrade or migration project such as resource availability, funding and buy-in to name a few.


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Currently, tens of thousands of control systems that are well past their expected lifespans are still installed and operating in industrial plants around the world.

Dcs migration results in system investment Projected over the lifetime of an valentin hristovski forex news year NPVthis provided a compelling case for change. Read more about this in the following article:. In the event of a sudden control system breakdown, the quick delivery of interchangeable parts is essential to minimizing plant downtime. Specific services include: Devising a comprehensive migration plan and schedule Identifying the benefits that will be achieved and calculating your return on investment Pointing out ways to improve safety and operational flexibility. This allows the user to perform an online control system migration without any disturbance of the process, while increasing efficiency and control. It is desirable for operators to get used to operating the new system before the system migration.
Forexpros eur try chart To provide input to the lifecycle cost model, the company has developed a composite Automation Health Assessment Index AHI that clearly shows management the current integrity of legacy systems. The Road to Successful Plant Modernization. This article provides some benefits, as opposed to the costs, of migrating to a new DCS:. In order to save time an efficient and well-structured process is needed. The same level of emphasis is not yet common practice for plant automation. One solid solution for all critical loops is the best way to improve efficiency and reliability. Conversion Tool.
Investment savings account wells fargo David Garrett, senior process automation leader for Trinseo, explained that due to the significant capital investment this would require, the new corporation set a high expectation for this program. Safety A safe migration and the well-being of the on-site employees are top priority to the plant managers. The Hot Cutover Tool guides the technician through the onli. There are so many decisions to which the classic engineering answer is applicable: "It depends. Working together, Hanwha Chemical and Yokogawa Korea project personnel completed this work on time and on schedule.
Least market risk investment Under Dr. DCS Oil movement system Optimum blending control Automatic path selection and valve status monitoring system. The project took 21 months from project approval to commissioning. Dow Corning Uses Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness to Help Justify System Migration For Dow Corning, a global leader in silicon-based technology and innovation, every control system migration project represents a potential opportunity to create value. No cabinets need to be rewired in the field, dramatically reducing process downtime. Each project team was able to provide its management with a convincing argument to replace and upgrade the existing distributed control system DCS technology.
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New control strategies were implemented and tested, at significantly reduced engineering time, with quicker alarm response and diagnostics. DCS suppliers guaranteed long product lifecycles for these robust systems. Today, however, these same DCS suppliers have consolidated their obsolete products or even discontinued them. Companies reliant on DCS technology realize migration is difficult and the process delicate. With that amount of risk, why would anyone choose to migrate? The answer is two-fold:.

Even knowing they need to migrate to stay competitive, uncertainty and doubt can persist moving forward, especially when key personnel bandwidth is limited. Migration is a lot of work. Risks run high without the right team of experts to plan and implement. To this end, consider the risks inherent to a migration and how modernization can help overcome these hurdles.

Hardware obsolescence is the main driver for migrations. However, these systems are rarely tested with a view to an entire unit being shut down, such as would be the case in the event of a redundant controller failure, where actuators attempt to revert to their failsafe mode of operation. Beyond safety issues, when a facility shuts down, it is no longer profitable. Downtime outside of preplanned outages and turnarounds is costly. Older DCS equipment, while built well, has a finite shelf life and will break at some point.

Many legacy DCS parts are increasingly unavailable. Courtesy: Maverick Technologies. Another financial driver for doing an upgrade or migration is increasing lack of knowledge and service support for legacy hardware and software. Over the years, control engineers and technicians with legacy DCS experience have moved on from technical roles or are nearly at retirement age.

With little original equipment manufacturer OEM support or training, this poses a problem for current systems but also pertaining to future system additions. Filling this knowledge gap can be difficult and costly as demand and salaries for experienced, knowledgeable engineers are high. Installed cybersecurity vulnerabilities also must be examined. However, with the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things IIoT , the process-control system world is today connected to the business world.

Technology and tools exist to secure, manage, version, analyze, track and report automation-related process information and data. Many legacy control systems rely on proprietary data structures that lack systems interoperability. Increasingly, manufacturers look to use this data for a variety of functions, including analytics, environmental calculation and monitoring, enterprise resource planning integration, asset management, predictive maintenance, digital twins and various other industrial internet of things IIoT applications.

Modern control systems deliver accurate, real-time data to enable these capabilities. With increased process power, more complex control techniques can be applied. DCS platforms of 30 or 40 years ago bore constraints that are no longer valid. Process control techniques like initialization, windup protection and override selection are no longer an issue and are easily incorporated. Model predictive control and fuzzy logic no longer require additional software and licenses, allowing facilities to use simulation, whether simple loopback or more dynamic methods, instead of hardware-based testing.

Offline configuration testing and operator training are conducted more easily, inexpensively, accurately, and safely than ever. Maintaining and manipulating large databases using Microsoft Excel or XML formats instead of older text dumps enhances quality control and abilities to build and edit large amounts of programming in bulk.

Graphical function block configuration is a common feature in modern control systems and is easier to learn, maintain, and document than the older, text-based forms. Sequential logic programming and troubleshooting is also easier. Homing in on the stuck valve is significantly quicker than looking at a valve lineup to try to make sense of a poorly commented year-old structured text program.

Migration leads to a well-documented system. Legacy systems have been annotated by generations of workers using different standards. Abandoned logic obscures the system. A complex DCS migration requires a planned, thoughtful approach. Because a failed project leads to cost increases, mitigating risk is paramount. Before starting, consider the following. Project execution was very professional and the team did not hesitate or waste time.

Read More. We help manufacturers reach the point where potential meets performance. Search for:. About Us Leadership Paul J. Solutions for Optimizing Your Technology Investments. Our Proven Process Our Proven Process The DCSNext migration process includes a thorough evaluation of the challenge, plan development, a phased approach to execution, as well as ongoing support.

Learn More. Get More Out of Your Migration Improve operator response times and minimize disruption with high-performance HMIs, alarm rationalization and enhanced cyber security.