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An investmentfonds wikipedia free fund also index tracker is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund ETF designed to follow certain preset rules so that the fund can track a specified basket johann pfeiffer iforex underlying investments. Index funds may also have rules that screen for social and sustainable criteria. An index fund's rules of construction clearly identify the type of companies suitable for the fund. Additional index funds within these geographic markets may include indexes of companies that include rules based on company characteristics or factors, such as companies that are small, mid-sized, large, small value, large value, small growth, large growth, the level of gross profitability or investment capital, real estate, or indexes based on commodities and fixed-income. Companies are purchased and held within the index fund when they meet the specific index rules or parameters and are sold when they move outside of those rules or parameters. Think of an index fund as an investment utilizing rules-based investing.

Dourif investments for dummies gestielle investment sicav cedola sicura iid

Dourif investments for dummies

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As you have seen, the right time is needed for your investment to make its cycle and demonstrate that reasonable expectation. The right setting of your strategy is fundamental to allow your fund to survive in any circumstance, to resist in the negative situation, and to have always the strength to start again.

If your intent is to double or triple your capital in a few months, I assure you that, within a few months or even less, like a few weeks, your account will be halved, if not burned completely. To find out if a gain percentage in a short time is too exaggerated, try to convert it into a loss, and ask yourself if you can accept it.

I mean you must be able to access the data of all it has done for at least one year, with the help of special tools that can make it easy to read them. And if you have 2 or 3 years, even better. Of course, there may be exceptions, but these are good starting points.

In normal cases, if the conditions that have led you to make a certain kind of choices remain valid, then you have to leave enough time for your investment to work, and a year is usually the right time to be able to draw your own conclusions. Then, there is the time you have to give yourself to learn this new discipline. On this factor, now you have an edge because we have created a complete path to show you how to invest with this new opportunity called Social Trading.

But please, do not jump immediately ahead, remember this lesson, give yourself the time to read all of the courses, at least once, but even better if you read them twice. If you make one accurate step at a time , you will arrive straight and precisely to hit your goal. Those instead who run in a disorderly way and jump the steps, they are more likely to miss completely the target.

Do you know that it would take me at least 2 years to invest and get the result I want? Knowing how to set a goal is something very powerful for an individual psychology. However, doing it right is not so obvious, and it requires good analytical skills , but not of external factors as you might think. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. So he said this famous Chinese general and philosopher lived years ago. When you invest, there are the goal you want to achieve, and the related risks. Being masters of our own money , which translated means also to invest personally, having a goal and, above all, having the theoretical foundations to be able to reach it, places us in the favorable position of knowing what are the risks we can encounter.

Knowing the risks associated with the achievement of a specific goal is really the starting point for a good investment. It would not make sense to start any activity without first having established what would be the risks. To continue without knowing them can easily turn into irresponsibility. Once your goal is clear, and then you know all the risks related to it, at that point you have to make another type of analysis, but directed toward yourself. You have to be honest, to admit your limits , to predict your possible reactions and your tolerance levels.

Which of the two investment strategies would you choose? Many respond without fail that they would choose the former. And for many this would indeed be the best choice. Although it is not easy, try to imagine how you would feel if after 3 months you would have not yet accumulated a single dollar of earnings, but rather you would see your account totally halved.

I can assure you that for very few in the world that would not be a problem at all. Nobody likes losses, and losing half of the capital can really be a bad shot. Anyway, in losses you can also discover the spirit, the courage and the steady nerves of an investor. In fact, the savvy investor who had used the strategy 1, passed those three months and finding himself without half of his account, would analyze again all the conditions that led him to choose that strategy. He would pass them all in an analytical review and would reason with a clear mind.

He would conclude that the right conditions are still in place, so he would decide to continue with the strategy, and he would then be rewarded. After the negative moment, the strategy begins to scores excellent profits and in the following nine months the account recovers all the losses and reaches its target even before the year.

Now, this is just a fantasy scenario, and with a nice happy ending, but you can imagine how many would not be comfortable at all with that kind of risk, despite the prospect of the saved time might be interesting. Many people, knowing themselves and their possible reactions, would prefer to choose a safer way, that arrive at the same result, in twice the time, but also with less than half of the risks. Knowing yourself also means being aware of the condition or situation you find yourself in.

A pensioner may have a different time horizon from a young worker just come of age. But not necessarily. A pensioner might want to invest on a very solid and contained plan just to save his retirement from inflation.

Or he might want a more ambitious plan for a portion of his savings, to try to leave something more to her grandchildren. Or he might aim to double the capital in 2 years to buy the car of his dreams, and because of that is willing to risk more.

These are all examples to make you understand how the goals may vary depending on the personal circumstances of each one of us. So, do you know yourself deeply enough to understand what your goals are and the risks that you would be able to bear? In the introduction we said that investing means , very simply, to let money work for you , in your place.

The answer is still very simple. The methods are only two. As you can see, we are already working on the second one. But to give a complete picture we need to say a few words for the first method too, and perhaps these few lines would be the most important to allow a real change in the financial life of every person. If you are like most people, as almost all of us are, you are an employee of an employer, either the state or a private individual, that every month pays you the hours of work that you have done for him.

At that point, what do you do? You take that money, you go to the bank and you pay the mortgage, you go to the car dealer and you pay the car, you pay the expenses of the home, you pay the debts, you pay for medication, and maybe you also pay your child the pocket money. But what is the meaning of all this trivial speech? The reason for these words of mine is that I want to pass you the concept of. You may have noticed that in the payment list there were almost everyone, they only missing were was you.

What does it mean? It means that the first thing to do, whenever you get the money you earn through your work, is to take a part of it and put it aside. The best method is to open another bank account and transfer there the sum every time. So, do it immediately. To pay yourself first every time is the most important step to obtain those resources necessary to aim at your financial freedom, a freedom that can be achieved just through the investment practice.

Going back to the introduction, at this point, many think they have to work and pay themselves many years before they can have enough capital to invest, always convinced that for investing big capitals are needed.

As we have already said, this is absolutely not true. And also, investing a sum each month, even if small, can lead to great advantages over those who invest all at once. You instead show a bit of sense, and you decide to buy shares in packages, each month, with fixed capital payments. What happens? It has been shown that by buying in this way, statistically you will end up having more shares than your friend who instead bought them all at once.

Even in the case of a trading strategy this system works very well. The ups and downs of a strategy are comparable to the ups and downs of the price of a share or a financial instrument. In simple words, to give new funds to the strategy in installments over constants period makes sure to spread and optimize the risks over a long time period, in order to obtain a greater benefit. Work and pay yourself first each month allows you to do three things. Now, we have the two main instruments, human labor and money, ready to let us gain other money.

In the next lesson we will look at the third and last component, ie the concept of compound interest. So said a certain Albert Einstein , what we all know to be the scientist by definition. Indeed, perhaps is one of few cases where school math becomes useful and interesting. Continuing, in the third period, the interest will be accrued always on the initial capital, and both on the interest accrued during the first period and the interest accrued in the second period which are themselves accrued on the interest of the first one.

And so on for each period that is added to the calculation. You instead have decided to harness the power of compound interest, so every year you have reinvested the interest accrued the year before. After the first 5 years your total capital is 16, Other 5 years pass. Your friend has a total of 20, Now you begin to understand the power of compound interest. We can create this major difference with an annual interest over a period of only 15 years.

The chart below instead shows what would happen if we could do the same for a period of 40 years. In order to function and to unleash their full potential, the basic compound interest factor is time. With a Social Trading strategy your account will automatically open operations of a certain weight, a weight that will be decided firstly according to the size of your initial capital. Now you know that time works in your favor , that the more you take advantage of time, the more it will pay you.

Now you know that the first thing to do is to pay yourself , and you can do it by adding a fixed amount to the initial capital each month. So, to those who think that we can invest just by having a large capital and managing to get a large percentage of return, you can now explain that there is another way, which does not require large capital or large percentages, but just a little patience to allow time to multiply your money.

Investing is based on studies and statistics , in order to find reasonable expectations of success and trying to exploiting them with a specific strategy. This means that studying will never hurt for the purpose of investing. The more you study, the more you deepen an argument and becomes master of it, the better. This is an absolute rule. However, there is still a risk for those who decide to study and deepen, a risk you must have clear from the outset, because it affects virtually everyone.

Even the greatest investors have been affected at least once. To put it in other words, believing to be always right and not seeing anymore the circumstances that are saying the contrary. The market is based on people and their decisions, not on mathematical laws, and, as we know, people very often tend to take irrational decisions.

Fear and greed are the two emotions that drive any market. These two human conditions are indeed analyzable, but they will never, and I repeat never, be translated in perfect mathematical laws. In the financial market circle, everybody knows that market takes no prisoners.

Even the most solid strategies will make your account fail if, on the other side, you will insist in challenging the market. Study, set a strategy and follow it, both when it wins and when it loses if the initial conditions are still there. There is a saying that is often used in business, investment and trading. Try the Pepperstone Platform.

The investment portfolio is a set of financial assets appropriately combined to achieve a goal. Said simply, your portfolio is the set of all financial products and strategies on which you decided to invest. Yes, because the ultimate goal of having an investment portfolio is to combine different types of instruments that operate in different ways in order to reduce the overall risk of the investment.

If you have only instruments similar to one another, you run the risk of being unbalanced in both directions, both when you earn, but especially when you lose. Try to imagine what would be your reaction if, at one point, you would see your whole portfolio losing. In addition to this type of logical considerations, the creation of a well-diversified investment portfolio has been the subject of large number of professional and academic studies, obviously all based primarily on statistics.

It has been studied that the risks related to a well-diversified portfolio are statistically lower than those of a little or non-diversified at all portfolio. In the case of stocks and bonds you can make different hypotheses. Considering bonds as the safer and stocks as the more risky ones, you can outline different portfolio methods.

Obviously these are very general and indicative guidelines. In fact, not only you can choose between stocks and bonds, but also between different types. Same goes for stocks. For a more conservative approach, you can choose the shares of companies that generate solid revenues in the long term, or to be more aggressive you can choose young companies that are supposed to make leaps and bounds in the short term.

In other terms, we can say that building a portfolio is literally like making a bespoke suit. Obviously, this is also reflected in case of investments in strategies replication, such as Social Trading. As with all things, you need the right balance.

Warren Buffet said that. Having well understood what are the basics of the art of investing is the first step to begin the journey in the right direction. Besides avoiding bad surprises, you will benefit from significant time savings in achieving your objective. Those who begin without basis, in fact, wastes a lot of time in the beginning making the first attempts, and probably losing a lot of money.

Obviously, with a lot of intelligence and wisdom, using only his own experience, an investor could reach the same conclusions and principles buy himself, but it would take a long time and maybe even a lot of money before he get to the same goal. In the next picture you can see the graphs representing all the instrument we have described in Lesson 3. Each of these instruments is considered according to three factors, calculated on a scale of each: earning potential, inherent risk, and time , and assumes that each instrument is used in the right way, without exaggeration.

Look at how Social Trading seems to be the most interesting of all the options. Clearly, these graphs are our own personal interpretation, but we are sure that if you will deepen a bit these topics, you will find that these images are very explanatory. Moreover, such a view can help you in case you are thinking to combine several of these tools in a diversified portfolio , including among them Social Trading the way we are going to show you in the future courses. On the contrary, we hope you will become curios and deepen all these instruments, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, Forex, and maybe you will diversify your portfolio by including some or all of these instruments, together with Social Trading.

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All providers have a percentage of retail investor accounts that lose money when trading CFDs with their company. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money and whether you understand how CFDs, FX, and cryptocurrencies work. Cryptocurrencies can widely fluctuate in prices and are not appropriate for all investors.

The most important things you need to know about stock investing are the ways in which it affects your emotions. When people say that stocks are risky, what they mean is that their prices are volatile. The reason why price volatility translates into risk is that it causes people to lose the ability to think clearly about their investing strategies. If you are new to stock investing, please start out slowly.

Stocks really are risky. There really are dangers to investing in this asset class. If you find yourself getting too enthusiastic, pull back. The most important trick is keeping your emotions in check at all times. It comes from being more emotionally balanced than the other guy or gal. Just about everyone who advocates stock investing today advocates long-term buy-and-hold investing. There is a magic to buy-and-hold as powerful as the magic of compounding returns tapped into by those who save when they are young.

The magic is — the unpredictability of stock returns and thus the risk of stock investing diminishes as you hold your stocks for longer time-periods. Hold your stocks for only one year, and you may do very, very well or very, very poorly. Hold your stocks for 30 years, and you are almost certain to do at least reasonably well. Word had gotten out that buy-and-hold investors are successful investors. So just about all stock investors today describe themselves as buy-and-hold investors. The buy-and-hold concept only became popular during the most recent bull market, which was the longest and strongest bull market in the history of the U.

If things go in the next bear market as they have in earlier bear markets, many of those now talking the buy-and-hold talk will find themselves not able to manage the buy-and-hold walk. How can you learn whether you are a true buy-and-hold investor or not? Again, proceed with caution with your stock investing project. Do learn about this exciting asset class. Do put some of your money into it. Not too much, though. Learn about the pitfalls of stock investing before you take a chance on the sorts of stock allocations that could cost you a significant percentage of your life savings.

Move forward, but move forward slowly. And focus your efforts on discovering how successful investors practice buy-and-hold not just on paper but in the real world too. There are lots of investing advisors who will tell you what I told you above, that stocks offer a mouth-watering long-term return.

There are not too many who will be entirely straight with you about the other side of the story, that those who purchase stocks at times of high valuations can suffer bone-crushing losses that can remain in place for long periods of time. If experiencing a loss on your investment causes you to sell your stocks, forget about those juicy returns that go to those who stick with their stock purchases for 30 years.

Valuations matter. At times of low valuations, the returns provided by stocks are nothing short of amazing. At times of moderate valuations, the returns provided by stocks are plenty exciting. At times of high valuations like today , stocks are an iffy value proposition over year and year time-periods.

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Dividends automatically go toward purchasing additional shares, and in many plans you can buy additional shares outside of the dividend-funded purchase, either as a one-time purchase or on a regular basis. With a minimal investment, you can purchase stock in small quantities with low or no fees. With DRIP purchases, you own the stock of just one company. Although all DRIPs require a minimum investment to join the plan, you generally have the luxury of investing at your own pace.

On top of reinvesting dividends on a regular schedule, these plans offer you the ability to buy more shares through the plan, often with no commissions. This enables you to make additional investments — regularly or only when you have some extra money to invest. DRIPs eliminate the middleman the broker who charges a commission to process every transaction because you purchase stock directly from the company that issues it, saving you a ton of money in transaction costs.

The less you shell out in broker commissions, the more money you have to invest. Investing can get emotional. You can think of a call option as a bet that the underlying asset is going to rise in value. The following example illustrates Over the years, day traders have developed many different ways to manage their money. Some of these are rooted in One of the better — albeit indirect — methods of getting exposure to the palladium markets is by You can sort hedge funds into two basic categories: absolute-return funds and directional funds.

The h There are six option exchanges in the United States, which is pretty amazing for a security that just started trading in the Select a topic. Estate Planning. Real Estate. Money Management Software. Quicken Microsoft Money. Bankruptcy Credit Cards Personal Loans. Veterans Benefits. Islamic Finance. Real Estate Investing. Flipping Houses. Financial Help.


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