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Angelines aromatics investment calculators geoffroy de saint chasms lazard investment

Angelines aromatics investment calculators

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I don't think it's possible to sell stuff that's that expensive. Best you can do, which is what i usually do, is to barter. I go to the war maiden, pick up whatever I want, weapons to disenchant Still, it would've been great if they put like one wealthy merchant in all of skyrim who has K to barter with every 7 days or so. I think that would've made things a little more interesting. Maybe in the future DLC. User Info: SharpCanine. If you invest in Riverrun Trader he has 11K every couple of days.

He is the best one I have found in terms of money available. Quote: Phophenomenon posted SharpCanine yeah he is the best merchant in skyrim. Quote:Phophenomenon posted Almost hrs into the game and I dunno where riverrun is.

Can anyone post a map or youtube video showing the location. Maybe I've been there but I've discovered so many locations it's hard to tell what's what. More topics from this board Side Quest 2 Answers How do I solve the 3 stone puzzle?

Side Quest 1 Answer Where can I find a soul trap weapon? Side Quest 5 Answers The marriage Ceremony won't start. Side Quest 12 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: Phophenomenon Phophenomenon 8 years ago 1 I'm on patch 1. I can invest forever and the option won't disappear.

So I can sell my k potions ; try it and see if it works for you. User Info: mustain mustain 8 years ago 3 You keep investing with her and the more you give her, the more money she'll have every time you drop by? User Info: Phophenomenon Phophenomenon Topic Creator 8 years ago 5 Quote: You keep investing with her and the more you give her, the more money she'll have every time you drop by? User Info: mustain mustain 8 years ago 6 Phophenomenon posted User Info: mustain mustain 8 years ago 10 Phophenomenon posted Late to the party: slightly overwhelmed by choices.

What Races cant catch vampirism? ALS is a multi-step progressive lethal disease characterized by muscle weakness due to loss of motor neurons [ 2 ]. Our epidemiologic study of ALS risk factors in Northern New England strongly supports a major role for environmental chemicals and occupational exposures in the disease etiology.

The study also introduces new human evidence of a possible waterbody-related exposure factor. Consistent with the umbrella review of meta-analyses that established convincing evidence of an association between ALS and lead exposure, we found that the risk of ALS was increased 2. Blood levels of lead have been reported to be elevated in ALS patients [ 18 , 19 ]. The umbrella review also found a statistically significant 1. We found a 3. In addition to lead and pesticides, the 1.

Results of our occupational analysis are consistent with some prior studies, but not others. Another case-control study conducted in New England — found a similar increased risk of ALS for workers ever employed as construction workers OR 2. On the other hand, a U. Our composite model indicated a 3-fold association between water-skiing and ALS risk that is independent of age, gender, smoking, exposure to chemicals, or occupation. Exposure to cyanobacteria and the cyanotoxin BMAA is one possible explanation for the association of increased risk of ALS from exposure to water bodies.

Exposure routes for cyanotoxins that have been proposed include inhalation of aerosolized particles, which could occur during activities such as waterskiing [ 27 ], ingestion, and direct contact through water sports [ 28 ]. It is unclear to what degree the water-body associations we observed might have been due to BMAA vs. Our results motivate further investigation of water-body related environmental risk factors. Limitations of our study include relatively small sample sizes that impair statistical power within certain subgroups.

Detailed information on the dates of participation or exposure were not collected, thus we could not calculate latency. Our primary analyses of risk factors for ALS were based on comparisons of ALS patients with controls recruited from among patients with idiopathic neurological diseases that, as in ALS, often cause patients to search their memories for possible lifetime exposures that might have caused their disease.

Although some of the diagnoses of the clinic-based controls could have risk-factors in common with ALS, such relationships would be expected to bias the results towards the null. We hoped thereby to correct for differential recall of events recall bias. We found that exposure to only certain environmental factors and not all were statistically significantly associated with ALS, which adds weight to the conclusion that these associations are real and not due to recall bias.

For example, exposure to lead was associated with increased ALS risk, but not exposure to mercury. A potential drawback of the use of clinic-based controls is that recall bias would increase the frequency of reported exposures in both groups, thereby reducing the likelihood of detecting important environmental exposure risks. Therefore, we believe that recall bias did not significantly influence the results of our study and that the observed positive associations for ALS risk factors are likely robust.

Our results provide evidence of environmental and occupational exposures that likely play a role in the etiology of sporadic ALS. Future investigations using biosample-based exposure assessment will be useful for elucidating the more detailed dose- and specific chemical class relationships.

Our findings also suggest that further investigation of water-body related factors in additional populations is warranted. Identifying the preventable exposures that increase risk of ALS is a critical step in reducing the incidence of this devastating disease. Competing financial interests: The authors declare they have no actual or potential competing financial interests. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Neurodegener Dis. Author manuscript; available in PMC Jan Angeline S. Andrew , 1 Tracie A. Caller , 2 Rup Tandan , 3 Eric J. Duell , 4 Patricia L. Henegan , 1 Nicholas Field , 1 Walter G. Bradley , 5 and Elijah W. Stommel 1. Tracie A. Eric J. Patricia L. Walter G. Elijah W. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Address correspondence to: Angeline S. Telephone: Copyright notice. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Neurodegener Dis.

See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract Background Recent data provide support for the concept that potentially modifiable exposures are responsible for sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS. Objective To evaluate environmental and occupational exposures as risk factors for sporadic ALS.

Results Self-reported job or hobby-related exposure to one or more chemicals, such as pesticides, solvents, or heavy metals, increased the risk of ALS adjusted odds ratio OR 2. Conclusions Our study contributes to a growing body of literature implicating occupational- and hobby-related toxicant exposures in ALS etiology.

Keywords: environmental, exposure, occupation, toxicant, water. Introduction Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS is a progressive, fatal neurodegenerative condition for which no cures exist and treatments are limited. Table 1 Population characteristics by ALS status. Open in a separate window. Table 5 Composite models of ALS risk factors.

Table 4 Waterbody proximity and use in relation to ALS status. Table 2 Toxicant exposures and sources related to ALS status. Table 3 Occupations related to ALS status. Discussion ALS is a multi-step progressive lethal disease characterized by muscle weakness due to loss of motor neurons [ 2 ].

Supplementary Material Click here to view. Footnotes Competing financial interests: The authors declare they have no actual or potential competing financial interests. References 1. Global epidemiology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a systematic review of the published literature. Analysis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis as a multistep process: a population-based modelling study.

Lancet Neurol. Epub Oct 7. What we truly know about occupation as a risk factor for ALS: A critical and systematic review. Amyotroph Lateral Scler. Environmental and occupational risk factors for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a case-control study. Epub Nov Beard JD, Kamel F. Military service, deployments, and exposures in relation to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis etiology and survival.


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Synthetic Metals , , A Theoretical Perspective. Chemistry - A European Journal , 20 16 , Treatments for reflux disease that affect the acid pocket will also be discussed. The acid pocket : a target for treatment in reflux disease? The nadir esophageal pH of reflux observed during pH monitoring in the postprandial period is often more acidic than the concomitant intragastric pH. This paradox prompted the discovery of the "acid pocket ", an area of unbuffered gastric acid that accumulates in the proximal stomach after meals and serves as the reservoir for acid reflux in healthy individuals and gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD patients.

However, there are differentiating features between these populations in the size and position of the acid pocket , with GERD patients predisposed to upward migration of the proximal margin onto the esophageal mucosa, particularly when supine. This upward migration of acid, sometimes referred to as an "acid film", likely contributes to mucosal pathology in the region of the squamocolumnar junction. Furthermore, movement of the acid pocket itself to a supradiaphragmatic location with hiatus hernia increases the propensity for acid reflux by all conventional mechanisms.

Consequently, the acid pocket is an attractive target for GERD therapy. PQcalc is an online calculator designed to support students in college-level science classes. Unlike a pocket calculator , PQcalc allows students to set up problems within the calculator just as one would on paper.

This includes using proper units and naming quantities strategically in a way that helps finding the solution. Results of calculations…. Development of purely structure-based pharmacophores for the topoisomerase I-DNA-ligand binding pocket. Purely structure-based pharmacophores SBPs are an alternative method to ligand-based approaches and have the advantage of describing the entire interaction capability of a binding pocket.

Here, we present the development of SBPs for topoisomerase I, an anticancer target with an unusual ligand binding pocket consisting of protein and DNA atoms. Different approaches to cluster and select pharmacophore features are investigated, including hierarchical clustering and energy calculations.

In addition, the performance of SBPs is evaluated retrospectively and compared to the performance of ligand- and complex-based pharmacophores. SBPs emerge as a valid method in virtual screening and a complementary approach to ligand-focussed methods. The study further reveals that the choice of pharmacophore feature clustering and selection methods has a large impact on the virtual screening hit lists. A prospective application of the SBPs in virtual screening reveals that they can be used successfully to identify novel topoisomerase inhibitors.

Pocket proteins suppress head and neck cancer. Head and neck squamous cell carcinomas HNSCC is a common cancer in humans long known to be caused by tobacco and alcohol use, but now an increasing percentage of HNSCC is recognized to be caused by the same human papillomaviruses HPV that cause cervical and other anogenital cancers.

From studies in mice, we know that E7 is the dominant HPV oncoprotein in head and neck cancer. E7 is best known for its ability to inactivate pRb, the product of the retinoblastoma tumor susceptibility gene. However, loss of pRb function does not fully account for potency of E7 in causing head and neck cancer.

In this study, we characterized the cancer susceptibility of mice deficient in the expression of pRb and either of two related " pocket " proteins, p and p, that are also inactivated by E7. Mice deficient for pRb and p in their head and neck epithelia showed intermediate acute and tumor phenotypes.

Hydration of excess electrons trapped in charge pockets on molecular surfaces. In this work we strive to design a novel electron trap located on a molecular surface. The process of electron trapping involves hydration of the trapped electron. Previous calculations on surface electron trapping revealed that clusters of OH groups can form stable hydrogen-bonded networks on one side of a hydrocarbon surface i. The excess electron density on such surfaces can be further stabilized by interactions with water molecules.

Our calculations show that these anionic systems are stable with respect to vertical electron detachment VDE. Living room, view to east wall and pocket doors Living room, view to east wall and pocket doors to front parlor; view to east; 65mm lens with electronic flash illumination. Pocket facts : Swedish Road Administration, roads and traffic. Pocket Facts offers an overall picture of the road : transport system.

Here you will find a selection of : brief facts about roads, road transports, vehicles and : people in traffic. In addition, it presents the functions : and organisation at the SR Occupation of the cytochrome P substrate pocket by diverse compounds at general anesthesia concentrations. Each of a diverse array of compounds, at concentrations reported to effect general anesthesia, when added to liver microsomes, forms a complex with cytochromes P to generate, with reference to a cuvette containing microsomes only, a characteristic absorbance-difference spectrum.

This spectrum results from a change in the electron-spin state of the heme iron atom induced upon entry by the anesthetic molecule into the enzyme catalytic pocket. The difference spectrum, representing the anesthetic-P complex, is characteristic of substances that are substrates for the enzyme. For the group of compounds as a whole, the magnitudes of the absorbance-difference spectra vary only about twofold, although the anesthetic potencies vary by several orders of magnitude.

The absorbance complex resulting from the occupation of the catalytic pocket by endogenous substrates, androstenedione and arachidonic acid, is inhibited, competitively, by anesthetics. Occupation of and perturbation of the heme catalytic pocket by anesthetic, as monitored by the absorbance-difference spectrum, is rapidly reversible.

The presumed in vivo consequences of perturbation by general anesthetics of heme proteins is suppression of the generation of chemical signals that determine cell sensitivity and response. A comprehensive cold gas performance study of the Pocket Rocket radiofrequency electrothermal microthruster.

This paper presents computational fluid dynamics simulations of the cold gas operation of Pocket Rocket and Mini Pocket Rocket radiofrequency electrothermal microthrusters, replicating experiments performed in both sub-Torr and vacuum environments. This work takes advantage of flow velocity choking to circumvent the invalidity of modelling vacuum regions within a CFD simulation, while still preserving the accuracy of the desired results in the internal regions of the microthrusters.

Simulated results of the plenum stagnation pressure is in precise agreement with experimental measurements when slip boundary conditions with the correct tangential momentum accommodation coefficients for each gas are used. Thrust and specific impulse is calculated by integrating the flow profiles at the exit of the microthrusters, and are in good agreement with experimental pendulum thrust balance measurements and theoretical expectations.

For low thrust conditions where experimental instruments are not sufficiently sensitive, these cold gas simulations provide additional data points against which experimental results can be verified and extrapolated. The cold gas simulations presented in this paper will be used as a benchmark to compare with future plasma simulations of the Pocket Rocket microthruster.

The effect of hillslope angle on pocket gopher Thomomys bottae burrow geometry. One way for animals to decrease energy expenditures is to minimize the cost of movement. For animals dwelling on slopes, gravity can impart a large energetic cost to movement. For this reason, animals traveling aboveground alter their movement patterns in response to the steepness of terrain specifically hillslope angle so as to minimize their energetic costs. Subterranean animals should also benefit from choosing optimum movement paths in relation to hillslopes but concurrently must factor the cost of excavation into their movement decisions.

In cases where the excavation costs are much higher than the costs of working against gravity, excavation costs may override the consideration of gravitational costs and movement of subterranean animals may be independent of hillslope angle. At each excavation we measured several characteristics of burrow geometry and used these data in a model of pocket gopher energetics to calculate the cost of tunnel construction at the various hillslope angles.

We found that the cost of tunnel construction was independent of hillslope angle, and that the costs of shearing soil and pushing soil horizontally through the tunnels were 3 orders of magnitude greater than the costs of lifting the soil against the force of gravity. Accordingly, pocket gopher foraging tunnels were oriented independently of the hillslope. The decoupling of the movement patterns of subterranean animals from the effects of gravity is a distinctive feature of the subterranean habit compared to the movement of aboveground animals.

Because of the important effects of tunnel construction on soil processes, this unique biological feature of subterranean animals has implications for basic physical processes, such as soil erosion. We found that the rate of soil flux. Geometric measures of large biomolecules: surface, volume, and pockets. Geometry plays a major role in our attempts to understand the activity of large molecules. For example, surface area and volume are used to quantify the interactions between these molecules and the water surrounding them in implicit solvent models.

In addition, the detection of pockets serves as a starting point for predictive studies of biomolecule-ligand interactions. The alpha shape theory provides an exact and robust method for computing these geometric measures. Several implementations of this theory are currently available. We show however that these implementations fail on very large macromolecular systems.

We show that these difficulties are not theoretical; rather, they are related to the architecture of current computers that rely on the use of cache memory to speed up calculation. By rewriting the algorithms that implement the different steps of the alpha shape theory such that we enforce locality, we show that we can remediate these cache problems; the corresponding code, UnionBall has an apparent O n behavior over a large range of values of n up to tens of millions , where n is the number of atoms.

As an example, it takes sec with UnionBall to compute the contribution of each atom to the surface area and volume of a viral capsid with more than five million atoms on a commodity PC. UnionBall includes functions for computing analytically the surface area and volume of the intersection of two, three and four spheres that are fully detailed in an appendix. UnionBall is available as an OpenSource software. Geometry plays a major role in our attempt to understand the activity of large molecules.

By rewriting the algorithms that implement the different steps of the alpha shape theory such that we enforce locality, we show that we can remediate these cache problems; the corresponding code, UnionBall has an apparent n behavior over a large range of values of n up to tens of millions , where n is the number of atoms. As an example, it takes seconds with UnionBall to compute the contribution of each atom to the surface area and volume of a viral capsid with more than five million atoms on a commodity PC.

UnionBall includes functions for computing the surface area and volume of the intersection of two, three and four spheres that are fully detailed in an appendix. Catheter related infection is the most common complication of central venous catheter, which pathogen mainly originate from the pipe joint and the skin around puncture site.

How to prevent catheter infection is an important issue in clinical nursing. The utility model disclosed a "disposable nursing applicator- pocket of indwelling central venous catheter", which is mainly used for the fixation and the protection. The main structure consists of two parts, one is medical applicator to protect the skin around puncture site, and the other is gauze pocket to protect the catheter external connector. When in use, the catheter connector is fitted into the pocket , and then the applicator is applied to cover the puncture point of the skin.

Integrated design of medical applicator and gauze pocket was designed to realize double functions of fixation and protection. The disposable nursing applicator- pocket is made of medical absorbent gauze outer layer and non-woven fabric inner layer , which has the characteristics of comfortable, breathable, dust filtered, bacteria filtered, waterproof, antiperspirant and anti-pollution.

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, simple operation, effective protection, easy realization and popularization. Ethics pocket cards: an educational tool for busy clinicians. The adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is widely used in healthcare settings and can be applied to the work of institutional clinical ethics committees.

The model of clinical ethics consultation, however, is inherently reactive: a crisis or question emerges, and ethics experts are called to help. In an effort to employ a proactive component to the model of clinical ethics consultation as well as to standardize our educational interventions , we developed ethics pocket cards. The purpose of this article is to: 1 describe the rationale for using ethics pocket cards, 2 provide examples of our cards, and 3 begin a dialogue about the potential uses of ethics pocket cards.

In doing so, we hope to explore how such portable, economical devices can advance the goals of ethics consultation as well as the educational aims of ethics committees. Copyright The Journal of Clinical Ethics. Guiding periodontal pocket recolonization: a proof of concept. The complexity of the periodontal microbiota resembles that of the gastro-intestinal tract, where infectious diseases are treatable via probiotics.

In the oropharyngeal region, probiotic or replacement therapies have shown some benefit in the prevention of dental caries, otitis media, and pharyngitis, but their effectiveness in the treatment of periodontitis is unknown. Therefore, this study addressed the hypothesis that the application of selected beneficial bacteria, as an adjunct to scaling and root planing, would inhibit the periodontopathogen recolonization of periodontal pockets.

Analysis of the data showed, in a beagle dog model, that when beneficial bacteria were applied in periodontal pockets adjunctively after root planing, subgingival recolonization of periodontopathogens was delayed and reduced, as was the degree of inflammation, at a clinically significant level. The study confirmed the hypothesis and provides a proof of concept for a guided pocket recolonization GPR approach in the treatment of periodontitis.

Predicting the effectiveness of viscoelastic damping pockets in beams. This paper looks at the use of viscoelastic damping pockets in the suppression of structural vibration. These are in the form of cavities filled with a viscoelastic material. The benefits and uses of these designed-in damping treatments are highlighted. The vibration responses of viscoelastically-damped beams are predicted using the finite element method. A series of cantilevered beams are considered and the damping performance of several configurations of designed-in dampers are predicted and compared to that of a traditional CLD treatment.

It is shown that the effectiveness of the damping pockets and sinks depends on their location and size with respect to the highly stressed regions of the beams. Although there is a practical limit on the sizes of the geometrical features that can be designed-in, it is shown that if located correctly the damping pockets and sinks can be more effective at suppressing structural vibration than traditional CLD treatments.

A pocket model for aluminum agglomeration in composite propellants. This paper presents a model for the purpose of estimating the fraction of aluminum powder that will form agglomerates at the surface of deflagrating composite propellants. The basic idea is that the fraction agglomerated depends upon the amount of aluminum that melts within effective binder pocket volumes framed by oxidizer particles.

The effective pocket depends upon the ability of ammonium perchlorate modals to encapsulate the aluminum and provide a local temperature sufficient to ignite the aluminum. Model results are discussed in the light of data showing effects of propellant formulation variables and pressure. NOTE: Cell-phone interference with pocket dosimeters. Accurate reporting of personal dose is required by regulation for hospital personnel that work with radioactive material.

Pocket dosimeters are commonly used for monitoring this personal dose. We show that operating a cell phone in the vicinity of a pocket dosimeter can introduce large and erroneous readings of the dosimeter. This note reports a systematic study of this electromagnetic interference.

We found that simple practical measures are enough to mitigate this problem, such as increasing the distance between the cell phone and the dosimeter or shielding the dosimeter, while maintaining its sensitivity to ionizing radiation, by placing it inside a common anti-static bag. Recent trends in the probability of high out-of- pocket medical expenses in the United States.

Objective: This article measures the probability that out-of- pocket expenses in the United States exceed a threshold share of income. Data and Method: This article uses nationally representative household survey data on , individuals.

These probabilities are calculated for individuals based on their income, health status, and elderly status. Results: Despite favorable changes in both health policy and the economy, large numbers of Americans continue to be exposed to high out-of- pocket expenditures.

Drug-like density: a method of quantifying the "bindability" of a protein target based on a very large set of pockets and drug-like ligands from the Protein Data Bank. One approach to estimating the "chemical tractability" of a candidate protein target where we know the atomic resolution structure is to examine the physical properties of potential binding sites.

A number of other workers have addressed this issue. A metric DLID drug-like density measures how likely a pocket is to bind a drug-like molecule. This is calculated from the count of other pockets in its local neighborhood in pocket space that contain drug-like cocrystallized ligands and the count of total pockets in the neighborhood. Surprisingly, despite being defined locally, a global trend in DLID can be predicted by a simple linear regression on log volume , buriedness, and hydrophobicity.

Two levels of simplification are necessary to relate the DLID of individual pockets to "targets": taking the best DLID per Protein Data Bank PDB entry because any given crystal structure can have many pockets , and taking the median DLID over all PDB entries for the same target because different crystal structures of the same protein can vary because of artifacts and real conformational changes.

We can show that median DLIDs for targets that are detectably homologous in sequence are reasonably similar and that median DLIDs correlate with the "druggability" estimate of Cheng et al. Nature Biotechnology , 25, Continuing mortality of red pine from an unknown cause has been observed in 30 to 40 year old plantations in southern and west central Wisconsin.

A single tree or small group of trees die, followed by mortality of adjacent trees. These circular pockets of dead trees expand up to 0. Portable Anthrax Testing with Lab-in-a- Pocket. BaDx Bacillus anthracis Diagnostics is a lab-in-a- pocket device to sample, sense, and diagnose bacteria that cause anthrax. It accomplishes these tasks in environments with no power, refrigerated storage, or laboratory equipment. BaDx was designed to be used with minimal or no training, and to keep handlers safe.

Australian Vocational Education and Training Statistics. Pocket Guide. Issued This publication, presented in pocket guide format, contains highlights from the vocational education and training VET statistics collection. It also includes key data on VET, apprentices and trainees' training activity, and information on technical and further education TAFE graduates obtained from the Student Outcomes Survey. Reynolds number scaling of pocket events in the viscous sublayer.

Recent findings [X. Wu et al. USA , E , Falco, Philos. London A , , In the present study, smoke visualization and axial velocity measurements are combined in order to establish the scaling behavior of pocket events in the viscous sublayer of the turbulent boundary layer. Both the pocket width W and time interval between pocket events T increase logarithmically with Reynolds number when normalized by viscous units. Normalization of W and T by the Taylor microscales evaluated at a wall-normal location of about viscous units, however, appears to successfully remove this Reynolds-number dependence.

The present results are discussed in the context of motion formation owing to the three dimensionalization of the near-wall vorticity field and, concomitantly, the recurring perturbation of the viscous sublayer. Equity in out-of- pocket payment in Chile.

METHODS Based on the principle of ability to pay, we explore factors that contribute to inequities in the health system finance and issues about the burden of out-of- pocket payment, as well as the progressivity and redistributive effect of out-of- pocket payment in Chile. Our analysis also identifies relevant policy variables such as education, insurance system, and method of payment that should be taken into consideration in the ongoing debates and research in improving the Chilean system.

Furthermore, policies should explore changes in the access to education and its impact on equity. To assess the distribution of financial burden in Chile, with a focus on the burden and progressivity of out-of- pocket payment.

Based on the principle of ability to pay, we explore factors that contribute to inequities in the health system finance and issues about the burden of out-of- pocket payment, as well as the progressivity and redistributive effect of out-of- pocket payment in Chile. Results from this study indicate evidence of inequity, in spite of the progressivity of the healthcare system.

In order to reduce the detected disparities among income groups, healthcare priorities should target low-income groups. Similarities among receptor pockets and among compounds: analysis and application to in silico ligand screening. We developed a new method to evaluate the distances and similarities between receptor pockets or chemical compounds based on a multi-receptor versus multi-ligand docking affinity matrix.

The receptors were classified by a cluster analysis based on calculations of the distance between receptor pockets. A set of low homologous receptors that bind a similar compound could be classified into one cluster. Based on this line of reasoning, we proposed a new in silico screening method. According to this method, compounds in a database were docked to multiple targets. The new docking score was a slightly modified version of the multiple active site correction MASC score.

Receptors that were at a set distance from the target receptor were not included in the analysis, and the modified MASC scores were calculated for the selected receptors. The choice of the receptors is important to achieve a good screening result, and our clustering of receptors is useful to this purpose. This method was applied to the analysis of a set of receptors and compounds, and the results demonstrated that this method achieves a high hit ratio, as compared to that of a uniform sampling, using a receptor-ligand docking program, Sievgene, which was newly developed with a good docking performance yielding Out-of- pocket payments for health care in Serbia.

This study focuses on out-of- pocket payments for health care in Serbia. In contrast to previous studies, we distinguish three types of out-of- pocket patient payments: official co-payments, informal under-the-table payments and payments for "bought and brought goods" i. We analyse the probability and intensity of three different types of out-of- pocket patient payments in the public health care sector in Serbia and their distribution among different population groups.

Out-of- pocket patients payments for both outpatient and inpatient health care are included. The data are analysed using regression analysis. The majority of health care users report official co-payments Regarding the regression results, users with an income below the poverty line, those from rural areas and who are not married are more likely to report payments for "bought and brought goods, while young and more educated users are more likely to report informal patient payments.

Overall, the three types of out-of- pocket payments are not correlated. Payments for "bought and brought goods" take the highest share of the total annual household budget. Serbian policymakers need to consider different strategies to deal with informal payments and to eliminate the practice of "bought and brought goods".

Analysis and prediction of calcium-binding pockets from apo-protein structures exhibiting calcium-induced localized conformational changes. Calcium binding in proteins exhibits a wide range of polygonal geometries that relate directly to an equally diverse set of biological functions.

The output from MUGSR presents groups of residues where each group, typically containing two to five residues, is a potential binding pocket. Predicted pockets were validated by comparison with homologous holo structures. The transfer is thought to occur through the formation of a stable intermediate complex NPC1 NTD -NPC2, in which the sterol apertures of the two proteins align to allow passage of the cholesterol molecule.

In order for cholesterol to slide from one binding pocket to the other, a conformational change must occur in the proteins, in the ligand, or in both. Here, we investigate the possibility that the ligand undergoes a conformational change, or isomerization, to accommodate the bent transfer pathway. To understand what structural factors influence the isomerization rate, we calculate the energy barrier to cholesterol isomerization in both the NPC1 NTD and NPC2 binding pockets.

The NPC1 NTD binding pocket is energetically unfavorable to conformational rearrangement of the hydrophobic ligand because it contains more water molecules near the ligand tail and amino acids with polar side chains. Applicants for Action Grants under the Pockets of Poverty provision must describe the number and, to the extent possible, the Site Description - The Corral Pocket site is located in a semi-arid grassland in southeastern Utah, just east of Canyonlands National park.

Case of pacemaker pocket infection caused by Finegoldia magna. Finegoldia magna formerly called Peptostreptococcus magnus is a Gram-positive anaerobic coccus which is increasingly recognized as an opportunistic pathogen. We present a case of F. Five weeks after the implantation, the pacemaker and leads were explanted because of clinical evidence of pacemaker pocket infection. He was initially treated with sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim based on the Gram stain results from the removed pacemaker.

However, two weeks later, he was readmitted with sepsis and was successfully treated with ampicillin-sulbactam. Culture results from the pacemaker and pocket as well as blood cultures grew F. Clinicians should be aware of the possibility of F. Pocket -sized versus standard ultrasound machines in abdominal imaging. The pocket -sized ultrasound machine has emerged as an invaluable tool for quick assessment in emergency and general practice settings.

It is suitable for instant and quick assessment in cardiac imaging. However, its applicability in the imaging of other body parts has yet to be established. In this pictorial review, we compared the performance of the pocketsized ultrasound machine against the standard ultrasound machine for its image quality in common abdominal pathology.

Ultraviolet UV radiation does not impact the nanotube properties given the substantial mismatch of bandgaps and therefore, CNTs have never been considered for UV sensing, unlike the popular ZnO and other oxide nanwires. Here, we demonstrate a novel sensor structure encapsulated with an air pocket , where the confined air is responsible for the UV sensing mechanism and assures sensor stability and repeatability over time.

In addition to the protection from any contamination, the air pocket encapsulated sensor offers negligible baseline drift and fast recovery compared to previously reported sensors. The air pocket isolated from the outside environment can act as a stationary oxygen reservoir, resulting in consistent sensor characteristics. Furthermore, this sensor can be used even in liquid environments. Film cooling air pocket in a closed loop cooled airfoil. Turbine stator vane segments have radially inner and outer walls with vanes extending between them.

The inner and outer walls are compartmentalized and have impingement plates. Steam flowing into the outer wall plenum passes through the impingement plate for impingement cooling of the outer wall upper surface. The spent impingement steam flows into cavities of the vane having inserts for impingement cooling the walls of the vane.

The steam passes into the inner wall and through the impingement plate for impingement cooling of the inner wall surface and for return through return cavities having inserts for impingement cooling of the vane surfaces. To provide for air film cooing of select portions of the airfoil outer surface, at least one air pocket is defined on a wall of at least one of the cavities. Each air pocket is substantially closed with respect to the cooling medium in the cavity and cooling air pumped to the air pocket flows through outlet apertures in the wall of the airfoil to cool the same.

Out-of- pocket expenditures on traditional and Western medicine in Taiwan. Coexistence of traditional and modern medicine is common in Asian countries. This paper investigates out-of- pocket expenditures on traditional medicine, traditional medical service, and Western medicine by households in Taiwan.

Using a national sample of 13, households, the three expenditure equations are estimated with a censored system procedure. Effects of socio-demographic variables are explored by calculating marginal effects on probabilities and levels of medical expenses.

Different types of medical expenditures are correlated. Households with higher income and more aging members use more traditional medicine than others, as do households in agricultural sector and in urban areas. In addition, households living in rural areas relative to those in the cities are more likely to use and also spend more on traditional service.

Regional disparity of health care utilization is found. Higher income households spend more on traditional medicine, likely due to the fact that patients usually pay out-of- pocket for herbal materials needed in preparation of traditional medicine. To ensure equity in health care utilization, establishment of hospitals and clinics in rural areas should be considered.

Insights into an original pocket -ligand pair classification: a promising tool for ligand profile prediction. Pockets are today at the cornerstones of modern drug discovery projects and at the crossroad of several research fields, from structural biology to mathematical modeling. Being able to predict if a small molecule could bind to one or more protein targets or if a protein could bind to some given ligands is very useful for drug discovery endeavors, anticipation of binding to off- and anti-targets.

To date, several studies explore such questions from chemogenomic approach to reverse docking methods. Most of these studies have been performed either from the viewpoint of ligands or targets. However it seems valuable to use information from both ligands and target binding pockets. Hence, we present a multivariate approach relating ligand properties with protein pocket properties from the analysis of known ligand-protein interactions. We explored and optimized the pocket -ligand pair space by combining pocket and ligand descriptors using Principal Component Analysis and developed a classification engine on this paired space, revealing five main clusters of pocket -ligand pairs sharing specific and similar structural or physico-chemical properties.

These pocket -ligand pair clusters highlight correspondences between pocket and ligand topological and physico-chemical properties and capture relevant information with respect to protein-ligand interactions. Based on these pocket -ligand correspondences, a protocol of prediction of clusters sharing similarity in terms of recognition characteristics is developed for a given pocket -ligand complex and gives high performances.

It is then extended to cluster prediction for a given pocket in order to acquire knowledge about its expected ligand profile or to cluster prediction for a given ligand in order to acquire knowledge about its expected pocket profile. This prediction approach shows promising results and could contribute to predict some ligand properties critical for binding to a given pocket , and conversely, some key pocket.

Burial duration, depth and air pocket explain avalanche survival patterns in Austria and Switzerland. To calculate the first Austrian avalanche survival curve and update a Swiss survival curve to explore survival patterns in the Alps.

Completely buried victims i. Extrication and survival curves were calculated using the Turnbull algorithm, as in previous studies. The survival curves resembled those previously published and support the idea that underlying survival patterns are reproducible. The results are in accordance with current recommendations for management of avalanche victims and serve as a reminder that expedient companion rescue within a few minutes is critical for survival.

An air pocket was shown to be a positive prognostic factor for survival. Elmond S. Mapping pocket gopher burrow systems with expanding polyurethane foam. The impetus for this study arose from the need to isolate buried chemical and radioactive waste from burrowing animals. In a study of barrier materials that inhibit burrowing by pocket gophers Thomomys spp. A method of mapping burrow systems was needed that would be economical, portable, useful in a variety of soil types, and give accurate, permanent records of burrow configurations.

A method is described for injecting an expanding polyurethane foam to map burrow systems in situ. An estimate of pocket closure and avoided needs of surgery after scaling and root planing with systemic antibiotics: a systematic review. Relevant benefits of adjunctive medication of antibiotica after conventional root surface debridement in terms of enhanced pocket depth PD reduction have been shown.

However, means and standard deviations of enhanced reductions are difficult to translate into clinical relevant treatment outcomes such as pocket resolution or avoidance of additional surgical interventions. Accordingly, the aim of this systematic review was to calculate odds ratios for relevant cut-off values of PD after mechanical periodontal treatment with and without antibiotics, specifically the combination of amoxicilline and metronidazol, from published studies.

The databases PubMed, Embase and Central were searched for randomized clinical studies assessing the beneficial effect of the combination of amoxicillin and metronidazole after non-surgical mechanical debridement. Titles, abstracts and finally full texts were scrutinized for possible inclusion by two independent investigators.

Quality and heterogeneity of the studies were assessed and the study designs were examined. From published means and standard deviations for PD after therapy, odds ratios for the clinically relevant cut-off values were calculated using a specific statistical approach. Meta-analyses were performed for the time points 3 and 6 month after mechanical therapy. Generally, a pronounced chance for pocket closure from 3 to 6 months of healing was shown.

The administration of antibiotics resulted in a 3. Generally, studies showed a moderate to high quality and large heterogeneity regarding treatment protocol, dose of. Impact of the application of the Value Added Tax to imaging tests on out-of- pocket health expenses of households in Chile. Out-of- pocket healthcare expense represents a challenge for health systems for it constitutes a barrier to health care, impacting the equality of access to healthcare systems, something particularly important in the Chilean health system.

In this context, the Government recently raised the possibility of incorporating a tax on imaging tests, creating debate over its potential consequences. To explore the impact on household out-of- pocket healthcare expense by the implementation of a value added tax to imaging tests in Chile.

Out-of- pocket healthcare expense and catastrophic household expenses are calculated comparing two scenarios, with and without the inclusion of the proposed tax. Analyses are presented by income deciles to explore the differential equality impact. Under a scenario of tax implementation, a relative increase of 1. The groups that suffer the greatest impact are those with lower income levels, concentrating in the first fifth deciles.

We conclude that, although the increase in the average out-of- pocket spending is moderate, this policy may involve a significant increase in the catastrophic expense of the population with the lowest incomes, thereby increasing health inequalities. Considering the challenges of health system financing in Chile, it appears that such fiscal policy would only worsen the possibility of moving towards lower levels of out-of- pocket of household expenses.

POVME 2. To demonstrate the utility of the algorithm, we use it to analyze the binding pocket of RNA editing ligase 1 from the unicellular parasite Trypanosoma brucei, the etiological agent of African sleeping sickness. The POVME analysis characterizes the full dynamics of a potentially druggable transient binding pocket and so may guide future antitrypanosomal drug-discovery efforts.

We are hopeful that this new version will be a useful tool for the computational- and medicinal-chemist community. Richardson, Susan, E-mail: srichardson radonc. Purpose: Most physicians use a single-channel vaginal cylinder for postoperative endometrial cancer brachytherapy. Recent published data have identified air pockets between the vaginal cylinders and the vaginal mucosa. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the incidence, size, and dosimetric effects of these air pockets. Methods and Materials: 25 patients receiving postoperative vaginal cuff brachytherapy with a high-dose rate vaginal cylinders were enrolled in this prospective data collection study.

Patients were treated with 6 fractions of to cGy per fraction prescribed at 5 mm depth. Computed tomography simulation for brachytherapy treatment planning was performed for each fraction. Five patients had no air pockets present during any of their treatments. The average number of air pockets per patient was 3.

Ten patients had no air pockets on their first fraction but air pockets occurred in subsequent fractions. Conclusion: Air pockets between high-dose rate vaginal cylinder applicators and the vaginal mucosa are present in the majority of fractions of therapy, and their presence varies from patient to patient and fraction to fraction.

The existence of air pockets results in reduced radiation dose to the vaginal mucosa. Histone Deacetylases HDACs are promising anticancer targets and several selective inhibitors have been created based on the architectural differences of foot- pockets among HDACs. However, the "gate-keeper" of foot- pockets is still controversial. Herein, it is for the first time revealed that a conserved R-E salt bridge plays a critical role in keeping foot- pockets closed in class-II HDACs by computational simulations.

This finding is further substantiated by our mutagenesis experiments. Exploitation of pocket gophers and their food caches by grizzly bears. I investigated the exploitation of pocket gophers Thomomys talpoides by grizzly bears Ursus arctos horribilis in the Yellowstone region of the United States with the use of data collected during a study of radiomarked bears in My analysis focused on the importance of pocket gophers as a source of energy and nutrients, effects of weather and site features, and importance of pocket gophers to grizzly bears in the western contiguous United States prior to historical extirpations.

Compared with roots individually excavated by bears, pocket gopher food caches were less digestible but more easily dug out. Exploitation of gopher food caches by grizzly bears was highly sensitive to site and weather conditions and peaked during and shortly after snowmelt. This peak coincided with maximum success by bears in finding pocket gopher food caches. Exploitation was most frequent and extensive on gently sloping nonforested sites with abundant spring beauty Claytonia lanceolata and yampah Perdieridia gairdneri.

Pocket gophers are rare in forests, and spring beauty and yampah roots are known to be important foods of both grizzly bears and burrowing rodents. Although grizzly bears commonly exploit pocket gophers only in the Yellowstone region, this behavior was probably widespread in mountainous areas of the western contiguous United States prior to extirpations of grizzly bears within the last years.

Druggable pockets and binding site centric chemical space: a paradigm shift in drug discovery. Detection, comparison and analyses of binding pockets are pivotal to structure-based drug design endeavors, from hit identification, screening of exosites and de-orphanization of protein functions to the anticipation of specific and non-specific binding to off- and anti-targets.

Here, we analyze protein-ligand complexes and discuss methods that assist binding site identification, prediction of druggability and binding site comparison. The full potential of pockets is yet to be harnessed, and we envision that better understanding of the pocket space will have far-reaching implications in the field of drug discovery, such as the design of pocket -specific compound libraries and scoring functions.

Antibiotic irrigation is routinely used during implant insertion in augmentation mammoplasty procedures. However, the evidence for whether this reduces the incidence of infection or capsular contracture is unclear. Five databases were used to search for all randomized control trials, retrospective cohort and prospective cohort studies containing original data related to the primary outcomes being investigated in this study. The primary outcomes were the effects of antibiotic breast pocket irrigation on clinical infection and capsular contracture.

The literature search was designed to combine three concepts: implant or tissue expander-based breast surgery, antibiotic irrigation and clinical infection or capsular contracture. Studies found were screened using specific eligibility criteria. The search identified citations. Three independent screeners identified seven studies that met the inclusion criteria with a pooled population of This included one prospective and six retrospective studies.

A meta-analysis of pooled study data showed significant reductions in clinical infection RR 0. The meta-analyses support the use of antibiotic irrigation of the breast pocket. However, the results of this study are limited by the large proportion of retrospective studies, the small number of studies included, the lack of randomized controlled trials and the heterogeneity of the antibiotic and control regimes used. This journal requires that authors assign a level of evidence to each article.

For a full description of these Evidence-Based Medicine ratings, please refer to the Table of Contents or the online Instructions to Authors www. Pocket rocket: An electrothermal plasma micro-thruster. Recently, an increase in use of micro-satellites constructed from commercial off the shelf COTS components has developed, to address the large costs associated with designing, testing and launching satellites.

One particular type of micro-satellite of interest are CubeSats, which are modular 10 cm cubic satellites with total weight less than 1. To assist with orbit boosting and attitude control of CubeSats, micro-propulsion systems are required, but are currently limited.

A potential electrothermal plasma micro-thruster for use with CubeSats or other micro-satellites is under development at The Australian National University and forms the basis for this work. Volume averaged steady state gas temperatures are measured for a range of operating conditions, with an analytical collisional model developed to verify experimental results. Spatiotemporal profiles of gas temperature identify that the dominant heating mechanisms are ion-neutral collisions within the discharge and wall heating from ion bombardment of the thruster walls.

Ductal carcinoma of the breast in the pacemaker generator's pocket. Authors present a case of a year-old female patient with invasive ductal adenocarcinoma in the pacemaker, s pocket. A decubitus-like tumor had developed in this place, and has been missinterpretated as a benign lesion for 5 months. Diagnosis was done with a time delay. An excisional biopsy revealed annvasive ductal adenocarcinoma. The first step was the implantation of a new pacemaker generator performed on the opposite side.

The second step was a modified radical mastectomy, according to Madden, and the removal of the originally implanted pacemaker generator. Radiotherapy and hormonal adjuvant therapy were applied after surgery. The patient was followed-up at an out-patient clinic, and died 25 months after diagnosis because of generalization of the disease Fig. The interactions between nonpolar surfaces and polarizable anions lie in a gray area between the hydrophobic and Hofmeister effects. To assess the affinity of these interactions, NMR and ITC were used to probe the thermodynamics of eight anions binding to four different hosts whose pockets each consist primarily of hydrocarbon.

Two classes of host were examined: cavitands and cyclodextrins. For all hosts, anion affinity was found to follow the Hofmeister series, with associations ranging from 1. Despite the fact that cavitand hosts 1 and 2 possess intrinsic negative electrostatic fields, it was determined that these more enveloping hosts generally bound anions more strongly. The observation that the four hosts each possess specific anion affinities that cannot be readily explained by their structures, points to the importance of counter cations and the solvation of the "empty" hosts, free guests, and host-guest complexes, in defining the affinity.

Psychologist in a pocket : towards depression screening on mobile phones. Depression is the most prevalent clinical disorder and one of the main causes of disability. This makes early detection of depressive symptoms critical in its prevention and management. This paper presents and discusses the development of Psychologist in a Pocket PiaP , a mental mHealth application for Android which screens and monitors for these symptoms, and-given the explicit permission of the user-alerts a trusted contact such as the mental health professional or a close friend, if it detects symptoms.

All text inputted electronically-such as short message services, emails, social network posts-is analyzed based on keywords related to depression based on DSM-5 and ICD criteria as well as Beck's Cognitive Theory of Depression and the Self-Focus Model. Data evaluation and collection happen in the background, on-device, without requiring any user involvement. Currently, the application is in an early prototype phase entering initial clinical validation. PockDrug-Server: a new web server for predicting pocket druggability on holo and apo proteins.

Predicting protein pocket 's ability to bind drug-like molecules with high affinity, i. Therefore, pocket druggability investigations represent a key step of compound clinical progression projects. Currently computational druggability prediction models are attached to one unique pocket estimation method despite pocket estimation uncertainties.

PockDrug-Server provides consistent druggability results using different pocket estimation methods. It is robust with respect to pocket boundary and estimation uncertainties, thus efficient using apo pockets that are challenging to estimate. It clearly distinguishes druggable from less druggable pockets using different estimation methods and outperformed recent druggability models for apo pockets. In this paper, we propose 'PockDrug-Server' to predict pocket druggability, efficient on both i estimated pockets guided by the ligand proximity extracted by proximity to a ligand from a holo protein structure and ii estimated pockets based solely on protein structure information based on amino atoms that form the surface of potential binding cavities.

Proton pump inhibitors reduce the size and acidity of the acid pocket in the stomach. The gastric acid pocket is believed to be the reservoir from which acid reflux events originate. Little is known about how changes in position, size, and acidity of the acid pocket contribute to the therapeutic effect of proton pump inhibitors PPIs in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD.

The acid pocket was visualized using scintigraphy after intravenous administration of 99m technetium-pertechnetate. The size of the acid pocket was measured and its position was determined, relative to the diaphragm, using radionuclide markers on a high-resolution manometry catheter. At the end of the study, the acid pocket was aspirated, and its pH level was measured. The number of reflux episodes was comparable between patients on and off PPIs, but the number of acid reflux episodes was reduced significantly in patients on PPIs.

In patients on PPIs, the acid pocket was smaller and more frequently located below the diaphragm. PPIs might affect the size, acidity, or position of the acid pocket , which contributes to the efficacy in patients with GERD. Published by Elsevier Inc. Purpose: Relationships are examined between age and out-of- pocket costs for different health goods and services among the older population.

Planview Geometry and morphological characteristics of pocket beaches on the Catalan coast Spain. Coastal planform studies are a relevant initial stage before launching detailed dynamic field experiments. The aim of this study is to define the planform characteristics of 72 Catalan pocket beaches, natural and man-made, and to determine their sheltering effect, embaymentization and their status of equilibrium. Planform parameters were applied and coastal planview indexes were determined.

The study shows that the Catalan pocket beaches display a wide range of indentation, suggesting that no single structural, tectonic or morphological control dominates their planform. The man-made pocket beaches typically display indentations which are smaller than those shown by natural pocket beaches.

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Against the north wall, behind the counter are four sets of shelves mainly holding various displayed merchandise, along a set of blue mage robes and an empty petty soul gem. Under the counter are more items that are sold. At the western end of the counter is another alcove with more merchandise displayed on a set of shelves and a cupboard. The door to the north leads to a dining area with a long wooden table with a chair and a wooden bench pulled up to it.

It is laid for three people with two bottles of alto wine , a potion of regeneration , a bunch of tundra cotton , a loaf of bread , a goat cheese wheel , some salmon steak , some baked potatoes , and some seared slaughterfish. Against the south wall are two sets of shelves holding clutter. Against the east wall is a narrow table with a bowl of bread, a plate holding an eidar cheese wheel and a plate of red and green apples , with a wall shelf above holding a bottle of alto wine and two bottles of Nord mead.

To the left is a cooking pot on a stand, while in the northeastern corner is a small non-respawning cupboard. Against the north wall is a bookcase holding eight common books, a flute , a drum and a potion of health.

By the door, against the west wall is a wooden bench where you can often find Angeline Morrard sitting down. Climbing the stairs there is a large vase containing a snowberry bush half way up. At the top of the stairs is a landing with a small cupboard on the left holding a bottle of alto wine and three bottles of Honningbrew mead.

Along the north wall is a wooden bench and a low table, and a door leading to Angeline Morrard's bedroom opposite. There are two more doors to the east, and around the corner against the south wall is a narrow table with a chaurus egg , a stone bowl containing a sprig of snowberries, a red , a blue mountain flower , a Hagraven feather , and a Hagraven claw on top.

There are two wall shelves above, holding a potion of health , a potion of resist fire , a weak aversion to shock , a potion of minor healing , a copy of Pension of the Ancestor Moth , and a copy of The Firmament. Angeline's bedroom is a large bedroom with a wooden bench opposite a small non-respawning wardrobe containing fine clothes on either side as you enter.

There is a four-posted double bed coming out of the south wall opposite, with a non-respawning end table on either side. On the right-hand one of these is a copy of The Amulet of Kings. Against the west wall is a table iron dagger , a bowl of bread, and a plate with a sliced Eidar cheese on it.

A wall shelf above holds a bottle of alto wine. At the foot of the bed is an unlocked long chest containing random items. To the left of the bed are two wall shelves holding a potion of plentiful healing and a set of novice robes of illusion , as well as a sprig of lavender. There is a chair in the southeast corner with a non-respawning tall wardrobe to the left along the east wall. In the northeast corner are two bookcases, a wooden bench and a low table with a bunch of tundra cotton and two common books.

The bookcases hold a set of blue mage robes , a bunch of elves ears, a sprig of snowberries, a weak poison and three more common books. The left-hand door on the east wall of the landing leads into Vivienne Onis' bedroom containing a single owned bed in the northeastern corner and a non-respawning end table to the right, as well as a small non-respawning wardrobe against the south wall holding a solution of strength , a potion of extreme stamina and a common book.

Further to the right is a chair by a narrow table which is holding an iron dagger, a bowl of bread and a plate with a sliced Eidar cheese with a wall shelf above with two bottles of Nord mead and a bottle of alto wine on it. There is a tall non-respawning wardrobe and washbasin on a stand opposite, against the north wall. The right-hand door leads into a study of sorts with a wall shelf and two bookcases against the north wall.

There is a potion of plentiful healing and a sprig of lavender on the wall shelf. On the bookshelf are eleven common books as well as copies of , Sun's Dusk, v11 and , Evening Star, v In the meantime, please feel free to search for ways to make a difference in your community at www.

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If you tell her you have, she will ask for news about her daughter. If you say you have no news but are willing to bring some back to her, Angeline will mention that her daughter was stationed in Whiterun after joining the Imperial Army. She asks you to talk to Captain Aldis for information about her daughter.

Angeline : "Vivienne, could you check out supplies of mandrake root? Jump to: navigation , search. Angeline's Aromatics. See Angeline's Aromatics. We use a fixed rate of return. To better personalize the results, you can make additional contributions beyond the initial balance. You choose how often you plan to contribute weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annually and annually in order to see how those contributions impact how much and how fast your money grows. When we make our calculations, we also factor in compounding interest, showing how the interest you earn can then earn interest of its own.

Barbara Friedberg is an author, teacher and expert in personal finance, specifically investing. For nearly two decades she worked as an investment portfolio manager and chief financial officer for a real estate holding company.

She is committed to investment and money education. Her writing has been featured in U. Whether you're considering getting started with investing or you're already a seasoned investor, an investment calculator can help you figure out how to meet your goals. It can show you how your initial investment, frequency of contributions and risk tolerance can all affect how your money grows. We'll walk you through the basics of investing, tell you about different risks and considerations and then turn you loose.

Ready to put your money to work? A financial advisor can help you manage your investment portfolio. To find a financial advisor near you, try our free online matching tool , or call Investing lets you take money you're not spending and put it to work for you. Money you invest in stocks and bonds can help companies or governments grow, and in the meantime it will earn you compound interest. With time, compound interest takes modest savings and turns them into serious nest eggs - so long as you avoid some investing mistakes.

You don't necessarily have to research individual companies and buy and sell stocks on your own to become an investor. In fact, research shows this approach is unlikely to earn you consistent returns. The average investor who doesn't have a lot of time to devote to financial management can probably get away with a few low-fee index funds.

The closer you are to retirement, the more vulnerable you are to dips in your investment portfolio. So what's an in investor to do? Conventional wisdom says older investors who are getting closer to retirement should reduce their exposure to risk by shifting some of their investments from stocks to bonds.

In investing, there's generally a trade-off between risk and return. The investments with higher potential for return also have higher potential for risk. The safe-and-sound investments sometimes barely beat inflation, if they do at all. Finding the asset allocation balance that's right for you will depend on your age and your risk tolerance.

Say you have some money you've already saved up, you just got a bonus from work or you received money as a gift or inheritance. That sum could become your investing principal. Your principal, or starting balance, is your jumping-off point for the purposes of investing. You can buy individual equities and bonds with less than that, though. Once you've invested that initial sum, you'll likely want to keep adding to it. Extreme savers may want to make drastic cutbacks in their budgets so they can contribute as much as possible.

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This may seem low to you if you've read that the stock market averages much higher returns over the course of decades. Let us explain. When we figure rates of return for our calculators, we're assuming you'll have an asset allocation that includes some stocks, some bonds and some cash.

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Sure, investing has risks, but not investing is riskier for anyone who wants to accrue retirement savings and beat inflation.

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Texas Instruments TI-30 Digital Calculator: Repairs

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