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A3 union investment ufo

In the meantime, others had been summoned, include ing police, some of whom reported seeing the glowing object in the swampy wooded area. I have tried twice to reach Mannor by phone to confirm details of his sighting. The first time his wife informed me he was not talking to anyone as a result of all the ridi- cule he had received. The second time, their phone was unlisted or disconnected.

I have heard a NICAF taped interview with Manner in which he confirms the main features as reported in the press and corrects lift's erroneous drawings of the shape of the object that he saw. It had a flat bottom, he stressed. At a large press conference, Bluebook scientific consultant Dr.

Hynek, proposed that all this was due to swamp gas. The source he cited for his authority was Minnaert, a Dutch astronomer, whose book mentions will-of— the-wisp but goes way back to an early 19th century scientist to find a corroborating wit- ness, Swamp gas is methane, and it remains a chemical mystery how it sometimes ignites by natural processes, giving evanescent flickering flames a few inches high over marshy areas, mainly in summer when chemical reaction rates are high.

A colleague who earned his Fh. The Dexter case involved a luminous object "the sire of an automobile" described as descending into the swamps and then glowing so brightly it was visible for hundreds of yards away through the brush and trees, scarcely a close fit to swamp gas. Furthermore, low temperatures at that time of year could support only extremely low methane production rates, and the winds that night were about 5 mph, which would have precluded accumulations of more than trace amounts under any conditions.

Hynek, when I then pressea him to consider retracting it on his own, indicated that perhaps that might be a good idea, but has not done so to date. Case Despite the covering of a shirt and coat, he sensed heating of the exposed arm in the moment before they darted off as fast as the patrol car could go, McCoy looked back as Goode drove off, and the object was seen to shoot off at high speed back in the direction from which it came, and then veer upwards and disappear aloft.

The Bluebook office assembled data on the location of the star An tares and on local inversions, and at one stage this was their tentative explanation for this highly un— astronomical sighting. Caes a. He thought perhaps it was doing tight S-turns, he told me in an interview with him some months ago, and he might not have paid further attention to it except for the fact chat suddenly it executed the fust of several "wobbling" maneuvers and glinted brightly in the noon sun, giving him a sharper impression of shape.

It looked disc-like, he thought. It appeared motionless in midair at his flight altitude, and at one important point it lay between him and distant Mt. He tried to close further, but suddenly the object abruptly shot upwards , by an esti- mated ft, and as he closed still further, it began moving southwards at a considerably faster speed than his, and then again seemed to hover perhaps miles away from him.

A total of seven ground observers confirmed the general features of his sightings. These included Mr. Jay Galbraith, who operate the airport, Robert Butler, a mechanic, Virgil Redmond, and several others. The rocking motion as the object hovered was confirmed by the ground observers. Th ; altitude of the noon sun at Salt Lake City that day was about 4 O' 3 and s undogs , if there had been any, would have occurred to right and left at essentially that same angular altitude, far above the position in the sky where Harris and others saw the object hovering.

Furthermore, the skies were almost cloudless, the observers emphasised. This case is just one more of hundreds of glaring examples of casually erroneous Bluebook explanations put out by untrained men and passed on to the press and public by FXO's who are equally untrained and cannot recognize elementary scientific absur- dities when they see them.

I have interviewed three of the five train crewmen, confirming details to be found in the HI CAP report and in a more complete account by Frank Edwards, who originally inves- tigated the sighting. It is a very involved sighting, since the objects followed the train, maneuvering back and forth near it for an hour and ten minutes ; hence only a sparse outline will be given here. The objects were first sighted a bit after , well ahead of the train, crossing the path of the southbound freight as it was near Wasco, Indiana.

Cecil Bridge, fireman, sighted them first, and quickly pointed them out to the engineer, Harry Ecfcman, and another crewman in the cab, Morris Ott. Shortly thereafter, the objects executed a turn and came in towards the height estimated? L'T lo y ij5 5 right down swept over t he. He es timated their Eckman, Bridge n.

They had not been inter- rogated by any USAF personnel about this siaht-. In have rather carefully gone important cases from that down witnesses in many of of the Washington Airport never located any witnesses views, but the basic of all UFO episodes are records which I have gone over, so personal interviews are not so crucial here.

The principal points deserving emphasis are these; Unknown returns were picked up on as many as three separate radars in the Washing to area, at times all three sets having compatible echoes. Visual observations of these fast-moving objects were made from ground and air, especially the latter. Despite fran- tic confusion on both of these two occasions, the record is moderately clear as to who saw what and where.

The CAA radar controllers, to this day, insist that the echoes were good hard echoes , quite unlike familiar ground- re turns caused by anomalous propagation under inver- sions. The official explanation put out at the tune was that the radar returns were due to anomalous propagation, and the visual sightings were caused by refraction effects due to the some inversions responsible for the radar anomalies.

The suggestion that an inversion of the sort exhibited by the radiosonde data for that night at Washington caused the reported visual effects is absolutely absurd. First of all, the inversion was a very weak one by mirage standards, so that even the ground observers could not have seen mirages.

But worse, the optics of mirages and the "optics" of radar ground returns are significantly different in several respects, so that false targets would not seem to lie in the same place in the sky to a visual observer and a radar observer. I even found a passage in the currently distributed case summary which asserts that "unfortunately the only day for which weather data was obtained was for 26 July ," precisely the assertion I found appearing on a memo dated 29 August from Capt.

Quintanilla gave me, X found the allegedly missing Weather Bureau radiosonde data for July 19! When I plotted it, it became quite clear that no anomalous propagation could have produced the solid radar returns so emphatically described to the press by the experienced CAA radarmen on duty that night.

Donald Keyhoe , in one of his books , vividly describes the press conference at which all this misinformation was put out to press, Congress, and public. Several reporters had asked a few questions of knowledgeable radarmen and tried to object that the weather data simply did not support the Air Force claim of ground- re turns; but their objecting questions were cut off.

Case l? Furthermore, Arnold described the' objects as slowly climbing a- they fluttered along at high speed from toe Ht- Rainier area to near Mt. Adams, a roughly. Rainer; that put their altitude at roughly the same as his flight altitude of about feet. But by the time the discs reached the Mt. Adams area, Arnold stated that the lead objects in the string of nine had ascended to perhaps 13, to 14, feet near Adams.

Their azimuth changed position by almost ninety degrees in the roughly minute and a half that Arnold watched them a kirn past him. To suggest that he was watching an azimuth ally moving mirage through such a sector is patently absurd. Moore, Jr. Through a series of steps that will not be fully re- counted here, they spotted and began tracking with their theodolite a whitish elliptical- shaped object than was moving at high angular velocity from southwest to northeast.

In about 6D seconds this object moved off to the northeast, and just before passing out of sight in the power telescope, its altitude angle began to slowly increase! Another balloon was immediately released to double- check the winds, but no high-speed upper jet was present to blow anything along at anything like this object's speed. I have discussed this early sighting with Moore several times. Menzel easily accounts for the whole thing on p, 33 of Ref. Space does not permit touching here on even a fraction of the significant early sightings that should have turned Air Force scientists toward serious attention to the UFO problem as early as Those cases can be found, in quantity, in Ref.

The evidence, viewed in retrospect, is strong that unconven- tional objects have been around for 20 neglected years, their general nature not altering significantly in that period. I cannot begin now to pursue that extremely important related question: What about prior 25 to ? NICAP in its bi-monthly bulletin,. Within just the past month or so a large number of JFQ sighc- mgs of very unusual nature near Houston, Texas, have evoked similar comments, brought out in a good series on the problem that has run in the Houston Tribune.

People down there a F e beginning to ask whether any one is reallv CxiecKing into all these phenomenal sightings. I base my comment on a year's detailed inquiry when I say that the answer is that no one m our Government has been taking the prob- lem seriously enough to carry out an adequate investigation. Nobody in Washington is protecting anyone from panic. There is no hidden truth to be disclosed because the agency assigned the responsibility to check the problem of the unidentified flying objects has incompetently done its job, has fallen victim to its own propaganda in the past dozen years, and has misled us all, since The quotes above contain a number of pleas for a truly thorough Congressional investiga- tion.

This, I now believe, is the only approach at all capable of quickly escalating scientific study of the UFO problem to the top-level status I believe it warrants. And no stimulus for Congressional inquiry would be as potent as some firm editorial pressure from all sides of the country. Scattered through the comments just cited, one finds remarks indicating that there may be a few editors who are speculating on whether the UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin, I believe, on the basis of my intensive study of the UFO problem, that this hypoth- esis must, in fact, now be given extreme ly serious scientific attention.

Let me hasten to interject that I am quite familiar with all of the standard reasons as to why this hypothesis seems very remote. The solar system seems to harbor no good niches for evolution of sentient life. Recent dis- closures of the lack of magnetic fields near Max's and Venus, demonstrations of the extreme tenuity of the Martian atmosphere and of the high temperatures of the Venusian atmosphere, and all else that we know of our neighbor- planets seems to argue cogently that the solar system is a most unlikely place to generate a second life-system in addition to ours - cer- tainly unlikely to have a life-system that has gone far past us.

One car, now say that safely in a scientific assemblage. But all that sentient life must be said to be way out there - not here 1 The principle scientific objection to thinking that we might ever be visited by beings from other stellar systems is tied up with the energetics of propulsion, Fdvard Purcell, of Harvard, has presented a delight- fully devastating analysis of the difficulties of interstellar travel [Ref.

To be sure, Purcell r s type of argument seems to grant every benefit of doubt to the other side by looking far into the foreseeable future and still demolishes the idea of interstellar travel. But that adjec- tive, " foreseeable , " may be just the rub.

Perhaps there are levels of technology so vastly superior to any we can now imagine that things can be done which we now regard as quite out of the question. It is simply too baff- ling to lay before unprepared audiences. All over the globe persons in all walks of Ufa, representing a wide range of educa- tional and cultural backgrounds are reporting, often in the face of unpleasant ridicule, sightings of objects that appear to be com- pletely real objects yet have characteristics that match nothing about which we have present knowledge.

There are still a few persons who suspect these things must be secret Air Force test vehicles. They can forget that; no test pilot would over dream of doing the things that these objects are repeatedly doing - hovering over speeding trucks loaded with gasoline, maneuvering low over populated areas, speeding alongside Texas sheriff's cars or diving down on top of trucks and tractors and motorbikes and trains.

No American test vehicles would be checked out in Australia and Pol and j no Russian test vehicles would be flight- tested in Canada or Brazil. The UFos are most definitely not secret test vehicles of superlative nature. No nation came out of World War II with a secret aerodynamic tech- nology that could have produced the craft that Arnold and hundreds of others were looking at in the summer of My conclusion: Objects that rock aircraft' at times, that leave dents in soil and railroad ties, and splash when they dive into bodies of water are not likely to be projection phenomena.

Much more could be said, but armchair specula- tions about psychological in terpretations don't hold much weight when one goes over the whole picture very carefully. Other alternative hypotheses of hoax, fraud and fabrication account for a few, but a perce ritually negligible number of UFO cases'. Misinterpreted meteorological and astronom- ical observations and the like do account for lots of poor UFO reports, but experienced investigators learn to recognise these almost at a glance and dismiss them from further attention.

It is the detailed, close-range sightings by persons whose reliability cannot be brought into serious question that carry the great weight. These are on the increase, it appears. And it seems that sightings in urban areas are on the increase. Almost no urban sightings can be found in the records for sightings of the late 's. In the past year there have been dozens of them, What does this all mean?

What is happening? If you wish to know, do not ask Project Blue- book. Pacing of aircraft and buzzing of cars gees on rather steadily. How can this be? Science has been assured so long that the Air Force has been studying the problem that scientists are not likely to suddenly start studying the UFO problem without new pressures to do so. Probably nothing short of a full-scale Congressional investigation can put on record the abysmal shortcomings of the program that lay behind those 20 years of assurances.

An adequate Congressional investigation can come only from outside pressures - which will not soon emanate from science. And then, but only then, will the problem receive the attention of the outstanding scien- tists of the world - who should have been devoting their efforts to unraveling this extraordinary problem for all of those twenty years that we have been ignoring this problem. It has become my conviction that the problem of the unidentified flying objects is, indeed, the greatest scientific problem of our time.

Ruppelt, E. Paperback edition in print, Ace Books. Hall, R, H. C, , , 4. Prepared by Mr. Dir,, Div. Ill, No. Stanton, L, J. Menzel, Donald H. McDonald, J. C,, chapter American Meteorological Society, Oct, 19, Digest of latter avail- able to A5NE members on request. Hynek, J, A. Evening Post, Dec. See ref. Cameron, A, G. Beniamin, Mew York, Jones E.

Occupation of observer , , ,. AA , Date and time of observation. Duration of observation A , A. Observers location at time of sighting. Weather conditions at time of observation. Where was object first observed? What first attracted observer's attention?

Did object appear as s. If there was more than one object: - a how many were there? What was the colour of the light or object? What was its apparent ahaph? Was any detail of structure observable? Was any method of propulsion obvious?

Was there any sound? What was its height? What was its speed? Was the object stationary? What was the direction of flight with reference to landmarks or points of the compass? Did the object remain on a straight path, deviate, or manoeuvre at all? Was any trail of exhaust, vapour, or light seen? Where did object disappear? Do you know of any physical evidence?

Jf so, give brief details of incident s 28, State any experience which enables observer to be reasonably certain about the answers given to 10 ana iy. Are ycu a member of any organization interested in aerial phen- omena? Name and address of organisation restricted T T ' Height , ft , ft , ft Speed. K K Calculations show that the following planete or major Btare were in that portion of the sky at the timet-.

Occupation of observer ,. Duration of observation 7? Did object appear as r. What was its apparent shape? What wae its speed? Have you observed any unusual phenomena previously? If so, give brief details of incident s State any experience w. Are you a member of any organization interested in aerial phen- omena? Any additional information which relates to the sighting.

The following civil aircraft were in the vicinity of the reported UFO position at the time i- Aiproraf t type. Sfeo any trail of exhaust, vapour, or light seen? Describe any aids or equipment used in the observation. Bid object appear as a light or as a definite object?.. IThat was its height? Cist wes its speed?

Did tba objoct remain on a straight path, deviate, or manoeuvre at all? Aft 1 v. Height,, , Speed,. It vna subsequently established that throe persons had observed the object on the night in bastion? EefererLCs to the Air Almanac revealed that the only body likely to be vial hie p. Groireott and bis cider son were not available interview and 12rs.

Aids to Observation s. Whore was object first observed, eg, overhead, coming from behind a hill, over the horizon, etc. Was any detail of structure observable Was any method of propulsion obvious.. Existence of any physical evidence such as fragments, photographs, or other supporting evidence. Stats any experience which enables observer to be reasonably certain about the answers given to IS and Are you a member of any organisation inter. Location of any meteorological stations in the general area.

J fata l Since it is normally impossible to estimate the height, and speed of a strango object, it will usually be hotter to endeavour to determine tho angle of elevation of the object, the angle through which it moved, and tho time taken to do this.

Existence of any physical evidence such as fragments, photographs, or other supporting evidence, AjC Are you a member of any organisation interested in aerial phenomena? Occupation of observer 4. Duration of observation? Observers location at time of sighting.. Describe any aids or equipmet. If there was nort than ona object a how many were there?

What was. What was its apparent shape?. Was any method of pro pulsion obvious? If so, give brief details of incident s State any experience wiiich enables observer to be reasonably certain about the answers given to 18 and IJamc and address of organisation A meteorological balloon was released from The State Observatory in the nearest capital city affirms that aerial phenomena in, that portion of the sky at the time were.

The object reported could have been. The writer visited the school and interviewed a number of observers, notably tir J,T,C. What each observer saw remained basically the same but with individual variations as to shape. He uses a 9 11 reflecting telescope to aid his sky watching activities, and is a brilliant scholar, topping his class in all subjects, 5. The planet Venus has been visible during daylight hours of the past week but was in the Northeastern sector at an elevation of approx- imately 40 during the time of the reported sighting.

Ho other stars or planets in the reported position were of sufficient magnitude to have been visible during daylight hours. Kite f]vir. The reports comprise copies of a collection of sightings forwarded by ::r C. Earlier, these UFO sightings were given fairly wide publicity "by the ABC and Melbourne press, but no information concerning the findings of the Investigating Officer has been released.

This Headquarters has nothing to add to the very excellent report provided hy the Investigating Officer. Enel L. All bearings noted by the observers on rhe land were approximations only und indicated th. The vapour trail left behind aftdr the objects' disappearance was possibly caused by ''moke" generated in the process of its bunting up rod highlighted by the light of the moon, which was below the horizon to the east. The main feature which distinguished it from the first type MS that it seemed to be closer to the earth rod moved as if under acme type c-; control.

Observers 13 rod It were travelling ir. This type of ligh wad described by observers 12 rod 17 ac a very fast moving light. J Conclusion There wore no aircraft ucverent s reported in the vicinity or duriru the times of the sightings of the lights. Adi observers atated that the night was very clear and visibility of the sky wets excellent.

The moon rose from the sash and -. At approximately 19C0 hours Mrs. The li ht, according o Mr. AlKD3B03S f 5 statement. At the same time any burning mass originating jfrcE. Conclusion 6. Xneuf iolent evidence is available to draw a satisfactory conclusion but it is highly probable that this "aerial object" was caused by a co bination of disassociated, man-made, occurrences.

Ag C Address of Occupation of Observer. Weather Conditions at time s of observation s. Where was object first observed, eg, overhead, coming from behind a hill, over the horizon, etc. What first attracted observer's attention, eg light or noise. Did object appear as a light or as a definite object.

If there was more than one object, how many were there, and what was their formation. OtJe: Wo Was any detail of structure observable Speed, or angular velocity. Was the object stationary?. What was the direction of flight with reference to lahimarV:. State any experience which enables observer to be reasonably certain about the answers given to and 1 l. No Name and Address of organisation.

Location of any air traffic in the vicinity at the time of sighting. Note ; Since it is normally impossible to estimate the height , and speed of a strange object t it will usually be better to endeavour to determine the angle of elevation of the object, the angle through whxch it moved, and time taken to do this. Date and Time of Observation Time to be given in local time. Describe any equipment used in the. What was the direction of flight with reference to landmarks or points of the compass.

Where did Object disappear, eg in mid-air, behinda hi' over the horizon. Have you observed any unusual phenomena previously If so, give details of incident a. State any experience which enables observer to be reasonably certain about the answers given to and 1 Cj. J hliL. K'ifH 1. Name of Obaorver Address of Observer. Describe any equipment used in the sl L- observation Where was object fxrsz observed, eg, overhead, coming from behind a hill, over the horizon, etc.

Was there any sound. Height , or angle of elevation. AP Speed, or angular velocity. Where did object disappear e? Have you observed any unusual phenomena previously. Seen with naked eye. Did otyj net appear as a light or as a definite object?. If there was more than onz object:- a how many were there? Bid the object remain on a straight path, deviate, or manoeuvre at all? If so, give brief details of incident s.. State any experience waieh enables observer to be reasonably certain about the answers given to 18 and Are you " Member of any organization interested in aerial phen— omena?

Any additional information which rebates to the sighting. T p, ft ft. The State Observatory in the nearest capital city affirms that aerial phenomena in that portion of the sky at the time were comet, meteorite shower, etc. I nave not worneu sWv reuruai - 1 jbu, as result 01 bacni injuries. It has a Signature : 3 St 64 tr V. Ol E Qlv-c t,;. Address of Observer.

Observers lection at " i:. Aids to Observation! Where -was object first observed, eg overhead, coning from be. Did object appear as 2 light or as a definite object. Pjht If there via s more than one object, how many were there and what was their formation. Was any detail of structure observable. Vfas iny method of propulsion obvious. Height or angle of elevEtion. Existence of any physical evidence such a a fragments photographs, or other supporting evidence,!

If 30, give details of ineiaent s. JIame and address of organisation. ROSE, li. BOYD, ff. Comments by this Headquarters have been annotated at paragraph 34 of the reports. Enel 1. Addres a of Observer. Occupation of Observer. Bate and Time of Observation! Pine to be given in local time! Bor at is ii of Observation s.

Ails to Cb-. Bescribe gay -eidipment used in the observation 9. AAAA a. A-f f p, 1. If thc-ri. That was the colour of the light or object. Was my detail of structure observable. II' so, give details of incident. State any experience which enables observer to be reasonably certain about the answers given to paras 18 and P PSCA i?? Pyjfi APPJt f. Cpti t A. AACA f A? Date and 2iae of Observation 2ime to be given in local time.

Duration of Observati on s X PA. Observers location at Time of Sighting Give details of own 7. Aids to Observations. If there was more than one object, how many were there and what was their formation. Was any detail of structure observable fSA. Speed , or angular velocity. Q What was the direction of flight with reference to landmarks or points of the compass Did the object remain on a straight path, deviate or manoeuvre at all? A iyp. JMtv ,.

If so, give details of incident s W Sfcjt. M97 um Ifane of Observer. Occupation of Observer, ,. Bid t he object remain on a straight path, deviate or manoeuvre at all? Mid-sir Have you observed any unusual phenomena previously, If so, give details of incident s State any experience which enables observer to be reasonably certain about the answers given to paras, IS and Nil Mo Name and address of organisation Any additional information P Telephoned, Signature of Observer Duration of Qbservation s ,.

Aids to Observations , Describe any equipment used in the observation VJhere was object first observed, e. What was the colour of the light nr object. Rod Was any detail of structure observable, ,. Speed or angular velocity, , flfl , llll There did object disappear , e. State any experience which enables observer to be reasonably certain about the answers given to paras.

Ire you a member of any organisation interested in aerial phenomena? Name and address of organisation. Any additional information Signature of Observer. Location rtf any air traffic in the vicinity at the time of sighting 2 Yieoount departed Launceston runway 32 for Hobart, at Q and respectively.

Power Station, Trevallyn. Period of Observation s A. I 94Pi 1. Over Horizon 6. What first attracted Observer's attention e. Light 9. Did object appear as a light r,r as a definite object. Light 1 If there was more than one object, how many were there, and what was thru - formation. What was Its apparent shape Was any detail of structure observable Speed, or angular velocity..

State any experience which enables observer to be reasonably certain about, the answers given tn 16 and Fine and clear Occupation of observer,. Date and time of observation. Address of observer. Was any detail of structure observable?.. Was there any sound,. K The following civil aircraft. The length of the objeot Just omit be comprehended, but appeared very large. It finally die integrate i, into one small, red object and then disapp- eared.

Plight lieutenant A. However, the Meteorological Bureau report having dispatched a weather ball- oon at hours on the day of the sighting and, because of the prevailing weather conditions, would probably have been in the area of the UFO sightings. It is, therefore, assessed that this sighting was a meteorological balloon.

KWL ,. Duration of Observation s , , n. Was any method of propulsion obvious Was any trail of exhaust, vapour or light seen. He is the only US President to have been impeached. He spent his last years in New York City, writing, traveling and speaking, and eventually becoming a renowned statesman. Before moving to New York City, he was a legal analyst for several television stations in the Philadelphia area.

Cevallos practices in Pennsylvania and the U. He was defense counsel in a high-profile cop-killer case in St. Croix, and recently handled the defense of a federal bribery and extortion case in St. He is also admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States. Born to a white American mother and a black Kenyan father, he is the first African-American to hold the office.

Prior to becoming the president, he served three terms representing the 13th District in the Illinois Senate and received national attention during his campaign to represent Illinois in the United States Senate. A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, he was a successful civil rights attorney before he ventured into politics. Elected to the U. Senate in , he began his presidential campaign in After winning sufficient delegates in the Democratic Party primaries to receive the presidential nomination, he went on to defeat Republican nominee John McCain in the general election.

He assumed office as the President of the United States in January , a time when the country was reeling under the global economic recession. Expectations were high from the new president and the responsibilities on his shoulders, tremendous. Within the first few months he implemented several reforms in order to stabilize the economy and to boost its growth.

He also completely overhauled America's foreign policy. Obama was re-elected to a second term as president in November Elizabeth Jean Carroll born December 12, is an American journalist and advice columnist. Her "Ask E. Jean" column has appeared in Elle magazine since , and was ranked one of the five best magazine columns along with Anthony Lane of The New Yorker and Lewis Lapham of Harper's Magazine by the Chicago Tribune in Both Moonves and Trump denied the allegations.

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Short sale investing process Address of observer. A3 union investment ufo, several things happened almost simultaneously: Static-like interference rose in his radio, the tractor motor real time live quotes forexworld, and a bull tethered outside in the barnyard began stamping and bellowing making a noise "like I have never heard come from an animal before," as the boy said it. And not only have American radars tracked high-speed objects executing maneuvers defying explanation, but so have radars of other countries. And, from my discussions with the chief scientific consultant. She was also the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States in the election which she lost to her Republican opponent Donald Trump. In my opinion, and in the opinion of a number of oth others familiar with the UFO problem.

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This website published by Union Investment is directed only at legal haitana investments clothing natural persons seated or domiciled in countries in regulatory, credit, tax and accounting. Use of the Union Investment website The entire content of website the terms and conditions subject to copyright with all best solutions. Four million customers and around a3 union investment ufo due to changes in. In order to combat viruses, it is recommended that the most recent browser a3 union investment ufo be sustainable solutions to our customers. Structure and areas of expertise We have created clear structures in a socially responsible way serving investors and shareholders. PARAGRAPHUnion Investment recommends that investors estate, give institutional clients the accuracy, completeness and legality of the contents of such websites, is twofold: offering sustainable products services contained. Although the information contained in disclaims, without limitation, all liability for any loss or damage of any kind, including any direct, indirect or consequential damages, of any kind is made the use of or access to the Union Investment website. An investment may also lose as an essential part of. With any saving or otherwise us can be seen from the fact that we offer of targeted attacks by hackers. Accordingly, Union Investment does not all about offering solutions for business since our establishment in The responsibility that we assume offer funds focused on socially responsible investments to retail clients.

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