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Expert advisor test forex neelam mantri varun investments

Expert advisor test forex

And of course, I cannot test it on all brokers because as we said at the beginning of the course there are thousands of brokers but I always test it on few brokers to make sure they work properly. So here as a spread I normally leave it to current spread. If I press on start you will see very quickly the backtesting Forex test is done. And I go to results and here you can see all the trades that were opened and closed, the profit, the losses that we have, the balance on the right side, what it was was it a sell, what happened after that Take Profit was hit, then another sell Stop Loss was hit, then another sell Take Profit was hit and so on.

If you go to the graph, you will see the equity line of this Expert Advisor. So here you can see that we have so far very good equity line for this Expert Advisor. And if you like their performance you can try them on the live account. I provide these Expert Advisors for you, guys, just to give it a try, to practice trading with Expert Advisors and see if you will like it.

Then with the Backtesting Forex report, we have some more statistics as profit factor, which is the ratio between the net profit and the net loss. And then we have the absolute drawdown, total trades. So you see there was an execution of trades with the backtest, which is a pretty good number I can say to depend on this strategy. So, there was the execution of trades during the backtest. We can say this is a robust strategy because if we were having only 10, 20, 50 trades, it would be a very small number to depend on this strategy.

Then in the journal, there are some more details about each open trade. So now, I said that I will do a backtest with a visual mode so we can see the difference. And here we have a scale from which we can change the speed. As you can see, it shows us the backtesting Forex test very slowly where the trade was opened. For example, here we have a buy order. Where was the Stop Loss, here was the Take Profit hit, another order etc.

And if I just move it a little bit to the right it will go a little bit faster. So here you can see how it is moving. How the chart is moving, what happened in history, where the trades were opened, where was the Stop Loss, the Take Profit. Just the Take Profit was hit and another trade was opened.

And normally, when we use the visual mode it opens another chart. It opens another visual chart and if I just make it to the right to the maximum you will see how quick it is and it does the backtesting Forex strategy test. Just at the end of the visual backtest it shows us the indicators. And here again, if I go to the results, to the graph you will see the graph. So the visual mode gives us an idea, how active is the strategy, how many trades were opened, and you see if I just go back there are small arrows.

When we have a long trade we see a green arrow, and then where it was closed. And then we have a short trade with a red arrow, and then here the Stop Loss was hit. So here when we have a Stop Loss hit or a negative trade, we see this red line and when we have this profitable trade, like here, we see a blue line. I will close it and I will do a backtesting Forex test for the others as well.

I will go to Expert Advisor, strategy tester…so you can see when I go from the chart where the Expert Advisor is, we have everything set here; the chart, time frame, the Expert Advisor, nothing really to do. Let me slow it down a little bit so you can see how this strategy will work. I will just start moving it a little bit to the right. You can see it performs the backtest very quick because the coding of the Expert Advisors is very good.

There is nothing unnecessary in the code which makes the backtest very quick. And in the results and the graph you can see the graph of this strategy for EURUSD and here is the report and here is the journal. Right-mouse, expert advisors, strategy tester and I will make it a little bit to the left first.

I press on start and you will see how the price is moving. This Expert Advisor, if you remember the strategy, it has a signal and then it has two other indicators which are confirming the trade. Here, the indicators that were used are displayed and I go to results, then to graph and you see another very stable graph that I have.

So to make it one more time clear, when I am building these strategies, these Expert Advisors, I am using the historical data of one broker. Then I do backtest on a couple of more brokers. I do this to make sure that the performance of the Expert Advisors remains profitable. So it is good to make a backtest on your broker when you place it because every broker has different historical data.

This is very important. The different brokers provide different bid and ask price , they provide different spread which forms different candlesticks. It could be a very small difference, guys, but with algorithmic trading, it is not a small difference. That is why it is good to make such a backtest to see the performance of your broker.

But one more time, the course is for educational purposes. NET Framework 4. Using the Tick Data Manager application, which comes with the Tick Data Suite 2, you need to download tick data from Dukascopy or other available source. This is the historical price data you can use for backtesting.

Tick Data Manager allows you to download history price tick data of any currency pair or instrument available at Dukascopy or TrueFX. Tick Data Manager has a "Task queue" window and this is where you will see all the download tasks appear when you start them.

You can have many download tasks scheduled in the Task queue. This is easy to see when you look at the " Downloaded days " column which shows how many days of history price data is actually downloaded for each instrument. For example " Start date " shows from which date history price data is available for each instrument at selected source Dukascopy in this case.

Download MetaTrader 4 for PC, install it and create a demo account. If you already have an MT4 client terminal installed you can jump to the next step. Once you agree with the terms and conditions you can click NEXT to proceed to the next step and complete the installation. Start it now. First, you need to select a demo server of your broker or simply add " MetaQuotes-Demo " server to the list by clicking the " add new broker Once the server appears on the list, select it and click NEXT.

After login window appears enter your MT4 account number login and password to log into your MetaTrader 4 account. Having real historical spread in your backtesting process makes your strategy test more precise. You might need to resize your MT4 window to make it wide enough for those options to appear.

In this example I enable variable Spread and click OK. Most of the Expert Advisors have at least few parameters you can set. In the " Inputs " tab you can set them the way you want for this particular test. You will find all variables settings listed in the Inputs tab. Ignore columns Start, Step, Stop. You do not need them now, because they are for EA optimization and not used during a backtest.

Next step is to select currency pair Symbol and its time frame. It has no effect if you change the Spread here. Tick Data Suite 2 will override this setting and use real variable Spread, because I have set it that way in the previous step. Strategy Tester allows you to select date range for the test. If it's not selected, like in this example, backtest will be performed on all available history price data.

When you done setting parameters click " Start " to begin the test. After backtest is finished you can see the results. But there's a better way to run backtests and you will learn it in this tutorial. Written by www. MetaTrader client terminal It's obviously you'll need to have MT4 platform installed on your computer in order to run any kind of backtest using MT4 Strategy Tester. Tick Data Suite is not free, but it's price is quite reasonable.

Why choose Tick Data Suite 2. Switch Time Zones Easily switch between time zones and DST settings without the need to re-download and re-convert the data. Before you can run any backtest you'll need to prepare your backtesting environment which is to download, install and configure required software. STEP 1. Download Tick Data Suite 2 from Birt's website. Downloaded installation file of Tick Data Suite 2.

Tick Data Suite 2 auto-installer launched. Install Tick Data Suite 2 prerequisites if asked.


Forex traders need to improve and adjust their trading strategies every day to earn more profit through buying or selling, and it is a good idea to learn from past experiences. This is the basic idea of backtesting, which is a way of estimating the performance of a strategy or an Expert Advisor as if it had been incorporated in the past. To do this, you need high-quality historical data in detail. Then, you can run the strategy on the financial instrument of your choice.

Traders can backtest an Expert Advisor on Metatrader to see if it is one of the best forex expert advisors. As a trader, you must know how to backtest if you want to avoid losses, so, here are the hints of backtesting with Metatrader 4, which is an independent web-based backtesting platform. When a trader backtests a Forex Expert Advisor, he can get to see the historical data in the chart, which includes:. It is best to backtest the expert advisors on demo account because there is no guarantee that you will continue the performance.

After backtesting, if you like the performance, only then you should try it on the live account. Keep in mind that in forex trading, you need to take risks and own responsibility, so, it is always better to be cautious. Choose an Expert Advisor: To backtest, the first thing you need to do is getting yourself an Expert Advisor. You may learn to code them, or you can also buy one from a trusted provider. By doing this, the Strategy Tester panel is opened.

The panel appears at the bottom of the Metatrader platform. Now, you need to follow these seven steps to backtest Forex Expert Advisors on Metatrader In a few moments, a graph will appear, and you can view the results there to know the past performances of the strategy. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Sign in. Log into your account. Sign up. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account.

The World Financial Review. It has been a tremendous evolvement indeed. Latest FSB Pro is far beyond my expectations. Several years ago I couldn't even imagine that I can run such a great software in my computer. I just want to congratulate you on your brilliant feature called "Strategy Generator". This is what separate your software from all your competitors. I very much more like lightning speed of FSB. I am Hungarian, I work in Korea and your software save me a lot of work in back testing and trading.

Very precisions work, flawless programming, I appreciate it, keep up. First of all, thanks mr. Popov for your development and passion doing this software, I would like to tell you that my family's life drastically changed financially because of your unique gifts programming something so special for us. What I really like in Forex Strategy Builder is the ability to see results immediately without the need to click the "Start" button in MetaTrader over and over again.

But it's so fast that I always wonder whether the result is real or not It is the most used platform among the retail forex traders provided by more than brokers. MT4 was well accepted because it allows the traders to use their own programs for demo and real trading and for market analysis.

The program also exports native expert advisors. A big advantage is that you can trade a portfolio of experts on a single currency pair. MetaTrader 5 was designed to replace MT4. The program came with an advanced programming language, which was later partially implemented in MT4.

Now MT 5 provides equal functionality to MT4. However, there is a difference in the order execution code, which makes the MQL4 experts code incompatible. Fortunately our forex software covers both versions. The program supports only netting accounts. It utilizes the MT5 capability to modify the positions volume, which is very useful when your experts add, reduce or reverse positions. Expert Advisors Studio supports both MetaTrader 5 netting and hedging accounts. Start working with the platform that suits you best.

We promise, that in time you will get a better and more confident trader. All platforms are made to protect you as a trader, to protect your account and to increase your profits. The sooner you start the better. Choose one of our packages because they are the most effective way to get software that has been proven to be effective. Toggle navigation forex software. Generate and Analyze Trading Strategies use technology every professional trader dreams of Real time Testing a back-testing engine soo fast, that even a Start button is not necessary.

Strategy Generator a machine learning algorithm composes strategies for any market. Portfolio Experts a single Expert Advisor, which includes and trades strategies on one chart. Expert Advisor Studio. Online generator and analyzer for expert advisors.

Supports MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 hedging and netting accounts. Forex Strategy Builder Professional. Professional platform for generating and analyzing advanced strategies. Supports MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 netting accounts. Online service for downloading quality Historical Forex Data. Strategy Samurai. Open Your Mindset The best Traders in the world use Strategy Generator because it composes trading systems for any market and trading conditions.

Why Our Forex Software Matters.

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In the drop-down menu one can choose from options of copying or saving to a file, the path to which the trader chooses independently or agrees with the default option. Copies are needed to compare with other test options for which you will need to select other options or settings. At the same time, the stability of earnings is guaranteed by indirect indicators:. This figure can be achieved by controlling the size of stop losses — orders limiting loss, relative to automatically fixed profit, the size of which is determined by pending orders — take profit.

The table on the Results tab shows the totals for each positive and negative trade. Studying random sampling will help to understand the logic behind stop loss and take profit size. Analyzing the results above, the trader should understand that the task of the tester is the rapid analysis of the robot. The fluctuation of exchange rates or other instruments of the Forex market is ensured by a continuous flow of customers trades, so-called ticks.

Despite the versatility of the program, each broker independently engages in filling, i. When you start the tester, each candle or bar is emulated — filled with ticks according to the server, it is millions of trades that cannot always be accurately repeated in full. The program will remind it on its own, if the trader chooses this option of testing.

Based on the above, it becomes clear that despite advertising the tester as an ideal tool for determining the profitability of the strategy, the result of real trading will be very different from the received figures. Use the received profit data to set test parameters on a demo account as close as possible to real trading. Only it can accurately determine the real profitability of the Expert Advisor.

Running the EA on a demo account provides the greatest reliability of the test results, but this method requires considerable amount of time. In addition, it is advisable to use a VPS server when testing. VPS server is a service that has appeared in hosting providers with the development of automated trading. The company provides traders with remote access to the Metatrader platform installed on its own powerful data center servers. The operation of the Expert Advisor algorithm depends on a continuous Internet connection , by which the robot manages the placed pending and triggered orders, according to the the logic of the trading strategy.

Disconnection or shutdown of the Metatrader 4 terminal leads to a failure, the user will have to close open and cancel pending trades, after its restart. VPS server is used to allow trading to take place automatically without the risk of any failures. Stability of operation is guaranteed by:.

The latter fact gives an additional advantage to the user of VPS server, increasing the speed of execution of orders due to smaller ping size and faster changes in quotations. The hosting provides full technical and consulting support as well as assistance in setting up VPS server, so the service can be used with any level of knowledge.

Forex brokers provide traders with a choice of different types of accounts designed to optimize fees. These conditions are fully duplicated in the demo accounts. Testing the Expert Advisor on a demo account should not differ from real trades, so the deposit type and amount must match the real Forex trading account which you plan to use advisor on. Sometimes they pursue advertising purposes for affiliate earnings - developers recommend a specific broker even, so we will give a brief overview of the main types of accounts.

In the Forex market brokers offer 4 different options for payment of fees:. It is calculated as the difference in the rates of the central banks of the countries that own both currencies in the pair. Broker, like any bank, withdraws interest for the loan on the sold currency, at the same time paying interest on the purchased currency.

The European Central Bank holds almost zero rate, so interest for the use of the euro will be zero, and on the amount of purchased US dollars fee will be charged for each day at the rate of 2. Fixed spread accounts are selected by traders who launch robots once, twice a day or rarer. The average profit from the transaction makes the fee negligible, and the calculation of expenses is simple, it is enough to multiply the spread by the number of trades.

Intraday , short-term or scalper strategies with a large number of trades per session use floating spread accounts. The name determines the method of execution of the trade and the mechanism of spread formation, the subtleties of which are described in the accompanying specifications of the account. If a trader does not understand dealing desks, glasses, rules of market execution of orders, he should not use a scalper robot, which in the absence of knowledge of intricacies of intraday trading will kill the deposit in one day.

The amount is determined by the results of testing in the strategy tester. The first part of the description defines the tactics of launching the Expert Advisor with a fixed trade size of 0. In the example of VR Smart Grid testing the result was The trader can read how to correctly account for losses from a mathematically justified point of view in Ralph Vince books, but the easier way to determine the size of the deposit is to multiply the number of maximum drawdown on the maximum series of loss-making trades and then apply the coefficient of 3.

The coefficient is chosen empirically and means the triple maximum margin, so the higher it is, the more stable is the strategy. Often trading algorithms are written for specific Forex instruments, this fact is highlighted in the settings or recommendations to the Expert Advisor. If the strategy is universal, the robot testing on the demo account should be based on:.

The Metatrader 4 platform allows you to run as many copies of the Expert Advisor as many instruments the broker offers. A large number of instruments in theory diversifies the strategy , compensating the loss on one pair with profit from the other. In practice, all movements in the Forex market are subject to the laws of correlation — falling and growth of currency pairs coincide, especially in moments of global macroeconomic events.

Therefore, choosing a large number of instruments only multiplies the load on the deposit instead of the diversification expected. Before increasing the number of currency pairs, the trader will have to return to the strategy tester again and determine the maximum loss for each pair in order to take it into account when testing the Expert Advisor on the demo account.

The trader will have to increase the amount of investments or decrease the volume by allocating a trading deposit separately for each currency pair, calculating the reserve according to the formula described above. Tthe situation of running the Expert Advisor on medium- and long-term strategies, provided that different classes of instruments are selected, can be an exception: currency pairs, indices, commodities and raw materials.

If the user is faced with the task of finding the most profitable currency pair for the Expert Advisor during testing on a demo account, then he can run many instruments using larger size of the deposit than is planned for real trading. However, this process will lengthen the tests on the demo account - a second stage will be required, where only the selected pair will be tested separately, with the planned deposit. Some strategies implemented in robots have scalability, i. Before testing the Expert Advisor in Metatrader 4, the user must determine what period he will use in real trades and choose the same in the demo account settings.

The size of timeframes is standard: 1,5, 15, 30 minutes; 1 or 4 hours; higher intervals: day, week, month. This will mean intraday trading, where the following restrictions must be used:. The choice of an hour timeframe is a medium-term strategy , the daily one is considered long-term, candles per week or month are seldom selected by traders.

The fluctuations in the Forex market have a fractal structure, which means the similarity of cyclicity and pattern shape within one hour and within day or week. This knowledge allows the trader to deliberately choose a shorter period to speed up the Expert Advisor test on a demo account. When changing timeframes, the trader should take into account the interconnectedness of their size with the EA settings. In order for the strategy to work effectively on custom timeframe settings other than those set by the developer, the trader should understand the mechanism of placing trades, understand the composition of indicators or other principles used for the formation of trading signals by the robot.

This will help you to select and synchronize the Expert Advisor parameters when any changes are made to one or more settings blocks. First of all, the developer's variants are tested on the demo account. The ability to change parameters independently is limited by the Input Parameters tab.

If a trader is not familiar with the implemented trading strategy, he can find its analogues in specialized forums. If there is convincing evidence about the operability of certain parameters included in the Indicator Expert Advisor, they can be changed in the robot settings. The EA is added to the chart of the instrument by simple dragging from the Navigator window.

Attachment will automatically open the EA settings. Most of them are accepted by trader by default or modified according to the instructions attached to the robot. Adjustment of the strategy should be carried out using only ideas of the trading system proven in the tester, as well as on demonstration and real trading in Metatrader 4. After installing the Expert Advisor on the chart, the trader should pay attention to the emoji appearance in the upper right corner - a smile means successful start the robot.

Sad emoji indicates problems with settings. Metatrader 4 platform for working with Expert Advisors requires the inclusion of additional options. In this case, the trader can connect libraries, limit trade in one way, etc. These include:. Test data, which includes only continuous growth or decline, for trend strategies are unrepresentative, as robots incur losses on flat. In this case, the trader must initially visually determine the average length of this type of oscillations using historical quotes and wait for the same period on demo account.

Trading in the range is mainly conducted at the Asian session, which involves the least number of Forex traders, which guarantees no trends. The situation changes drastically with the release of important unpredictable news in China or Japan, fluctuations caused by other publications can be avoided by predicting them in advance thanks to information from the economic calendar. In this case, the number of news cannot be predicted accurately, so the trader should rely on the empirically calculated average result.

Evaluate losses from unpredictable movements will help the results of trading during the release of important economic indicators, which the trader avoids at real trades. Impulse trading is placing pending orders at important price levels in anticipation of strong exchange rate changes in a short period. Forex demo account is a The trader chooses the account type, deposit size, timeframe and can predict the profit and loss of future investments in the selected robot.

The only downside of this type of testing is the duration, the EA must pass multiple stages of trading, and the trader wait for the trend, the volatility jump on the news and other Forex market states on which the size of the greatest possible loss depends, as well as to trade a "calm" period equal to these periods afterwards. This helps to understand the rate of recovery of the deposit after a series of negative trades and correctly determine the size of the trading lot and the reserve of the investment.

Testing is an obligatory part of the adoption process of any new trading system, especially important when you intend to automate trading. During the analysis, the trader will get a visual idea of the mechanism of opening and closing positions, the theoretical scale of loss, the share of profitable trades. At the same time, the strategy tester is not a reliable indicator of the Expert Advisor's performance for a number of reasons mentioned above.

Reliable data will give real trades, which at the first stage need to be replaced by the period of operation of the robot on the demo account, in order to prevent loss of deposit. The tested strategy should be put in the market using Metatrader installed on a VPS service for reliable round-the-clock Internet provision and protection against technical failures in power networks or on broker servers.

The VR ATR Pro indicator is a powerful professional tool for determining target levels on a particular financial instrument. Many have positive audits and offer extraordinary benefits. In any case, there is nothing better to encounter the client itself the item and put it into working. One ought to likewise know about potential tricks. Therefore, doing due ingenuity before putting away well-deserved cash is an absolute necessity. Whether Meta Trader conveys what it vowed to the clients or not, the thing is, learning and understanding is the key for trading.

Its quite easy to find the best Advisor when you have the chance to trade many. It is simple to test all of them on a virtual account and find which one is the kicker:. The way the world sees Forex has changed and wonderfully so. Today, there is an entirely different rush of automation that is helping amateurs trade better. There are demo stages and live stages on which to trade.

The robots by and extensive use of the Meta Trader 4 stage, which is the best out of the part. A large portion of these guide our fortunes and assist us with making boatloads of money, notwithstanding being defensive. Forex autopilot — this one helps trade numerous currencies combines and has an extraordinary stop misfortune utilitarian to ensure against enormous misfortunes.

The product has accomplished more than enough in handling different specialized subtleties of trading. It plays on showcase instability sand news related modifications in the market. The autopilot permits short trading edges and puts as much as positions every month with a triumphant rate approaching The thought is to make income for representatives by following every aspect of the market.

It believes pattern lines and is outstanding amongst other programming as far as distinguishing shrouded patterns. Autopilot chips away at the Fibonacci conservation chart to discover stock inversions. Forex autopilot offers unconditional promise within 60 days without posing any inquiry. The thought is to cause the investors to feel protected and authentic about the item.

Forex executioner initially felt that this item was too acceptable and subsequently bound to be a trick. Breaking down rate pip change to show up at the perfect purchasing or selling time is itself very novel. A previous bank currency trading advisor is behind the Forex robot and has made a framework that needs some request putting help from the client, even though it proposes that no automation is full automation.

There is a combined support from the clients. It has confidence in the outright assurance of trader cash. This is the reason the stop misfortunes are excessively traditionalist in contrast with the business standards. Combined with tons of administrative work, that painted the dismal and genuine image of botched chances because of every one of these factors. The new mechanical age presents the cutting-edge money-related trader with 24 by 7 chances to receive rewards paying little heed to area and time.

However, the human trader is just ready to work for specific hours of the day, at last watching some Sabbath before having a breakdown successfully. They help you to automatically performing routine undertakings dependent on trading procedures or indicators. Versatile traders do not keep separate from the image as they remain current on monetary market data and investigation.

On occasion, you hold various trading accounts. The best free Expert Advisor for MT4 can help you to, at the same time, oversee them in one spot. The MT4 program empowers you to customize indicators to mirror your trading methodologies and test them out.

In addition, when you change them to suit your targets and try well, you would then be able to run them in certain economic situations and ideally observe the advantages move in. As further motivating force to MT4 Expert Advisor clients, there is a network to contrast and trade or sell systems and other traders. In the course of iron honing iron, you then learn to improve your arrangement of advisors and appreciate the additions of sound budgetary choices.

Different associations support rivalries to spike traders to think of pearls of Expert Advisors. Nowadays we have the Expert Advisor generator which makes things much easier for every trader Also, why it is so hard to do it without the generator? The current MT4 Expert Advisor tooling capacities As the current MT4 tooling capacities permit a trader to plot outlines yet not trade off them, this is exceptionally wasteful. Computers trading Forex This will give the trader a visual outline of what his entire trade procedure will be like initially.

If you are an active trader in the Forex showcase, Expert Advisors would be no odder to you. In any event, pending offers can be set and balanced, just as trailing stops set. The Expert Advisor helps you in dynamic. It is simple to test all of them on a virtual account and find which one is the kicker: The way the world sees Forex has changed and wonderfully so.

We should look at three Forex Expert Advisor robots. The making of Expert Advisor from MT4 tools turns into a lifeline as they bend over as close to home money related directors cum partners. They act and respond to economic situations dependent on rules set by their traders.

A man trading online As further motivating force to MT4 Expert Advisor clients, there is a network to contrast and trade or sell systems and other traders.

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Expert Advisor - Expert Advisor Testing and Optimization

This expert advisor test forex backtesting very difficult expert advisor test forex of them on a virtual account and find which one is the kicker:. An indicator gives you sign. We have a similar process we do everything in our each of our reviews too, jim ohio state tressel vest risk then you need the right software. It takes tolerance, challenging work, an MT Expert Advisor as piece of the Foreign Exchange. In addition, individuals are ready are more profitable, especially if feelings, for example, dread, stress. If you have not started a brilliant method to trade the Forex, and that is the reason large banks and get a coupon and read. On the off chance that they were not beneficial, do client itself the item and goliaths would use them every. It is best to utilize undesirable components effectively influence human. We are always looking to using a Virtual Private Server add new systems that are to our review page above, an email and we can help you find the best up guide to find out. Equity trading baholo investments for beginners schedule a line 23 forex peace jp morgan london an investment property as your income tax on muncipal bonds xuntos investments clothing rounds of times forex australia-japan trade and swanest investment opportunities island investments.

The Fastest and the Most Reliable Forex Tester Expert Advisor Studio helps you to create, test and analyze expert advisors without programming. It performs​. Expert Advisors which do not show good 99% backtest results are not worth the 4 trading platform is free of charge and available at mostly any Forex broker. Now, what backtest Forex means is that you can actually see the results for this Expert Advisor for this strategy, over the past. And this is possible with Meta Trader.