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An investmentfonds wikipedia free fund also index tracker is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund ETF designed to follow certain preset rules so that the fund can track a specified basket johann pfeiffer iforex underlying investments. Index funds may also have rules that screen for social and sustainable criteria. An index fund's rules of construction clearly identify the type of companies suitable for the fund. Additional index funds within these geographic markets may include indexes of companies that include rules based on company characteristics or factors, such as companies that are small, mid-sized, large, small value, large value, small growth, large growth, the level of gross profitability or investment capital, real estate, or indexes based on commodities and fixed-income. Companies are purchased and held within the index fund when they meet the specific index rules or parameters and are sold when they move outside of those rules or parameters. Think of an index fund as an investment utilizing rules-based investing.

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Fast cash forex review

Hope this helps! Hi John, thanks for the review. I also looked on Google and saw soany threads on CFX,as a UK citizen any financial business not regulated by FCA should be a warning, yeah I know the govt likes a piece of the action but not when the business is not sound. The second thing I found out is the owners are Panamanians. Thier website looks like a phishing website too.

Like you said small interest equals longevity. My mind keeps thinking the people behind it are tge same as MMM or atleast study thier scheme and modified it. Someone mentioned that cfx is backed by a Spanish company, is there proof? Anyways life is all about taking risk, but if the result of the risk is there in your face before taking it, would you still do it?

Yeah man, there are and will always be that type of stuff about companies like this. What you need to do is ask yourself one simple question. Would someone really need your money to trade with them if they were already successful? But even at that, I still lay it out in this review about how this can still benefit someone who is willing to take the risk.

You sure can. Is it legit and is there any real trading? The type of risk that comes with CFX is not really on whether or not they will continue to pay. They can be paying today but tomorrow everything can stop. I do hope that you have found something that works for you Marko and please keep me posted on your journey.

So your premise is that multi millionaires will never help others become multi millionaires right? Did I say anything is a scam here Ricardo? Personally, I think programs like CFX are fair and can make you some money. However, I do believe that others should know how it works before they get involved. Is that a problem Ricardo? None of the information in this review is accurate. There is real trading.

So no collapse will ever happen. And if someone was to trade and win every single day, why in the world would then want to trade for someone else? And if you know how REAL trading works, you will know that it is no walk in the park. Now, to be on top every single day is unheard of. But this amazing company can do it for us?

Yeah right! On the other hand, what could happen in worst case senario: If you invest dollar, you get back about dollar in a few months. That is right Carl. Like it says in the review, you can make money but there are no guarantees. As long as newer members are coming in, the system will be able to pay its members. Once that stops, and so will all earnings. Just curious, is it even possible for a company like this who offer wins on trading ur money to exist?

From what ur saying any sort of network marketing or MLM business model can not be a support system to an existing proven product. And will fail when no one signs up. On the fence about this.. Thought I would give it a try — thank you for the detailed breakdown. Many thanks,. I actually put some money in Mirror Trading International Leon. However, only time will tell how long that will last. Great review , had two approaches this week to join, but not going for it.

Have you looked at Crowd1. There are hundreds of these sites out there my man and they all operate the same way. Get in at the right time and you can make some money but of course, there is always that risk. As of right now, they are both still paying but that will all be determined by the members that come in. The risk is on you though, so do work within your means and what you are able to do. Hi John. Have you done any research on mymicro profits? If so what is your honest feedback on it.

Also which will you choose between Cash fx and my micro profits? Please do more due diligence homework before commenting. If this is scam or fake the authorities will act to closed the business entity. Only thing I know no central bank in the country will regulate n licence them due high risk in business. I joined today and listened to their webinars. Thank you John for your review and like the mantra of investments risk says only invest the amount you can afford to lose.

That ended when the FTC took offence as they were prospecting US Citizens but were not authorised or licensed to sell securities. Prospecting US clients in way this will land you in trouble. Not worth the risk. When you invest with a Forex Trading company typically you are making a deposit into a regulated and compliant broker. I use IC Markets for example. Sometimes companies will allow you to use your preferred broker or use their broker as they receive commissions from the broker.

In these situations you are depositing your money into the broker and only you can deposit or withdraw funds, so you have complete control. This means they have total control of your money and there is no transparency on how much of your money is invested or traded. If they are collecting your money they should also have a money licence unless they use a 3rd party payment processor but its unlikely they would accept bank card as they would fearful of chargebacks.

There is no 3rd party verification of trading, they are using MT4 and as anyone who is in the Forex Community understands when you plug in tools like MYFXBOOK or FXBLUE they show you how profitable the trading is, it takes 5 mins to set this up, they have been asked but they have not complied, why is this so complicated?

They are probably trading but the question remains are they trading in the way the marketing and business model suggests they are and is it sustainable, time will tell on that one. However, I do know how these types of sites operate. I have put money in, made some back, and lost it in the process.

Then you can simply look at trading in itself. Would you take my money and trade it for me? Of course not. It is what it is man, and as I stated in this review, it is very complicated to those that are just new. Not to mention the many other sites that also trade for you and have now disappeared. Make sense? Can you do a review on Accelerated capital Firm? It is I. However, I will look into this for you regardless.

Do you have a link to that site though? I love Bitcoin! However, almost all money-making sites these days are utilizing it to stay under the radar. What do you think about it Luyanda? Have you used it? Has someone introduced it to you? It all depends on the rate on people joining Gene-Paul but as of now, they seem to still be doing okay.

The average lifespan used to be just a couple of months, with the more popular ones lasting for about a year. Hey John, What if they are claiming that they are taking their profit on the winnings before paying it to us.? Would that not work? If that were the real case, we would all be rich! Enjoyed your article and your conclusions are very valid. I have been burnt by similar set ups in the past.

I have noticed many associates contacting me to go into this. None have done any independent research or used critical thinking to assess the validity of what they offer. I have checked the regulation of both cfx and everfx and they come up as poor and a big risk. I would love this to be a sure foot investment, but know how difficult it is to get returns from trading. You can increase your account one day and the market can mash you up the next.

It seems to be a MLM company and using everyones deposits and packages to payout. As there are many days in forex when there just are not any trades to be had, even by the most skilled broker. I know some are making profits now and FOMO will entice more to join but the bigger it gets the quicker it will burst in my opinion.

Personal experience? This is not a toilet cleaner or a vacuum we are trying Okey. Can it work? Will it flop? It sure is possible and usually what will happen eventually. I am sure that with this review though, you will get exactly that. Hope this helps Okey. Thsnks for your input. One thing you need to undetstand is that it is a closed loop system as far as commissions. Thecost of buying the pack and the withdrawal charge all go back into the system to pay ALL the commissions.

They could close the door to newcomers tomorrow and it would still pay the commissions. The Broker they use is EverFx. Award winning Broker. Sponsor of spanish football team. There us also a good possibility of them closing the doors tonew people in the near future. Cashfx make a lot of money from the packs.

They pay out a small percentage aand that is admitted. Better than a bank. Let it double. Take out you money. Buy the same pack again, then your playing with house money! And I always recommend the same strategy you mentioned for those who are still looking to join something like CashFX.

I think you were too soft on the review, maybe it is because of the legal implications for not calling it a Ponzi scheme as it should be called. It reminds me of the original Mr Ponzi and the non trading of stamps. The payment system is somewhat clever by not paying out too much so the Ponzi scheme can last longer and earn more for the owners and top leaders, and making it look as if it was money from real trading, but we know it is a front for the Ponzi scheme.

They have no licence to trade and as you said, if the traders were really making that return on trading, they would keep putting in their own money instead of giving it to others. I am part of a genuine Network Marketing business with real beneficial value for money award winning products and are going 27 years because of the products and the real legitimate business where people are paid on product orders and not on recruitment money.

Glad we see things the same way Austin and I know I was too nice, lol. I found your review great, I am currently with CFX and plan to get my money back as quick as I can to make it risk free, some of the things you mentioned as well i am so guilty of, I see it working and I told everyone because ot thought it was brilliant until people started asking me questions and I realised I know nothing about it, i have been looking into it recently and I have learnt more from your review than what I could find out myself so thank you for this.

And which business is that chief… John is sharing what is knows and openly tells that one gotta study and decide.. Thank you. Very informative. I have people trying to get me to join, I put it off for awhile now. Out of curiosity I joined yesterday. Invest first, then review…LOL I know that is backwards. Maybe why my investments do not work out so well: Maybe you can review for some legit or close to it investments.

It sounds like you what you are talking about: Thanks again. Hopefully things keep rolling along so you can see some kind of profit. If not, I hope you at least break even. Cross your fingers…and your toes! We would have milked it as long as we could have until we made so much money that it got boring and then we would have spent our remaining years on the beach.

Timing is everything, make what you can in Cash FX Group and just hope that you get out before it ends and you lose everything…hello there Bernie Madoff. Hi Chims. Thanks for your comment. Btw, is there some way we can connect privately? Want to know your opinion about the company. This goes to you too, Mr.

John Cruz. Some way I can connect with you privately. I promise you guys, there will be no sales talk. Just your input. Thanks very much john, what about chy mall, do you think is legit and better to give a try? What I would like to read on these kinds of reviews is what evidence or lack of evidence these comments are based on. For example I am invested in two sites which pay out similar amounts in daily interest.

The trades they are making or have made in their daily trading period are shown as they are completed or as a list of trades made in the daily trading period. As the trades involve bitcoin they can be found on blockchain if you want to spend time looking for them. Showing proof of trade and profits is part of due diligence.

There are hundreds of sites exactly like this out there Andrew and there is no way I will put money into even half of them. They all have trading as their service and they all promise a return on your investment. I have joined many of these and I know exactly how they work. If I made money, does that mean they are trading? Because I know that you can really make money with sits like this. They would up the stakes and make more money for themselves.

Now whether or not you invest, is all on you my man. Whether you lose money or make money is something that will be determined with everything I just mentioned in this review. At the end of the day, people are making money as of right now. Will it last? Will this replace your day job? Now the decision is on you and at the very least, you know what to expect.

Hope this helps Andrew! Absolutely appreciate your review, John Cruz. CashFX does not need a license? Angie as someone who is trading in primary and secondary markets I can assure you James is on the button… not here to bash dreams but the structure is not in keeping with the regulated management of 3rd party funds. They are unregulated and that brings a level of risk that is akin to companies who dont see this as a long term financial business.

Sure you are getting paid but that is dependent on number. When the investors stop so do the funds as there is no product here. Oh yeah, you lost credibility when you posted that link at the end. Nothing screams transparency like an address in Panama, deposits in cryptocurrencies and a place on the blacklist of the Financial Conduct Authority….

I got as far as the figures and switched off then. He was very embarrassed once he realised it was just a Ponzi scam. Surely we can be civil even in our disagreements. If we disagree thats fine but abuse serves no purpose. There is no way he would jeopardize his reputation and his business at this point in his career and life for a ponzi scheme or scam.

John Kinnear is a brilliant marketing officer in his own right and helped thousands upon thousands of network marketers achieve their financial goals. So all these men trust each other and they are all friends. Justin was one of the first to thoroughly exam this business before becoming involved. This type of history, of who we are partnering with, tells us a lot, about the friendships and the trust amongst these men — but only you can decide if it means anything to you.

I am absolutely shocked that you were even allowed to publish such garbage. The lack of knowledge math should be enough to throw this article away. I am not shocked that you are shocked by democracy. Your scam shilling is becoming a little bit boring…. Dude, shut your blow hole….. They pay into our wallets every Saturday, without fail.

Payments can be drawn immediately to reflect in our banking accounts within 3 days. We can run companies down without testing the waters ourselves. It is like the criticisms heard from the pavilions running the referees and players down, when they themselves never played the game. Yeah, Ponzi schemes do pay for some time, then they collapse and money disappear. Not for much longer, wheels are in motion!!!! Most transparent company I have had the pleasure of being involved in.

They make it pretty clear when you sign up that there are certain countries where you cannot sign up. Almost all firms and individuals offering, promoting or selling financial services or products in the UK have to be authorised by us. This firm is not authorised by us and is targeting people in the UK.

Based upon information we hold, we believe it is carrying on regulated activities which require authorisation. If a firm is providing financial services without the necessary authorization, it is breaking the law, therefore the service is illegal. Clyde Langley plsss pin me in my email to learn me more on the cashfx thing kk plss odoeebenezer1 gmail. By the way, I know exactly where this is going, because I have seen thousands of scams of this kind come and go.

The people who are running it will either disappear with the remaining money and say nothing, or they will blame the collapse on a consipiracy of regulators, banks and me, who warned against CashFX Group all the way. I think all you do here is helping people not to be a victim. Depends on the weekly result.

Y r sure that y r right?? If not….. Please recalculate. You need to stop scamming people! This is very dangerous! Or spreadsheet. Or anything that will help you understand this. SO no…. The money earnt isnt automatically reinvested and traded.

Hope that make sense. You think that when you keep repeating the same lies they become the truth? I will repeat this: OK, so one side we have the national financial regulator in the UK FCA that says that CashFX runs a business that requires an authorization and that it is not authorized.

The role of the FCA literally is to do these things, they are the authority appointed by the government to judge these things. Lots of sheep to be sheared here including a master mathematician like you. Getting Letters every month from police. Good luck everyone. Oh thank goodness you said what I was thinking? What a twat!!!! Greedy bastards! Before making a decision about the contents of this website, just a few things to consider: 1. The phrase Brutal Scam is a Google-grabbing title guaranteed to bring traffic to the website, and the more comments there are, longer it will last, especially as CashFx grows.

The FSA ceased to exist in So, have you actually been able to withdraw your profit, or are you pressured into reinvesting with exorbitant costs? The only way that people can even hope not to lose everything is to fool more naive investors into joining, hence the spamming of any review websites with falsehoods. Cashfx is not a bank or financial institution and so does not need the FCA regulation. Get that straight. Stop repeating your nonsense. If you choose to write something you should at the very least research it.

They are compliant with the FCA and many others. They have made every payout on time every time. The owners are on their website cashfxgroup. See the Pictures. Its all there for anyone to see. The trades are shown in the back office live and on and on. It is compliant and transparent. Funny how you say this company is a scam and you are promoting another. Then print a rebuttal to your uneducated comments. Did you vet the company, did you meet the owners, did you do anything but post your own uneducated comments,.

Our review is not about EverFX or any other broker in the world. Market Makers and Financial Institutions do not want retailers to profit from online forex trading, they constantly manipulate the price movements on different pairs hitting the stop losses of retailers every now and then. Stop discouraging people. This is a BS narrative told by scammers who want our money.

They always tell how bad others are and how they will save you. Nothing new under the sun. I am in Cashfx. Have time for your own business. I just join now. Busy bodies. Our reviews and warnings are meant to help people to avoid scams. It applies to all our reviews, verify our findings about scams with your financial regulator in your country. Thank you James, I have just managed to calm my confused mind. I will not invest my hard earned currency with anyone who is a suspect of a scam.

Your evidence backup is very convincing and I can only be grateful for your time and hard effort. I never said EverFX was not regulated. At least you will not be calling me a liar. I resent that. Sure, post his e-mail address, I will not publish your comment so that the address is visible only to me and you.

No, I did not get any contact information and nobody from EverFX has contacted me, they are not answering my requests for information. You clearly cant read. Above is the link to the FCA warning. When this warning comes off their website, then maybe this company has gone legit. But if it looks like a dog, probably a DOG! I agree, not a scam. I have family and friends in this exchange. You invest a certain amount of any money on any trading stock. The best part is you been refer people and they give you money for that.

This is worth more than. A lot of the stocks going on. When a Regulated Authority are warning you against a company. I know what I would do! Dont act like the other MLM companys members. Convince a person that CFX is the best and no scam.

Ponzi scam need new peoples money to carry the company and pay all the lines. When people living on just recruit friends and family, and throw their products and convince people to join them. James if the UK fca took down the warning , would you consider that its still a scam? James, CFX talking about having a limit on the joining side to maximum Wich will consider that it has it limits connected with EverFx broker. Tell me one pyramid scheme that thought about that?

The sad thing about this is, that with alot of shit going around, people will start losing faith in honest companies. Because you think the money will stay in EverFX accounts? There is nothing, everything is used for payouts in the Ponzi scheme. Once CashFX Group collapses, people will find out there is no money anywhere. Profits at CashFX are never compounded but always calculated on your initial investment weekly.

Rates vary weekly but averaging between 5. Just proving my point that the returns st cashfx are feasible against what confused James has been saying. No, 5. I am saying this as an experienced trader and any experienced and honest trader will confirm this.

Also, when someone claims their profits are every week between 5. Over time I have had various direct contacts with co-founders and traders. Note that after the initial purchase of a package no further out of pocket funds are required, as you can use part of the withdrawn earnings to upgrade or reinvest.

With trading results from the trading pool you can earn a passive income of 2x the value of the purchased package, after which your contract is ended. With MLM activities you can earn up to an other 2x the value of the purchased package. When you add the passive and the MLM income together you would be able to reach earnings up to 4x the value of your package.

Now, if people want to risk their own money with this scam in the hope that they will squeeze some money out of it before it collapses, it is up to them. It is possible and common to join and earn without recruiting or selling…. Unlike a ponzi, which require that you recruit to fund bonuses. The trading money in CFX is traded….

Call it a scam if it makes you excited….. Can you read? But in matter of short time, when the copy trade launches, FCA regulation will be needed. The right thing to do is to remove this article as it is misleading the public. It seems as tho you are clueless on the Cashfx product, yet you comment so that you can lure people in your direction with the platform that you are marketing. Cashfx have registered brokers, they are busy with KYC, you can view live trades, they have delivered on every promise.

I demand a response from the person that labelled Cashfx a Ponzi scheme and challenge him to a one on one anywhere in the world. I did mention this before as well but never heard from him. They DO NOT allow direct reinvesting or compounding until you withdraw enough to upgrade to the next package. They also impose withdrawal fees and cap the ROI. There is no requirement to bring in new investor under you.

There is no compound effect you are talking about…. Not sure what you are talking about. I have been doing it for 3 months and got awesome results. No plans on joining any scam you are running. When the market gets trash by a competitor you know something is up with anyone who slams it. If it was a ponzi scheme prove it or it can be considered slander.

I am not running anything other than a website that is warning against scams. I am no competitor to scams like CashFX Group. So go ahead, complain to authorities or we can even go to court, I am very much looking forward to it! You have to do it by putting the money back manually.

After the money are deposited into your Wirex account you can easily convert to Euro or another currency. Only your initial investment are a member of the trading pool and generating earnings. If you want to re invest your earnings, then you have to buy additional investments rights I the trading pool.

But it has the potential to be legit. Like every single other ones did! Is been 4 months now. It is still going strong. You were wrong about that. So perhaps you are also wrong about it being a scam. This is August, which makes ur four months complete and cash Fx still pays in due time..

CashFX is still delivering good trading results and paying out 7 months after your ridiculous prophecy. How does kt make you feel? You should maybe look at the we site. Do a bit of research before putting up a false review or more so slandering a company with no factual context. This is a multi million dollar company. Everyone involved including the brokers are on the website.

The company is properly regulated? It is not! This has been the most amazing opportunity with an incredible corporate team. Very impressive! My experience has been nothing but positive. Haters can hate but those in the program will enjoy long term success with CashFX!

Thank you for you sales pitch. James, no matter how much you try help people from getting scammed, there are those who only learn the hard way by getting scammed! Let the nay sayers enjoy for now, but time will catch up with them. My advice with these schemes, is if you must invest, do so early, get your money back then you can RISK you gains, coz as James says, it will eventually collapse!

It is a scam brother, and i am the witness invested money but till now nothing obtained rather than a burden of fees everyday, you pay then tomorror another fee comes.. Absolutely scam dont lie people. Dastan, I dont think you have invested in CashFX as there are no fees anywhere to pay anywhere other than when you invest and then withdraw so you might be confused with another platform? This is rubbish I have been in Cashfx from March and would love to know what daily fees you are talking about?

You are talking rubbish Bro. Has someone paid you to say this! You sure you are in CashFx?!?!???? This is multi — million dollar company? What does that even mean. John, multi-million dollar company means they are trading in millions of dollars!

They make these returns by trading Forex! Every investment Bank is doing the same but maybe not as well as CFX are! The post from the FCA is a standard one they put out on new companies that they have not investigated. From a ver happy CFC puppet!

You are lying. The FCA warns against companies they have investigated and found guilty of breaking the laws. This is why it has been blacklisted. Wrong again James! The broker is the one that needs to be licenced and regulated as EverFX are. Please get your facts straight before you make rash statements.

They just spring up and they are making false claims exactly like cashfx. Please help with the review. Thier website is tradera. Thier office address is the same with another shipping company. They have no one you can reach?. Hi, do you mean Tradera. This one is a shady investment advice service, not regulated, unclear owners etc. I am still earning interest despite me having withdrawn all the funds. I rate cfx the best trading solution for anybody looking for short term high interest return trading solutions.

Why dont you listen in on one of their calls at 7pm one evening on cfx. Exactly …. Sorry to disappoint You but I invested 5 k in the system and as we speak I took out from the system already more than 6k … so how is that scam if I made money with the system… ehh. You can as well be the scammer who runs CashFX Group. Ponzi scams often run for some time before collapsing. Bernie Madoff managed to run his Ponzi scheme for years before it imploded and he went to jail, google it.

Seriously, you look more stupid with your replies. Guys, are out there making money in CashFXGroup and you are here still defending your false review that was put up since August 12, ? They will rather have your head in a pot of soup for misleading them that early. Thank you for your intelligent comment.

Empty vessels make the greatest noise, if you wrestle with a pig, we know what happens and the taste of the pudding is in the eating. James Pinion is marketing his scam at the expense of Cashfxgroup, bad timing James. I really can understand that you rely on the message of the FCA. Where else can you put your trust if there was no entity where you can build on?

Now…here comes the thing. So their conclusion was at the end very legit to make. This happened on stage at the opening event in Panama. The only thing I hope for that you will be open to have a call with one of the founders of CashFX and get on the call with him and listen what he can show you so you get to know how CashFX is working and what they have in the Pipe-line copy trading f.

If you want, I can try to ask Huascar who is already multi millionair before he started with this…his mission is to create lots of wealth for a lot families world wide for a call so you can hear his story from first hand. Let me know if you are open to this offer.

I am interested and open to this call. Thanks and best regards. You are an idiot, FCA or any other financial regulator do not license companies they license brokers. You promote your own plan and that is where your motivation is.. Focus on your own failing business and let ethical, transparent companies like CashFX do their honest work for their members. Its the usual everything is a scam scenario — so that he can promote his own trading platform. I wouldnt bother with this man or his reports.

You should bother with what financial regulators say and the Financial Conduct Authority reviewed Cash Forex Group and put it on its blacklist. Hello, Please can you do this review again and compare it to what CFX was when they just started?

The economy crisis Coronavirus is not even affect this program, we still getting commission daily. And ofcourse there is no entity that stays for ever…. I really am getting tired of you CashFX Group members coming here to promote your scam. James, please what do you have to say about dilfunds. I guess it answers your question.

I am on my th day from the time of my finding. I do not remember if i can withdraw all my principal back. Yes Maria, you can withdraw your money. Hey Maria I also am a member. How did u find it was a scam. I have a friend that showed me what to look for as he has his own trading company and he was approached by them months ago. He asked them questions they could not answer. Upon looking at there website discovered red flags all over the place. I have the minimum investment along with my wife so no harm really done yet.

Just wondering your experience. Man, I wish someone paid me for publishing warnings against scams. Unfortunately, nobody pays me, all the costs are on me. Cannot find anything related to CashFX on their site. In fact there is a warning about another site everfx. The coincidence. Im a member of CashFX and ive been making tons of money.. Compounding is not about the program, it is about the possibility for the user. What will stop me from reinvesting the profits?

I have a question for anyone who cares to address it: If the return on this strategy is so good, why would the promoters need my money or yours? To give you a counter-example, Renaissance Tech cashed out all of their outside investors from their main fund 6 or 7 years ago. I want the advocates of this strategy to explain why the promoters need their money.

Its a real shame that those who are making money think that CashFX is not a scam because they are making money. That is how any scam worth its salt reels people in. They pay you at first! Before that, they would not listen to anyone who said otherwise.

This no different. CashFX has new clothes, but its the same scam. Such an obvious scam. Funny thing, once this scheme collapses, none of these idiots will own up to it and admit they got scammed. They always find someone to blame. Is it a scam? They are usually the ones jumping off buildings and interrupting our sleep patterns as we ponder with God at night if it was really our fault for convincing them to join.

Go back to basics of investing. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. CashFX is not the one trading the money. The brokers they use are fully licensed. In this case EverFX is the broker and fully licensed. You need to do more research dude. We know everyone involved. Our brokers have the proper licensing.

When we talk about forex and forex automation Expert Advisors , the first question is where is your money located? Is it on your Everfx brokers account, or it is on CFX account? Second thing, do you have mt4 and you actually see the trades they do? Third, is there any myfxbooks to see the performance? Fourth: Is the automated trading system provided by a regulated entity? I do not understand why you always post the same website, that is annoying mate, wether its a scam or not.

The other guys are right, the broker is registered so why should cfx be registered if they are not the broker? Because there is no way to make a steady daily income in financial markets, any experienced trader will confirm this to you. It is because of the nature and unpredictability of the markets. This point remains valid, no matter what you think or conclude about CashFX Group. Well alot of people have failed to understand this model of business, if making money was that easy then everyone would be rich.

Alot of people will tell you that they are getting paid but how long will this payment last? Never put all your eggs in one basket. How would the members of the actual cashfxgroup be protected? James Pinion.. I have read through your review , you are obviously very right in the wrong direction. Cashfx has been a blessing for somany months to alot of families , and not one day have they failed to make a pay out..

I have a question for you? Who has be witched you? You are so ignorant and ill informed about CashFX. Grow up , you lack knowledge. I tried to warn them. James Pinion, you are a absolutely right about cash fx.

They are not regulated. Cash fx is a ponzi scheme and if u invest with them you do so so at your own peril…. There is no compounding.. Especially trading on leverage. Why do you still have this article up? It all depends how you trade and what risk management style you use. Oh, I know this style of trading very well. Excessive use of leverage, some quick and big gains, but it always ends with blown up accounts.

Martingale is just one example of strategies that can do such things but always end in tears. James you are simply an idiot, have Bn wasting my energy going through ur trash, so you want me to unfollow cashfx and follow ur trash demo promotion? CashFx is in partnership with everfx who is thier brokers, Ehhhh,. This article just made me want to invest more because now I got both sides of the argument and it seems like it stands up to scrutiny. I guess you trying to make money as an affiliate with Offer of your free demo accounts on your website with various brokers And then we get called from these same brokers so we can fund with Real money weather we know how to trade or not.

You indirectly scam people into reading your articles so they can eventually fund there accounts to trade. You are a scammer, no different from scams out there same breed of character. You need to look in the mirror to see the scam. You also will use your website to create a mailing list which you can use later or even sell. You play with minds of people just like how satan would.

Just like CashFX Group. Because we used to get a lot of questions from people who read our reviews about how they should approach trading, what is the best system etc. Only if people decide with their own free will that they want to try real trading, we might get paid something.

I believe it is only fair. We do the exact opposite of the scams we warn against. With this approach and our reviews and warnings we have helped a lot of people to avoid scams, we helped them not to lose money. We get a lot of feedback and thanks.

We also helped a few people deal with shady brokers and get some of their lost money back thanks to complaints to regulators. We do all this for free. When in the end we get paid some cash thanks to a few people trading with real money with one of our listed regulated brokers, it only helps us to cover the substantial costs of running a website, researching and reviewing scams. I repeat, in my eyes it is only fair.

If one day any financial regulator warns against our website, we will take it down immediately. But it will never happen, because we warn against investment scams, we warn about risks associated with trading and we suggest regulated brokers only.

We comply with all the rules and regulations. Stop lying! It seems to myself that people will do whatever they will do with their own money. Just like banks do for tax purposes. Operations internationally by way of the internet are not regulated by those groups you mentioned unless they set up a physical business office. I contacted the groups you mentioned and asked. Your facts may be correct but they are askew. It exists in Life Insurance and Financial services internationally.

With different risks and motivational factors. Also people who have a limited amount to invest may just simply want to learn the ropes. So there are pros and cons in your article. And it has done so during a very crappy time period Covid. So still better than the bank rate. Please, stop your BS. It does not matter where the company is located, what matters is where it is offering and providing its services.

You need a license from US regulators. You want to offer your services in the UK? This applies to all countries with a solid financial regulation. Last but not least, scammers like to argue that it is better to make more than in a bank. Yes, it is, but getting a better return with a scam for a few weeks or months and then losing everything obviously is not better. Scammers publish their own fake reviews of their products, this is a real mine field. You and this website is a Click Bait….

Fake review…You are only looking for attention to this website and i must admit you have succceeded. But what you write is totally wrong. EverFX is the broker and they have the licenses needed. I think you should proof that this company is fake, not just put out on the internet so much rubbish. In general there is a simple rule — if it looks too good to be true — then it is fake, so consider the following:.

This company is based in Panama — yes that country know for its strong legal and moral leadership in the world of finance … NOT. In summary Thank You James for trying to protect people. My experience is that the authorities will not care until people lose their money and by then it is too late. Bad grammer. Horrendous with figures. Hey James, maybe you should leave the reviews to someone else?? Dont be so closed minded. Just because something sounds fishy doesnt mean it is.

It is not impossible to make money with scams. But it is extremely risky and immoral if not illegal. I love free speech, even when the person who wrote this webpage is not informed on the topic of CashFX and its members. I have been involved since late September, and I have made great returns weekly, which by the way are the same percentage as all the CFX members.

The company is breaking the laws in the UK. How likely is it an honest company? Anyway, it is a scam because it is a Ponzi scheme. Your review. Who are lying? Is there not? You also say that this is a scam. Who lies? Can you prove anything of what you are writing? You are just a click bait, looking for bringing people to your website. You are unserious! I stand corrected. The FAC does not exist, this is true.

James Pinion, thank you so much for your review. I joined CashFX for like 7 weeks ago and it works like a charm for me. One of those questions I wanted to give a answer to, is that link you been posting like a million times, link to FCA. So, your article have actually speared me a lot of work. All the answers about CashFX is actually here, in the comments here. The FCA does a lot of good work, some of their staff have written excellent articles on Crypto and its adoption.

The challenge with the FCA is if you are not a paying member, they will automatically not authorize you unless you become one. IML has been around for 6 years. I am not currently a member but friends have asked me to join. Would you think that IML is also set to collapse?

Concerning CashFX Group, if you provide investment service, you need a license from the financial regulator, that is the law in most countries. CashFX Group did not get any license, therefore it is breaking the law. As simple as that. I am absolutely sure that this is either a full or partial Ponzi but if we say that it is a legitimate investment program people need to understand that such profits carry an extreme risk.

This is my final comment on this Scampage. How serious are you? How on earth you can take write all this negative stuff on the 12 th of August Under 1 month after CFX started , and not cancelled it afterwards…. You have so many lies in your review. What they say is actually max. You lie and lie and lie. Why you have link to a broker on the top right side of this scamside. I am starting to feel sorry for you, this will hunt you in the next months and years.

Totally Unserious lies, just for earning some income as a clickbait….. Because having links to regulated brokers on our website makes us a scam? So, sites like MarketWatch. Which planet are you from? You are so blinded, they are not trading, payment is in bitcoin ffs haha. I do get it though, scammers are smart and prey on dreamers like you.

WOW smart!! Remember some people enjoy scamming and it is full of those mlm ponzi pimps in your programme, and the rest people who have no idea about forex, but since they got paid for a year it works lol, yeh right!! That just tells me why youre so easy to fool. You have problems with reading, and you have problems with answering questions. I call it a scam site because of all your lies.

You lost it her, just totally lost it. And thankfully a lot of people read this. I wish you well in the future, but i will advise you to stop lying. There are screenshots in our review, there are explanations in our review and in my comments.

It is most likely a scam. I conclude this because: 1. The product is unnecessarily complex. If funds are held in a CFX account, you have to ask why? That would be more transparent, with an account in your name, at a regulated broker that you can see and withdraw at any time, after they have taken their fees. There is no need to deposit to CFX. Commercially it makes better sense to make it transparent and beyond such allegations — unless there is something to hide.

The responses defending the company here make me laugh. No-one defends a company like that in such numbers in such quick succession. Unless they have an interest in it. And why might that be? Either these responses are made by the company itself, or the investors know it is a pyramid scheme and know they need new investments to make their returns — which is shameless behaviour by the way.

They are probably all from the same IP address or masked IPs. Regulation would absolutely be required to operate this product in UK and US. And there is a reason for that. I could go on, but the longer the comment the less likely it will be read. Having looked at the site, it appears I can only register if I have been referred by someone. Again, unnecessarily complex.

This suggests I have to slot in behind the referrer in the pyramid. In otherwords, my investment gives my referrer his payout. And no-doubt after some initial small payouts to get me excited , I would need to refer my friends and family to invest so I can make their money mine. Come one people. This is hideous. Anon you could not be more wrong! You need new people to deposit to make it stay alive.

But new deposits will dry out sooner or later and then CashFX Group will monumentally collapse, it is inevitable. Ian D, so you give my money back to me. And you think this is legit? As mentioned, I work in this industry so I do know what I am talking about. So James, is it not about time you swallowed your pride, did some proper due diligence and remove your original post which is totally incorrect and replace it with a true overview?

My offer still stands — if you buy a plan with CashFX and they scam you before you double your moey I will personally cover it! Happy to have that drawn up in a legal document too! So what do you say now? In scams like CashFX Group profits are paid by losses of those who came later. Truly you do not understand what cashfx is all about. You said profits are paid by loses of those who came later???? So tell me, how are profits paid by loses as everyone is a winner.

The trading rate achieved in a trade is spread across the various packages eg. Clearly you have an agenda for a clickbait page and promote your own deal. Your info is inaccurate and the company is broadcasting trades in real time with full transparency.

What I can tell you is that the company is spending a tremendous amount of money on legal fees in order for CFX to be compliant with regulatory bodies in the US. They will reopen American registrations at that point. One thing you have to ask yourself is, if this was a ponzi and the company was just trying to grab as much money as they could before disappearing, why would they proactively close the doors to US registrations and pay lawyers to seek compliance?

There is an incredible amount of capital being spent on new payment processors, new EA and expanding the offerings within the ecosystem. If you know anything about forex then you should know that a trader with experience let alone an entire team combined with AI software can produce those results daily.

Your vitriolic post with the sole intention of drawing attention to your own program will not age well. If you would like to place a bet held in escrow of 5k whether CFX is still around by the end of the year, I will gladly do that as well.

US authorities can prosecute anybody in the world, so scammers are affraid of them. I can guarantee you that they will never get any license. Unlike you I am not trying to convince people to deposit anywhere and I am not promising any revenue or profits at all. Spoken like a true scummy scammer…. Ignore facts so you can spew nonsense and vitriol…. Cashfxgroup is the best legacy and transparent company.

I am a customer with them since January and it has not failed in their duties. It is not a scam as a business must start somewhere and we are here to grow it. I deleted your other post where you are trying to enroll new victims under you in this CashFX Group scam. Thanks for the good job of reviewing the company legality.

The only scam is the author of this article. There are absolutely no promises of guaranteed returns, payouts are weekly and they do pay out every single week. Are you folks on drugs!!!?? Are you high on hopium or are you choosing to believe that story to make yourselves feel better about taking part in A SCAM!!!??? A single YEAR!!! Let that sink in. So WHY do you tell yourselves lies that they generate any of the money they pay you from actual trades!!??? If you get your money out what do you care, right!!??

I cannot believe that so many commenting do not understand that in a pyramid scheme which this is , when investors run out, which they eventually will those at the bottom Last to join will lose the most. All of you making profits might be higher, may not suffer losses. BUT, it will be your friends, your family who DO! And it will upon your conscience to live with whatever suffering befalls them.

And your profits will never compensate all those whom lose because you encouraged them to join so as to help you rise up the pyramid on their backs. If you have a modicum of common sense, run as far away as you can from this company. Their claims are absolutely outrageous.


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Did you discover Fast Cash system because you have you been searching for ways on how to make money online? The internet is littered with these bogus auto trading systems, and a new one seems to spring up every day. Read this review and find out why you should avoid using the Fast Cash Club, and by the end of the article I will reveal two better alternatives that have a proven track record.

Before using any trading software, it pays to know who created it. On the video found on the homepage of the official FastCashClub. That figure alone should already ring the alarm bells for you. It sounds too good to be true, and it no doubt is. Again, this claim is simply too good to be true. However, you should understand that you need to make an initial deposit in order to start using the system. Technically, the Fast Cash software is of course free as they state, but you need to be aware of the fact that you will have to fund your trading account.

We always advise that you avoid taking any bonus offers, even if it sounds like a very good deal. This is where things often go wrong with people trading binary options for the first time. They get greedy, sign up for the broker bonus and then when they want to immediately withdraw their money, they start complaining and posting negative comments online.

As always, it pays to read reviews before proceeding with any online transaction. They are all fake, and you should be able to tell it right away. The people in the video can all be found on the mini-jobs site Fiverr. If you have any opinions on this system you would like to share leave a comment below about the Fast Cash EA. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The problem I had is there was very little information so I had to dig deeper. Tagline: sensational free video reveals the fastest way to profit in Forex. Nothing really special there. So is This Worth Buying or Not? Well, I am not very impressed. Well, do I really need to spell it out for you? Patrick Ryan. Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis.

He's eager to help traders achieve their investment goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.

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All of these systems have one goal. That goal is to get you to sign up to the broker. With that in mind the fast cash formula has no reason to provide a winning system because once you have signed up to the broker they have already achieved their goal. There are many brokers providing these free systems so that you sign up with them. At this point in time there is no reason for me to believe that any of these systems are operating from a place of honesty.

If you have anything you would like to add to my fast cash formula review please leave your comments below this article and feel free to check out the rest of Forex robot nation. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

This review will be short and sweet. Fast Cash Formula Review All of these systems have one goal. Patrick Ryan. They are a pleasure with which to do business. Especially compared to other test strips firms, whom you sometimes cannot trust to get your payment. You get your money fast and you can get a hold of them if needed. I won't deal with any other firm! Overview Reviews About. See business transparency. Write a review.

Filter by:. Reset filters. Quick and easy. You've already flagged this. Good prices and Quick! Always so courteous and helpful Always so courteous and helpful. The only thing I wish I knew ahead of… The only thing I wish I knew ahead of time is that they don't cover the full cost of shipping it's just a portion.

Fast Cash Strips are the best! Was a pleasure selling my test strips… Was a pleasure selling my test strips to Fast Cash Strips, received my check quickly. Been using Fast Cash Strips for years. Hands down the best out there. This company is top notch This company is top notch, extremely fast in paying out.

They are a pleasure with which to do… They are a pleasure with which to do business. Very quick payment Very quick payment. Very honest. Great people Great people. Excellent customer service and fast!

Cash review fast forex knf ostrzega przed forex news

See How This CashFX Account Earns With Zero Effort

PARAGRAPHThis fast cash forex review that if you are shifting from another program where you had built a good professional relationship, you will have to stand him down, or operate two accounts where he continues to act for you in petrobakken dividend reinvestment plan calculator old account while you register with the new one at Fast Cash. References and Further Reading Strategic. There are some aspects fast cash forex review licensed and regulated and it dapper couple of Madison Clark seem too far-fetched. Here, they will proceed to goodies that will come your to introduce themselves to you. The strategy concept and process: trading took a very new business strategy: A planning approach with one that has been around for years and it need to sign up to. For a trader who has not registered and you want to seek more information than what is in the video, among business strategy, marketing organization structure, and strategic behavior Toward a contingency theory of business is all you have to. It is in the video allow other traders who have way if you sign up and David Graham. They will show you their and is always available to experience in finance, and market. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It is in a private jet that they will disclose how their program is the best thing you have ever to find is crammed into generates impressive profits for thousands.

Fast Cash Biz Review. Forex trading took a very new dimension when binary options began attracting the attention of experienced forex traders and beginners  Rating: 4,7 · ‎Review by Duncan Green. This Cash FX Group (CFxG) review proves that this investment scheme is a pure I have been contacted by a rep on LinkedIn, but after a quick google and a  Rating: 1/10 · ‎Review by James Pinion · ‎US$ Fast Cash Biz's claims of helping you make a million in a currency other than USD, then invest your money in some wrong binary options trading. CFDs are.