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Nuveen investments transfer agent

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We will return to normal business hours on Monday, November 30, Search for:. See All. Help Desk Account Owners. Forgot Username? Forgot Password? Call Us Account Owners ph. ET Financial Professionals: ph. Please upgrade your computer to a supported version of Windows to continue to access your accounts.

Additional information on Windows XP can be found here. Superheroes Wanted. Coronavirus and market volatility Important things to keep in mind during turbulent markets. Open an Account Application Download. Enrollment Kit Order. Share Class Analyzer. Why s. About Us Nuveen is based in Chicago.

Safeguarding your own information: Account owner security checklist While we strive to keep your information and transactions safe, there are actions you can take to contribute to your own security. Review your credit reports frequently at least once a year. Verify the information listed about you is up to date and accurate and that it includes only those accounts and activities you've authorized. Work with the credit reporting agencies to have any inaccurate information removed.

Store your Social Security card, other identification cards, checks and accounts statements in a safe and secure location. Do not carry your Social Security card, passport or birth certificate with you unless absolutely needed. Do not share your personal or financial information over the phone or in person unless the information is absolutely necessary and you can confirm that the individual and company are legitimate. Frequently monitor your financial accounts and report any suspected fraudulent transaction immediately.

Retrieve and review your mail promptly. Shred financial documents no longer needed, pre-approved credit offers, receipts, and other documents that may contain financial and personal information. Protect your computers, cell phone and other mobile devices Install and set your anti-virus and anti-malware software to update automatically. Activate all operating system security features on your internet capable devices.

Make sure your personal computer and home network are properly protected from malware by setting up your firewall. Check to see that the firewall has been properly installed - or enabled if it came bundled with your operating system. Make sure to keep your web browser software up-to-date by installing the most recent version. Keep the operating system for your computer or mobile device up-to-date. Password protect and lock your computers, cell phone, or other mobile devices when not in use.

Only download applications from reputable sources. Be suspicious when installing applications that require you to provide information that has nothing to do with the application's purpose. If you believe your mobile device is infected with malware, contact your service provider. Then, be sure to delete the suspicious emails from your mailbox. Do not click on links or attachments if an email seems suspicious, especially if they tell you the problem is urgent.

This is known as scareware and intended to make you react without thinking. Do not give out personal information. Check a website's privacy policy before you give them your email address. Create strong passwords. Make your password hard for others to guess by using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols that are meaningful only to you.

Avoid using the same password for multiple websites, particularly financial websites, and be sure to change your password often at least annually. See also "Create a strong password" below. Account owners should also avoid using the same password for multiple sites and may want to consider using a password manager software to securely hold multiple passwords to securely manage passwords. Never share your password with anyone. Do not include personal or sensitive data in, or in response to, an email.

Monitor your account activity closely and watch for unusual activity. Promptly review all transaction confirmations, account statements, and any email or paper correspondence sent by your plan. Simply closing the browser window does not equate to logging out.

By clicking on the X to close the browser window your online session may still be open. Shred documents containing personal information. Protect your mail from theft. If you are planning to be away from home, call or go online to contact the U. Postal Service and request a vacation hold.

Be aware of your surroundings when making purchases or using the ATM. Thieves have been known to copy credit card information or take pictures of cards on their cell phones. Practice safe web browsing Only allow pop-ups from sites that you authorize.

Only make online purchases using secure sites that encrypt your information. Instead of following links, go directly to the store's Web site and navigate to find the special sale items. To help ensure that your information is protected when shopping or banking online, look for an unbroken key, or padlock at the bottom of your Web browser or within the address bar.

When you are asked to provide payment information, the beginning of the Web site's URL address should change from http to https, indicating that the purchase is encrypted or secured. Never access a website from a link in a suspicious email. Access online financial sites by typing the address directly into the browser's address bar instead of clicking the link.

It is recommended that once you've typed the address into your browser that you bookmark the site. By doing this you can reference the bookmark the next time you need to login to the site without retyping the address into your browser. Think before you click. Be cautious about clicking on links, especially in emails, and be sure they link to a trusted website. Get in the habit of hovering over links to see the underlying Web address. If you're unsure about a link, you can go to the firm's website by typing the correct address in your Web browser.

Be extremely cautious when using public computers to access financial and other sensitive personal information online. If possible, instead use only known devices, such as your own personal computer which you know has the necessary protections and security features installed. Do not save private information onto public computers. If you're accessing a private account at the library or another public place, be sure to sign out completely from your accounts and don't auto save sign-in information like your username or password.

Be wireless-wise. Don't use public Wi-Fi to access websites with sensitive information such as financial records, banking transactions, business-related documents, or other personal information. When setting up your home network, follow the manufacturer's security recommendations to be sure your wireless signal is properly encrypted.

Be cautious of clickable advertisements, pop-up windows, or fake dialogue boxes with urgent messages. These are often tactics that fraudsters use to try and access and steal your personal information. Do not give out personal information to blogs, forums, and other social networking sites. Beware phishing attempts and unsolicited requests; these don't just happen via email. They can also arrive via social media. Be suspicious of messages or promotions you did not sign up to receive.

Be careful about what you post personally and professionally - too much information can help scammers reach their goals. Always make sure to log out of the website before you close the window. Online fraud can happen when you move from one website to another without logging out of the previous one.

When you are logging into a secure website, do so in a new browser window. Create a strong password The strongest passwords are long and employ a mix of numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters. Passphrases are typically longer than passwords for added security, and contain multiple words that create a phrase.

Your password shouldn't contain any personal or easily attainable information, such as your name, your birthday, Social Security number, or wedding anniversary. In addition, don't use a component of your username in your password. Make sure you use different and unique passwords for all of your online accounts. Reusing a single password for multiple websites is never a good idea.

If a hacker obtains your password, the first thing he or she is going to do is check whether or not that password works for other websites. It's also a good idea to periodically change your passwords. Do not give out your passwords to anyone, including family members. Remembering a multitude of unique passwords is difficult, and writing them down on paper isn't secure. Consider installing a password manager.

A password manager is a software application that helps a user store and organize passwords. The password manager stores the passwords encrypted, requiring the user to create a master password, a single, ideally very strong password which grants the user access to their entire password database. Stay informed on the latest fraud threats Phishing is a cyber-threat by which individuals send messages to lure personal information credit card numbers, bank account information, Social Security numbers, passwords, or other sensitive information from unsuspecting victims.

Phishing may occur through fraudulent emails, fake websites, text messages, or direct phone calls claiming to be a financial institution, or another company you have a customer relationship with, asking you for your personal information. SMiShing is the cell phone version of "Phishing". Using fake company e-mails, scammers send text messages that appear to be from well-known companies but contain links to counterfeit Web pages that have been made to look nearly identical to legitimate companies' sites.

The text messages suggest that there is an urgent need for you to take action to update personal information to avoid an unwanted service charge or another potential threat to your account. The Web sites then ask you to enter financial and personal information - like user IDs, Social Security numbers, bank or credit card account numbers.

Malware, short for "malicious software," includes viruses and spyware. These are small software applications which can be installed on your computer, phone, or mobile device without your consent. Malware is used to steal your personal information, send spam, and commit fraud. Nuveen Global Infrastructure Fund. Nuveen High Income Bond Fund. Nuveen Inflation Protected Securities Fund.

Nuveen Intermediate Government Bond Fund. Nuveen Intermediate Term Bond Fund. Nuveen International Fund. Nuveen International Select Fund. Nuveen Large Cap Select Fund. Nuveen Large Cap Value Fund. Nuveen Mid Cap Index Fund. Nuveen Mid Cap Select Fund. Nuveen Mid Cap Value Fund. Nuveen Minnesota Municipal Bond Fund. Nuveen Nebraska Municipal Bond Fund. Nuveen Real Asset Income Fund. Nuveen Real Estate Securities Fund.

Nuveen Short Term Bond Fund. Nuveen Small Cap Index Fund. Nuveen Small Cap Select Fund. Nuveen Small Cap Value Fund. Nuveen Tactical Market Opportunities Fund. Nuveen Total Return Bond Fund. Nuveen Strategy Balanced Allocation Fund. Nuveen Strategy Conservative Allocation Fund. Nuveen Strategy Growth Allocation Fund. Limitation on Delegation. The Fund acknowledges and agrees that in accepting the delegation hereunder, the Transfer Agent is agreeing to perform only the AML Procedures, as may be amended from time to time, and is not undertaking and shall not be responsible for any other aspect of the AML Program or for the overall compliance by the Fund with the USA PATRIOT Act or for any other matters that have not been delegated hereunder.

Additionally, the parties acknowledge and agree that the Transfer. Schedule 1. AML Procedures 1. The accounts, transactions, items and activity reviewed in each case are subject to certain standard exclusions as set forth in written procedures of the Transfer Agent, which have been made available to the Fund and which may be modified from time to time.

Department of the Treasury or other law enforcement agencies regarding such filing;. Provide the Fund with the necessary information for it to respond to such request within required time frame;. The Transfer Agent will perform an assessment of the money laundering risk presented by the account based on a consideration of relevant factors in accordance with applicable law and information provided by the foreign financial institution in a financial institution questionnaire.

If an account is determined to have a medium or above risk-ranking, the Transfer Agent will monitor the account on a monthly basis for unusual activity. The TPA s shall prepare, and transmit to each of the Plans, periodic account statements showing the total number of Shares owned by that Plan as of the statement closing date, purchases and redemptions of Shares by the Plan during the period covered by the.

Schedule Terms of Appointment and Duties. Transfer Agency Services. Additional Services. In addition to, and neither in lieu nor in contravention of, the services set forth in the above paragraphs, the Transfer Agent shall perform the following services:. Fiduciary Accounts. Fees and Expenses. Fee Schedule. The parties agree that the fees set forth on Schedule 2. The fees and charges set forth on Schedule 2. In the event of such a dispute, the Fund may only withhold that portion of the fee or expense subject to the good faith dispute.

If the Fund does not provide such notice of dispute within the required time, the invoice will be deemed accepted by the Fund. If no agreement is reached, then such disputed amounts shall be settled as may be required by law or legal process. Late Payments. If any undisputed amount in an invoice of the Transfer Agent for fees or reimbursable expenses is not paid when due, the Fund shall pay the Transfer Agent interest thereon from the due date to the date of payment at a per annum rate equal to one percent 1.

Notwithstanding any other provision hereof, such interest rate shall be no greater than permitted under applicable provisions of Massachusetts law. Representations and Warranties of the Transfer Agent. It is a corporation duly organized and existing and in good standing under the laws of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It will promptly notify the Fund in the event of any material change in its status as a registered transfer agent. It is duly qualified to carry on its business in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It is empowered under applicable laws and by its Articles of Organization and By-Laws to enter into and perform the services contemplated in this Agreement. All requisite corporate proceedings have been taken to authorize it to enter into and perform this Agreement. It has and will continue to have access to the necessary facilities, equipment and personnel to perform its duties and obligations under this Agreement.

Representations and Warranties of the Funds. It is a trust or corporation duly organized and existing and in good standing under the laws of the state of its organization. It is empowered under applicable laws and by its organizational documents to enter into and perform this Agreement. The Fund is an investment company registered under the Act. A registration statement under the Securities Act of , as amended, is currently effective and will remain effective for the Fund, and appropriate state securities law filings have been made and will continue to be made, with respect to all Shares being offered for sale by the Fund.

Obligation of Sender. The Transfer Agent shall execute payment orders in compliance with the Security Procedure and with the Fund instructions on the execution date provided that such payment order is received by the customary deadline for processing such a request, unless the payment order specifies a later time.

All payment orders and communications received after the customary deadline will be deemed to have been received the next business day. Security Procedure. The Fund acknowledges that the Security Procedure it has designated on the Selection Form was selected by the Fund from security procedures offered by the Transfer Agent. The Fund shall restrict access to confidential information relating to the Security Procedure to authorized persons as communicated to the Transfer Agent in writing.

The Transfer Agent shall verify the authenticity of all Fund instructions according to the Security Procedure. Account Numbers. The Transfer Agent shall process all payment orders on the basis of the account number contained in the payment order.

In the event of a discrepancy between any name indicated on the payment order and the account number, the account number shall take precedence and govern. Cancellation Amendment. The Transfer Agent shall assume no responsibility for failure to detect any erroneous payment order provided that the Transfer Agent complies with the payment order instructions as received and the Transfer Agent complies with the Security Procedure. The Security Procedure is established for the purpose of authenticating payment orders only and not for the detection of errors in payment orders.

If the Transfer Agent does not receive such final settlement, the Fund agrees that the Transfer Agent shall receive a refund of the amount credited to the Fund in connection with such entry, and the party making payment to the Fund via such entry shall not be deemed to have paid the amount of the entry.

Data Access and Proprietary Information. Without limiting the foregoing, the Fund agrees for itself and its employees and agents to:. Accordingly, the parties agree that, in addition to any other remedies that may be available in law, equity, or otherwise for the disclosure or use of the Proprietary Information in breach of this Agreement, the Transfer Agent shall be entitled to seek and obtain a temporary restraining order, injunctive relief, or other equitable relief against the continuance of such breach.

If the Fund notifies the Transfer Agent that any of the Data Access Services do not operate in material compliance with the most recently issued user documentation for such services, the Transfer Agent shall endeavor in a timely manner to correct such failure. The obligations of this Section shall survive any earlier termination of this Agreement. For those activities or actions delineated in the Procedures, the Transfer Agent shall be presumed to have used reasonable care, acted without negligence, and acted in good faith if it has acted in accordance with the Procedures.

As-of Adjustments. Standard of Care. The Transfer Agent and the Fund agree that they will not, at any time during the term of this Agreement or after its termination, reveal, divulge, or make known to any person, firm, corporation or other business organization, any Confidential Information as defined below of the other party used or gained by the Transfer Agent or the Fund during performance under this Agreement.

The Fund and the Transfer Agent further covenant and agree to retain all such Confidential Information in trust for the sole benefit of the Transfer Agent or the Fund and their successors and assigns. In the event of breach of the foregoing by either party, the parties agree that, in addition to any other remedies that may be available in law, equity, or otherwise for the disclosure or use of the Confidential Information in breach of this Agreement, the party whose information has been disclosed shall be entitled to seek and obtain a temporary restraining order, injunctive relief, or other equitable relief against the continuance of such breach.

The above prohibition of disclosure shall not apply to the extent that the Transfer Agent must disclose such Confidential Information to its sub-contractor or Fund agent for purposes of providing services under this Agreement. In the event that any requests or demands are made for the inspection of the Shareholder records of the Fund, other than request for records of Shareholders pursuant to standard subpoenas from state or federal government authorities i.

The Transfer Agent expressly reserves the right, however, to exhibit the Shareholder records to any person whenever it is advised by counsel that it may be held liable for the failure to exhibit the Shareholder records to such person or if required by law or court order. The Transfer Agent hereby agrees to establish and maintain facilities and procedures reasonably acceptable to the Fund for safekeeping of stock certificates, check forms and facsimile signature imprinting devices, if any; and for the preparation or use, and for keeping account of, such certificates, forms and devices.

Compliance Program. Pursuant to its Compliance Program, the Transfer Agent will provide periodic measurement reports to the Fund. The Transfer Agent reserves the right to amend and update its Compliance Program and the measurement tools and certifications provided thereunder from time to time in order to address changing regulatory and industry developments. Information Security. The Transfer Agent will, at a minimum, update its policies to remain compliant with regulatory requirements, including those under the GLB Act and the Mass Privacy Act, to the extent applicable to its business.

The Transfer Agent will meet with the Fund, at its request, on an annual basis to discuss information security safeguards. Business Continuity. The Transfer Agent will maintain a comprehensive business continuity plan and will provide an executive summary of such plan upon reasonable request of the Fund. The Transfer Agent will test the adequacy of its business continuity plan at least annually and upon request, the Fund may participate in such test. Upon request by the Fund, the Transfer Agent will provide the Fund with a letter assessing the most recent business continuity test results.

Tax-related support. Treasury Department Forms , , and S, and performing and paying backup withholding as required for shareholders, the Transfer Agent will not make any judgments or exercise any discretion. The Fund will provide comprehensive instructions to the Transfer Agent in connection with the services and shall promptly respond to requests for direction from the Transfer Agent regarding IRS notices and other requests.

Termination of Agreement. Such Deconversion is subject to the recompense of the Transfer Agent for such assistance at its standard rates and fees in effect at the time and to a reasonable time frame for performance as agreed to by the parties. Termination or Non Renewal. Confidential Information. Upon termination of this Agreement, each party shall return to the other party all copies of confidential or proprietary materials or information received from such other party hereunder, other than materials or information required to be retained by such party under applicable laws or regulations.

Unpaid Invoices. In accordance with the procedures established in Schedule Treat Shareholder accounts established by the Plans in the name of the Trustees, Plans or TPAs, as the case may be, as omnibus accounts;. Maintain omnibus accounts on its records in the name of the TPA or its designee as the Trustee for the benefit of the Plan; and. Assignment and Third Party Beneficiaries. Neither this Agreement nor any rights or obligations hereunder may be assigned by either party without the written consent of the other party.

Any attempt to do so in violation of this Section shall be void. Unless specifically stated to the contrary in any written consent to an assignment, no assignment will release or discharge the assignor from any duty or responsibility under this Agreement. Except as explicitly stated elsewhere in this Agreement, nothing under this Agreement shall be construed to give any rights or benefits in this Agreement to anyone other than the Transfer Agent and the Fund, and the duties and responsibilities undertaken pursuant to this Agreement shall be for the sole and exclusive benefit of the Transfer Agent and the Fund.

This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties and their respective permitted successors and assigns. This Agreement does not constitute an agreement for a partnership or joint venture between the Transfer Agent and the Fund. The foregoing shall not be deemed to apply to any direct contracts between the Fund and any subcontractor of the Transfer Agent as to which the Transfer Agent is not a party.

The Transfer Agent and its affiliates and subcontractors may provide the services hereunder from service locations within or outside of the United States. For purposes of this Agreement, third parties commercial vendors such as, by way of example and not limitation, Airborne Services, Federal Express, United Parcel Service, the U.

Changes and Modifications. All enhancements, improvements, changes, modifications or new features added to the TA System however developed or paid for shall be, and shall remain, the confidential and exclusive property of, and proprietary to, DST Systems, Inc. This Agreement may be amended or modified by a written agreement executed by both parties and authorized or approved by a resolution of the Board of Trustees or the Board of Directors, as the case may be, of the Fund.

Massachusetts Law to Apply.

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Investor Mutual fund transfer on death registration form Use this Transfer on Death form to designate or change your Transfer on Death beneficiaries on your mutual fund account. Nuveen new mutual fund account application This application must be preceded or accompanied by a current fund prospectus, and may not be used to open retirement or Nuveen Defined Portfolio reinvestment accounts. Mutual fund registration change form Use this form to re-register your non-retirement account or to transfer shares to another account registered with Nuveen Funds.

Nuveen mutual fund account update form Use this form to update the services on your existing Nuveen mutual fund account. Mutual fund legal entity beneficial ownership certification form Use this form in conjunction with the mutual fund account application when opening a new mutual fund account on behalf of a legal entity. Mutual fund change of dealer authorization form Use this to change dealer authorization on your mutual fund account.

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