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An investmentfonds wikipedia free fund also index tracker is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund ETF designed to follow certain preset rules so that the fund can track a specified basket johann pfeiffer iforex underlying investments. Index funds may also have rules that screen for social and sustainable criteria. An index fund's rules of construction clearly identify the type of companies suitable for the fund. Additional index funds within these geographic markets may include indexes of companies that include rules based on company characteristics or factors, such as companies that are small, mid-sized, large, small value, large value, small growth, large growth, the level of gross profitability or investment capital, real estate, or indexes based on commodities and fixed-income. Companies are purchased and held within the index fund when they meet the specific index rules or parameters and are sold when they move outside of those rules or parameters. Think of an index fund as an investment utilizing rules-based investing.

Bpi investment fund pinoyexchange celebrities chabahar port india investment

Bpi investment fund pinoyexchange celebrities

Eh di government bonds na yan, if you can bear to see days na sometimes ba-baba investment mo pero in the long run would be better off try getting blue chip stocks. Pero the way you say things I would go for a bond UIT or mutual fund Carlitos wrote:. And are you located in the Phil? Is it really like that? Looking at BPI's website, their FAQ says you can make additional investments by buying at their current selling price.

I'm asking coz I'm looking for an investment vehicle that I can make additional investments say times a year. Meaning mutual funds trade their securities a lot compared to a UITF where most of the time it has a hold and grow attitude.

That said its more expensive to join a mutual fund than a UITF, that also said it dosen't mean that mutual funds are superior in fact base on experience mas mababa pa nga returns kaysa sa UITF. Another thing I'm puzzled, for a fund aimed for medium-long term it's actually earning more in the short term than then BDO short term fund Money Market Fund. Also, I noticed Sun life has a no load fund, their Money Market Fund boasts no load and no holding period at a minimum php5, Just thought some people might be interested in it.

Oops, php10, pala ung minimum ng no load fund ng sun life. Re: BDO UITFs, I queried three people at two branches and one from their call center, all told me partial redemptions are allowed and there's no minimum. I still want to confirm this with their Trust group, though. The bank should be informed before their noon cut-off but the close would be at 3pm.

Hmm, their website says redemption payout is 1 day after notice except for balance and the dollar funds which take 3 days. Maybe they need that time to prepare the money. Basta you have to inform the bank of redemption before 12nn. Happy Holidays , PExers! January Thanks for your experience with BPI and your inputs as well. Another question I have is that Isa lang ba yung account ng deposit mo? Let's say for example k - Time Deposit k - Investment in Odyssey 50K - Savings Do you have only one account number for the settlement of these funds?

Kasi based on my experience every time I would open they would say sir new account ulit yan. So in summary you would have 3 ATM? Mukhang ok rin to - katulad ng Maxi Saver. Ok lang ba mag open kahit 60yrs old na? For my parents sana Based on your given example, you can have only one settlement account for that, for as long as the account is only under your name.

Your savings account with P50K with it can be a settlement account for your Time Deposits and Odyssey investment. Another settlement account should be opened if so happens you want to open another investment under joint account. Walang fee. Kailangan mo lang magpadala ng papeles enrollment form at copy ng credit card statement sa branch mo. Finally got my bpi atm for savings account, ayun nakatago na kagad.. I've decided to move my savings from my Save Up account to a 'real' bank account.

Question, may BPI din kasi na malapit sa office, ok lang ba kahit dun na lang ako mag deposit at hindi dun sa branch na innaplyan ko which is malapit sa bahay namin? A settlement account will not be closed as long as the underlying investment account is open.

If the account is interest-bearing, then the balance in the settlement account will earn interest according to the bank's rules. If your settlement account gets charged any fees for being dormant or for falling below the maintaining balance requirement, you may have these charges reversed, but you might need to visit your branch to show your face. Just opened a new save-up account!

I have 5 BPI accounts now.


Carlitos PExer. I have T cash that I'd like to invest Ano sa tingin nyo ang pinakamagandang investment na puede kong gawin. Yung mababa lang yung risk at medyo safe yung principal amount Plan ko kasi mag-invest sa Mutual Funds pero di ako sure which type of fund? At kung anong financial institution ang pinaka-credible at safe na paglagyan ko ng investment.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Eh di government bonds na yan, if you can bear to see days na sometimes ba-baba investment mo pero in the long run would be better off try getting blue chip stocks. Pero the way you say things I would go for a bond UIT or mutual fund Carlitos wrote:.

And are you located in the Phil? Is it really like that? Looking at BPI's website, their FAQ says you can make additional investments by buying at their current selling price. I'm asking coz I'm looking for an investment vehicle that I can make additional investments say times a year.

Meaning mutual funds trade their securities a lot compared to a UITF where most of the time it has a hold and grow attitude. That said its more expensive to join a mutual fund than a UITF, that also said it dosen't mean that mutual funds are superior in fact base on experience mas mababa pa nga returns kaysa sa UITF. Another thing I'm puzzled, for a fund aimed for medium-long term it's actually earning more in the short term than then BDO short term fund Money Market Fund. Also, I noticed Sun life has a no load fund, their Money Market Fund boasts no load and no holding period at a minimum php5, But it's true that prior to the pandemic, BPI has more seating offered to waiting customers.

I heard that BDO wants customers standing so the tellers, seeing so many customers in line, are prodded to complete transactions faster. I heard from one teller that their common ailment is UTI because they often control their urge to go to the restroom so they can serve more customers. About Jun's complaint. That's super bad. They're constantly looking at how customers can be served faster, and they always help seniors, PWDs, pregnant women and moms with babies. If the branch doesn't train its guards or assign a "watcher for the day" for managing client flow, then the manager is missing something.

About investments in the banks' stocks: Thak you, Erwin, for your advice. For those who have no time learning about stocks, I think investing in the banks' mutual funds or UITFs is a good option. About BPI's over the counter customer service: Yes, there are branches where transaction processing is slow. The technique is to know where all the BPI branches are in your area. One time we went to BPI at the corner of Acacia and Alabang-Zapote Road and saw the long lines, so I thought maybe there were a lot of people there because it's along two main roads.

We drove a few minutes from there walking distance, actually to the branch in the middle of buildings, and we were able to transact quickly. Cash accept machines: To my knowledge, it's BPI which introduced cash deposit machines first in the Philippines. It was helpful. I wondered then why BDO and the other banks were not in a hurry to install their own machines.

I'm glad now many banks have their cash accept machines. Hi Kris, yes, in cases like that, banks always assume there was no unauthorized withdrawal, that it was authorized, or that your card was stolen and used by another person, so sadly, and it's really frustrating, it's upon the consumer to prove it was unauthorized.

Think of something, even a small detail, that can prove to BDO that it was unauthorized. Bdo steals money from their customer. There was an unauthorized withdrawal on my account. And bdo doesnt care to investigate.

It really depends on the branch but BPI is really slow when handling trabsactions, majority that I had been to. BPI poor customer service and besides mabagal at matagal ka mag hihintay para makadeposit and withdrawal pinakamababa na 1hr maghintay ka. BDO's customer service is "pesteng yawa" --for a lack of better term. I am an orthopaedic PWD. Even with me limping and all, they still had me fall in line with the rest --and to add salt to injury, the teller vacated her position when it is about my turn, she went out the bank, without saying anything.

I love these banks as their stock price are cheap, but bpi is a bit slow in their share price appreciation, i earn dividends more than the interest rate banks give in their deposit accounts - i suggest better open a stock trading account and buy shares on these banks I always have problem with BDO like loading of prepaid where I did not receive the load but it was already deducted from my account and another problem with withdrawals, where releasing of money have issue.

I plan to move to BPI and transfer my money. I dont like BDO,,They only have 4 seats in their banks. They just let their average clients stand in long lines waiting 30 mins to 40mins before access to transaction,knowing they have 2. Your motto says "We find ways" then find way to give comfort for those people standing in long lines Hi Eduardo, it seems the manager has been following you hehe.

Or maybe she has forgotten things. Or if you can lessen your over-the-counter transactions, and do mostly online, then you'd be able to avoid her, in case she'll be moved to Abreeza. Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. But I wish you described your experiences so we or BDO can learn from them. Hi Abel, thanks a lot for your comments and for your advice regarding using GCash. I'm currently using PayMaya, but with your glowing endorsement, I'm thinking of getting GCash too, so I can check and use the best features that each offers.

I changed again to the BPI branch on Claveria. She is there now,. I hope she does not show up there. Other than that, all other employees and managers are courteous. I do not want to close my account there but I will if she shows up at Abreeza Branch.

In terms of the number of branches BDO is no. But for me BPI is the better bank. It has chairs where you can wait for your turn which makes me feel like I'm a client or partner not just some labor force, it has a good online and mobile platform and the mobile app's performance is superb as compared to Metrobank's app and other apps as well. I also like their BPI trade its very simple and yet effective.

All you need to worry is the P peso maintaining balance of the account. Their choices of debit cards are good as well. You have the option to choose either Mastercard or EPS. For me I choose EPS for my savings debit as I don't like to transact with my hard earned money with just numbers that are indicated on the card.

I don't prefer to have it that way. For me for every convenience that is implemented there is a potential security threat added. I actually got worried when BPI introduced the mastercard debit and mastercard all access but thankfully you i can still choose the eps carrier. Note: This is a bank topic but you guys might want to check GCash. It currently has a lot of features now including credit, investments and a ton of billers. Gcash can also pull funds from any Visa or Mastercard debit cards.

If in case your payroll doesn't have e-pay which allows you to transfer to any bank at the cost of 10 peso per 50k transfer. You can pull it via gcash then utilize gcash's epay to transfer it to your savings account regardless if it's BPI or not. Gcash epay fee is waived :. I think BPI was the first bank in the Philippines to offer atm services and cash deposit machines, but it became conservative in offering online services.

The same with Metrobank and the other banks. All of them are controlling costs. What I do is I go to a different branch near our place each time I need to do something over the counter, so I can see where I can complete my transaction the fastest, and go to a bank on non-peak days and times. The busiest are Mondays, Fridays, 15th and 30th, last business days of the month and last business days before holidays.

Busiest times are lunch times, especially in office areas. Long time BPI account holder here. Never had to go to my branch for online banking. You just need to go the ATM? BDO has more to offer with its online banking but it's not worth it for the terrible customer service. BPI is sooo Jurassic. For online banking enrollment, you need to go to the branch to verify it.

Stick with BDO even if it's annoying, you can truly experience but at least you can truly experience the essence of online banking. Account opening charge? There's no charge to open a regular savings account. ATM cards are free for regular accounts. ATM cards are only paid if you're opening certain cash cards or no-maintaining-balance acounts like the BPI Kaya account.

Monthly charges? In the Philippines, monthly maintenance fees are not charged; instead, penalties are charged if your account's average daily balance for the month goes below the maintaining balance requirement. Even if they're called and processed differently, maintenance fees and below-maintaining-balance penalties achieve the same purpose, and that is to pay for account maintenance.

Charge for each money withdrawal? Most regular accounts do not charge for atm and over-the-counter withdrawals, but there are some banks that charge interbranch over-the-counter withdrawals. You'll pay fees if you withdraw from the machines of other banks.

Some no-maintaining-balance accounts are charged minimal atm withdrawal fees. Charge for international transfer to your account? You might be charged though for about to pesos to pay for inward remittance, depending on the bank's agreement with the remittance company. Exchange rate? Usually, the exchange rate used by banks is lower than that used by money changers.

Try to use remittance companies that guarantee the peso amount you will receive, like Transferwise Hi candyobrix13, it's sad but the interest rate for savings accounts is too small, so your goal will be just to save, and not expect much from interest. In order that it will be easy for you to make deposits, choose a bank near your home.

You can google "top savings banks in the Philippines" and choose from the list. Hi jeff A, it's great that you like EastWest Bank. I like it too since it has 2 branches inside Festival Mall, which I frequent, and which is also owned by the EastWest owners. It also has deposit accounts for those that can maintain lower balances. Lately also, their US dollar-peso exchange rate has been competitive with Czarina. There were also times they have rates higher than those of Czarina.

I noticed that they now have hired the Salonga siblings for their advertising. Must have seen the impact of cheerful celebrities on the growth of banks, just like that of Megan Young on the growth of Security Bank. I have experienced opening an account with several banks and the best bank for me is East West bank not only in term of service but also for choice of investment and higher interest on time deposit.

Do you know which of the three biggest banks gives its clients the best investment choice, which to my mind is that your investment funds with the bank return you a monthly amount of cash for you to meet your monthly living expenses. BPI literally has the worst customer service. It seemed that 30 mins of waiting for a representative to cater to my call is not enough. Whats more, even people at their branches seem incompetent.

I'm losing patience with the bank and I'm switching to another. Yes, your family will be able to withdraw in peso because your account is in peso. Hi Jenny, thanks for your comment. Indeed I missed including some relevant info. I think it was in Its finance charge was 2. Annual fee is only 1, Hi sarra, thanks for giving me the idea that I should also compare their foreign exchange rates.

I missed comparing foreign exchange because I usually use money changers to convert my dollars into pesos. Top changers are Czarina and Sanry's. They have branches in malls where it's safer. I exchange my dollars at Czarina then deposit my pesos into the cash machine nearby.

Some Czarina clients take advantage of Czarina's deposit-to-account service for bigger amounts. The rates you mentioned I think are for over-the-counter exchanges. Their exchange rates for deposit-to-account remittances are different, and are even lower. I hope you have your account in euro so you can withdraw and exchange over the counter.

Yes, you're right. That's a big big loss. It's right that you're comparing and finding ways to get the best rate. By the way, where did you get the The exchange rate at nailasmoneychanger. Hi there, this page is about comparison of the banks, why don't they show the real fees so people can really compare which one has lower offer for example the fees when account user will receive from bank to bank transfer and vice versa, etc..

It is also written:'offers a local credit card with a lower interest rate and lower-cost installment and loan features.. We have this business idea in school I wanted to know which bank would be great to use loaning money for a clothing business? Hi Danny, banks are not allowed to open an account for a person using an authorized representative.

It's only corporations and other juridical entities that are allowed to use their authorized signatories to open accounts for their entities with complete entity documents. About opening an account online: Security Bank offers a partial online account opening. The process must still be completed at the branch in person with valid IDs. BPI Direct offered this service before, but stopped offering it. I was able to avail of this one when it was still being offered, but I still had to go to the branch I specified to present my IDs and to get my atm card.

With the recent BPIsystem failure causing chaos of integrity of accounts.. Sorry I can't determine which of those was the cause of the recent system breakdown because I don't have all the data. What I know is that banks or companies do not necessarily tell the truth to the public in order to protect themselves and to prevent further breakdown.

What's nice about the whole thing was that the public uproar did not cause a bank run. This means that depositors trust BPI even if their accounts were messed up. They believe that BPI will be able to correct everything. One lesson here is that account owners should always know their current balance. Thanks again for your email.

Metro bank has worst customer service in the Philippines that i have met. Super slow transactions. Branch head is and tellers are just talking each other instead of entertaining customers. Hi, do you have any idea about where is the best bank to apply for a mutual or equity fund? BPI has a savings account product which I like, It is called Easy Saver, Aside from its very low initial deposit of P if I am not mistaken, It has no maintaining balance which is great.

I find myself queuing for one hour imagine it is in BDO iloilo and gen luna. I applied for a credit card but not approve, they tell me that I dont have land line number my place was outside the city now in the middle of the mall and and walk ways I find lots of people offer to open a credit card from BDO. Applying for loans ca I applied for a credit card but not approve, they tell me that I dont have land line number my place was outside the city.

With car keys on my side. BPI is so pleased to serve you, no hiden charges. SM manila, if my company doesn't required, I will never open from this bank, arrogant employee. I love BDO for its convenience, since they have lots of branches, atm machines and open till 6pm which gives us ample time to deposit or make a withdrawal.

But in terms of handling customer I will rate it as 5. Its true that their service is slow, sometimes there is only one teller that handles our transaction. But there are times na full-force.. And last straw is..

They are much more advance. Hi wings, yes, you can open an account with all the banks that you like. I myself has accounts with 5 banks. As far as I know, there's no law against this. Besides, who is able to know you have many different bank accounts other than you and any other person in your confidence?

It takes a court order for banks to release information about their depositors and it takes frequent suspicious movements of huge amounts of money for banks to report suspicious banking activities to the BSP Anti-Money Laundering Law Council. Be sure to comply with the maintaining-balance requirements so they're maintained well and that you're not charged with below-maintaining balance penalties.

By Phil. Hi Andy V. I wish too that she's not like that everyday, and that maybe that day you were served by her, she's just going through something difficult in her life or career, and unable to handle it well. But if she's really a lady with bad attitude everyday, then sooner or later, she'll find herself unemployed.

The girl assigned in the new accounts section at BPI Rotonda Pasig was arrogant, entertained my queries with annoyance. I hope she reform her ways. I have an a check account at that branch since


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