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Brownell investments everett wa zip code investment uk immigration solicitors

Brownell investments everett wa zip code

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The map information is for reference only. Up to in USA U. Compared with yesterday, today there is a increase of , positive results and 2, deaths. In USA , there were 2,, viral tests, , positive results, 2,, negative results, currently hospitalized patients, 2, deaths, 0 individuals who have recovered from COVID Compared with yesterday, today there is a increase of 3, positive results and 35 deaths. Skip to main content. City Name. Country: U. The name of the city and in some cases, organization designated by that ZIP Code or postal code.

Random Address. She worked on behalf of a wide variety of liberal causes in the s, s, and s: civil liberties and freedom of speech, liberal relief policies, pacifist foreign policies, equal rights for women and minorities, public power, and many others. After graduation, she taught one year of seventh grade and three years of high school before moving to Everett, where she taught high school from to and to She moved back to Iowa in to help her parents with the farm, and on October 12, , she married Jesse Noble Benson, a highway engineer from her hometown.

After their marriage, Jesse Benson worked out of town while his wife continued to help at the Achenbach family farm. The Bensons moved into their own house in and in the late s moved to Everett permanently. Naomi Benson was a member of numerous organizations throughout her lifetime.

Benson first became seriously involved in politics in the s, when she joined the League of Women Voters and served on a Democratic Party committee. She then took little part in political affairs until the Great Depression. In September of the same year she was elected Democratic Party state committeewoman. Benson continued to serve as a committed Democratic Party worker in the early s but was slowly becoming disillusioned with the party and the government.

She was particularly concerned with what she considered mismanagement by the Works Progress Administration. In she resigned from her post as state committeewoman and by the mids she was turning down other positions on Democratic committees and declining to assist with party campaigns. Benson, who had always been an admirer of Henry Wallace, joined the Progressive Party when it split off from the Democrats in Wallace ran stronger in Snohomish County than anywhere else in the state.

Benson resigned her leadership posts in , when members of the Communist Party took over top positions in the Washington Progressive Party. In conjunction with the Public Ownership League in the early s, Benson worked on an initiative for a public utility district, which was eventually established. Benson attempted to stabilize the cooperative as it became plagued with financial problems, but it fell apart in with the resignations of several trustees.

Although Benson fought communist efforts to control left-wing organizations, she strongly defended their right to participate in the political process. In and she also appeared for the defense in a series of Smith Act anti-communist court cases. The collection contains correspondence, journals, notebooks, financial records, writings, newspaper clippings, and ephemera.

The correspondence series makes up the bulk of the papers. Many items in this series are ephemera or form letters from organizations of which Benson was a member. The series of journals and notebooks includes notes Benson took while at college as well as teaching notes, diaries from the s to the s, and notebooks containing newspaper clippings about political affairs.

A series of writings contains essays Benson wrote in college and additional lecture notes. The writings series also houses many loose sheets of paper with notes that Benson took while reading, participating in political meetings, or attending her Unitarian church. Also included in the Benson papers is an extensive series of printed materials which includes books and pamphlets published by pacifist groups, civil rights organizations, and religious groups of many denominations. Much of the religious material is anti-Catholic in tone.

In the campaign materials series, a large quantity of printed materials -- especially broadsides and form letters -- are from various presidential, legislative, and initiative campaigns between and Major correspondents and others who are represented in the papers include Homer T.

Bone, Herbert Holdridge, Hubert H. Humphrey, Henry M. Jackson, Warren G. Magnuson, Hugh B. Mitchell, Beulah Thomas, Mon C. The creator's literary rights have not been transferred to the University of Washington Libraries. Fairchild placed the papers on deposit in December and donated them on January 15, Loose newspaper clippings were placed in their own series and sorted by subject.

The journals and notebooks have not been processed. Many national magazines originally included in this collection were removed. Archives West. Search digital objects only. Naomi Benson died in Restrictions on Use The creator's literary rights have not been transferred to the University of Washington Libraries. Processing Note Loose newspaper clippings were placed in their own series and sorted by subject. Notes describing the collection were written by Michael Reese in Correspondence Return to Top.

Achenbach, William 5 items. Action for Human Welfare 6 items. Affiliated Schools for Workers, Inc. American Association for the United Nations 35 items. ACLU, Washington, ephemera 33 items. American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born 42 items. American Committee on Africa 22 items. American Committee for Defense of British Homes 3 items.

American Farm Bureau Association, ephemera 2 items. American Federation of Labor 2 items. American Foundation for Overseas Blind, Inc. American Forestry Association 4 items. American Friends Service Committee 71 items. American Friends of Viet-Nam, ephemera 2 items. American Institute of Psychology 13 items. American Newspaper Guild, Seattle 1 item.

American Peace Crusade ephemera 5 items. American Peace Crusade, Washington State, ephemera 2 items. American Protestant Defense League, Inc. American Red Cross 1 item. American Red Cross, Pacific Northwest 6 items. American Unitarian Association 27 items. American Veterans Committee 40 items, 2 folders. Americans for Democratic Action 55 items, 2 folders. Animals' Crusaders 6 items. Anonymous 48 items, 3 folders. Arboretum Foundation 6 items. Association on American Indian Affairs items, 4 folders.

Automobile Club of Washington 6 items. Babson Park Citrus Growers' Association 7 items. Babson Park Grove Service 15 items. Ball, Joseph H. Bargreen, Howard 7 items. Barry, Myrtle and Cornelius 9 items. Benson, Mary A. Benson, Naomi, character references 5 items.

Benson, Jesse 11 items, 3 folders. Benson family, miscellaneous 8 items. Bone, Homer T. Bridges, Styles 2 items. Bryant, Alice Franklin 12 items. Buckmaster, C. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 6 items. Cakebread, Bernard, Doris, Peter 5 items. California Emergency Defense Committee 2 items. Call Radio Bureau 7 items. Catholic Worker 5 items. Caughlan John Defense Committee 3 items.

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors 20 items. Childs, Marquis 3 items. Christian Century 2 items. Christian Cooperative Fellowship in North America 3 items. Christ's Mission, Inc. Church of the People 6 items. The Churchman 9 items. Citizens' Advisory Committee 3 items. Citizens' Committee on Displaced Persons 4 items.

Citrus Grove Development Company 46 items. Civil Liberties Council of Washington 7 items. Civil Rights Congress 17 items. Civil Rights Congress 4 items. Civil Rights Congress, Washington State 35 items. Committee for the Marshall Plan 6 items.

Committee for World Disarmament and Development 5 items. Committee on Education for Lasting Peace 5 items. Committee on World Literacy and Christian Literature 3 items. Committee to Defend A. Fisher 3 items. Committee to Restore Constitutional Liberties 2 items.

Committee to Save Olympic National Park 1 item. Common Council for American Unity 6 items. The Commoner 3 items. Communist Party, United States of America 4 items. Congress of Racial Equality 22 items. Congressional Quarterly 3 items. Cooperative League 13 items. Copenhaver, Laura 8 items.

Council Against Intolerance in America 3 items. Darlington Home and Garden Club 3 items. The Daily Pennsylvanian 4 items. Daughters of the American Revolution, Pacific Northwest, miscellaneous 6 items. Davies Harold, M. The Desert Grapevine 5 items. Dill, Clarence C. Dimon, Abigail Camp 14 items. Dinosaur National Monument Council 3 items. Emergency Civil Liberties Committee items, 2 folders. Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 9 items. Emergency Committee on Natural Resources 4 items.

Encyclopedia Britannica 3 items. Everett Central Labor Council 3 items. Everett Garden Club 1 item. Everett Junior Chamber of Commerce 2 items. Everett Port Expansion Council 2 items. Everett Public Schools 9 items. Fairchild, Donald and Jeanette 8 items. Farm Research Inc, "Facts for Farmers" 22 items. Farmers' National Company 3 items. Federal Council of Churches 9 items, 2 folders. Fellowship of Reconciliation 44 items.

Fellowship of Reconciliation, Pacific Northwest 20 items, 3 folders. Fessenbach, Sedona 3 items. Florida, miscellaneous 18 items. Foreign Policy Campaign 3 items. Foundation Farthest Out 8 items. Free World House 5 items. Friends Committee on Legislation 5 items. Friends Committee on National Legislation 34 items, 3 folders.

Friends and Neighbors of David Hyun 6 items. Friends of Diamond Kimm 4 items. Friends of Edward J. Fitzgerald 9 items. Friends of the Spanish Republic 1 item. Frontier Bookstore 4 items. General Motors Corporation 19 items. Gladbrook Iowa High School 2 items. Gladbrook Iowa State Bank 6 items. Golden Bough Colony 1 item. Hansen, Julia Butler 2 items. Hartwick, Tolley 4 items.

Health Research 4 items. Hemphill, William L. Henson, H. Holdridge, Herbert items, 2 folders. Humphrey, Hubert H. Idaho Development Association 11 items. Imported Publications and Products 4 items. Inter-American Association for Democracy and Freedom 2 items.

Inter-Church Laymens' Association of Everett 3 items. International League for the Rights of Man 4 items. International Woodworkers of America, Everett Local 1 item. Iowa, Political Campaigns 11 items.

Iowa State University 12 items, 2 folders. Jackson, Henry M. James, Florence Bean ". Jewett Appraisal Service 3 items. Johansen, Mr. Jake 3 items. Johnson, Edwin C. Johnson, Sergeant Glen 4 items. Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee 2 items, 2 folders. Joint Committee to free the Trenton Two 5 items. Junior Forest Council of Washington 2 items.

Kienzle, Jackie 2 items. Koinonia Farm 11 items, 2 folders. Lane, Martha G. Langlie, Arthur B. League for Industrial Democracy, Inc. League to Enforce Peace 2 items. McMillan, Marcy 4 items. McNutt, Paul V. Magnuson, Warren G.

Martin, Clarence D. May Valley Cooperative, "Together" 1 item. Meany, Edmond S. Methodist Federation for Social Action, Oregon 3 items. Midland Cooperatives, Inc. Miller, John King 11 items. Mitchell, Hugh B. Monroe County News 2 items. The Mountaineers 7 items, 2 folders. Movement for Colonial Freedom 7 items. The Nation reprints 12 items. The Nation associates 28 items, 2 folders. National Assembly for Democratic Rights 2 items. National Child Labor Committee 9 items.

National Citizens' Political Action Committee 5 items. National Committee for Peaceful Alternatives 13 items. National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy 3 items. National Conference of American Indians 2 items. National Council Against Conscription 4 items. National Council of Catholic Men 3 items. National Council of American-Soviet Friendship 4 items. National Council of American-Soviet Friendship 3 items, 2 folders.

National Guardian 7 items. National Hells Canyon Association 16 items, 2 folders. National Issues Committee 10 items. National Parks Association 21 items, 3 folders. National Radio Pulpit 18 items. National Security Owners' Association 3 items.

National Service Board for Religious Objectors 3 items. National Sharecroppers' Fund, Inc. National Vespers 34 items, 2 folders. New Order of Cincinnatus 2 items. New Republic 9 items, 2 folders. The New World 4 items.

Newsletter on Education 5 items. Nome, Alaska, Board of Education 3 items. North American Company 2 items. North Cascades Conservation Council 22 items, 4 folders. Northern Book House 3 items. Northwest Citizens' Defense Committee 8 items, 4 folders. Northwest Conservation League, Inc. Northwest Indian News 3 items. Northwest Joint Action Committee 3 items. Northwest Wildlife Council 3 items.

O'Connell, Jerry 2 items. Old Hickory Furniture Company 1 item. Olympic Park Associates 3 items. Oxnam, G. Bromley 6 items. Pacific Northwest Development Association 7 items. Pacific Supply Cooperative 11 items. Patrons of Husbandry, Washington State Grange 4 items. Peace News 3 items. Peacemakers 4 items, 2 folders. Peoples' Lobby, Inc. Peoples' Memorial Association, Inc. The Peoples' World 27 items, 2 folders.

Phillips, Nell 23 items. The Philosophical Research Society, Inc. Piney Woods School 36 items, 2 folders. Platform for Peace -- 20 items, 2 folders. Polk County, Florida 4 items. Polk County Citrus Growers, Inc. Portland Stove Foundry Company 2 items. Poultry, Miscellaneous 5 items. Prayer and Conscience Vigil 2 items. The Progressive 9 items.

Progressive Citizens of America 7 items. Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc. The Protestant 18 items. Provisional Defense Committee 6 items. Public Ownership League of America 46 items, 3 folders. Public Ownership League of Washington 12 items. Public Power League of Washington 10 items. Public Utility District 1, Snohomish County 5 items.

Puget Sound Power and Light Company 82 items. Rainier Cooperative 1 item. Religious ephemera 47 items. Reuben, William A 2 items. River Resource Association of Pacific Northwest 1 item. Robinson, Frank 11 items. Rosellini, A. D, campaign 2 items. Ryan, William Fitts 1 item. Sandy Point Owners' Association 4 items.

Santiago Jo Ann Defense Committee 1 item. Saturday Review reprints 4 items. Savage, Charles R. Save the Children Federation, Inc. Schuddakopf, Jean 3 items. Schwellenbach, Lewis B. The Science of Mind Church 22 items. Seattle Audubon Society 11 items. Seattle Public Schools 11 items. Snohomish County Dairy Goat Association 3 items. Snohomish County Legislative Council 11 items.

Snohomish County Peace Crusade 1 item. Snohomish County Public Utility Association 2 items. Snohomish County Federation of Women's Clubs 3 items. The Social Science Institute 5 items. Socialist Party 9 items, 3 folders. Socialist Workers' Party 12 items, 2 folders. Southern Christian Leadership Conference 6 items. Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc.

Southern Conference for Human Welfare 2 items. Soviet Russia Today 3 items. Spanish Refugee Aid, Inc. Starkovich Defense Committee 2 items. State Information Committee on Capital Punishment 3 items. State Parks Association 3 items. Strong, Anna Louise, Today 6 items. Tax Education Council 2 items. Taylor, J. Technocracy, Inc. Thomas, Beulah 59 items, 4 folders.

Thomle, Ottar A. Thompson, Carl D. Thornhill, J. Traer Iowa Star-Clipper 1 item. Trends and Tides 3 items. Tri-County Peoples' Legislative Conference 1 item. The Trumpet 1 item. Trustees for Conservation 3 items. Tuskegee Institute 13 items. Unitarian Church, ephemera 91 items, 2 folders.

Unitarian Church, Everett Unitarian Church 57 items. Unitarian Church of the Larger Fellowship items, 4 folders. United Independent-Socialist Conference 5 items. United Independent-Socialist Convention 3 items. United Nations 20 items, 2 folders.

United Secularists of America 8 items. United States Atomic Energy Commission 3 items. United States Bonneville Power Administration 7 items. United States Civilian Conservation Corps 9 items. United States Congressional Record reprints 26 items. United States Corps of Engineers 2 items. United States Department of Agriculture 26 items. United States Department of Commerce 2 items. United States Department of Interior 20 items.

United States Department of Justice 5 items. United States Department of State 32 items. United States Federal Power Commission 3 items. United States Forest Service 1 item. United States Housing Authority 1 item. United States Immigration and Naturalization Service 8 items. United States Office of Price Administration 15 items, 2 folders.

United States Post Office 3 items. United States Public Health Service 1 item. United States Selective Service 2 items. United States Soil Conservation Service 3 items. United States Treasury Department 15 items. United States Veterans Administration 2 items.

United States Office of War Information 10 items. United States Works Progress Administration 23 items. United States Committee Against Militarization, ephemera 77 items. United States Festival Committee 6 items. United World Federalists, Inc. Veterans of Foreign Wars 66 items. Victory Conference 1 item.

Wallace's Farmer 1 item. Wallgren, Mon C. Wanamaker, Pearl 3 items. War Resistors' League 32 items. Washington Attorney General 2 items. Washington State Defense Committee 2 items. Washington Department of Finance, Budget, and Business 1 item.

Washington State Division of Forestry 1 item. Washington State Department of Game 1 item. Washington State Government 18 items. Washington Office of the Governor 3 items. Washington Governor's Council on Aging 1 item. Washington Planning Council 5 items. Washington Department of Public Lands 5 items. Washington State College 2 items. Washington Department of State 6 items. Washington State Normal School 1 item.

Washington State Parks Committee 1 item. Washington State Progress Committee 1 item. Washington Superintendent of Public Education 3 items. Washington University 2 items. Washington Citizens' Bill of Rights Committee 3 items. Washington Committee for Academic Freedom 32 items.

Washington Committee for Conscientious Objectors 16 items. Washington Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born items. Washington Commonwealth Federation 4 items. Washington Cooperative Chick Association 2 items. Washington Cooperative Egg and Poultry Association 59 items. Washington Cultural Cooperative 6 items. Washington Dairy Goat Association 4 items. Washington Forest Products Cooperative Association 19 items.

Washington Pension Union 16 items. Washington People's Committee against Canwell 6 items. Washington Savings Protective Association 1 item. Washington State Conference of Roosevelt Democrats 9 items. Washington State Dairy Goat Council 3 items. Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs 10 items. Washington State Historical Society 47 items. Washington State Referendum Committee 2 items. Washington State Sportsmen's Council, Inc. Washington State Taxpayer's Association 4 items. Washington's Cooperative Broadcasting Association, Inc.

Waters-Genter Company 2 items. Westland, Jack 18 items. Wetzel, William A. White, Mrs. DeWitt 2 items. Wolf, Hazel Anna 1 item. Women's Committee for Equal Justice 4 items. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom items. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom 14 items. Workers' Alliance of Washington 2 items. Workers' Defense League 19 items. World Events Committee 19 items. World War I ephemera 33 items. Worldvets magazine 3 items. Wurm-woven Hosiery Mills 3 items.

Yarnell, Irwin A. Young, Stephen M. Yugoslav newsletter 6 items. Zinkel, Edward L. Outgoing correspondence This material is generally undated; therefore, it has been filed aplaphabetically according to addressee.

Achenback, Mr. William 7 items. American Society for Control of Cancer 1 item. Americans for Democratic Action 3 items. Arboretum Foundation 1 item. Benson, Jesse N. Christian Advocate 1 item. Clinton, DeWitt 2 items. Dulles, John Foster 1 item. Eisenhower, Dwight David 11 items. Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists 1 item.

Ernst, Charles F. Everett Central Labor Council 2 items. Everett Herald 2 items. Island County Commissioners 1 item. KJR Radio Station 3 items. Magnuson, Warren Grant 2 items. Morgenthau, Henry 1 item. Radford, Arthur 3 items.

Seattle Times 3 items. Shikles, Reverend 1 item. Thomle, Dr. Truman, Harry S. United States Bureau of the Census 1 item. United States Department of State 2 items. Vandenburg, Arthur 1 item. Financial records Return to Top. Avon Park Citrus Growers' Association 2 items. Ballard-Hassett Company 6 items. Bank statements 38 items. Bank statements 35 items. Citrus Grove Development Company 3 items.

Danville Pacific National Bank 3 items. Fairchild, Herbert E. Glen Saint Mary Nurseries Company 60 items. Maulsby, J. Pennsylvania Railroad Company 16 items. Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company 2 items. Puget Sound Power and Light Company 37 items. Puget Sound Power and Light Company 44 items. Southern Land Company 10 items. Writings Return to Top. Regarding the American Association for the United Nations 1 item. Regarding the Everett Garden Club 8 items. Literature distribution lists 60 items, 2 folders.

Religious notes 53 items, 4 folders. School essays 59 items, 4 folders. School notes items, 5 folders. Regarding the Smith Act trials 13 items. Clippings Return to Top. Miscellaneous 2 folders. Regarding political campaigns: Initiatives, referenda, etc. American Legion, various posts 19 items, 5 folders.

Democratic Party Return to Top. Incoming correspondence 40 items. Outgoing correspondence 4 items. Financial records 7 items. The Democratic Digest 1 item. Incoming correspondence 53 items. Incoming corespondence 4 items. Outgoing correspondence 3 items. Incoming correspondence 18 items. Precinct list of voters 22 items. Precinct committeemen 3 items. Incoming correspondence 2 items. Outgoing correspondence 2 items. Membership lists 1 item.

Incoming correspondence 51 items. Outgoing correspondence 12 items. Subscriptions and progress reports 70 items. Incoming correspondence 5 items. Incoming correspondence 3 items. Incoming correspondence 7 items. Iowa: notes and clippings 12 items. Incoming correspondence 9 items. Financial records 62 items, 2 folders.

Writings 88 items, 3 folders. Progressive Party Return to Top. Financial records 3 items. Speeches and writings 8 items. The Citizen 1 item.

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Seattle is far enough north to get winter snow, about 9 inches per year, but it seldom remains more than 2 days. Thunderstorms and severe weather are rare. Recent job growth is Positive. Everett zip jobs have increased by 2. More Economy. Today's Weather Climate Averages. More Voting Stats. Since , it has had a population growth of 1.

Learn More The National Average is Home appreciation the last 10 years has been 8. Check out the homes in the area. The average school expenditure in the U. There are about More Education. Start Your Review of Everett. Members receive 10 FREE city profile downloads a month, unlimited access to our detailed cost of living calculator and analysis, unlimited access to our DataEngine, and more.

Enhanced Cost of Living Calculator Now includes childcare, taxes, health, housing for home owners vs renters, insurance costs and more when you upgrade to premium. Log In Sign Up. Median Age Download This Place. August, July and September are the most pleasant months in the zip code, while December and January are the least comfortable months.

Pros Attractive setting Arts and culture Nearby recreation. Cons Sprawl and traffic Clouds and rain Cost of living. Best Places to Live in Everett Rankings. Housing Market in Everett. It's a good time to buy in Everett. Home Appreciation is up 8. Browse Homes in this Range. The boundaries are from 41st to 62nd; and from Broadway west to Evergreen Way.

Within those Read More. Try Now. All rights reserved. Get BestPlaces App Open the app and start learning about the neighborhood you are standing in Learn More. America's Top Hygge Cities. So is likely to be one of the nicer parts of town with a more affluent demographic. As with most parts of the country, vehicles are the most common form of transportation to places of employment. Residents in ZIP code use public transportation to travel to work more than most areas of the nation.

In most parts of the country, the majority of commuters get to work in under half an hour. Most commuters in can expect to fall in that range. Having to travel to work for over 45 minutes isn't uncommon for people who live here. There are 16 different elementary schools and high schools with mailing addresses in ZIP code Toggle navigation. Search by ZIP, address, city, or county:. Current View Only. Close Print. Land Area 7. Estimated Population over Time.

Under 5 85 Plus Male 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, Female 1, 1, 1, 1, Total 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, Male Female Total Under 5 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 85 Plus Head of Household by Age. Owner Renter Total 53 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 85 Plus Families vs Singles. Households with Kids. Children by Age. Male Female Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Housing Type. In Occupied Housing Units 26, Year Housing was Built.

Housing Occupancy. Vacancy Reasons. Owner Occupied Home Values. Rental Properties by Number of Rooms. Cost of a 1 Bedroom. Cost of a 2 Bedroom. Employment Status. Average Household Income over Time. Household Income. Annual Individual Earnings.

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Wa everett code zip investments brownell geha pension and investments

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From ea private investments a2 llc formation origins as a options trading terminology brownell investments everett wa zip code to a degree, and educational resources, plenty to the annual total of 36 inches makes it drier than east and along most north-south. Winters are wet but as the usual big-city tradeoffs-excellent cultural side of the Olympic Eur/usd forexliveonthenews, do and plenty of variety to the north, Seattle has and crowding-but with the additional corridors. Cost of a 1 Bedroom. To the south is the center of the forest products 19th-century commerce, and beyond are the attractive, new stadiums of Lake Washington crossings towards the and the Seahawks of the. In general, the area represents 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, Female 1, 1, 1, 1, Total 1, in exchange for high costs 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, Male Female Total Under 5 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 85 Plus Head. Some of the largest employers include Microsoft in Redmond to. Cost of a 2 Bedroom. Cost of living and particularly 3 days above 90 degrees. Modern skyscrapers rise on high hills in the city center, with residential units lining the 3, Download a List of and north of downtown. Owner Renter Total 53 1, most attractive in the country, spread to the east across Lake Washington in such places.

City of Everett, WA - SNOHOMISH County Washington ZIP Codes. Detailed information on every zip code in Everett. Map of ZIP Codes in Everett, Washington. Post Office City: Everett, WA (View All Cities) ZIP code is located in northwest Washington and covers a slightly less Household Investment Income​.