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An investmentfonds wikipedia free fund also index tracker is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund ETF designed to follow certain preset rules so that the fund can track a specified basket johann pfeiffer iforex underlying investments. Index funds may also have rules that screen for social and sustainable criteria. An index fund's rules of construction clearly identify the type of companies suitable for the fund. Additional index funds within these geographic markets may include indexes of companies that include rules based on company characteristics or factors, such as companies that are small, mid-sized, large, small value, large value, small growth, large growth, the level of gross profitability or investment capital, real estate, or indexes based on commodities and fixed-income. Companies are purchased and held within the index fund when they meet the specific index rules or parameters and are sold when they move outside of those rules or parameters. Think of an index fund as an investment utilizing rules-based investing.

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Jackie cottongame investments

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C5-D6 Kiowa Cir. D7 Larkspur Circle D2 Laura E6 Lincoln St. C2 Lindy St. D7 Liveoak St D2 Los Colinas D6 Louise D6-E6 Lovers Lane C5-D5 Loving Hwy. Maple St. D2 Mars St. D7 Marsh St. E2 Mason St. D1 Maulin St C1 McBrayer D McCracken St D1 Medora St D6-E6 Melissa Dr D Mesquite St. D2 Millwood St D Mimosa Cir. E6 Monroe St D3 Montgomery C6 Moody St D6 Morado St D6 Morningside D4 Mustang Dr. A3-B3 Neer St F1 Normandy Dr C6-D5 North St C6-D6 Oak St. C Oak Forest E6 Oak Hills Dr D5-E5 Oakland Ave.

D2 Oakland St E Ohio D Old Bunger Rd C Old Jacksboro Rd C Packing House Rd. C5 Park North B3 Park C5 Pearl D4 Pecan B3-B5 Pennsylvania Ave. E3 Pine St. D1 Pine Tree Rd C6-D6 Pioneer St. D4 Plum C3,C Powell Dr. E2 Preston Trail Ct D6 Privado St. D5 Quail Run Dr. D5-E5 Ragland St D Randy Dr D Red Bud Cir D5 Remington D3-E Ribble Road C6 River Dr B4 Roanoake Dr. D5-E5 Rodeo E Rodgers Dr D Rolling Hills Dr D Ross Dr E5 Roy Street F1 Royal Lane C5-D5 Sage Circle D3 Scenic Drive D5-E5 Second B4-D4 Seventh St.

C3 Shawnee St. B5-D5 Sherwood Dr. E6 Short St. B4 Sixth B3-C3 Sky St D7 Smith St C3-D3 South B4-D4 Southview B5-C5 St. Michael Ct. D5 Star St D7 State Hwy. E1-C7 State Hwy. A8-B3 Summit St. D2 Supply St. C3 Tackett St C6 Tanglewood Dr D6 Tennessee D Terri Road C7 Texas D Third B4-D4 Thomas Ln. D6 Thompson Dr D5-E5 Trail Dr.

D6-E6 U. F2-C3 Victory St D6 Virginia D Walker St. C2 West B4 Westwood Dr. C6-D6 Willow St D2 Willow Wood Ct C6 Woodlawn St. C5-D5 Woody St F Young St. It was approved by the Young County Commissioners, and an election was scheduled for later in for the voters to make the final decision.

The ballot initiative passed by a 7 percent margin, and Graham Regional Medical Center became a taxing district in In May , Young County residents living within the newly created taxing district elected the first seven people to its taxing board. The hospital got its start in , when the founding fathers of Graham and local physicians realized the importance of having a modern hospital in the city. The hospital was a benevolent foundation to be turned over. Graham Regional Medical Center to the city of Graham after 25 years.

Within three days of the challenge, 75 percent of the money had been raised, and Graham General Hospital was begun and remained on Cherry Street until In , Graham General Hospital was constructed on its current location and was officially opened in Since that time, expansions and improvements to the hospital have been made through the generosity and support of the community, including the Davidson Challenge Fund Drive, the Challenge Fund II Drive, the Graham Benevolent Fund and the Bertha Foundation challenge grant in One year after the project began, 99 percent of the money pledged was paid.

The expansion increased the emergency room to more than 3, square feet and included a designated trauma room, cardiac room, three-bed general room, and obstetrical room closed in A new outpatient surgery area was added that included a by foot operating rooms with state-of-the-art equipment. GRMC added a 3,square-foot clinic, complete with its own patient waiting area for specialists who come to Graham weekly. Specialists utilizing this clinic are gastroenterologists, neurologists, urologists, orthopedics, oncologists, cardiologists, ENTs and.

The radiology department was greatly enhanced with this expansion. A new slice CT scanner was purchased. The laboratory was moved to a larger location with new equipment purchased. The addition of the Young County Family Clinic gave patients an opportunity to seek medical help without facing the cost of the emergency room. In , GRMC opened its expanded Fitness and Rehabilitation Center, which included an Olympicstyle lap pool, group exercise area, occupational and physical therapy unit and even a play area for children.

To learn more about the hospital and its services, visit GRMC's website, grahamrmc. Board of Trustees Composed of seven trustees. Each member serves a three-year term. Meredith Lucas, President. Ser vices: GISD offers special education services as part of the total school curriculum and deviated only to accommodate special learning needs.

Each GISD school offers resources, inclusion or content mastery room to students and preschool program to children with disabilities and selfcontained class rooms. Students receive a wide range of special educational services across all curricular areas. Those students, older than age 3, with an identifiable speech handicap may receive therapy by a speech pathologist.

Other individual student program provisions education of individual students and include home bound services, regional day school for the deaf Wichita Falls , vision instruction, vocational adjustment class, adapted physical education, related services transportation,.

Research shows that students who use newspapers in the classroom score better on standardized tests, continue reading into adulthood, have greater civic understanding and are more engaged in their communities. Special Education Department Dr.

Colleen Netterville, Director Kentucky St. Graham Learning Center Tennessee St. Parents As Teachers First St. The program educates parents of young children on developmental milestones and how to create learning activities in the home setting, as well as other principles of early learning, laying the foundation for school success and minimizing developmental problems which might interfere with learning.

Education Basic services include once-amonth home visits and group meetings, developmental screening and referral services. Kim Birdwell, Director , ext. Also provides Dual Credit courses to surrounding high school students. Growth at the college is continuing at breakneck pace with a licensed vocational nursing program and an oil and gas production program, as well as a wide range of academic transfer courses. Sunday Worship a. Faith Center Hwy. Wednesday Worship 7 p.

Eliasville Baptist Church Sunday School 10 a. Sunday Worship 11 a. Wednesday 5 p. Wednesday 7 p. Jean Baptist Church Buchanan St. Wednesday p. Calvary Baptist Church Hwy. Cowboy Church of Young County W. Industrial Blvd. Morningside Baptist Church Indiana St. Mount Zion Baptist Loving Hwy. LIFEtime 11 a. Rodgers, Graham Sunday Worship 11 a. Sunday School 10 a. Venture Community Oak St. A, Graham Sunday Worship 11 a. Sunday Youth 7 p. Welch, CPA, Partner. The Graham Leader has a circulation of 2, and a readership of 7, Across all media platforms, that means Construction, Harrison, Newcastle Dempsey, Bryson Bosley Rd.

Ste, A Argo Barge Co. FM , PK Ashley Electric Co. FM , St. PC, 4th St. Box , Graford Ave D, Olney Industrial Blvd.. Judge, 4th St. Depot St. College St. College, Bryson Oil Producers, W. Henderson St. Burnham, Forest Nick , D. Rand, Architect, 4th St. FM Road , PK FM Road Walker, Breckenridge Cliff Dental Clinic, Cliff Dr Cowboy Gatherin', FM Specialties, Elm St Donut Supreme, Elm St E E-Bonds, 2nd St.. F Pizza Studio, Oak Street, Box , Center St.

G G E Operating, Inc. Gallaway Landscape Inc. Memorial Auditorium, 3rd St. Box Knox Oil Co. Bettis, Inc. Bob, DC Elm Street White Rose Road Bullock, 4th St. Stanton, D. L L Chem-Tech Co. DDS, Hwy. Water Treatment, Broadway, Eliasville Modern Woodmen of America Suite Zion Baptist Church, Loving Hwy. N Manufacturing State Hwy North Texas Det. Marine Corps League Walker St, Breckenridge Inc, S Graham. FM , PK. FM FM , Suite 2. III, Attorney, 4th St. Quarters Apartments, The Brazos St.

Hwy , Bryson FM 4, PK S 77 Construction Co. Francis Catholic Church, Hwy. Rodgers Dr. FM , Ste. C, PK T Beverage Depot N. Colorado Rd Nails, Hwy 16 S Graham Post Office, N. V Variable Energy Systems, 6th St. Law Office, 2nd St. Cliff Dr PK Lake. Vision Center County Auditor, 4th St Z Zack Burkett Co. Graham Leader, The, Oak St Andrews, Ken, 4th St.

III, 4th St. III, Elm St. Air Smart, Inc. Baby Registries Jailhouse Boutique, Hwy. Cove Cabin Guest House Banks Capital Farm Credit Dempsey St. Brother's Smokehouse, Hwy 16 S Connie's Barber Shop, Hwy. Batteries AutoZone, Elm St. Buddy Gregg Saddlery, Elm St. Dempsey, Bryson. Boutiques 3 Dots and 1 Dash Brake Service Affordable Auto Inc. Bridal Registries Audrey's Closet, 4th Street Investments, PO Box , Graham.

Victory St. Carpets, Lower Tonk Valley Bethel Baptist Church, Tennessee.. Zion Baptist Church, Loving Hwy.. Churches-Catholic Living Harvest Church Brazos Family Clinic, Oak St. Eastside Church of Christ, Indiana St. Assistant City Manager, 4th St. Industrial Blvd Masonic Lodge, 3rd St Graham Psychological Associates, 3rd St. Graham Eye Care, Hwy 16 S Ste Graham Area Crisis Center, 2nd Data Processing Supplies Datawatch Corp.

Jordan Pharmacy, Hwy. East Loop Engine House, Hwy. Entertainment Graham Concert Association Ken's Equipment, Hwy. Argo Barge Co. Engineers-Petroleum Gala Resources Ltd. Box 53, Loving Elwood Staffing Services, 4th St. Fwy Ste Discount Appliance, Elm St. C, PK.. Garcia's Fencing, Loving. Anytime Fitness, Hwy. Gas Companies Atmos Energy Fred's Carpets, 4th Street Graham Fire Department, 1st St. Audrey's Florist, 4th St. Furniture Cleaning Carpet Master, th St Steve Moore Construction Co.

Geologists Andrews, Randy, Oak St. Clear Fork Country, Hwy. Cornelius Custom Service, Supply St. Flip Force Cheer, 4th St. Bullock, 4th St Graphic Designers Anderson Ranch Graphics Healthline Medical Equipment, Hwy. Hardware Plus, FM , Bldg. Gynecology Dr. James E. Cawley, M. Heating Contractors Air Smart, Inc. A Special Touch, Oak St. Handyman Services 6S Handyman Service, 4th Builder Inc.

Home Improvements A. Horses Broke S. Ranch, John Sponsler Hwy. INM Spray Foam, Elm St Services, Tennessee Insight Inspections,PO Box Edward Jones Investments, Kyle Anderson Landscape Contractors Gallaway Landscape Inc. Lodging American Inn, Hwy. Classic Cleaners, Oak St. Lawn Maintenance Brazos Lawn Service Capital Farm Credit, Oak St..

Manufacturing Manufacturing, Hwy Graham Magnetics, 4th St. Bluff Creek Marina Inc. American Inn, Hwy. Media Consultants Graham Newspapers, Inc. Medical Clinics Brazos Family Clinic, Graham Home Medical Equipment, Hwy. Bealls, Hwy. Graham Area Crisis Center, 2nd St Walker St. Obstetrics Dr. Graham Tank Trucks Knox, Kintner Bettis, Inc, 5th Street Mayo, Eddie, Oil Properties Inc.

Three P Operating Co. Allar Company, The, Elm St. Oil Products, Bryson Oil Reports Harding Consulting, Inc. Oxygen AirGas Southwest Inc. Painting Contractors Buchanan Construction Allen Wireline Service, Hwy. Burkett, Zack, Co. Orthodontist Key, E. Pest Control Services Action Associates Hwy E Appleseed, Oak St Psychologists Graham Psychological Associates, 3rd St.

Public Utilities Atmos Energy Duncan Plumbing, Pecan St. Ace Hardware, Packing House Rd. ACE Therapy, Oak Bullock Printing, Elm St. Atwood Ranch, The, Salem Road Allstar Fuel, Elm St. Behr, Donald A. Brooker Real Estate, 5th St.

Recreation Manufacturer Texas Recreation Corp. Graham Division, Cliff Dr. FM PK East Restaurants Pizza Studio, Oak Pizza Hut, Hwy. Elm Hwy. Crestview Printing, Inc. Athletic Director Ohio Ave Shine On House Caldwell Custom Pools. Jake Womack Construction, Finis Rd Caldwell Custom Pools Roberts, Max, Welding, Newcastle Hwy.

Adorn, Second Ohio Ave. Cricket Wireless, Hwy 16 S. Trucking, FM Affordable Auto Inc. Tire Service Affordable Auto, Hwy. Tree Service Bruce-Terminix Co. Graham Tractor Service, Hwy. Convention and Visitors Bureau of Graham, Elm. Veterinarians Burnham, Forest Nick , Hwy.

Graham Chamber of Commerce, Elm St.. Bealls Department Store, Hwy. AirGas Southwest Inc. Camp Change Water Treatment Let us know who you are and we'll add you to next year's directory! Call Woodson Hwy. Inside Front Martin Real Estate Family Clinic Home Health The Grahams, who had left Louisville, Kentucky, with plans to find the best By , Fort Belknap was abandoned when every able-bodied male in Young County left to fight in the Civil War.

Call today to make an appointment. COM Throughout the s and early s, ranchers and others began land to establish a town, found what they were looking for and donated land for the town that would be named for their family. Even earlier, others, including the Apache and Jumanos, roamed this area. By Appointment Only Mon.

Thank You Historic Tour Graham's history is evident in its many historic buildings, homes and businesses, especially in the downtown area. Young County Courthouse The Double R Trading Company 4. Audrey's Nancy A. Howry Building Oak St. Liberty Theater Oak St. Akin and Co. Drug Store Oak St. Gallagher-Laukey Building Elm St. Jeffrey Building Fourth St. Smith and Smiley building Elm St. Young County Jail Fourth St.

Street and Co. Dry Goods Fourth St. Hotel Graham Elm St. Dry Goods Store Horace B. Street Building Elm St. Roselyn Hotel Elm St. Graham, TX www. City of Graham City of Graham Place 1 - Darby Brockway Graham has a council-manager form of city government, operating under a charter adopted in Place 3 - Kyle Peavy City Manager The city of Graham operates both a wastewater treatment plant and a water treatment plant. Place 2 - Brint Albritton Fourth St. Mayor - Jack Graham Sharon McFadden Responsible for the maintenance of all legal documents and records of the city, including proper accounting and financial reporting.

Monday through Friday, and the same hours the second Saturday of each month. William A. Myers Fourth St. Graham Municipal Airport Will Butler, Manager The Graham Memorial Auditorium, built in , may be rented by nonprofit and charitable organizations and public shows and concerts feature a wide range of entertainment genres.

Richard Reed, Pastor Come join us! Affordable Automotive Put our expertise to work for you. Come visit or call us today. Just picture it… And let us take care of the rest! Dalton Contruction Inc. Committed to providing excellent customer service on every job. Duties: The county treasurer receives, disburses and has custody of county funds.

The Duties: Chief process server of the justice courts with statewide jurisdiction to execute any criminal processes Corvadura St Graham, TX Duties: Chief law enforcement officer for the county, responsible for operating the county jail, investigating crimes, maintaining communications with other law enforcement agencies, security for county and district courts, sets bail bond policy and provides for general welfare of the public. The sheriff also serves and returns various judicial notices and processes, Justices of the Peace Administrator Cliff Dr.

Staff: A deputy sergeant, an investiga- Emergency Services tor, six patrol deputies, seven full-time dispatchers, 18 jailers, one full-time work program deputy. Fleet: Three ambulances, including Helping families create a healthier tomorrow. Wendel Hwy. Farm programs have contributed to the growth and prosperity of the national economy since the passage of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of Fifth graders may participate in the Bring Up Grades program which rewards academic achievement every six weeks.

Budge www. President: Cynthia Pinnell Graham Concert Association Purpose: To bring quality entertainment to the people of Graham and surrounding areas by offering concert annually as well as holding performances for students for a nominal fee. The organization strives to enrich the lives of all citizens of Young County and unleash the artistic potential of The Kiwanis Club's annual pancake breakfast is one of myriad events held by local clubs and organizations each year.

Christian Sanders grahamregionaltheatre. Weldon Floyd Jimmy Rogers Eric Steadham, Master of the Lodge Events: Uniformed men and women 18 and older handling military honors for deceased veterans and assisting in homeland security as well as search-and-rescue operations. Events: Support group for care-givers featuring educational speakers David Wolf Military Meetings: Third Thursday each month at 7 p. Meetings: 7 p. Susan Smith Robert E.

Tuesdays at Smith St. Unseen Masters Call for information. President: Nancy Hays Friends of Library Purpose: To raise funds for the Library of Graham to purchase books, audiotapes, computers, equipment and maintenance. Partnership that really pays. Golf Ages for play go from kindergarten to sixth grade, separated into several divisions.

The course offers varying levels of terrain and includes a water hazard. The course is available during normal park hours. Pecan St. West St. Cy pre Park Hillcrest Dr. Calaveras Shawnee Virginia St. Calaveras Oak St. Second St. Crescent Dr.

Thompson Dr. Scen ls Dr. Brazos St. Rolling Hills Dr. Edgewood Morningside First St. Pearl St. Brazos Cherry St. South Virginia St. Southview South Smith St. Short St. Tennessee St. River Dr. Texas 5 McBrayer Third St. Fourth St. Blewett St. Summit First Smith St. Johnnie Remington St. Florea Old Jacksboro Rd. Monroe St. Goldenrod Cir. The children population under the age of 5 years is calculated to be around The elderly population those above the age of 65 is estimated to be roughly With these details, the average age of a person is estimated to be The population is also classified into men and women in the particular area.

A family size of a home is estimated to be 2. This is calculating the number of residents in each household in that particular each zone. Thank-you for confirming your experiences This is a fraud. They called at am to say my card had been deactivated. I do believe they are wanting you are tired and disoriented in early day and willingly hand out personal information.

Do not do-it!!! Contact E Bee specifically and document the phone number. This is a scam range. Named at am on

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Jackie Cottongame, BS-EADP. Master Telecommunicator/Communications Training Officer. Sachse Police DepartmentAdvanced Emergency Medical. Texas Association of Public Safety Communications Officials. Texas APCO Mission Statement: The Texas Chapter of the Association of Public-Safety Officials. Jackie Cottongame's email address j******@bestbinaryoptionsbroker654.com | Show email & phone >>>.