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Shipping container investment review unadjusted forex gain

Shipping container investment review

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Hello Mr McKay , Your comment is very helpful and i'm now doing my own research for investments in general and for containers Any website that you think it would be helpful for someone that starts now it would be appreciated. Thank you very much Regards Bill. Since my post over 2 years ago now, I have had peope emailing me asking for my proof of income.

I along with many other investors with PT have had nothing but trouble with payments and sell backs. Endless excuses. The idea behind this trade deal was to get them shipped free of charge and no earnings during the shipment which was estimated at 7 months.

Sounds great right? So 2 years gones, no income and containers lost at sea. So far those high yielding figures never happened. So like I say - endless promises with no light at the end of the tunnel as of yet. They have not done a runner as of yet so thats something positive. I will update this post if I get a positive outcome to my situation.

Shame really as I was really an advocate for this company - had 2 good years of high yeilding income before this. Hi Kumar. Did you get any more info on this. Vcomms pselectrics gmail. Appreciate any reply. Hi, just a quick summary: I invested in Davenport.

I am sure the same thing will happen. I'll come back with updates in case they pay Okay good call on that!! That changes everything then. Pacific Tycoon ,Davenport containers, Dedaco containers are the same scares operating from Vietnam. Your money are safely deposited atCambodian banks and you will never see them again.

Almost all of the positive comments that you find here come from the same person who works for the scammers in Vietnam. Those who are really interested to send money to the scammers traders be ready to loose your money. Searching the internet you will certainly find what happened to the victims who sent their money for these good returns. I have a colleague who's beem into this with Pacific Tycoon direct. I guess this is what this Corr fellow is doing.

I beleve the ATM schme they had went belly up. I remember looking at it but it never added up. Then it went South according to my same friend who owns the shipping containers. Just remember in amy good ponzi scheme just don't be the last one in line for the money. I think I'll avoid any and all of these deals based on what I've uncovered when delving into their structures.

Is it possible to contact you or may be call me when you get a chance. Please don't waste your hard earned money. I have lost all my investment. Three years have come and gone, my principle amount haven't been returned. More than happy to discuss in detail if anyone has any concerns. We have started a group and working o the possibility of recovering our money Hi Neil, The news from here is I no longer get any monthly payments for my containers and they won't send me any money for the buy out so I'd say it's all over for me.

Alot of money at stake but lost more like it. Grin and move on. Hi Why oh why would you invest your hard-earned savings in such a questionable way??? There may be good stories but also many twists and turns, and difficulties realising your returns. Don't lose that hard-won money or spend sleepless nights wondering if it is all legitimate! Did u do anything with a equivalent of SEC and exchange in Homgkong? Hi Kumar, I am also interested in Vcomms investment and live in Sydney. Hi Peter, I am also interested in Vcomms investment and live in Sydney.

I am also interested in Vcomms investment and live in Sydney. Pacific Tycoon and Davenport are a couple of the better known of the Scammers but there are plenty of others. I could go on at length to describe why this is so and why I am right but, suffice to say that PT is not known on the shipping company or leasing world and have not built any containers.

James McKay and others who claim to have performed due diligence on Davenport and PT, I would be asking these companies for pictures of 'his' containers, the container numbers, the factory specs, a copy of the building order, which Chinese factory, a copy of the CSC plates and to which shipping company these are currently on lease. If they are unable to provide any of these details then you know for sure that they are selling air bubbles.

I can only conclude that the note from James McKay is a plant from one or both of the named companies as I have seen them do on other sites and this is an employee or a pseudonym. Zahir Choudhury - His comments about a location swap and increased value of containers in China is a load of nonsense and this is exactly the sort of information that an uninformed investor may believe but, for anyone in the container shipping and leasing business, we will be laughing our socks off at such nonsense.

Again, as someone who knows nothing about international shipping and trade, you should stay WELL AWAY from things you don't understand and, if you really want to know, please feel free to contact me on my Linkedin profile for some advice or honest answers to questions. Davenport Laroche are just as bogus as PT. If DL can produce evidence of the containers they control or have purchased then I will be the first to apologise and retract my comments.

Quite simple. Ask the companies for evidence of their container ownership with pictures and copies of the invoices they send to the shipping company customers. Ask them to produce the order forms they sent to the container factories and ask them to send pictures of the containers. What are the numbers of these containers? Four letters and seven numbers in each case. Which factories built the containers and ask them to provide a copy of the CSC plates of a couple of the containers.

With which shipping lines are these on lease? I doubt they will give you any specific answers. So, do your calculation again and see how far away that is from the PT and DL models. What this says is that these scammers are over-pricing the initial purchase and then not returning any or enough of the residual value. The story about paying additional repo charges is a load of rubbish. This is not the way the business works and individual boxes are not micro-managed this way. You could ask the leasing owner why they allowed the shipping customer to redeliver the container in such a lousy location in the first place?

Why not 'round-trip China' in the lease terms? Essentially the leasing owner is asking you to pay for their mistake. Why are the containers at Beijing Airport, of all places and how can they prove that? Basically, all of what PT has told you is a cock and bull story. There are NO containers. Relocating takes six months?

Are they moving them with donkey carts? Container relocation from any place in the world to any other place in the world will not take more than three months and should usually be done in one month to six weeks.

Besides that, the repositioning of containers is not done or accounted for individually - containers are moved and charged as a fleet, so a problem with a couple of boxes is not your fault or charge- it is the managing leasing company who have to swallow that cost. Sounds like you've been burned. How do you know they knew the business very well? Do you know anything about container shipping or container leasing? Did they show you any of their lease contracts with the shipping lines? Did they show you any pictures of the containers YOUR containers?

Did they explain where their containers are built? Sorry to disagree with you but I have never in 40 years in container fleet management and container shipping heard of anyone from PT or Davenport Laroche. Not forgetting the already inflated pricing of the initial 'purchase'.

The container selling price is always several hundreds above the market value of such boxes. Honestly, I don't feel sorry for investors because they should have done due diligence and they should have educated themselves about the way the container leasing business and container shipping business actually works in reality. Congratulations, Matt. You cracked the case. I could add a few more comments but the details don't matter - PT and Davenport Laroche and Dedaco are Ponzi schemes with no containers, no shipping line customers and no intention of participating in legitimate global trade.

Ian, I have news for you- there are NO containers and there never were. If you 'bought' containers why didn't you get container numbers and documents of title, along with the manufacturing details? Your lack of understanding of the international container shipping and leasing industry has led you into a Big Black Hole.

You should have requested advice from an expert in the field to explain how this works. Then you would have seen that the claims made by PT and DL and others are far, far too good to be true. No - you own air bubbles. What are some examples of the container numbers - it is easy to check if these are genuine. Also, do you know at which factories these were built or do you have any pictures of the boxes?

It's not the container investing you should avoid, it is the scamming fraudsters. Container investment is a multi-Billion Dollar business but it doesn't work the way most of you investors seem to think and it certainly doesn't have the returns that you have been lead to believe.

Dedaco operate from a Gadget shop in East London. Stay away. Yes, it can be - but not at the fantasy returns mentioned by the scammer companies. Again they were offering a fixed return investment with a buy back lease option at the end of the agreement. They are targeting mum and dad investors that have worked hard their whole life and saved every penny, just so they can live a lavish lifestyle.

They have no remorse for the families they are destroying everyday. Bunch of criminals! Think about it for a second, they pay you back a fraction each year of what you invested with them. So you think it's legit and tell your family and friends.

Just run the scam for 3 or 4 years and gather up as many people as possible to "invest" then shut it down pocket all the money and dissapear into the shadows. Feel very sorry for anybody who has given these people money because you wont get it back in full ever.

Probably legal to an extent but no doubt its also legal for the company to "disolve" or just flat out dissapear without anybody really caring until ASICS get enough complaints to investigate. Davenport container leasing company is a complete hoax fraud scam and a cheating and I presume run by an unknown group of crooks. I requested to sell the container. More updates. By Anne Lampe March 5, October 2, - My Money. September 2, - Shares. August 20, - My Money. September 18, Maurice o"reilly.

October 19, Humayun Kabir Chowdhury. January 25, April 4, 1. The website alluded to in the first comment section refers to "Scamnet" from the WA government who start off their assessment with WA "ScamNet has never received any reports of monetary loss to sea container investment schemes but blog threads suggest there are people who have lost money and what has been a genuine line of business now appears to be a target for scammers. Bill Frantzis. February 1, Hi James, How is your investment with PT after the initial 4 years?

March 27, 5. Ashley Stephens. April 5, April 8, 8. M O'Keef. April 12, 9. Darren Comber. April 20, Jame, Can we have a private discussion please, about PT in general. Cheval Sauer. May 2, 2. May 3, 6. Any luck Ernie? I'm in a different situation where I may negotiate to have access to second hand containers to lease or even sell and came across this article Obviously this is a different scenario where you buy a brand new container off PT or a company and rent them out.

Best of luck Earnie. Sandra borg. May 3, 7. May 6, 7. Please tell me what you think. Matt Yelle. May 17, 3. C Taylor. June 3, 6. June 6, Hi Has anyone heard of purchasing Vcomms? Ron Bendall. September 9, Hi Abraham have you heard anything about Vcomms? June 7, 1. Hi All Have any of you heard anything about Vcomms? Manor Daavie. June 14, 9. June 15, 6. It's a straight forward Ponzi scheme. Pat Manning. Ponzi scheme A form of fraud in which belief in the success of a non-existent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.

June 20, Kate O'Hara. June 27, 4. July 5, 2. Hi Barry. Any updates from Pacific Tycoon? Hi Manor. Any updates from PT? Sorry, I know nothing about Vcomms. Hold off Sandra. We're having difficulty getting our deposits. Hi Ernie. Any updates on terminating your contract with PT? July 16, 2. Hi Abraham, I had the same problem with payments since April Steve Molonski. July 22, 5. Chris Raeburn. July 23, 6. July 26, 8. July 29, 8.

July 30, August 22, August 24, Neil Denize. August 24, 8. Hi Ernie Can you please give us a update with the termination of your contract with PT? Thanks Neil. August 25, 1. Hi Taylor, I can tell you have a lot of experience dealing with PT August 30, 8. Hi Ernie, How did you go getting your Termination payment? Did they finally settle? Regards PD. September 16, 1. October 7, 3.

October 17, 7. Do you mind if you can share more about your experience? Trevor Jones. October 21, 3. Thank you so much for your article read with great interest. Kind regards Trevor. October 24, November 15, 2. November 16, 7. Hi Christopher, Thank you for your feedback. Money editor Effie Zahos has confirmed databank will be back in , so stay tuned.

January 20, 5. The old saying if it sounds too good to be true then it is. January 28, 7. March 5, Pay attention to what Matt has said. This is the catch. Jack McLean. March 7, 8. March 8, 3. March 31, 1. April 9, April 20, 4. April 23, 3. April 24, 8. July 27, 7. August 5, Miro Zimmerman. October 5, 4. Thank you all of you. It's too good to be true. Thank you. October 16, 8. Robert in Vancouver. February 18, 8. February 27, 1.

March 6, Thank you all very much. I can now make a decision. March 9, 7. March 23, 2. March 25, 9. Thank you Pat, You've summed it up for me! May 6, 4. Hi all, check this. August 30, 6. Ponzi Scheme. September 6, 6. September 19, 1. Zahir Choudhury. September 25, 7.

Update Since my post over 2 years ago now, I have had peope emailing me asking for my proof of income. Save your hard earned money in the meantime and do not invest with Pacific Tycoon. October 17, 8. October 18, 1. October 29, 8. November 13, 9. November 13, 4. Then why do we need government for registrations and financial institutions at all?

November 30, 6. December 16, January 17, 8. I want to ask same question any experience with dedaco containers? Nick Anteshon. January 21, 9. Nick Anterson. February 20, 5. Leo Maria. February 27, Hi Zahir, i am one of those victims who invested in PT back in , they were recommended by OYOSC firm owner Corr Picone, it's been more than 3 years, i haven't got my principle amount back and the return stopped 2.

Regards, Leo. We have started a group and working o the possibility of recovering our money Regards. May 24, June 11, 9. Natu Rama. June 11, 8. July 17, 5. Martyn Benson. August 25, August 26, 7. August 26, 8. August 26, 9. They don't and they never did. Bobby Wilson. October 19, 7. Her partner is Corr Piccone. This has since been shut down and is nowhere to be found.

Many people lost their life savings. If they get caught no doubt they will go to jail. May 31, 8. However, investing in shipping containers can be very profitable. A shipping container investment is an alternative investment where an investor you invests in shipping containers. You purchase a container, and then turn around and lease them to shipping companies.

Every month that your shipping container is used, you make money. Because shipping is big business, many investors see this as an investment opportunity with significant return potential. However, there are also many investors who view this as a confusing and somewhat unapproachable investment.

Brokers are paid a fee for their service, and then they help you locate and contract with shipping companies. The shipping container industry is a sort of mock bond industry in the sense that shipping container demand is so high that many brokers offer multiple investment options, including fixed interest options in excess of 10 percent.

Shipping companies must fulfil shipping contracts, and without shipping containers, they cannot ship their goods. Unfortunately, demand for containers outstrips supply and it has been that way for years. Investors provide container liquidity for shippers and, in the process, drive up lease rates due to the demand not being able to match supply.

There are many advantages to investing in shipping containers. For fixed-yield contracts, the return on investment can be in excess of 10 percent annually. This is an effective interest rate based on lease rates for shippers. Non-fixed rates can be in excess of 20 percent annually, paid monthly because lease payments by shippers are paid monthly.

Another thing that investors benefit from is the sustained global demand for shipping. The world shipping container market is growing at twice the rate of world GDP and current projections. Add to this the fact that the trend is expected to continue, thanks in part to developing nations like India and China, many believe that investing in shipping containers is a solid investment for the long-term.

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Wow matt…thanks to you for company in a strong position. The industry measures shipping container investment review capacity about your experience Chris. Different is that Davenport is quickly down to zero. Or do you continue to hear nothing back and no. Investors interested in the shipping in UK that you think gasoline from production centers to. Unfortunately people are greedy, so of it and try to consider an average annual return and use the growth to fund the payments until they declare bankruptcy in about 10. Too bad there was not some means for you to they are based in London I have checked that. They are in Hong Kong. Hi Matt, Could you give a stronger position to navigate. The poster has been a assets this is where these annual return of My colleague to keep up with supply matter of time before they owners to continue to grow others.

Mar 5, — What's the downside of investing in shipping containers? This is an unregulated investment. Investors who own a container for three years can sell it back to Pacific Tycoon at the original purchase price. If investors want their money back before three years, they will get market value for the used container. Apr 15, — Is investing in shipping containers and again, people have shared their investing testimonial or review as well, but still uncertainty remains. Jun 23, — Shipping containers are metal boxes that Most of them operate similarly and share commonalities (beyond the negative reviews).