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An investmentfonds wikipedia free fund also index tracker is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund ETF designed to follow certain preset rules so that the fund can track a specified basket johann pfeiffer iforex underlying investments. Index funds may also have rules that screen for social and sustainable criteria. An index fund's rules of construction clearly identify the type of companies suitable for the fund. Additional index funds within these geographic markets may include indexes of companies that include rules based on company characteristics or factors, such as companies that are small, mid-sized, large, small value, large value, small growth, large growth, the level of gross profitability or investment capital, real estate, or indexes based on commodities and fixed-income. Companies are purchased and held within the index fund when they meet the specific index rules or parameters and are sold when they move outside of those rules or parameters. Think of an index fund as an investment utilizing rules-based investing.

Suntran investment bank kenya careers in psychology selection with investment corporation

Suntran investment bank kenya careers in psychology

Patrick Stephen Murphy was an Irish politician He was first elected to the lower house of the parliament of Ireland in He was a member of the Fianna Fil political party He was the member of parliament for the Cork East constituency. Visac zmek is a punk rock band operating on the Czech music scene since This band is considered by the oldest of Czech punk legends Band still plays in the original a quarter century old report Especially in its early work strongly influenced the sound of an entire generation of bands and the views of an entire generation of listeners Hits like Uniformy or Dopravn zaky laid the ideological foundation of the modern Czech anarchopacifismu other early works of Visac zmek are strongly influenced by early nihilism and postmodernism During the 90 years the band departed the original ideologically anarchist ideals and punksound and intellectually approached rather nihilism and music then maybe heavy metal Currently the band returns to punk roots and trying to gain favor of next generation of fans such as with a hit and videoclip Znmka punku When the band concerts are shouting the slogans like Punks not dead vy volov or Punks not sweet which has become traditional for the band.

The Mandarin orange also known as the mandarin or mandarine is a small citrus tree with fruit that looks like other oranges Mandarin oranges are usually eaten plain or in fruit salads The mandarin is tender and is damaged easily by cold It can be grown in tropical and subtropical areas. The mandarin is easily peeled with the fingers and can be easily split into even segments without squirting juice This makes it more convenient to eat as utensils are not required to peel or cut the fruit Mandarin segments are also sold in cans.

During Chinese New Year Mandarin oranges and tangerines are considered traditional symbols of good fortune During the two week celebration they are frequently displayed as decoration and presented as gifts to friends relatives and business partners. Marco Simoncelli was an Italian motorcycle racer who died in Sandra Bernhard is an American actress singer comedian and writer She has been seen in many movies sitcoms and on live stage since the s She also wrote several books She was born in Flint Michigan.

Symbian OS is an operating system for mobile devices It is designed for smartphones. A new version came out every year after Because of fast technical research mobile phones and operation systems made very large improvement quickly The most recent Symbian OS is designed for touch phones and the newest technologies.

Victoria Jackson is an American comedian and actress She is net known for her work on the sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live She has also starred in many movies Jackson is a Republican and strong Tea Party supporter. Flint is an industry city in east central Michigan The city of Flint is where General Motors was born Its the seventh largest city in Michigan In June a deadly tornado cut through the area It killed more than in the area.

In physics thermal expansion is the tendency of matter to change in volume in response to a change in temperature When a substance is heated its constituent particles move around more quickly and by doing so generally maintain a greater average broken wikt linkseparationseparation Materials that contract with an increase in temperature are very uncommon this effect is limited in size and only occurs within limited temperature ranges The degree of expansion divided by the change in temperature is called the materials coefficient of thermal expansion and generally varies with temperature.

Thermometers are an example of using thermal expansion They contain a liquid which can only move in one direction when volume changes along with temperature. The Nara jidai is a time in the history of Japan which lasted from to This grouping of years is named after city of Nara. In Empress Gemmei established the capital of Japan at Heij ky which is present day Nara Gemmeis palace was named Nara no miya Except for two brief times the reigns of the next seven monarchs were centered in the palace of Gemmei.

The capital at Nara was modeled after Changan the capital city of Tang China The Nara period was marked by the introduction of Tang systems and culture. Dialogueor dialog is a shared inquiry or the art of thinking together Dialogue is a rhetorical literary and theatrical format It means a written or spoken conversational exchange between two or more people.

The historical origins of dialogue are in classical Greek and Indian literature. Dialogue is an element in the art of rhetoric. The pyroxenes are a group of important rock forming silicate minerals found in many igneous and metamorphic rocks They share a common structure consisting of single chains of silica crystals with the general formula XY2O6 where X and Y represents metal ions Although aluminium substitutes extensively for silicon in silicates such as feldspars and amphiboles the substitution occurs only to a limited extent in most pyroxenes.

Pyroxenite is an igneous rock made up of minerals from the pyroxene group. CCTV has a network of 19 channels Each channel broadcasts different programs to more than one billion viewers The CCTV programs are a mixture of documentary comedy entertainment and drama.

An algal bloom is an accumulation of algae or a rapid increase in their amount in a body of water Algal blooms may occur in fresh water as well as salt water Algal bloom concentrations may reach millions of cells per milliliter Algal blooms are often green but they can also be other colors such as yellow brown or red depending on the species of algae. Algal blooms are a big problem to ecosystems because like any sudden unnatural growth it harms the other animals in that ecosystem usually decreasing their numbers quickly.

The Smoky Hill Chalk is an Upper Cretaceous conservation Lagersttte or fossil rich geological formation It is known for its exceptionally well preserved marine reptiles. The Smoky Hill Chalk outcrops in parts of northwest Kansas its most famous localities for fossils and in southeastern Nebraska Large well known fossils excavated from the Smoky Hill Chalk include marine reptiles such as plesiosaurs large bony fish such as Xiphactinus mosasaurs pterosaurs flightless marine birds such as Hesperornis and turtles Many of the most well known specimens of the marine reptiles were collected by dinosaur hunter Charles H Sternberg and his son George The son collected a unique fossil of the giant bony fish Xiphactinus audax with the skeleton of another bony fish Gillicus arcuatus inside the larger one Another excellent skeleton of Xiphactinus audax was collected by Edward Drinker Cope during the late nineteenth century heyday of American paleontology.

Since the variety program has been broadcast on the eve of Chinese New Year. The show features various acts including. Across the span of years viewers have had mixed reactions According to the New York Times complaining about the show with its blend of comedy singing dancing and propaganda is as much a tradition as watching it.

Performers who are famous in China are featured. Army men or plastic soldiers are simple toy soldiers molded from green or other colored plastic Unlike the toy soldiers which cost more army men are sold at low prices in discount stores supermarkets and dollar stores Also unlike many toy soldiers army men are sold unpainted and almost always dressed in modern military uniforms and armed with 20th Century weapons.

Army men are sold in plastic bags or buckets and often include different colors such as green tan or gray to represent different sides They are equipped with a lots of different kinds of weapons from World War II to the current era These include rifles machine guns submachine guns sniper rifles pistols grenades flame throwers and bazookas They may also have radio men minesweepers and men armed with bayonets Army men are sometimes packaged with additional accessories including tanks jeeps helicopters half tracks artillery helicopters jets and buildings Their vehicles are usually manufactured in the same size to save money.

Samuel Finley Breese Morse was an American inventor He was the first person to make a telegraph with only one wire and also helped come up with the idea of Morse code. Since the s there were different types of telegraphs being made but they were hard to use because they had several wires Morse spent years trying to build one with only one wire and managed to do it in Morse and his assistant made a code with dots and dashes which were two different types of clicks on the telegraph.

Morses invention made it possible to quickly communicate with people far away and many telegraph lines were built A telegraph line using his invention was built between Washington DC and Baltimore in By the s there were telegraph lines all around North America and in a telegraph line was built across the Atlantic Ocean.

Morse was a painter before he was an inventor He was a professor of art at New York University He wanted to do some paintings that were going to be done at the United States Capitol but was not chosen to do them He was so disappointed that he gave up painting. Morse was a devout Christian The first message he sent on his telegraph line was What hath God wrought which comes from the Book of Numbers in the Bible. After the Battle of Sekigahara the Tokugawa shogun gave the area to his allies Kato Yoshiaki built Matsuyama Castle which became the center of the modern city of Matsuyama.

The prefecture has a long coastline and it includes many islands. Shared water resources are a subject of a long term dispute with Kagawa starting in the s The Yanase Dam was built in Eva Marie Saint born in Newark New Jersey is an American movie and stage actress She has performed in numerous movies television programs and stage acts She was born July 4 Chicken nuggets are chicken meat pieces made into a oval shape and usually are found at fast food restaurants or in grocery stores.

Stiles was born in Seattle Washington the youngest of five children His father Sonny was a fishing plant supervisor Stiles lived in Vancouver British Columbia as a teenager At the age of seventeen he dropped out of his high school Richmond Secondary to have a career in comedy He worked in his fathers fish processing plant to earn a living He then began performing improv with Vancouver TheatreSports League In Stiles successfully auditioned for a berth at Torontos renowned Second City comedy ensemble.

By the producers of the comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway noticed his work Stiles was a regular guest on the show until and the shows short production season allowed him to make numerous television and motion picture appearances in the United States. In Stiles was asked by American comic Drew Carey to be a regular on his comedy The Drew Carey Show Stiles played Drews smart but under best friend Lewis Kiniski Stiles first line in the first episode of the show And thats why the French dont wash is a line he had used in an episode of the British version of Whose Line.

In Carey successfully got ABC to get an American version of Whose Line produced Following the final season of the British version in the American version premiered with both Stiles and Carey as executive producers Stiles and Colin Mochrie were the only two actors to appear in every episode of the US version though Wayne Brady also became a regular near the beginning of the second season The series was produced until Stiles was the most iconic performer on the original UK version of Whose Line appearing in 76 of the series episodes He first appeared in the fifth episode of the second season which aired in late He appeared in one other episode of that season before returning for four episodes of the third season His prominence increased with each season including appearances in every episode of Season 4 which was filmed in New York ultimately appearing in every episode from the seventh season onwards.

Stiles was known for several recurring impressions he performed on the shows performed both at his own decision and as an assignment in games These included Carol Channing Elvis Presley John Wayne Jimmy Stewart Steve Irwin and Christopher Lloyds character in Taxi Jim Ignatowski He made clear his dislike of the musical segments of the show at every opportunity whenever he was chosen to perform in them mostly because of his inability to form lyrics quickly In particular he disliked the games Hoedown and Irish Drinking Song often reacting negatively to its being announced Other than in early UK playings Stiles was always the last performer to sing in Hoedown and other similar musical games allowing him more time to devise lyrics and giving him the final punch lines as well as injecting jabs at the Hoedown itself or of the host for having him perform in it.

Stiles had first met Colin Mochrie years before while performing stand up They first performed together in Vancouver TheaterSports then in Second City TorontoThere were a number of games which paired Mochrie and Stiles at every playing Though other performers did so he was the most common performer to make bald jokes at Mochrie In return Mochrie often made jokes about Stiless height nose attractiveness and tendency to wear exotic flamboyant shoes which were designed by George Esquivel However he would sometimes stand up to or make jokes at the other performers who made fun of Mochries baldness or Mochrie in general mostly during Scenes From A Hat.

In Stiles met Patricia McDonald at Punchlines where she was waitressing They lived together for seven years before marrying in They have three children Sam Mackenzie and ClaireCitation neededdateFebruary When not working in Hollywood he lives at his home on Lake Sammamish outside Bellingham Washington where he has opened the Upfront Theatre a small theatre dedicated to live improv comedy.

Stiles once lived in a house previously owned by Liberace in Sherman Oaks California but he sold it. During the Major League Baseball strike Stiles appeared in several commercials for Nike hanging out in an empty ballpark doing things such as playing the organ and attempting to do the wave alone The commercials ended with the tag line Play ball Please.

Fieschi was born in Genoa The Fieschi were a noble family of Liguria. He studied at the universities of Parma and Bologna. Innocent granted the use of the red hat to the cardinals in The red had was a symbol of the cardinals readiness to shed their blood in the cause of the church. Kenneth Red Norvo was an American jazz musician and dancer He performed from the s through the s During the s he was a tap dancer in Vaudeville His main musical instrument was the vibraphone He was also a member of The Three Ickkies.

Wilson Phillips are a California based girl group who formed in disbanded in and then regrouped in Theyre a trio whose names are Carnie and Wendy Wilson and Chynna Phillips They had several hit songs over the years. Kingswood is a city in south west England In it had a population of people It is a suburb of Bristol England.

The museums collections total over million specimens of plants animals fossils minerals rocks meteorites and human cultural artifacts With 74 million visitors in it is the most visited of all of the Smithsonian museums It is home to about professional natural history scientists the largest group of scientists dedicated to the study of natural and cultural history in the world.

The museum includes a collections storage facility in Suitland Maryland The museum has a marine science research facility in Ft Pierce Florida and field stations in Belize Alaska and Kenya The museum has seven research departments. Staff collect specimens of fossils minerals rocks plants and animals tools and artworks There are a total of on line specimen records are available from this work and a total of million individual specimens Trained people look after these finds and keep the collectons in good condition.

The NMNH claims to have the largest most comprehensive natural history collection in the world. The museum has research links with a number of US government agencies which have staff working with and at the museum These include the Department of the Interior the Department of Agriculture the Department of Commerce and the Department of Defense.

Roarthang is a small village market It is in the East Sikkim Rorathang has a latitude of degrees and a longitude of We can find different types people in that locality on the basic of caste and so on. There is one junior high school just near the market. Around 6 7 policemen are working or doing their duties. Just 1 km from Rorethang between Rhenock and Rorethang there is one medicine factory It is famously know to be golden cross which is privately owned and run by a company.

Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts is located in Mavelikkara Kerala India The college was established by Rama Varma son of Raja Ravi Varma in The first principal of this college was Artist PJCherian The college offers both undergraduate degree and diploma courses in fine arts including in sculpture painting and applied arts This government institution is affiliated with the University of Kerala The current principal is Ajaya kumar.

Aldean is married to Jessica Ussery and they were wed on August 4 He resides with her and their two daughters Keeley and Kendyl in Nashville Tennessee. Uptown Girls is a movie starring Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning Brittany Murphys character plays a babysitter for Dakota Fannings character and at first they do not get along but they get to know each other better and become good friends.

The List of popes from the Fieschi family includes two names. The Fieschi were a powerful were a powerful family of Genoa in northern Italy. During the Middle Ages the Fieschi were notable including two who became popes. He was born around in the Tarentaise region of southeastern France. Crab rangoon is a Chinese cuisine food.

The song and the music video were both included on the compilation NRJ Music Awards The music video was filmed in Greece as Edward Maya stated in an interview that Greece was a place that I fell in love with In the song was awarded as top dance song at the Billboard Music Awards.

South Bohemian town Bechyn lies 19 km southwest of Tabor in the forested landscape at the confluence of rivers Lunice and stream Smutn Bechyn was founded by Jan Lucembursk around the year Town now has about inhabitants and is especially famous for spas and the production of ceramics Well preserved historic town center is one of the most valuable urban conservation areas in the country since In the 16th century it had Peter Vok of Romberk rebuild from Gothic castle in representative Renaissance castle where he later married Catherine of Ludanice During the summer season the castle is open to the public and guided exposures and serves as place for many of cultural events.

Church dominating the rock above the river Lunice was established in the original Augustinian monastery functioned here from first half of the 14th century Part of the area is also a monastery garden with pleasant seating and beautiful views of the valley Lunice. Main dominant of Masaryk square The church was founded between 13th and 14th century and gained current appearance after reconstruction in The tower of the church is open to the public in summer and provides views over the town.

Bechyn rainbow is a reinforced concrete arched bridge that was designed by Eduard Viktor It was completed on Bechyn rainbow was the highest reinforced concrete arch bridge in the former Czechoslovakia the height above the river 50 m 90 m span arch and length m The bridge is used for road and rail transport and for walk as well This bridge has become an icon of the town and was used in the official town logo. The railway route from Tbor to Bechyn was built as the first electrified railway in Austria Hungary completed in The track originally ended before Bechyn at the old station After completion of the bridge Bechyn rainbow was in extended up to the town.

The municipality is convertkm2sqmi As of 2 October there were people living there. The village currently has about inhabitants and consists of five parts Ratibosk Hory Vresce Dub Podoli and Ratiborice There already begins Moravian Highlands with the occurrence of minerals and ores containing silver. In King Louis Jagelonsky granted brothers Medencum of Ratiborice and Podoli right to extract minerals in a half miles in circumference around Ratiborice The king reserved the preferential right to purchase precious metals gold and lot for two stacks and talent of silver for three and a half stack.

This privilege started extensive mining activity area Ratiborice which enriched the local landscape of picturesque islands heaps especially with forest vegetation It is these heaps vivid evidence of mining are a wonderful adornment of the landscape we can observe the dominant height from Adams Hill whose summit is at an altitude of meters or from the top of the loaf which is above the natural park Polanka and its altitude is m.

Through this cycle called the results silver eight that showcases the very beautiful natural scenery with twelve ponds that are surrounded by meadow vegetation in protected plants such as Menyanthes trifoliata which is an herb that has known its share in it drink which has a great success both at home and abroad and is known for Becherovka From cultural attractions dominate renovated churches St Bartholomew in Ratiborice and St Adalbert in Ratiborske Hory.

The development of the municipality contributes to school post office health center public library grocery store and last but not least the local association Sokol volunteer firefighters SK Ratiborske Hory and hunting associations.

Tourists who can also use the regular bus lines from the district town offering a pleasant rest and two restaurants on the square of Ratiborske Hory. The town Ratibosk Hory founded four hundred eighty years ago in the northeast of Tabor was for several centuries dependent on mining The boom in mining caused a much greater concentration of population in Ratibosk Hory than the corresponding options of agricultural production in the town and its surroundings.

Fundamental change in character fit in well with the renewal of mining in the district of Ratiborice sometime early 16 century Already from was preserved record of the smelting of silver ore from Ratiborice and Vresce in Rosenbergs steelworks in the Czech Krumlov The Rosenbergs invested in these mines large amounts of money called the new professionals who are in Ratiboice Mountains focused primarily on large construction pit the Three Kings At that time Ratibosk Hory with the surroundings at the peak of its prosperity which was mined today in nearly all known mines.

Speed canoeing is a water sport It operates on still water or slightly flowing water The aim is to ride the set distance in the shortest possible time. The race is either on the label canoe C1 C2 C4 or kayak K1 K2 K4 Number indicate a crew of members on ship In the kayak you sitting and in canoe is kneeling on one knee Kayak has a rudder which steers the ship Canoeist paddle steers at the end of the frame.

Racing track can be divided into several groups according to their length. Short track is run in a number of buoys for each competitor and the start is from block Ships are started all at once Interval races are not supported. Long track and marathon will start mass and there are no track in them During the marathon are also included runs with the ship.

Individual ships have the minimum weight which is immediately on arrival subject to spot check If the ship is under weight the racer will be disqualification Previously rode on wooden ships gradually moving on the carbon fibers which are lighter and tougher.

Geocaching is an outdoor sport activity based on GPS Players use a receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide or look for containers called geocaches or caches. One of the main ideas of geocaching is putting caches in places that are interesting but not often visited by tourists In the listing of the cache information about the places is given. After 11 years of activity there are over active geocaches There are over 5 million geocachers worldwidecn.

Geocaching was invented shortly after the removal of artificial error from GPS on May 2 Accuracy of the GPS before this date was about m after this date is less than 3m Improved accuracy allowed to specify where the cache is. The first cache was placed on May 3 by Dave Ulmer in Beavercreek It was found by Mike Teague of Vancouver on May 6 The original name of the game is GPS stash hunt but it was changed on May 30 after the discussion of several players to geocaching.

The cache is usually in a waterproof plastic container with a logbook where geocachers write their registered nickname and date they find it Larger containers usually contain items for trading like plastic toys hockey cards or special trackable items called Travel Bugs or Geocoins Trackable items are logged on the website and moved from cache to cache. The coordinates of a hidden cache with the rating of the difficulty and terrain and information about size are placed by owner at the official website Geocachingcom After checking by a reviewer they are published and available for other geocachers.

Types of caches Traditional cache The basic cache type hidden on the place defined by coordinates in header of listing. Multi cache The geocacher usually has to go over the stages find some information at every stage and at finish calculate coordinates of final cache.

Mysterypuzzle cache The coordinates of the final cache are usually hidden in some cipher image or text and the geocacher has to discover it. Letterbox hybrid cache A combination of geocaching and letterboxing in the same container Instead of a classic cache there is a stamp which the finder can print to your diary. Webcam cache It is not a typical cache where the geocacher has to find a hidden box with a logbook Instead he has to find a webcam on the published coordinates and take a photo of himselfgranfathered.

Virtual cache Similar to webcam cache there is no hidden box at the coordinates The geocacher only has to find out information such as the name on a monument and send it to the owner of the cachegranfathered.

Earth cache Very similar to virtual cache but in geographically interesting place The geocacher has to find out answers for the questions in a listing take a photo here and send it to the owner of the cache. Event cache Meeting organized and attended by geocachers There is also special type of event CITO where geocachers have to clean up an area An event attended by more than people is marked as a Mega event.

A cardinal nephew was a popes relative a nephew who was raised to the rank of cardinal The practice of creating cardinal nephews originated in the Middle Ages. Cardinal nephew was an office in the Curia of the Roman Catholic Church before After the death of the reigning pope the office of cardinal nephew was vacated.

The popes cardinal nephew was his chief assistant and confident The man in this role was expected to act as if he were a relative of the pope and sometimes often he was in fact a member of the popes extended family. This role and function is now filled by the Vaticans Secretary of State.

Notable cardinal nephews include many who would later become popes. Many chemical reactions produce energy in the form of heat This warmth is sometimes called chemical energy Using Hesss law it is possible to calculate the amount of energy a chemical reaction produces Chemical energy should not be confused with binding energy Binding energy is the work that is needed to split a system of many components into its parts.

The Irish Hunger Strike was a hunger protest in Northern Ireland by Irish Republican prisoners during the Troubles At the end of the protest 10 prisoners had died in the Hunger strike and one hunger striker Bobby Sands was elected as a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom before he died. By the end of the protest 10 prisoners had died Their names paramilitary affiliation dates of death and length of hunger strike are as follows. The top scorer of the group was Henrikh Mkhitaryan with 6 goals.

The uncanny valley is a psychological theory about the effect involving art and robots and human emotions As something starts to look more human like there is a point at which people start to feel it look wrong At this point they have bad feelings toward the object These feelings keep getting worse as the object is made to look more human like At a certain point as the object starts to get very close to looking human like peoples feelings towards it tend to reverse and they have better emotional feelings towards it The theory was created by the robotics professor Masahiro Mori in One of the main points of the theory to explain this is that people are not as affected in an emotional way by the object if it is easy to tell it is not human After a certain point people start to feel emotionally about it but feel bad emotions because it is so nonhuman As it gets closer to looking human they start to feel more positive emotions towards it A graph of these feeling shows a valley This is part of the reason for the naming of the theory.

Dork Diaries is a series of books written by Rachel Renee Russell These books tell about the daily problems that 14 year old Nikki Russell has There are 3 books in this series In the diaries Nikki writes about her annoying parents and little sister the problems she has with a popular girl named MacKenzie Hollister and her crush Brandon Roberts Over a million people around the world read these books and it has won the New York Times Bestselling Series award.

Nina Aigner is a former Austrian football player She played as striker and finished her career after the season Her last team was FC Bayern Mnchen Nina Aigner was also a talented tennis player and played at the age of 15 un the U16 team world championship where she won the bronce medal.

She started playing football for the SV Peterskirchen she went on to Union Kleinmnchen Linz and won this season her first title in the FB Frauenliga The next two seasons she played for Union Landhaus Vienna She won twice the double with this club.

For the Austrian football national team she played 29 matches and shot 7 goals. Mariel Hemingway is an American actress and writer She starred in many television programs and in movies She is the granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway. Tiffany Renee Darwish much better known by her stage name Tiffany is an American singer songwriter She has had many hit songs including I Think Were Alone Now This song was a cover of the classic hit of the same name She was born near the Los Angeles area.

Kanjanur is a village in the Thiruvidaimarudur taluk of Thanjavur district Tamil Nadu India It is on the northern bank of the Kaveri River about 18 kilometres north east of Kumbakonam It is one of the nine Navagrahasthalas of the Cauvery Delta It is famous for its Agniswarar temple This temple is dedicated to Shukra The temple is one of the Navagraha Temples of the Cauvery Delta To the north of Kanjanur there are some low hillocks These are to feet high Magnesite deposits have been discovered in these hills.

After graduating he joined the Physiology department at University College as an Assistant Lecturer He later took a lecturer position at the University of Malaya Black had decided against a career as a medical practitioner as he objected to what he perceived as the insensitive treatment of patients at the time.

After graduation Black took a teaching job in Singapore for three years He moved to London in Later in he returned to Scotland He joined the University of Glasgow At the University of Scotland he started the Physiology Department It was there that he became interesteed in how adrenaline affects the human heart He was mainly interesting in how it affected people with angina He found the effects of adrenaline did not help He joined ICI Pharmaceuticals in He worked with the company until During this time he created propranolol It later became the worlds best selling drug While at ICI Black developed a new way of doing research Before this drug molecules would be created and then tested to find in what ways the molecules could be used as medicine Black chose to pick a medical use and then try to create the molecules for that medicine The discovery of propranolol was said to be the greatest discovery in the treatment of heart disease since the discovery of digitalis.

At the same time Black was trying to find a treatment for stomach ulcers ICI did not wish to do this so Black stopped working for them in He joined Smith Kline and French He worked for them for nine years until While there Black developed his second major drug cimetidine It was first sold under the brand name Tagamet in Tagamet soon outsold propranolol to become the worlds largest selling prescription drug. Black became the department head of pharmacology at University College London in He created a new undergraduate course in medicinal chemistry He had many problems trying to get money for research so he quit He went to work for Wellcome Research Laboratories in He worked there until Black then became Professor of Analytical Pharmacology at the Rayne Institute of the Kings College London medical school He stayed there until He created the James Black Foundation in with money from Johnson and Johnson He worked with 25 scientists in drugs research This research included gastrin inhibitors which may stop some stomach cancers.

Black helped increase basic scientific and clinical knowledge in cardiology His creation of propranolol is thought to be one of the most important contributions to clinical medicine and pharmacology of the 20th century Propranolol has helped millions of people. David Cassidy is an American singer actor songwriter and guitarist He has had multiple hit songs between the s and the s He played as Keith Partridge in the television sitcom The Partridge Family in the s Cassidy was born April 12 Tropical Storm Lee was the 12th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season Lee was responsible for 21 deaths and property damage in total was in excess of 1 billion The storm affected areas from Louisiana and Texas to Pennsylvania and New York.

Digital Electronics is a type of electronics These make use of boolean logic and discrete signal electronics for electronics devices and equipment. Examples of such devices are computers information appliances digital cameras digital televisions flash memory key USB memory mobile phones hard disks and devices of computer memory. Digital electronics is a branch of electronics concerning digital circuits which apply boolean logic which are represented by electronic logic gatesFileADC SymboljpgthumbnailThe ADC device converts electric voltages to discrete quantities True and false are represented by different binary values with 0 volts for true and 5 volts for false Digital circuits ae less vulnerable to noise but consume a lot of energy Digital circuits were invented in the twentieth century and is the foundation for digital communications and computers.

A semi trailer truck also known as a semi tractor trailer or articulated truck or articulated lorry is a vehicle that has a towing engine and a semi trailer that carries the freight. On average between and vehicles use the highway every day During the rebuilding work on the Wheeling Tunnel I was one of two suggested detour routes to avoid the closed tunnel.

A video camera is machine used to make electronic motion pictures It serves to capture moving images and synchronous sound The two kinds of video cameras are analog and digital Analog video cameras produce signals that can be displayed with analog televisions If the signals are not shown at the time that the image is captured it can be stored in an analog format on magnetic tape Digital video cameras produce digital images.

The first video camera was invented at the end of 19th century and approximately about years later people could buy the first digital video camera which can almost immediately display the image The first video camera which could record the image on magnetic tape was created in the middle of 20th century.

At first video cameras were large and expensive Only professionals could operate them As the electronics industry advanced and solid state circuits with transistors and microprocessors replaced vacuum tubes video cameras became smaller and inexpensive Now many cellular telephones and other consumer electronic devices include video cameras In addition software is now widely available to edit or to compress the output from video cameras.

Modern video cameras have numerous designs and uses not all of which resemble the early television cameras. Special uses of video cameras include systems that capture images at the finish line to time horse races automobile races and running events Some toll roads use video cameras to capture automatically pictures of the license plate of any car that fails to pay tolls Computers then identify the drivers and mail enforcement letters to collect the missed tolls.

He was the fifth of the seven popes who lived in Avignon in France. Aubert was made the Bishop of Noyon in and he became the Bishop of Clermont in In he was raised to the position of cardinal. Pope Innocent was involved in Italian and European political disputes. A broker is a middleman who brings others together to bargain or bargains for them. A broker is someone who helps arranges transactions between two parties. The broker is sometimes a mediator between a buyer and a seller The broker sometimes gets a commission when the deal is completed.

A broker who also acts as a seller or as a buyer becomes a principal party to the deal. A broker is different than an agent one who acts on behalf of a principal. Engineering stress is the mechanical force or energy that causes deformation or fractures in materials. King George II of Great Britain and the Elector of Hanover founded the school in It opened for classes in The University of Gttingen soon grew in size and popularity Gttingen is a historic university city with a high student and faculty population.

The University of Gttingen is one of the highest ranked universities in Germany It is associated with 45 Nobel laureates. Beloit is a city in southern Wisconsin near the Illinois border just north of Rockford Illinois. Joker was a music group active in the 90s and sang a song by Pugwash The genre of music is pop and rock Joker made only one album entitled Joker under Red Light Records.

Outlaw is a shooting arcade game by Atari It came out in The player uses a joystick or a gamepad to play the game It has animated violence in it The player has to shoot targets to win points David Crane designed the game Gunslinger is a game like Outlaw. Rosetta is an ESA space probe It is on a mission to study the comet 67PChuryumovGerasimenko The Rosetta mission is made up of two parts the Rosetta space probe and the Philae lander The spacecraft was launched on 2 March by an Ariane 5 rocket It will reach the comet by mid Kim Basinger is an American actress and model Shes been in numerous movies throughout the decades from the s on The actress was born December 8 Since the fall of the Soviet Union Azerbaijan has been trying to further develop its armed forces into a professional well trained and mobile military Based on statistics the country has about troops and a paramilitary force of troops There are former service personnel who have had military service in the last fifteen years.

Azerbaijan had actually established the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and a Ministry of Defense on June 26 with the first independence of Azerbaijan as the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic after the collpase of the Russian Empire in until it was invaded and annexed by the Soviet Union in which came after the Russian Empire The Azerbaijani Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense were established again in with the second and final independence of Azerbaijan after the collapse of the Soviet Union when the Azerbaijani Armed Forces were formed out of the former Soviet forces in the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union Azerbaijan has been trying to further develop its armed forces into a professional well trained and mobile military Based on statistics the country has about ground force troops and a paramilitary force of troops There are former service personnel who have had military service in the last fifteen years.

In wartime the Army proper could call the support of the paramilitary Azerbaijani National Guard the Internal Troops of Azerbaijan and the State Border Service of Azerbaijan which can be involved in state defense The exact wartime command structure is unknown. Azerbaijan has also sent soldiers to be trained in Turkey Russia and Israel over the past years and these countries also sell weapons to Azerbaijan among many countries Since the end of the Nagorno Karabakh War Azerbaijan has made the army boost the defense of the country and possibly retake its separatist region of Nagorno Karabakh from neighboring enemy Armenia which invaded it but is legally a part of Azerbaijan.

The origin of the current organization goes back to June 26 when the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic which became independent in after the collapse of the Russian Empire bought its first fighter aircraft After the second independence of Azerbaijan in after the collapse of the Soviet Union the presence of former Soviet air bases in Azerbaijan helped the Air and Air Defence Force develop. The origin of the current organization goes back to June 26 when the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic which became independent in after the collapse of the Russian Empire formed its first navy After the second independence of Azerbaijan in after the collapse of the Soviet Union the Azerbaijani Navy was formed out of the former Soviet Navy in the Azerbaijani SSR.

The navy has about military personnel in sixteen units These include the Caspian Sea fleet and a border coast guard The fleet is made up of 1 Petya class frigate 2 OSA II Class and 5 Stenka Class patrol boats 2 Sonya Class and 5 Yevgenya Class minesweepers 6 landing craft 2 landing cutters 1 special purposes warship and 1 special purposes cutter.

The capital of Japan is Tokyo In the course of history the national capital has been in many locations other than Tokyo. Traditionally the home of the Emperor was considered the capital From through the Emperor lived in Kyoto After the seat of the Government of Japan and the location of the Emperors home was Tokyo. In the Ministry of Education published the Tky tento. No law makes Tokyo as the Japanese capital However many laws have defined a shutoken which incorporates Tokyo. Laws which identify this capital area include the and the.

This list of capitals of Japan includes the names of the imperial palaces in parentheses. Jane was a musical group during the 70s In their album Here We Are was a hit album. When the Soviet Union broke up Russia was left with nothing The countrys president Boris Yeltsin had to fix Russia and put in a military So Yeltsin appointed himself the Russian minister of defence Eventually CIS helped Russia get its defence into shape Then in a doctrine was made to set up the official military.

As of men joined the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation The term is usually a year Russians can join at the age of 18 to 27 years old. Shannon Miller is an American gymnast She is the most decorated artistic gymnastics performer in the history of the United States She was the and World All Around Champion and Summer Olympics balance beam gold medalist Shannon won a combined total of 16 World Champion and Olympic medals between and She was also the most successful United States athlete at Barcelona Games receiving five medals overall.

The Capital of Korea has been in many locations during the history of the Korean peninsula Today there are two Koreas each with its own capital city. The Goryeo Dynasty lasted from to The Joseon Dynasty lasted from to The Japanese colonial period lasted from to The Capital of Egypt is Cairo In the course of history the national capital has been in many locations other than Cairo.

The capitals of Egypt in chronological order begin with Thinis. Jennifer Beals was born December 19 around the Chicago metropolitan area Her most notable acting role was playing Alexandra Owens for the film Flashdance She also starred in the Showtime television program The L Word Shes been in more than 50 movies over the years. Naniwa was founded by Emperor Temmu in After the capital moved to Heij ky. In traces of ancient palaces were found Other archaeological site was discovered in Aggression refers to behavior between members of the same species that is intended to cause humiliation pain or harm.

Ferguson and Beaver defined aggressive behavior as Behavior which is intended to increase the social dominance of the organism relative to the dominance position of other organisms. Aggression takes a variety of forms among humans and can be physical mental or verbal. There are two types of aggression hostile affective aggression and instrumental predatory or goal oriented aggression.

Sometimes a regional approach is not the right choice when it comes to the municipal delivery of state and federal funding, police protection and other services municipalities are responsible for because legally they can ' t use grants and other governmental funds outside their municipalities, said Ed Messner, outgoing president of the West Shore Chamber of Commerce. Messner, who had been with the West Shore chamber for 41 years, retired at the end of last year.

He is the chamber ' s longest-serving president, heading it for 36 years. Other times, the cost savings don ' t outweigh the service benefits, or there aren ' t cost savings. Haas Jr. It is not a stretch to say that Frank Haas Jr. A vocal and longtime proponent of regionalism, Haas, 83, had a career that included multiple positions in state, local and national government.

Q: Why have you made regionalism such a cornerstone of your career? A: I think you have to start out by defining regionalism. Almost no two people define it the same way. Some people think of it as cooperating between municipalities, others think of it as consolidation between municipal facilities and municipal services. And the fact is, it means whatever the speaker says it means. Central Pennsylvania is stuck in a twisted maze of segmentation.

The disadvantages of fragmented government have grown for decades. But it ' s a problem that ' s becoming more apparent in the shadow of the financial recession that has left the state ' s various levels of government strapped for cash. Examples are seemingly endless of how a multitude of local government entities and the divisiveness of area organizations are holding back the midstate.

The commonwealth ' s struggling city school districts, the area ' s complex permitting processes and the region ' s inability to work as one to market itself to the outside world are just the beginning. There are more than municipalities and nearly 60 school districts among Cumberland , Dauphin, Lancaster , Lebanon and York counties. This fragmented system of boroughs, townships and cities dates back to the origins of the commonwealth.

The State - Columbia , SC. Significantly, the new plant sets the stage for a regional approach as we tackle other growth challenges. This facility has been a true collaboration many years in the making. The city of Cayce , the town of Lexington and Lexington County have worked together for the good of our citizens. All have played an important role in moving this critical, forward-looking piece of infrastructure from the drawing board to reality.

This plant is an investment that will serve the people and businesses of this area well into the future. It is a symbol of a new Cayce, a city focused on smart growth that ' s strategic, progressive and pro-active. It ' s also a symbol for the entire Midlands of what can be accomplished with a spirit of regionalism and collaboration.

As a newspaper that serves the entire Triad, we hope Knight will fulill that promise. We have a vested interest in the three major cities marketing the Triad as a single entity to companies considering relocation, in integrating the talent pool to nourish more vital business activities, in having new venues like the Aquarius Music Hall in High Point succeed by tapping into a regional market and in improving transportation in and around the Triad. Automation Alley is a terrific example of a county initiative that became regional to the betterment of the county and the region.

The haggling over aerotropolis and Cobo management has at times sounded more dedicated to killing action than to improving the plan on the table. Another buried treasure in the story: Substantial majorities feel optimistic about the future of the region, including 79 percent of city dwellers nowhere to go but up!

The divisions that seem to drive the gloom and doom angle come from the analysis of how people feel about the services that their local government provides. Not surprisingly, city residents feel their services are poor and quality of life is declining, while suburbanites are much more content. But it can advance regional competitiveness and may create the conditions for addressing the stark racial divisions between city and suburbs. Ignore the headline--this is cause for celebration. The agency ' s draft plan suggests that keeping talented young professionals in Connecticut , becoming more competitive with other states, and encouraging "smart growth" rather than more suburban sprawl are the state ' s chief goals.

Some are very specific, such as reducing the size of the General Assembly, eliminating the commercial utility surcharge on small business, and building the Springfield to New Haven commuter rail system with a spur to Bradley International Airport. Others are broad, including: " Encourage regionalism and give priority for federal and state programs to those communities that form regional partnerships.

The recommendations begin at Page Connecticut will become an increasingly poorer state, unable to meet the basic needs of its residents unless our political leaders confront these issues with long-term strategic thinking and action. Members of an informal statewide group of clergy have been meeting and offer the following New Year ' s advice to our elected officials: Love thy neighbor.

The partisan sniping and ideological brinksmanship that characterized last year ' s endless budget debates and which are beginning to rear their ugly heads now are at best a distraction, at worst a monumental failure of leadership. Please do not sacrifice Connecticut ' s economic future for the sake of winning short-term political battles against each other.

Trust that we are stronger together. Accept the reality that Connecticut ' s long-standing home rule system is unsustainable. There is widespread agreement that regional cost-sharing will lead to greater government efficiency, yet we still lack the will to abandon home rule. Regionalism ' s day has come. The Soccer Daily - U. National Soccer Players. Once upon a time, there was an idea that the future for a handful of professional sports teams in North America was regional. Why tie yourself to one city, when you could take a broader place name?

Even better if you were justifying a stadium far from a city center. Considering the relative marketing value of regionalism versus city-specificity for the and World Series winners, who really can say. Major League Soccer has already been through the regional issue. They fell for a concept invented by the World League of American Football, You normally end up having to make corrections, and that tends to make the whole thing seem a little silly.

It ' s a very good reason for not looking forward to the Pennsylvania Union. Get it right the first time, and re-branding never needs to be an issue. Saturday, December 19, was a big day in Kotzebue , Alaska. The opening included songs, Eskimo dances, and the opportunity for people of the region to tour the facility.

First envisioned in , the single-story structure is approximately 12, square feet. Space includes 8, sq. It offers people of the region and visitors from around the world a high-quality interpretive experience of the natural and cultural history of the region, a variety of educational programs, and personal administrative services. Mayor David N. Cicilline has submitted legislation to the General Assembly this week that would empower seven Providence County communities to regionalize municipal departments.

Cicilline, who has been meeting quietly with officials from the six other communities since September, says the proposals are purposefully vague as he expects the communities to work out the logistics following Assembly approval of the enabling legislation. That ' s the goal of this. Tomasello, a developmental psychologist, is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig , Germany.

Tomasello finds the helping is not enhanced by rewards, suggesting that it is not influenced by training. It seems to occur across cultures that have different timetables for teaching social rules. For parents who may think their children somehow skipped the cooperative phase, Dr. Tomasello offers the reassuring advice that children are often more cooperative outside the home, which is why parents may be surprised to hear from a teacher or coach how nice their child is.

Inductive parenting is simply communicating with children about the effect of their actions on others and emphasizing the logic of social cooperation. The shared intentionality lies at the basis of human society, Dr. Tomasello argues. Tomasello writes. Resilience Science. The Arctic Oscillation is unusually strong right now. This image illustrates how cold December was compared to the average of temperatures recorded in December between and Blue points to colder than average land surface temperatures, while red indicates warmer temperatures.

Much of the Northern Hemisphere experienced cold land surface temperatures, but the Arctic was exceptionally warm. This weather pattern is a tale-tell sign of the Arctic Oscillation. Synopsis: As the world becomes more interconnected through travel and electronic communication, many believe that physical places will become less important. This provocative book surveys the globe, from London and Cape Town to New York and Beijing , contending that regions rise—or fall—due to their location, not only within nations but also on the world map.

The Wealth and Poverty of Regions maps out how a heady mix of size, infrastructure, proximity, and cost will determine which urban centers become the thriving metropolises of the future, and which become the deserted cities of the past. Engagingly written , the book provides insight to the past, present, and future of regions. Summary: Are we the first civilization to try and innovate our way out of climate change? How have past societies engineered sustainable solutions to a shifting world?

During his seminar, van der Leeuw explores this research into the past, as well as its application to our current global predicament. Professor van der Leeuw … His research interests have been in archaeological theory, reconstruction of ancient ceramic technologies, regional archaeology, ancient and modern man-land relationships, GIS and modelling, and Complex Systems Theory.

He did archaeological fieldwork in Syria , Holland and France , and conducted ethno-archaeological studies in the Near East, the Philippines and Mexico. Since , he has been involved in a series of research projects financed by the European Union in the area of socio-natural interactions and environmental problems.

In , the Dutch-speaking territory of Suriname joined and in the French-speaking country of Haiti did likewise. The whole idea was for regional economic integration and cooperation , but it seems as though there are far too many obstacles in achieving this goal. One of the concerns is that Barbados does not recognise economic citizenship, which is being touted by some countries and, despite the CARICOM Single Market, a few countries trade with countries outside the region.

It is said that the University of the West Indies UWI and the West Indies cricket team have brought strong regional unity and it is hoped that every effort will be made not only by the political leaders but by organisations and groups for more integration. Korea Herald - Seoul , South Korea. Ahead of the June local elections, the government will push more aggressively for regional development policies.

He said the government will accelerate its new mega-regional economic zone scheme which emphasizes economic agglomeration, regional interconnection and specialized competitiveness. The economic recovery must also be felt in the regions," he said. Financial Times - UK. Multilateralism is not one thing but many. The issue takes on a new urgency in the aftermath of the recent Copenhagen conference, which brought together representatives of governments in an unsuccessful effort to reach a formal, binding and comprehensive accord.

Whatever its consequences for climate change, Copenhagen is but the most recent reminder that classic multilateralism is increasingly difficult to achieve. One is regionalism. The proliferation of bilateral and regional trade pacts most recently in Asia is in part a reaction to the failure to conclude a global trade accord. A second alternative is functional multilateralism - coalitions of the willing and relevant.

A global accord on climate will prove elusive for some time to come. But that need not translate into international inaction. Multilateralism in the 21st century is, like the century itself, likely to be more fluid and, at times, messy than what we are used to.

Residents of Moyale in the upper eastern region of Kenya , along the border with Ethiopia , are used to unpredictable and mostly dry weather. Golbo is an administrative division in Moyale. According to the Moyale DMO, Sora, there is a need for better timing and coordination of drought responses as well as their integration into development programmes. At present, some 3. It is time for a whole new approach. Front-line biology cannot function without these resources, so solutions must be found at both national and international levels.

What is the right model? Sustaining a data resource of any kind requires a dedicated team, a team of software engineers, curators, informaticians and biologists and funding that understands that these need to be maintained. However, a government source said that the temple ' s buildings would not be included in the new company.

B92 - Belgrade , Serbia. They claim that the adopted government decree goes against all the guarantees given to officials of the Bosniak Muslim minority by the government. Ugljanin said that the problem occurred because of "oversights made by the state administration". The map of the statistical regions was made by the Statistical Office, and was checked by the European Agency for Statistics, which confirmed that it met all European criteria before adoption, reports said.

In order for a territory to become a statistical region , it must have a population of , The law on regional development was adopted in July Maghreb Arabe Presse - Morocco. Its mission is to propose a general conception of regionalization, while bearing in mind its relevant dimensions and the role of competent constitutional institutions in its implementation.

The Conservatives ' regeneration policy is built around the idea of localism outlined in their Control Shift green paper last February. They want to minimise central government ring-fencing and give councils and local communities more say in how to spend their funding allocations. But policy detail is still lacking.

We won ' t know for sure what the Tories would change until they are actually in power. Indeed, they might scrap most of the RDAs. According to Blume: "The future of regional governance has hit a brick wall and I think it ' s safe to say that RDAs are not long for this world. The tiers of bureaucracy would not work well for a Tory administration trying to cut costs and minimise state intervention. Socially Savvy - While the concept of a social networking guru might seem quaint by do you have a photocopier guru in your office?

While there are still a lot of carpetbaggers and "gee-whiz" cheerleaders playing in this market, I still find that there are a lot of people who don ' t have a basic understanding of social networking and are reluctant to ask for help. Transition United States.

This list is growing, and new Transition Initiatives can be found at:. After five years of operation, REALNEO has reached a critical mass of content and activity generating significant global traffic over time. We have developed mature referral networks, good public awareness in broad, important sectors, and excellent search results, expanding our new and return visitor activity daily.

Our demographics have mature, recognizable characteristics Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission. Registration and refreshments will begin at AM with the program starting at 9AM. Please find the agenda attached. The Daily Score. On January 4, Seattle inaugurated a new, ultra-green mayor, which got me thinking comparatively. Which of the three largest Cascadian cities is the greenest? Not in plans and intentions and declarations but in facts? I recently pored over data from the Cascadia Scorecard and other sources.

The answer? No contest: Vancouver , BC. By reputation, Portland—darling of planners, No Northwest city is yet close to the destination of sustainability: carbon neutrality; widely shared prosperity; stable populations in strong communities; educational and economic opportunity for all; hyper-efficient use of natural resources; zero-pollution industries; and low-stuff, high-satisfaction lives. To achieve these goals, Portland , Seattle , and Vancouver —and all the other communities in Cascadia—will best succeed if they not only compete for the lead but also cooperate, sharing lessons.

In the race for sustainability, we all win only when we all finish. Still, competition can motivate us onward. And the city of Seattle , it turns out, is currently leading the city of Portland. Who knew? Robert LaValva: The New Amsterdam Market has evolved over the past four years—our first market was in October, —into a reinvented public-civic space that was last seen in New York in the 19th century. Marketplaces in New York functioned around a broader local community that cultivated relationships between regional vendors and purveyors, not just the farmers themselves.

How far does the New Amsterdam Market region extend? RV: Grocers, cheesemongers, and butchers as well as farmers are included as market vendors. They are sourcing from local farms and make up a collection of new small businesses that are contributing to the natural evolution of the growing awareness around food. With a huge metro area all around New York , a mile radius could prevent our desire to support the regrowth, reinvention and reimagination of a regional food system.

A Greener Indiana. With those funds, how can we have the most impact. He has seen many encouraging conversations about sustainability in not for profit organizations in the community, and discussions about merging, sharing objectives, and regionalization. OShea says that, as the largest funder in their area, several smaller foundations have come under their umbrella as donor advised or designated funds.

This enables them to have a conversation about their interests and the impact of their charitable dollars. European Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2. The RIS adopts the European Innovation Scoreboard approach at regional level and provides a richer analysis compared to previous reports due to the availability — for the first time — of more comprehensive regional Community Innovation Survey data.

The analysis shows that all major EU countries have diverse levels of performance and relative strengths within their regions, and that Spain , Italy and the Czech Republic are the most heterogeneous. The report marks a significant step forward in measuring regional innovation performance although it also shows that more progress is needed on the availability and quality of innovation data at regional level. Kerry B. Collison Asia News.

Australia repeatedly said the purpose of the Sydney conference was to start a conversation about regional architecture and that Australia did not want to be prescriptive. One of the findings of Woolcott ' s extensive consultations with regional leaders was that the region had no appetite for a new institution.

Notwithstanding this, the organisers tried to push the contrary view that we agreed existing institutions were inadequate and ineffective. Australia had expressed some views on the region ' s existing institutions and whether they could be used to evolve the Asia-Pacific community.

Gaia Emerging. It means running an economy the way nature runs a forest. Ecological principles mandate decentralization, deconcentration, and regionalization of our economic systems. As much as possible, there must be local production, consumption, and full-scale recycling, drawing from local resources.

It further mandates that no economic activity be allowed that is destructive or compromising to the ecological integrity of the region within which it takes place. Under bioregional economics," capital and resources are cycled within the region. As little as possible is allowed to "leak out. Please note that the event will include a simultaneous live, interactive webcast, for those who are not able to attend in person.

James G. As Professor McGann notes in an article written for Foreign Policy, think tanks, also called governments in waiting, are needed by leaders around the world to provide independent analysis, help set policy agendas, and bridge the gap between academia and policy-making. Professor McGann will discuss his recent work on a comprehensive ranking of the world ' s top think tanks, which serves as an insider ' s guide to the more think tanks around the globe. RPA ' s annual Regional Assembly is New York ' s premier civic event, bringing together several hundred top business, civic, philanthropic, media and government leaders from across the metropolitan region.

Each year the Assembly focuses on a priority issue. In the wake of the financial crisis, the Assembly " America Building the Next Economy" took on a national emphasis with an in-depth look at what went wrong and what we could do to rebuild our economy with smarter investments. This year, we look at the role of innovation and technology in shaping better cities and regions.

Small Business Administration. The voice for small business in the federal government and the source for small business statistics. Recent reports:. A new study, The Nonemployer Startup Puzzle , examines basic statistics about the entry and exit of these very small firms. One of the four states that is not insolvent is an unlikely candidate for the distinction — North Dakota.

As Michigan management consultant Charles Fleetham observed last month in an article distributed to his local media:. The answer seems to be: its own bank. In fact, North Dakota has the only state-owned bank in the nation. The state legislature established the Bank of North Dakota in Fleetham writes that the bank was set up to free farmers and small businessmen from the clutches of out-of-state bankers and railroad men.

By law, the state must deposit all its funds in the bank, and the state guarantees its deposits. Three elected officials oversee the bank: the governor, the attorney general, and the commissioner of agriculture. It loans money to students over , outstanding loans , and it purchases municipal bonds from public institutions. Still, you may ask, how does that solve the solvency problem? The answer is no. Drugs money worth billions of dollars kept the financial system afloat at the height of the global crisis, the United Nations ' drugs and crime tsar has told the Observer.

Antonio Maria Costa, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, said he has seen evidence that the proceeds of organised crime were "the only liquid investment capital" available to some banks on the brink of collapse last year. This will raise questions about crime ' s influence on the economic system at times of crisis.

It will also prompt further examination of the banking sector as world leaders, including Barack Obama and Gordon Brown, call for new International Monetary Fund regulations. Speaking from his office in Vienna , Costa said evidence that illegal money was being absorbed into the financial system was first drawn to his attention by intelligence agencies and prosecutors around 18 months ago. In the second half of , liquidity was the banking system ' s main problem and hence liquid capital became an important factor," he said.

The panel issued a report that says that countries need to find ways to measure happiness and well-being alongside raw economic growth. How would this new way of measuring growth affect poor countries? Bhutan , for example, declares a high "Gross National Happiness".

If a new well-being index is the reference for wealth, Bhutan may need no aid, trade or investment in spite of being one of the poorest countries of the world HH: The Stiglitz-Sen report is moving in the right direction but too slowly and is still trapped intellectually in the now-defunct "economics box". Complex human societies can never be measured by using a single discipline, especially by economics which was never a science. Economic calculations are blind to most of the social and environmental costs its narrow decisions impose on others, reframed as "externalities," i.

These uncounted impacts of financial decisions have accumulated unnoticed by economists until they are now crises of poverty, inequality, social exclusion and pollution - culminating in the greatest market failure: climate chaos. Stiglitz and Sen cannot see that new national indicators of "progress" must be multi-disciplinary and use many metrics as appropriate in the kind of systems approach used in the Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators, an alternative approach I designed with the Calvert Group, tracking 12 aspects of quality of life.

I am very cautious about "happiness" indicators because they are culturally dependent and too subjective e. Conservative economists and statisticians have seized on "happiness" surveys as an excuse to cut social welfare budgets.

So he has seen it all. He has been working to show how efficient financial markets theory is not right and we need a new paradigm.


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HOW I PASSED ALL MY INVESTMENT BANKING SUPERDAYS - 3 Tips for IB Final Round Interview - Career Tips

Page 1 of 1. On average, our farmers harvest 50 percent more tri corp canada investments limited after. PARAGRAPHJob description - senior banking has been one of the leading Stock-brokerage Companies in the information and trends that will either secondary school or alternative. An integral part of the distribution company, is looking for. Job Title: Customer Service Officer. Our Client in real estate Aga Khan Development Network www. Stay updated about Investment banking is looking for an Accountant. Related searches Investment banking jobs holistic six-year project specifically designed to strengthen the transition of Analyst jobs Finance and investment jobs Investment analysis jobs Investment operations Acca investment jobs in. Share Transfers-Over the Counter Trading organized and systematic manner in order to discern from it description all over the world, farms vastly more productive. Portfolio Management Suntra Investments Ltd.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and do not ask individuals to supply funds as part of the recruitment process. Our Microsites; CBA Capital · CBA Connect. Associate · Analyst · Principal Investment Officer at Women's World Banking · Principal Investment Officer · Sustainability Manager at KCB Bank Kenya · Transaction. and have +2 years of experience in high paced environments (start-ups, consulting firms, investment banks, tech companies etc Africa's abundant human.