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Weaknesses interview investment banking forex trader salary in india

Weaknesses interview investment banking

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Is saying that my biggest weakness that I sometimes miss minor details because I like to see the big picture a bad thing to say? The interviewer most likely will be indonesian people also. You can just say that English is your second language so there are times when your communication skills can be improved. I have been out of the interviewing world for some time and going back on the job hunt! I can come off a little strong when I am requesting something from someone but I in no way demand or boss people around, and I have acknowledge that I need to soften my tone because others may percieve it wrong.

Cindy, the first part is decent. Always talk about something work related. I am working to change this by giving a few minutes to plan out how much time needs to be given to each aspect of a project before I move on or re-strategize. All these interviews were between 2 firms. One said they have hired someone else.

So I believe it was a matter of them finding a better suited individual for the position than me. The other one called me for yet another round. Waiting in their lounge right now! Interview in 15 minutes. How about saying…My biggest weakness is that i tend to use a bit of sarcasm or pun in my sentences…this with a smile???? The general principle that I follow is the following based on what makes sense to me in the logical spaces of my mind: Whenever you are asked to talk about your flaws, make sure they are flaws that are born out of lackluster habits or poor guidance, and not flaws born out of bad character.

Never speak badly of your character. However, when your flaws are born out of bad habit or poor guidance, they can be changed, sometimes from one day to another. You can say that you could improve the way you manage your time.

The way you manage your time could be following lengthy to-do lists, and you would like to evolve that into weekly planning, or perhaps eventually monthly planning to have a better vision of what you want to accomplish during the month. But that you find that difficult because things come up and you have to fit them into your schedule immediately, although you are working to improve your ability to predict these exceptions. Another thing you can say is that you are sometimes perceived as introverted and disconnected from other colleagues because you are generally quiet in the workplace.

You could also say that sometimes it takes you longer to submit assignments because you like to think deeply about the different possible solutions before deciding on which path to take. You think this comes from academia engraining in your head the urge to find various solutions to the same problems. And that you think this urge may be a hindrance to your productivity in the long-run. But that you are trying to find the balance between acting quickly on business problems but also making sure that the decisions you are making are the most effective.

You think that your ability to do this will come with more work experience. You enjoy helping your colleagues with ad-hoc projects on your spare time, but find that most of the time they will keep asking you for more and more until you can no longer keep up with your own work.

And that you find it difficult to say no sometimes. Hope this helps. Yes this is a decent one, though may not be as believable. They may ask you to elaborate or give another weakness. I have a tendency to make off-color jokes. On the other hand, I like to think of myself as impartial and give compliments as often as put-downs. To be honest, its a horrible question that deserves good preparation.

I interviewed for a BIG 4 firm, it was actually my first serious interview ever out of university. The whole day of exercises went well. At the end of the day, I was exausted but the hardest part came: An interview with 1 and 2 of the local agency. Then came the weakness question. Give us your top 3 strength and then top 3 weaknesses. Strengths I managed to wing it.

Weaknesses I honestly couldnt give a good answer. Again I was out of university and a total interview rookie. The best I could say was the perfectionist line, which honestly to me sounded like a real weakness of mine at the time. The two directors seriously started arguing with me.

I then seriously attempted to find other weaknesses, and ended up blurting out that I could be stubborn, which I think was the final nail in the coffin. Its vicious and disappointing. What about time management? Saying that led to subpar grades but over the last semester I achieved a 3. Would that be a good way to spin it. One of my weaknesses is that I am too critical of things sometimes, how do i spin this into a strength?

You can just say that while you produce great work given your high expectations of yourself and others, you can be perceived as too critical at times. While this is a good thing, it can sometimes be a con because of XYZ reason. Would it portray me in a bad light to say that I put too much pressure on myself to succeed which causes unnecessary stress?

When I have a lot of things on my plate like multiple exams, papers, work, and other commitments I push myself to succeed in everything and become incredibly stressed. Yes it is a decent response. No, this is a terrible response because it communicates that you lack time management skills and the emotional maturity to deal with the stress without it affecting the way you interact with others. Nobody wants to hire somebody that is unpleasant and easily irritable during peak workloads.

Im going to attend interview for post of service engineer Is this worth: 1 most of the time i dont prefer to speak in loud voice because when i speak louder i get stammering problem more im a stammerer. How about: My biggest weakness is interviewing. I tend to sell myself short and not give a complete picture about how much I will be able to benefit the company.

This is too generic. You need to be a lot more specific and authentic. Try to come up with another weakness such as you can be impatient at times because you are a perfectionist and you expect things to be done effectively. Because of that, you can get impatient with people and this list a short negative impact here. Do you think that it is too irrelevant, or that it actually indicates that my intelligence is not where it needs to be, considering directional senses are common among most?

This answer could also be a point of a joke, or lead into a story about how I got lost somewhere, depending on how the interview is going. This was partly because of pride and partly because it was just not necessary for me to get my work done. However, as the assignments became tougher in college especially in my math classes , I found that I needed to utilize all my resources to work effectively and efficiently.

So the lesson I learned is that it is better to get a bit of help from someone rather than struggle your way through a problem. Yes, though you can phrase it better. You can talk about how you realize accepting help allows you to utilize your strengths and work more effectively.

My greatest weakness is that I have always been nervous speaking in public, but then, one day my supv ask me to please pass to the reception to help in person a guest with and issue. What do you think?? You could say something like: My biggest fear and weakness is approaching strangers and confronting conflict.

With the above being said, I realize that my fear was unfounded so I decided to overcome my fear. In this particular incident [List incident where you had to confront a conflict with a stranger, your guest], I was asked to deal with this guest by my supervisor.

I [List how you solved the problem creatively for the firm and for the guest], and I realized that I am actually capable of resolving conflicts given my ability to empathize and understand with others. I am also a lot more confident in dealing with strangers given this incident.

Is saying: I tend to intensify the capacity of my projects towards the end rather than working evenly across the entire duration of the project? As such I get extremely exhausted after a project. And also: I usually run out of time during presentations, I am currently, working on this by eliminating the unimportant and not so critical information in other to better managed my time and also ensure my audience is fully engaged and inspired.

I think you can spin it better by saying how you love giving the best content to the audience during your presentations, and because of that you usually forget about and run out of time because you enjoy giving presentations or working on a project so much.

I would say my biggest weakness is that I tend to take on too much at once, biting off more than I can chew. Doing so has hindered my ability to complete projects effectively and in a time efficient manner. What do you think? Try using one of the examples above. Would you mind sharing insight on some alternative weaknesses that may be suitable for someone interviewing for IB SA and Analyst roles? Thanks in advance! I was thinking of saying I am a very competitive person.

While this could be a positive attribute since it makes me strive to outperform it also has a weakness in that it can lead one to become frustrated easily. Do you think this answer is good? I got an interview this week and I thought about an answer that I think might be good, but I would really use some feedback:. This led me be to be often frustrated when facing different ways of thinking.

But I worked on it a lot, and especially since I made the foreign exchange program in Milan where I encountered so many different people with backgrounds ranging from Fashion to Engineering, I am able to understand different ways of thinking. Decent answer; could be better. Nice Article, I have an interview next week for the manager position Procurement. I feel scary for this question and sort out my real weakness to answer in the interview.

I seek your help on this, my real weakness are as: 1. Sometime I become tough for the team, drive with tight rein 3. My too much involvement in the work is my weakness and strength at the same time Weakness for my family and Strength for my Company.

You have really high standards. While you produce very high quality work, sometimes your high standard can come across as demanding to others. Listing one weakness is fine. Most interviewers only want one convincing weakness.

Reading your article helped me a bunch. Up until now, my answers to this question have all been quite lame and leave me less than confident to say it to a potentail employer. Then the lightbulb just went on and voila: I have come up with the perfect weakness. I have hefty volunteer experience that has given most of my milestones and best skills, but sometimes these are not taken very seriously by potential employers because I achieved them in a volunteer capacity rather than in a professional one.

This is a true weakness. Feel free to use this as an example folks. What about presentation skills? When answering the question, I would say my presentation skills are not at the level that I would like them to be. The overarching difficulty I have is keeping my strong personality in balance. Three specific situations are: I am a problem solver, but then I tend to see things in negative light.

Basically need to chill out more. I am a hard worker, but tend to work-a-holism. So I have built more hobbies and fun into my life and maintain work-life balance I am very careful with money, but tend to be parsimonious. So I budget money in the month to be generous with others. Better to say something like your inability to delegate tasks effectively.

My bigest weakness is that i am a determined person. As i m a determined person that is my weakness. As i m friend lover i always give more priority to them,for which i lost more time. What do you think about this answer? My weakness is re-checking the works iv done. Though i know iv locked well both my bike and house,i go a few yards return and check whether its perfectly locked or not.

My weakness helped in perfection of things. I have been contemplating my weakness. I have my definite number 1 down and an explanation of improvement. In my school a several times during the year student had to attend school sponsored events.

Occasionally, it would be interactive sessions such as interviewing. I was once called out of the audience to answer a question. I was scared as hell albeit this was freshman year. Would this be a legitimate answer? No that is not a weakness. This is a common question which I just addressed w my client. Not having English as your first language is not a weakness.

People will know when they interview you because most interviews are conducted in English. And if they have a concern re your English skills they will voice it, or ask questions about it. Focus on your strengths. Hi, Could I say I am sometimes too driven with tasks that I neglect other aspects of my life?

See my previous response, which is copied and pasted here: P. Anyway I can spin this to not look fake nor detrimental to me in an interview? Just say you are a perfectionist— While you are a team player, you like to oversee and be involved in all aspects of a work project. You are learning to delegate tasks to others given your self awareness of the above.

I realize that there is no good answer, but sometimes knowing these three will not help you enough. Never did that though and used the BS approach with similar answers as you gave :. On some projects I find myself trying to build a beautiful intricate system with everything perfect, so much so that I end up chasing a rabbit or two.

To Brian, great article. One really wonders why interviewers ask this though. Everyone hates to get this one and no one will answer in a way that gives real information of value — both of these facts everyone knows. So, the interviewer really is just wasting time. In Europe, maybe. I used it for every interview I had since buying the manual, and it seemed to satisfy the interviewer enough to move on to the next question.

The first option, altough I like it, is used way to often. But when I responded with the public speaking one, I felt like a champ. The interviewer looked at me and nodded his head. Excellent article. It is real, it generally does not affect the analyst position, and it can be actively addressed Rosetta stone, buying books, etc.

Come up with a good reason why you want to learn the language for future business? I know an IBD internship would be better but am having trouble landing it. Because if anything, coming from a non-target should be a strength: you worked x harder than Princeton kids to get the interview and have proven that you can do whatever it takes to get in.

Is accent a legitimate one? I notice there are a lot of foreign bankers in the States, and some of them have a very strong accent. So just wondering if saying so might get on their nerves. I think interviewing is very similar to sales…but that in the instance you are selling yourself. Please click the verification link in your email to activate your newsletter subscription. Click here to manage your subscriptions. Search Jobs. Graduate Guide. What are your weaknesses? Follow DanButchrWrites.

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While I understand diversity in personalities makes a business strong, I tend to quiet my own ideas and opinions around louder colleagues. To combat this, I have made it a point to spend more time with colleagues I feel uncomfortable working with.

By learning more about them, their communication style and motivations, I am better able to collaborate with these personality types so that we both equally contribute our strengths and skills. While it is certainly honorable and shows a strong work ethic to spend your time and energy on work, it is also necessary to prioritize resting, going on vacation, spending time with your family and enjoying hobbies. Doing so can help you feel refreshed when you are at work and can increase motivation, creativity and support a positive outlook.

If this is the weakness you choose to present during your interview, explain the ways you have learned to balance life and work and how you have seen your work improve as a result. Before providing this as an example, you should do extensive research about the company culture. I have seen a negative impact on my motivation and focus when I ignore my personal needs. As a result, I have made it a point to focus on creating space in my schedule to focus on volunteering and spending time with my family.

Taking small actions like putting my phone on silent during dinnertime is helpful. Many jobs require candidates who are comfortable individually defining tasks and working towards goals. This means they should be experienced, thoughtful and responsible with ambiguity in the workplace. While it is certainly a beneficial skill to closely follow detailed instruction, it is also necessary to be able to determine what it takes to achieve the desired outcome.

If this is the weakness you are presenting in an interview, explain the success you have found following instructions but also your career potential when finding comfort with ambiguity. You should also explain the steps you are taking to define your workday when given ambiguous tasks or goals. Because I became familiar with having a strong direction, I tend to be unsure when approaching an ambiguous assignment or goal.

It is a goal of mine to become not only comfortable but successful working with ambiguity. To do so, I have created a personal framework for times when I feel overwhelmed or confused by an ambiguous task including conducting structured research and asking subject matter experts for advice. Doing so has helped me thrive when working on ambiguous tasks or when working towards less specific or defined goals.

By presenting both the problem and the solution, you can transform your weakness into a strength. Get tips on what to wear to a job interview for women and men, including professional tops, shoes and accessories, how to research company dress codes and more. Skip to main content Indeed logo. Find jobs Company Reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Create your resume. Example weaknesses for interviewing. I focus too much on the details.

I have a hard time letting go of a project. I get impatient when projects run beyond the deadline. I could use more experience in…. Verbal communication Written communication Team leadership Interpreting analytics Delegating tasks Providing constructive criticism Specific programs i. I sometimes lack confidence. I can have trouble asking for help. But the question is not as difficult as most people consider it to be. You should simply talk about strengths that are relevant for the job , and weaknesses that are not essential for a role of a personal banker.

Let me help you with your choice. Nobody is perfect. However, good job candidates are ready to admit their weaknesses, understand how they relate to their ability to handle the job, and try to improve on abilities that actually matter in a bank. Pick a weakness that is not essential for the job, and a strength that matters. Remember that your interview presence should correspond with your words. How would you convince the prospect to become a client of this bank?

Give an example of you dealing with an irate customer and what you did to fix the problem? Describe a situation when you had problems to communicate something to your boss or to your colleagues. Why should we hire you, and not one of the many other applicants for this position? It includes multiple great answers to 20 most common interview questions for personal bankers, and more….

Check the samples on the product page.