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An investmentfonds wikipedia free fund also index tracker is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund ETF designed to follow certain preset rules so that the fund can track a specified basket johann pfeiffer iforex underlying investments. Index funds may also have rules that screen for social and sustainable criteria. An index fund's rules of construction clearly identify the type of companies suitable for the fund. Additional index funds within these geographic markets may include indexes of companies that include rules based on company characteristics or factors, such as companies that are small, mid-sized, large, small value, large value, small growth, large growth, the level of gross profitability or investment capital, real estate, or indexes based on commodities and fixed-income. Companies are purchased and held within the index fund when they meet the specific index rules or parameters and are sold when they move outside of those rules or parameters. Think of an index fund as an investment utilizing rules-based investing.

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Gielisch gcm forex

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See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive.

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Gielisch gcm forex No previous qualifications are required. When Kahn sacked him. He was, after all. In a radio interview. For over 30 years the Africa Centre, situated in Covent Garden. The Archdeacon of York llerter.
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Consumer retail investment banking trends in kenya What Vera lades in irony she makes up for in accuracy. Shirayama was never verified years, the Japanese owners. Phillips, were present at a dinner held by the Club at the Royal Hold. North wood. Sanjay saraf class on Forex management services ibh l r e i b n i.


Based in Cologne, our subsidiary Gielisch Claims Management GCM GmbH is a competent, full-range provider of desktop claims handling, staff leasing and loss adjusting services. GCM also provides claim audit services at the national and international level.

This website uses cookies to give you the best possible offer. To configure your cookie settings, please click here. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy. I agree. Your cookie settings. Are you in that sort of line? Answer No. I am sorry. Gordon Oakes Hatton : No. Members of Parliament do not deal with it in that way. Children are already tested at seven, 11 and Mr Earth told a conference in London that tests were bring considered as part of a plan to offer pre-school places to all four-year-olds.

Clinton greets Major with assurance over relations with. President Clinton yesterday greeted the Prime Minister at the White House with the assurance that relations with Britain were "very good and strong ". The proposed linkage, put forward by the Republican readership in the Senate, has r. During his meetings in Washington. This meant, he said, coming to America to talk. Dublin yesterday.

A number of guns were found. Unlike the IRA. But the former judge blamed a hardcore of English Cans for orchestrating the violence, winch forced the abandon-, incut. Twenty people were injured and 40 arrested. The councils have 28 days to decide whether they will accept die caps announced yesterday. Barnsley Borough Council. Military survey A five-year surrey of every - 20 tb century nrifitary instafla- tion in Britain was launched yesterday at die.

Imperial War Museum in Xondon. Illegal rescuers A Beet of 19 Canadian-built -a mbula nces has been taken off the road by the East Anglian Ambulance NUS Trust after they were found to be illegally overfoaded'tyhoL canying a- patient. The watchdog - rated that the pose showed a scene relevant to the nature and plot of the film and was not gratuitous. The poster attract- cd 71 complaints. Times awards The Times has won two of foe prestigious salver :.

The scheme, at Risfey in Cheshire, was stopped "for evaluation purposes". The scheme was instigated in and. Risley includes separate jails for men and women, but because of the lack of facilities for women in they began to share the education centre and gym in the men's prison. A report to foe Home Office by Judge Tumim. In a written reply to MPS. You will be ours! But yesterday she accused him of "blearing and.

Od their return, both wen? As Mr Cousins sees it, she has been making "histrionic" and inaccurate remarks to the Press about the trip. I would say he panicked under fire in Iraq. He rushed off without saying goodbye to people. He just leapt on a plane via Frankfurt- Over the last two days he has avoided me He has refused to return my calls. I stopped us going any further.

I did. There is a limit ro foolhardiness and at some point common sense has to begin. From that extreme point of Clwyd Loony Tours I headed straight for home. The reason for doing so was because my wife was extremely upset after 1 spoke to her by satellite radio and wanted to see me again. It's only a small point but they don't flash red. It is important to me to get that kind of thing right" Still smarting from his colleague's accusations of cowardice, he said: "I took the decision to go back.

Avon; uobbycredsfr skulk The. A pathojoguthasoqnfirmedtftat the remains are those of a. Avon and Somerset police have no record of a missing - child in-that age group, and sent details to' other forces, including ' Scotland , Yard. ThenAvonand Somerset con- , acted the incident room opened ' last 1 year in east London when Daniel who.. In Beckton with. The boy was described as streetwise by detectives, who also said he f- was trusting and would some-. Darn'd vanished.

One was in his 20s and the other in his 40s. Police also examined die possibility that the boy might have run away from home after he complained to a friend that he was unhappy there and asked to stay at his house. Mrs Handley said at the time of- his. You cannot imagine the pain you go through when your child goes missing. David Handley, Daniel's father, with a photograph of his missing son.

PC Stephen Collins, Yesterday, as detectives questioned a year-old and contained to search for a second suspect inked to the shooting PC Co tins, who conies from Surrey and is based at Acton, was described as "comfortable" by hospital staff. His shooting will intensify the pressure for a decision from chief constables and the Home Secretary on trials of CS gas sprays to protect officers against gunmen.

A derision is expected soon once chief constables have reported to the Home Office on the cost of training. There have also been calls from police representatives for greater use of body armour. Yesterday Scotland. Yard said die incident began when PC Collins and a year-old woman officer stopped two males in a Ford Escort that was being driven erratically in north Acton.

As they began to question the driver, the passenger sitting next to him produced a gun and fired several shots. On foe second day of his trial, Mr Owen, He agreed with his counsel. Oliver Blunt QC. It is jusi something 1 have to cope with. He saw Mr Falshaw with a women called Eleanor Moulton at the club. He said Mr Falshaw seemed very drunk. The mood changed and Mr Falshaw began calling him names malting obscene hand gestures.

He then tried to head-butt him. In an effort to protect himself the actor put his hands in from of his face, still holding his glass, which fell to the floor. Mr Owen was later reduced to tears when Corinne Hollingworth. The producer responded: "Do I really have to answer that? Police said yesterday that the motorist switched his headlights to full beam as he approached and then drove on to the pavement. Gemma Fry. The teenagers were found by a polio? Shelley was recovering at home from shock and severe bruising.

They had been walking home after raking a friend to foe bus station. The driver switched his lights on to foil beam which blinded us a little and then 1 realised that he had driven on. Gemma was hit full on. The car hit foe back of my legs and sent me flying.

Police said foe car was a red or maroon Vauxhall Nova or Corsa. Sergeant Rob Storrar said: "We are looking at foe possibility that this was deliberate. The girls have intimated that, in their minds, it was. For those who Itve me in the fast lane and -are! TV DmokAlndim! They strive to achieve their goals and fear- faflnre. With a pet they could display affection. My partner may be having a bod day. Miss McNkbolas. Dobemans, a cat three ferrets and four giant snails,-said pet.

Introdifttions made by pets , have led to marriage. Then it switched to dobermans, then to rottweilers and pit-bull terriers. If you want a virions dog, you make it virions. There may be millions of people suffering foe after-effects of surgery. It is one of the big open questions medics choose to ignore. The problem is. He called for wider use of foe method of isolating foe forearm to detect levels of awareness, especially in obstetrics and gynaecology operations, in which lower doses of anaesthetics are used.

Dr Anne Woollen said that 40 years ago women stayed in hospital for an average of 13 days. Want to be here tomorrow? Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. If your competition does 50 push-ups, you do If they go the extra mile, you go the extra If they are fast, be faster.

If they are smart, be brilliant. If they have the bigger hammer, you have the sharper nail. Treat every challenge as an opportunity in work clothes. Know that well done is better than well said. That it is not just the hours you put in, but what you put into the hours. Let others dream of worthy accomplishments. You stay awake and do them. Believe that there is plenty of room at the top, but not enough to sit down.

At Digital, we Ye putting them into practice. Whatever it takes. Not fancy words. Just real ones. Mission-critical marching orders for everyone. From our President to the person who turns the lights off very late at night. Today, Digital is working as never before to be the company you rely on to implement networked platforms and applications regardless of the make of computer you use.

To put it simply, today we are working to make ourselves indispensable to our customers. And you will begin to see tangible examples of that effort every day at Digital. Whatever it takes does not mean that we will compete unfairly or bend the rules; that ethics and integrity will be sacrificed on the altar of profits. It does mean that we will go to the nth degree to win your business. And keep your business. It means we will play tough. But fair. And share the benefits with you along the way.

For more details, call or reach us via our Internet address: moreinfo digital. Within days Mr Meyer telephoned Mr Hall with a convenient date; April 3 — only three days before the Scottish local elections. Nobody-at the Panorama stadia at White City, west London, was under any illu- si on why Mr'Major had finally accepted die invitation.

Prime Minister. The original timing of the programme had been. The BBC basachay to be impartial under its charter and licence; but this duty: is owed to iherHame Secretary ahdtltoCkwenimeni, not to in- cKvidoalS br political parties'-". The decision to grant.

Appeal, Court judges, creates a new dufc to be impartial which I. The memorandum, written on Thursday. Die memorandum had gone to Tim Gardam. It was only when foe story was leaked that John Birt. As foe day of the court case drew nearer. Labour, buoyed by the advice of seme of its Scottish frontbenchers with legal backgrounds, scented victory.

BBC Scotland was equally aKve to the danger. However, the views of Mr Hall and Mr Ayre prevailed. With local elections not bring held in England and Wales until May 4 they argued. They also feared that to rescind the invitation to Mr Major would provoke a furore among Tories. Cbnrervatives may fail to win any seats in the Scottish local elections, some political observers believe.

The church has owned a acre dairy form in. The hlormoiB. We dunk it's a sood policy for individuals and families, and we think itV a good poficy. The Mormon church was founded is New York is by Joseph Smith after he claimed to have discovered a text, printed on golden plates, buried on Ids parents' form.

His followers were driven westwards and settled m Utah in about The oldest continuous -branch of foe church is in Preston. The guTs first course of chemotherapy has destroyed half the leukaemia cells. The treatment has been used in Britain and America over foe past three years but because it is so new there are no comprehensive figures to determine its success rate.

These would be frozen and later injected into Child B. Dr Gravett said the girl was surprisingly well and bad been playing in nearby Regent's Park, baking cakes and coping with work sent from school. The injection therapy could eventually be administered on an out-patient basis.

Two had gone into complete remission, two had partial remission and in the others there had been no response. Business today makes heavy demands on your rime and energy. To go on giving per cent, you need to take time out. So next rime you fly from. Ax the invitation of Emirates, you can relax at a luxurious 5-star hotel; your Take time off on a free 2-night, 5-star Luxury Break in magnificent Dubai whenyou fly with Emirates.

And because we want you to enjoy your break to the full, we also Invite you to accept our free car hire opr ion which allows you cwo full davs to explore the magic of the Emirates. A half-day cirv tour in a private, chauffeur-driven car. The galaxies have been f. Working with.

The search concent rau. Several lines of argument lead astronomers to believe that the universe must contain about ten rimes as much mass as we can see. Professor Impey believes that much of the shortfall in mass may be made up of galaxies with a low surface brightness of the type that his survey has revealed.

Now the same effect is being exploited in a range of drugs to be given to people immediately after they have had a stroke. Dr Michael Spedding. The study discovered that, by the time it was carried out in I 0 P 1. The report suggests that the numbers are only minimum estimates of the real extent of drug-taking. The arrest of Tom Parker Bowles, Available atTesco, Asda. TSainsbury, Safeway, Asda. Soroerfield, Kwiksave, Morrison, Co-op.

JLfoyds Cheiffsb. The report was based on the British Crime Survey and carried out by the Home Office research and planning unit. One million people aged lb- 29 had used cannabis in It added that, compared with the British Crime Study of The greatest increase in use had been among 16 to year- olds and ir was relatively greater among women than men. Ecstasy or cocaine. Whites were more likely to have taken amphetamines. LSD or magic mushrooms. The study was based onasn analysis of 6, people woo answered questions on drugs.

Ecstasy has the reputation of being safe. It is not Ecstasy is an amphetamine, methylenedioxymepbainphe- tamine. It generates a sense of well- being. Dr Henry does not entirely accept this view. Hyperthermia, or severe heat-stroke, is the commonest side-effect It is impossible to predict who is most at risk, but any user who dances energetically in a hot crowd could collapse or die. A platoon marches 12 miles in full kit on a hot.

Then on one occasion a soldier collapses dead, the other 29 survive unscathed. The ravers' own cure is to drink large quantities of water o combat the thirst induced fay the drug. Getting the dose of water just right is more difficult than they suppose.

Some have drunk so much that they have given themselves brain damage by overloading then- tissues with water. For the Republic of Ireland rixjg I8O0 Andy Smith celebrates and raises his overdraft. Jfhfch ms for ud to El Ybur Card also allows you to pay by Switch. The year-old Earl of Hardwicke will deliver his maiden speech on the film industry, becoming one of the youngest members of either House to speak since Pitt the Younger.

Lord Hardwicke — Joe. At three, on the death of his grandfather, he became the youngest senior peer this century and was told about it over a bowl of spaghetti as he watched Babur goes to America. His mother took him to live in the West Indies when he was five.

He owns a half-share in a restaurant there and spends his time organising raves, travelling and working in public relations. Shirayama was never verified years, the Japanese owners. He entered the House soon after his 21st birthday and has decided the time has come to speak up. My mother was an actress before she died. Being a peer, he says, can be irritating. But it is a wonderful place to take friends to lunch — although it should have a snooker table — and you always end up sitting next to someone interesting, like Lord Lawson.

The delay could cost the taxpayer millions of pounds. Shokusan Ltd also said thatft still had not readied a decision on the. Labour MPs last night, described the sale as a scandal and demanded thatMr -How- compromise. The company after the abolition of the plans to make-a dedskxiby Greater London Council. But-a year lain-. The Daleks arrived on our screens back in Easter and Sheffield is so great that more significant changes are Sunday, 16th April, sees the arrival of Phoneday needed.

Rather like the letter that was added to car registrations. The old codes cease to exist on Phoneday but to ease this will create millions of new numbers. If you have However, demand in Bristol Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham any queries ring our helpline on freefone 01 Bristol xxxxxx becomes 9xx xxxx. Leeds xxxxxx becomes 2xx xxxx. Leicester xxxxxx becomes 2xx xxxx Nottingham xxxxxx becomes 9xx xxxx. Sheffield xxxxxx becomes 2xx xxxx. The facades mosaic of windows has been glazed with a grimy film 0 f neglect, like cataracts blotting out one of the best views in London, certainly the best View across the Thames to the Palace of Westminster and the Abbey beyond.

Richard- Branson, wasn't it? Has tfae. The meeting, h? The moodis sombre. But an American or European 1 kflled'bythe. Mr Carter made his bogus call to a talk-back programme hosted bv a fellow government MP. John Banks, the Tourism Minister. During the call. I have been I having a free trip all my life. But deaner air-ls a global issue. Here are a few more questions you might like answered regarding Scottish Nuclear and : the 'environment.

A The Scots? A 7 milli on? O B 11 million? C 14 milli on? Waltzing a, celebrates its cente- ronow. A Coal fired power stations? Q B Oil fired power stations? Q C Less than 0. Understandably, more and more people are concerned about the environment and world ecology. Scottish Nudear being among them. Nudear power generation offers many environmental benefits.

Nudear power produces onJy a tiny fraction of the radiation that surrounds us - most of it occurs naturally. What's more Scottish Nuclear's concern for the environment extends through every aspect of its work, horn the generation of electridty through to waste management and the eventual decommissioning of its power stations.

If the world's population continues to grow at its present rate and energy consumption follows current trends, nuclear power must be a part of any future energy mix if we are to protect the environment The truth is, we need nuclear power now. We'll need it even more in the future. C The rest of the world? The question of Atlantic catches will become an increasing problem within the European Union, with Spain expressing unhappiness at Britain's role.

In a radio interview. In Canada, however, it is widely accepted that the Greenland halibut war was planned as early as last a utumn by the Canadians with at least the complicity of one or more of Spain's European Union partners, who wanted its fisherman to be taught a lesson, Canadian negotiators have been planning for some time to trade away Greenland halibut quotas in return for Spain and Portugal respecting conservation pf stocks off die Grand Banks.

The Spanish and Portuguese were furious and served notice that they would'ignore 'the ouota and catch tonnes. Simon Jenkins, page 14 Bosnian Muslims drive Serbs from vital stronghold By Michael Evans, defence correspondent BOSNIAN government forces have driven the Serbs off a strategic mountain stronghold that dominates the central region of the country as the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina enters its fourth year.

The Muslims' capture of most of Mount Vlasic, which overlooks the town of Travnik, is one of their most important military gains. Bosnian Croat troops said that their guns were also involved. The guns have also posed a potential threat to the British United Nations camp at Vitez. But now I am not so sure. The spectre had come to him in a dream. On April 5 — three years ago today — a rebel Serb sniper shot Suada Oilberovic through the chest as she attended a demonstration for peace in the city centre.

Three years later, Sarajevo is an entirety different city. Fighting is beginning to spread and United Nations peacekeepers and civilians are braced for what promises to be a tumultuous spring and summer. Sarajevo residents are stocking up—as best they can afford after three years of siege — on staple foods and goods which have been hard to obtain during previous bad times. Life in the capital is thriving in a way it has not since before the war, but anyone who can is leaving. Now, after seizing the communications tower and most of the position, the Muslims will have an added incentive to continue fighting rather than seek a peaceful end to the war.

Diplomatic sources said the Contact Group of Britain. Officials of the Bosnian government, whose forces are on the offensive around Tuzla as well as around Travnik, have vowed not to extend the ceasefire. However, American officials hope Bosnian government leaders might be persuaded to reconsider a truce extension if there were some sign of a diplomatic breakthrough.

Control of the peak secures access routes to Donji Vakuf and Jajce, both Serb- held towns. Russian workers walk past a plastic sculpture of Abraham Lincoln yesterday in Gorky Park. Moscow, part of a miniat u r e replica of Mount —. From AnatolLteven in Moscow THE Ukrainian parliament dealt a blow to President Kuchma and economic reform in the former Soviet Union yesterday by passing a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet, which it accused of lacking concern for the welfare of the population.

For further information telephone Gibraltar Fax Gibraltar or send the coupon below to the above address. Archbishop backs use of condoms Marseilles: Mgr Robert Coffy. By the end of his two-day visit, the minister's campaign to woo back Turkey's unhappy Western allies seemed to be on the brink of collapse. When we have achieved this aim, our soldiers will return. Gerhard Bokei, the Interior Minister of Hesse. This one is wrong.

Hungary is to launch an intelligence task- force. Gangs m Budapest are engaged m a growing struggle for control of lucrative rackets. President Yeltsin will hold the military parade. Over foe pasttwo days each has accused the other of tying: to monopolise power by installing crO' in key posts.. Much fuss was made last week over the ease with which the patrician Prime Minister had all alone fogged down a passing car — albeit a Mercedes — after fog had forced his helicopter to deposit him in open countryside near Arles.

The presidential candidate proclaimed his adventure to have been great fun and his team milked the trip with a woman driver as proof that he was really a humble man of the people. The French public should know the truth if tins was a publicity stunt to show that M Bahadur is dose to the people.

On the other side. Pierre Mosoovid M Jospin's campaign treasurer, said: "In die United States a candidate would have to Withdraw" if he was taught doing such a stunt , Hounded in deepest Provence by the media. Mme Lacaflle said that fete had put the stately hitch-hiker in her path.

Hutu militiamen. Tutsi officers have dismissed the daim. In October that year. Violent and widespread slaughter fob - lowed as Tutsis. Tknzania and. In April test year. Population: 5, Swahili Religion. Fearing the country is mi the brink of another bloodbath. President Ntibantungahya gave a warning of "double genocide". Susana Fujimori will press on with her political career Fujimori wife says marriage is over Tima; The estranged wife of President Fujimori of Pern, stripped of her title as First Lady and barred from politics, said their marriage is beyond repair, although she was not seeking divorce immediately.

The subject is not the battered president, however, nor even the widely loathed First Lady, but their year-old daughter. Each night the news has carried pictures of Chelsea posing happily with her mother in front of the Taj Mahal, riding an elephant in Nepal or visiting a mosque. At an age when many adolescents are postively horrid. Chelsea has been "a delightful and serene presence on the trip, a sure source of pride for her mother.

For ail her faults Mrs Clinton has "accomplished the most enviable thing of all. She has bought up a nice child. Chelsea has learned to take the crush of cameras and journalists in her stride, and the White House has for the first time relaxed its rigid rules for covering her. But while Chelsea has been winning hearts her mother continues to generate controversy - this time for her failure to generate controversy.

Iqbal Muhammad Mem cm. He is understood to be a British passport-holder. Lola Rose Miller, already in jail for cheating customers, is being sued for the jackpot value. With the economy in a healthy stare there is no strong financial case for tax cuts', although Republican supplv- side advocates say they would generate enough growth to offset their cost.

Those who died after torture sessions were disposed of. But the forgive-and-forget stance he has maintained since taking office in The public demand for more light to be shed on the disappearance of at least He admitted belonging to a naval team that ran regular flights to throw thousands of torture victims Into the Atlantic while they were still alive.

When they were semi-conscious we carried them on to the naval planes. We undressed them and. This week he reversed his stance, urging other officers to confess. In a letter to Mr Clinton. As the execution drew nearer lawyers for Ingram. The lawyers will ask that the sentence be commuted to fife imprisonment. That is nearly 12 years and he was only 19 when he was put in prison.

He has been through feelings of hope and despair. They foresee a brave new world when technology. Under Mr Orendutfs plan students would no longer need to attend lectures and classes, but could simply tune in to their chosen subjects on television screens, either from home or other campuses, and then "interact" with a teacher hundreds of miles away.

Uni- varsities use videos and computers as a cheap alternative to personal tuition. They don't know about the sport, the Workouts, the hi-tcch gym, the doily massage, the pampering, the gourmet food— it goes on and on. If you stay for two nights at the standard tariff, they conjoin you for nothing. If you were on the street you were glam.

I like the glamour look. Blackpat- ent high dolly shoes. Street, W1 inquiries: The window is dressed to match her designs — a chaise longue and a tiny cult chair are both covered with the feline fabric. Inside, everywhere you look has the distinctive mark of the leopard: the clothes hanging on the rail; a stole draped over a chair, jewellery and jewellery boxes also for sale.

Biba offered a Hollywood fantasy, a look which Khomo has since made her own. Rachel Collins Khomo has confidently stuck with die look regardless of fashion's twists ana turns and. They have to come back and buy something else," she says: "maybe a plain black jacket with a leopard collar, or the matching skirt or pants. Exactly what fashion is advocating right now. The sort of woman I'm dressing has always wanted this look, ive got a constant customer, clients from all over the world.

Khomo is also aware that it takes a certain confidence to wear her designs. Forget it But the women J R. They want the slues, they want - the handbag, and -——J they enjoy it. You may not be able to afford fabulous new dothes, but you can buy a fabulous bright red lipstick, or a pair of gorgeous tights. Make-up by Mick! How smart are you? How famous is Amis? Gan love be a drug?

VNext time,: having conchid-. Or even. Sjjafc; sound.. But the best. The idea [ bvIVF also happen to have. It was, admittedly,. It is a guest, hot always a considerate one. Think of it as your project and you will be an awful parent. Most IVF families are not. Bank workers thought they had jobs for life. Now their children know better. But now. T did it because it. In those days the terms and conditions wife a low mortgage were very attractive.

I just wish I had heard the alarm bells in banking. By the time he was made redundant at the age of Others are in a much worse position and have to sell their homes, even though nobody would choose to sell now. His short-term contract working for the banking union Bifu ends in November. Ti is an enormous Wow to be told you are redundant. I hare the children to think about, and even at..

Surrey, this summer after taking A levels in mathematics. But he is loaih to take on fee financial burden alone, and has applied for a Ford scheme which would sponsor him through his studies. He already does part-time work in the local Sainsbury's ro pay his way.

He needs qualifications wmch be can take from employer to employer. So many jobs these days are on contract, and nothing lasts forever. N either son ever considered banking as an option. Wifi a forecast of one in five jobs disappearing over the next five years, on top of the 20 per cent already lost in fee financial sector, they have both rejected clerical work in favour of developing specialised skills. She feels fortunate in having an affinity wife children and at present is determined to work wife them.

While she might yet change her mind, one thing is certain. When Fairbanks. Kddbnd and their ' next-door neighbour Charlie Chaplin. The Fairbanks manage was : thE undisputed royalty of Hol-. I suggest. No, no, says Fairbanks. Vera interjects: This is fee most modest man you are ever going to meet — he shies away from praise. So do I. T was telling someone fee other day he did his military service from the heart not because of any accolades. Vera tells me how they went to the White House recently and Douglas wore his medals.

What Vera lades in irony she makes up for in accuracy. I don't know. I'd hare to lode it up in my book" , she. She tells me that Douglas has three daughters, eight grandchildren and one sat-grandchild. But when? Fairbanks's second wife, of 50 years, Mary Lee. A few transatlantic calls reveal ft was 30 years ago. However, his book is surprisingly entertaining, especially the first, prewar, section when he has affairs with Marlene Dietrich and Gertrude Lawrence, hobnobs with Noel Coward and fee British Royal Family and was best friends with Laurence Olivier and David Niven.

PremiumSearcb Cutting costs, not cover Onh' available m lingfamd. It is fetid midnight in a flyblown backstreet shebeen in old Ankara, pungent with the variegated miasma of rotgut. At one end of the cellar, on an oildrum dais, an ageing belly-dancer arrhythmicalfy shifts her various lumps about, as if a hummock of dough were being kneaded by invisible hands, to die tinny cackle of a wind-up gramophone and the contrapuntal dock of worry-bead.

Above the dozen rickety tables, sporadic glow-worms seem to flicker, but they are only the wonky gold teeth of the barrel-bodied patrons, catching, as they grin, the scant ochre light of bottled candle. What are they grinning at?

They are grinning at a demure blonde Welshwoman standing at the bar and nervously thumbing her phrasebook in search of the Turkish for a small pot of Earl Grey and a toasted teacake. They are grinning because she has a red rose in her lapel, and when a woman wears a red rose in Turkey it means, as all sophisticated travellers know, only one thing. It will not help her here. The clientele is pushing back its chairs.

Some are tossing coins. Some are drawing lots. Several are wrapping their beads around their enormous knuckles. But stay! Suddenly, the entrance's hanging plastic strips fly apart as through them strides a riveting cynosure. Beneath his sola topi, strong spectacles jut; from the pocket of his bush shirt poke four nasty-looking ballpoints; in his right hand he carries, deceptively loosely, his service clipboard. For this is none other than Indiana Cousins MP.

Because that is precisely what Mr Cousins invited, after yesterday's tragic sackings. For what was this if not the very deft itself of New Labour's dichotomy? Its leader had just embarked upon perhaps his only affirmative action, viz. But New Labour is a bipolar beast, a Push-Me- Pull-You desperate to close its other set of teeth gently but firmly over the neck of Middle England and.

And what could more appeal to back-to-basics fans than the notion that New Labour was a home fit for heroes prepared to stand up to all that Johnny Turk could throw at them to j protect the honour of British womanhood? And whether Jim Cousins has helped him restore the Lost Ark to his wilderness party or!

W hen taxes go up tomorrow for the 20th time since , the electorate can be sure of only one thing. The only tax cut they have actually seen in the past three years is a Labour tax cut — the reduction in VAT on fuel from 17per cent to 8 per cent. But Mr Major has done the cause of tax cutting no service by pronouncing on tax rates three years ahead, irrespective of the state of the economy. It is exactly the same mistake that he made before the last election, ft is the action of a desperate Prime Minister, acting not because he can predict the economic cycle but simply because of the electoral cycle, matching a stop-go economic policy with a stop-go tax policy.

The unresolved question about the current state of the economy is why investment is failing to recover from the recession, while Britain's investment is so much lower than those of our competitors. For investment is the key to economic growth. It is no surprise that over the past IS years. Britain has had both the slowest average growth rate and the lowest level of investment of any of our competitors.

Only an investment-led recovery can deliver the growth and tax revenues which Britain needs to rebuild our public services, and reduce the tax burden on ordinary tax payers. But an investment-led recovery is precisely what the United Kingdom is not experiencing. Investment has started to rise later, and at a slower pace, than in either of the last two recoveries. Indeed, the fact that the Government was forced to raise interest rates so early in the economic cycle.

But it is the fears of British business and their caution about investing in Britain's long term future which pose the real danger. The best set of economic circumstances for 30 years," is how the Prime Minister described the economy — although he made a similar boast back in But look at the facts. Manufacturing investment has grown by a mere 3 per cent since the bottom of the recession.

At the same point in the recovery of the early s it had grown by 31 per cent, and by 21 per cent in the mids. The picture is even worse for private sector investment as a whole: it had not grown ONS at all by the end of last year. In the US, it is: a reality—30 per cent of the rise in US output since the trough is due to higher investment according to the Bank of England.

But the Government has forecast much higher investment than" actually occurred m every one of the past five years, as the chart shows. Why is business , so wary about defiveting the levels of investment which are needed to sustain gitfwth and keep inflation in check? It is this Government which has Med to invest sufficiently in our skills and infrastructure, and it is this Government which has.

Instead the Government is spreading propaganda abour tax aits to came while businesses and voters are facing rising taxes and high interest rates today.. Tax and fiscal policy must be driven by economic reality. The performance of the economy is the benchmark against which any: tax pledges must be judged.

Only a government, which can. Praise be. Special Relationship watchers can come out of hiding and blink briefly in the dayflghL Like Chuzzlewifs relatives, they call each other after long silences and ask after the old fool's health. They tut-tut and frown and assert that it cant be long now. They note that France was granted a smile. Germany is believed to be much in favour.

Of course the Far East is bound to get a lion's share. It is all very sad. But a Prime Minister is a Prime Minister for all that. I wonder where the Special Relationship watchers would be with out them. Down they come from the shelf on each Anglo-American visit. Tears well up as they repeat "the Falklands and the Gulf", The Gerry Adams affair — a stunning snub to an ally — is supposedly forgotten, as is Bosnia and VE-Day and a dozen other items of transatlantic contention.

The relationship is declared in good health and the British Embassy throws an even better party than usual. There is something deeply obscure called American foreign policy, and there is something deeply strong called the Anglo-American cultural tie. They are wholly distinct phenomena, coming together rather hesitantly only in world wars. At present neither Britain nor America has a foreign polity detectable to the naked eye.

Bill Clinton meets John Major is like Forrest Gump meets the Madness of King George: a Simon Jenkins confused guy with a box of chocolates and a lost soul whose aides are competing to prove him dotty. London has not been able to cope with America's shambolic view of the world. This week President Clinton wants new sanctions on Libya, for no clear reason. He is still well disposed towards Russia despite Chechenia and is pro-Turk as well as pro-Kurd.

Next week this may change. Now Mr Clinton has tasted a sort of triumph in Haiti It looked and felt good. So who knows? If so. This will help to portray the President as tough, unshakeable, the Great Peace Enforcer. Roosevelt reborn.

Such diplomatic antics are at times so vapid as to beggar belief. They are the millefeuilles of Washington table talk. Britain is a mere character actor in the essentially domestic drama of American foreign policy. Unlike Ireland and Israel. Britain suffers from the great disadvantage of being a real foreign country.

Sure, there is a relationship. Lear had a relationship with his Fool. Sure, America will help if Britain really needs it. Sure, Britain will help if America really needs it. Get serious. Yet step out of the gilded Washington cage and pass into a different world. Gingrich has-his quirks and believes in the trauma of extreraisn to cany his point But the show he is trying to keep on the road is the old Anglo-American democracy and tire' free market economy.

That was why. That was why North America was not South America. Mr Gingrich's supporters. Hiis operates far beyond the citadels of media and entertainment, where to be British in America is not really to be foreign. The House Speaker and current Alternative President. Newt Gingrich, goes on national television on Friday to boast the first days of his Contract with America. His programme is highly specific, and familiar to Britons.

It is for less government intervention, for devolution, a reduction in welfare entitlements, balanced bud- gee and action on crime and the family. This is Lady Thatcher vintage Mr Gingrich's Contract withAmerica has little in common with die political outlook of the French.

German or Italian Governments, or with the inhabitants of the Brussels Commission. His economy is not that of the corporations that run Japan. They are America's version of M Albertis corporatist capitalism. Mr T he greatest bond of all is emerging from the industry expanding faster, I am told, than. This promises to outstrip all previous computer phenomena, and is inducing near-hysteria in corporate headquarters.

Hie capacity of this innovation to bind together toe English-. I believe that Anglo-Saxon capitalism, Anglo-Saxon democracy and Anglo- Saxon language still form the bedrock of America's political culture.

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